Having problems with your 2003 Land Rover Freelander ?


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The seal is not expensive ($8). If you are to replace it, replace the front seal also ($4). It need to take the camshaft out to replace these seals.\015\012Open the top cover ( Need to replace this valve cover gasket $30), remove those bolts holding the camshaft into place. Make sure to mark the position of the notch at the front end camshaft.\015\012If it is put back misaligned, your engine is not turning on.\015\012My advice is to take off all the spark plugs out so you can turn easily the crankshaft by hand to have the notch of the camshaft aligned straightly with the timing mark from the camshaft. It called TDC. From then you note the position of the camshaft before taking it out so you can return it in the same position. Good luck.
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The seal is not expensive ($8). If you are to replace it, replace the front seal also ($4). It need to take the camshaft out to replace these seals.\015\012Open the top cover ( Need to replace this valve cover gasket $30), remove those bolts holding ... 2003 Land Rover Freelander

Ran over a large rock creating a hole on a braided section(expansion joint?) of my exhaust manifold piping to front exhaust piping on my 1994 Trooper S. What is this braided section called and can it be replaced independently from the manifold and front exhaust piping? Thanks

Thats the flex pipe probably attached to your converter. This type of pipe is used because of how the engine sits in the engine compartment and is used to reduce stress on the exhaust system. This can be done at home but it requires wielding skills. ... 1994 Isuzu Trooper

Need to know how to remove the bearings on the front spindles on a 4 WD 1985 dodge truck 250 3500lb front axles. they look like they should just slide out since i removed the gasket but they do not. I replaced the U joints and thought I should go ahead and replace bearings and oil seals(done with oil seals). I have tried prying them out but they are in there pretty good, didnt know if someone had a trick i could use or is there a special tool one needs. Thanks Billy

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I think the front axle seals on my 1999 dodge 3500 4x4 need to be replaced. I am replacing the sealed bearing hubs and I wonder how big of a job it would be to switch out the axle seals inside the differential housing. I already drained the oil and removed the cover, but I am reluctant to unbolt the ring gear assembly. Would it be safe to leave the seals and hope that they don't leak? The truck has 200,000 miles on it and up to now has been a great truck. Thank you in advance for any help t

If you have the hubs of than you dont have much futher to go to replace the axl seals. just slide out the axls the passenger side is two pice then take out the four bolts that hold in the carrier gear then pull out the hole gear asemblie the driver s ... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

Diagram of Mazda B Series Truck I need to know what a piece on the front end of my 2007 Mazda 2300 B series truck is called Its in between front bumper and the grill it looks to be either fiber glass or metal I need to know whats its called so that I can buy the replacement piece thanks Jeremy

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Hey fellas, i have an 02 liberty with automatic trans, the front drive shaft went out last year when the differential seal went. when i had the seal repaired i didn't have the money to replace the driveshaft, so i had the dealer just remove it. now i want to put it on and cannot afford to pay the dealer.. is there any thing i need to align when i replace it? pllease help.. thanks robb.

No there is nothing that needs to be aligned, you can simply put the new one in, just make sure you tighten the shaft bolt down as tight as it will go. ... Jeep Liberty

I pulled my cv axles (front) and in doing so ruined the seals where the inboard shaft passes through the seal out to the hub, I need to know what part the seal number is and what it may be called, please help me if you can. Thanks: Dave

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Have an oil leak from the front intake camshaft seal. on a 2001 sportage. I have replaced the seal and it still leaks from the new seal

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I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4. I had the front axles replaced a couple months ago. The right front axle boot is rubbing the axle housing and is now ripped. I'm worried if I get new boots, this will happen again, the guy that originally installed them said he was having trouble getting the front right boot to fit properly and even called the auto parts store to verify they sold him the correct part. Any ideas? Thanks!

Yes same song different mechanic ended up taking mine to dealership and they had to order in actual jeep part not aftermarket ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi i have a 1994 audi 80 2.6e v6 the belt in the front of my engine has snapped and i want to replace it the the belt is attatched to my crank shaft, water pump, power stearing and alternator would you please be able to tell me what this belt is called and also by replacing it will i have to get the timing done again? thank you for your help

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96 Toyota Camary. Engine ran fine but had a oil leak at front of engine. Removed front cover and replace oring for oil pump and crank shaft seal. Assembled making sure timing belt was installed correctly. Started engine,ran ok until idle slowed down. Idles at 300rpm and acts like its going to stall. Under load engine misses and will not run above 3,000 rpms. Engine backfires under load. Checked timing many times and tried in different spots. Removed and cleaned carbon from EGR valve.Open exhaust

Cherry red? you may have a clogged cat. convertor ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I have a 1984 240 wagon Volvo with a b23f engine. I'am replacing all three front engine oil seals, but I have a problem? How do you loosen the A/C unit enough without dropping the whole unit, so that I can remove the fan belt, then I can remove the crankshaft pulley, then R/R the oil seal? Is there some built in slide mounts to loosen, so that I can move the A/C unit just enough to remove the A/C fan belt? Thanks

I never loosen them, the screws are hard to get at. i take the balancer bolt out and remove pulley, the i reinstall with ac belt in the correct pullet.it takes a little fussing but it always works for me ... 1984 Volvo GL

I'd like to find out how to replace the front axles seals on a 1996 GMC Yukon. I'm also looking for an exploded view of the front axle case. I'm in France and these infos are hard to find. Many thanks.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Check this diagrams, in case you need additional info. just post a comment.\015\012\015\012FRONT DRIVE SHAFT K-SERIES\015\012 ... 1996 GMC Yukon

I am replacing an oil pan for a 2005 Hyundai tuscon. need to know the bolt size of the pan bolts - 12 to 14 of them. what size bolts connect the front exhaust manifold bracket to the 'y' pipe? what size bolts hold the rear exhaust pipe to the 'y' pipe? need to disconnect both to get at the pan bolts. thanks tom

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I just changed the oil in my '98 dodge stratus and now the oil just drains out. I think it might be the rear camshaft seal but I'm not 100% sure. Anyone know how to replace that seal or any suggestions would be wonderful...thanks

Sound like drain plug is out or loose or leaking around oil filter at gasket did you remove all of the old oil filter gasket and did you prelube the gasket by putting oil on your finger and firmly seating the gasket ... 2006 Dodge Stratus

93 GMC Sonoma 4.3L, no Vortec, I got a Transmission leak that is dripping down onto my front cross exhaust pipe, not sure where it's leaking, got worse after letting it sit for about a week due to steering wheel repairs, not sure where to go, a friend told me it might be a seal and to put some brake fluid in, and it could possibly swell the seal, NEED HELP. Thanks.

If the transmission is leaking, it generally requires disassembly and replacement of the seal. I have never heard of using brake fluid to swell the seal, and wouldn't know how to get to the seal with that chemical.\015\012\015\012Good lu ... 1993 GMC Sonoma Club

I need a parts discription with an exploded view of the front differential ,for a 4x4 2003 , 1500 series z-71 extended cab. I replaced the passanger side axle output shaft roller bearing and seal. Im not sure if i have the engaging gear flipped correctly when I slid the shift fork around it. I don't want go any farther until i am confident it is assembled correctly thank you sooo much .Note I do have a Hayes paper back but only the procedure is covered there are no illisration shown. Thanks Rich

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I have a 1982 Honda CBX 1000 Pro Link B motorcycle with 1800 genuine miles, it has been stood in a front room for most of its life and is in original superb condition. Runs superbly, but when I start to up the revs above 3000, plumes of blue smoke come from the exhausts !! could there be any filters etc blocked or possibly rings or valve seals gummed up through lack of use ?? thanks for any help.

... Cars & Trucks

91' Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe front driver's door handle is broke. I have a replacement handle but need a new actuator rod but can't find one online. What is it called and where can I find one online? thanks

Try a junk yard that is the best place for this kind of stuff ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix

1999 Ford Taurus w/ 4X4N metric overdrive trans, how to remove trans? I want to replace the front seal on the trans. thanks,

Remove the 8 bolts that hod in the tranny. Remove the drive axle from tranny. You can go to autozone.com and register for a free account.\015\012After you register for an account. Then login to the account, choose year, make, and model and then ... Ford Taurus

2005 envoy xuv 4.2 L. Significant oil loss. No leaks and doesnt appear to be much abnormal smoke from exhaust. OBI shows #6 cylinder misfiring. Obvious cylinder misfire while idling but runs good up to speed. Original OBI reading said camshaft position sensor problem. Replaced. Assuming top end needs repaired, head,etc. More concerned this may be an ongoing problem with this year and model or could be bigger issue. What would be your diagnosis as to the problem. Thank You.

Sounds like blown head gasket, but it's to early to have this type of problem. unless you severally overheated it or you got 300,000 miles on it. I would call a dealer, ask for parts, these people help the most, see if there is a recall on your vehic ... 2005 GMC Envoy

Debris on the road has damaged the plastic shroud under the passengers side front of our Ford Laser KN 2000 model 4 door sedan. this cover protects the engine bay/ transmission. I need to replace this panel but do not know what it's called. any ideas? many thanks, Paul

Left hand front inner splash gaurd ... 2006 Ford Laser

RE: 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback W/ 2.5L. Where do I get this product that seals my cooling system? What is it called? I have replaced my thermostat and cap. My fan comes on when my temp gauge goes up. I do have dark oily looking coolant. My car runs fine for a day or two then overheats and pumps the coolant into the overflow bottle. Thanks JP

What you asking is a quick fix for a head gasket issue. It will only be temporary and will leak again in time most likely when your far from home. Adding anything could cause more harm than good. It will clog your heater core and it will restrict th ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

Ive had my cougar for a couple years now. i rear ended someone and got the whole front end replaced and when i got the car back it sounded and ran perfect...now months later my exhaust sounds ridiculously loud (there might be a whole i think) and when i shift into drive and reverse it makes a loud sqeaking noise! im seeing if you may know whats wrong and if so how to fix it? plus my sunroof doesnt work not a main priority for me but any way to fix that? thank you

I believe I know exactly what is wrong with the exhaust. The squeak is a common indicator of the problem. When the exhaust pipe is connected, the style of pipe changes from a big cast-iron multicylinder hunk of metal to t ... Mercury Cougar

I'm replacing a damaged front headlight. Inside just behind the light 2 thin metal 10" long (or so) strips slide in and hold the light in place. They have been broken...what are they called..so I know what to ask for? Thanks!

Headlight retaining clips, or headlight retainer. ... 2000 Ford Windstar
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