Having problems with your 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee ?

Need an extra ignition key. Just purchased this G Cherokee Limited, but only had one key and fob. Really think I need an extra key

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

If the rubber cap on the key is black, you can get a copy made anywhere. if it is grey, it has an electronic transponder in it and you need to have it copied at the dealer.
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Need an extra ignition key. Just purchased this G Cherokee Limited, but only had one key and fob. Really think I need an extra key

If the rubber cap on the key is black, you can get a copy made anywhere. if it is grey, it has an electronic transponder in it and you need to have it copied at the dealer. ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 09 mitsubishi lancer with the F.A.S.T key system and bought the viper smart start system.... got it from best but and they told me that I had to buy not one but two extra parts, one that they couldnt/wouldnt order... had to get it myself and told me i needed an extra key... after all that they tell me it wont work.... are they just dumb or does the viper system just not work with my vehicale? pleeeaaaase help I would really love to have this on my vehicale..

... 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS CVT Sedan

Lots of problems Toyota corolla 25k miles bought in oct 07. not saying at all that my car is anything less than great and overall has been the best car i've ever owned i really love it but i beat the hell out of it. i really push it to it's stock limits, however i need a manual toexplaine accurately for the corolla s model dissasemble extra perks and "ready capabilities" that no one seems to know anything abouteven the dealership, taking apar tyhe dash is scary going in blind and can never comf

A Corolla service manual for free is a joke. Service manuals are Written by manufacturer companies, or authorized publishers like Haynes and Chilton, and cannot be shared for free on the Internet.\015\012\015\012The copies that are published on ... Toyota Corolla

Engine keeps running even with key off position. The only way to stop it is to disconnect the battery then put the key on start position. Tried everything I could think of. Really need help on this one.

This condition can occur for a multitude of reasons:\012\012 * Built-up carbon in the ignition chamber can glow red after the \012engine is off, providing a mechanism for sparking unburnt fuel. Such a \012thing can happen when the engi ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can I re-program a fob for my 2009 mini cooper? The car's laser cut key goes in the fob, but when the fob is put in the fob slot to start the car, it isn't recognized (get an error symbol implying wrong fob). It needs to be programmed for the car. I've read the programming procedure for earlier model key start cars, but the '09 isn't a key start, so one can't insert the key and turn to a particular position to start the process.

... 2003 Mini Cooper

My key fob for my 2006 Audi a4 slime just stopped working altogether some weeks ago. It opened the car leaving my house but wouldn't work when I got to work. I thought it was the battery so changed this myself for a new one. I only have one remote fob for the car no spare or valet key. I also son't have the plastic strip that some say you need for reprogramming. I have tried many different suggestions on how to sort this problem from the net but nothing works. I guess I'm one step from a visit f

... 2006 Audi A4

How do I program the key fob's for my 1998 Land Rover Discovery? I bought my Dico used and only got one key fob so I am looking to buy a 2nd and I've been told I need to know how to program my Disco for both remotes. I was told there is a sequence of turning on the key and using the locks to get the Disco into programming mode to record the key fob codes. -- Thanks Barbie

... 1998 Land Rover Discovery

How do I program the key fob's for my 1998 Land Rover Discovery? I bought my Dico used and only got one key fob so I am looking to buy a 2nd and I've been told I need to know how to program my Disco for both remotes. I was told there is a sequence of turning on the key and using the locks to get the Disco into programming mode to record the key fob codes. -- Thanks, Barbie

... 1998 Land Rover Discovery

Car immobilised hi, i have a saab 9000 anniversary which i bought without keys, the problem is it is immobilised i have a new ecu which is an upgraded one done by hirsch that is just plug and play but i need to bypass the vss is this possible , where is it located in the car and will i need another one thats linked to a fob or can i just de activate it and just open the car with a key like i do on my 1995 cse. any help will be gladly received. thanks....steve

You need to "pair" the key with the immobilser receiver, located around the ignition switch.The original key is "paired" to the one in the car, and can be programed, but you need the master key to do so. I would suggest trying to get a key and switc ... 1997 Saab 9000

2009 Honda Pilot randomly fails to recognize one of our key fobs to unlock the doors or open the hatch. Is there an easy solution? We took the car to Honda and they want to charge us $139 to fix the problem with this key fob! With the car only being one year old, you would think they would fix this.

... 2009 Honda Pilot

The buttons on my key fob no longer lock or unlock the door. I replaced the battery and still doesn't work. I went through the programming process and my other key worked fine but this one wouldn't. there is also a red light that lights up on the other key but not this one. Is there a solution or do i need to replace the electronics in the key?

... 2006 Honda Pilot

I need a repair manual for an alfa romeo 164 L 1991. i think the alternator went out of my car but i dont know for sure. and i need to find a key or somthing for the alarm system becasue it went off and it shows a key to shut it off but the people i bought the car from never gave me one. and the i need to know if disconnecting the alarm on the car would affect the battery and it holding charge

HiYou can get technical manuals for Alfa Romeo 164s here: http://www.dr164.com/manuals.htmlThe alarm manual and wiring diagrams are all there.Best wishesDuncanwww.dr164.com ... 1991 Alfa Romeo 164

Hello, i got a messege on control panel that key card battery needs changing, this i did with new batterys ever since its been a nightmare very hit and miss as to it working at all, im worried me and the kids will get locked out its a nightmare, also when i brought the car there was a spare new key with it ive treid this one and it does,nt work at all so im wondering if its possible that the new card needs to be programmed? also will the key card be covered by the warrenty do you think?

I had a Renault Scenic 2005 with same problem, basically I got the correct battery and it fixed the problem, there is no way you will get locked in or out as the key will still work, the second key will not work unless it is programmed by Renault, an ... Renault R5

A colleague checked all my fuses on my peugeot 206 - 02 reg. This involved taking them all out one by one and checking them - This was due to a headlight problem - The headlights have now been replaced and work. However, since he has done this my keb fob does not work and there is no physical way of locking the car boot - I rang peugeot and they are looking to charge me £75 to re-set my fob. What do you think caused the fob to break and is there anyway to reolve this issue without having the key

You can reset it your self bu putting the key in the ignition switching the ignition on and pressing and holding the unlock button for 3-5 seconds then switching ignition off removing the key and try the central locking ... 1991 Peugeot 405

2003 Ford Expedition need extra key- I think needs key with chip

Any chipped key system can be bypassed. IF you have one chipped key. The only thing to get bypassed will be the electronics. The physical locks and ignition will still require a key to start.Here's what you do. First get two or three keys ... 2003 Ford Expedition

Hi! My name is Sharon and I have a 2009 Saturn Aura. Recently I have discovered that one of my key fobs works intermittently and on the spare, even after replacing the battery, does not lock/unlock the vehicle, only the trunk button works. Does this mean they need to be reprogrammed and can these key fobs be reprogrammed at a Saturn or GM dealership?

Hi, the key fob has contacts on a circuit board, much like a remote control for a tv, or a calculator. These contacts are what the buttons touch, to make it work. the buttons, or contacts may be dirty, with a carbon film on them causing the two butt ... 2009 Saturn Aura

One of my fobs and keys was stolen. I need to

Dealer only I think. ... 2005 Ford Expedition

Key trouble my problem isn't really mechanical at all. i have lost my key...straight up gone. i need a new one, but with its "high security" status and all...i can't get a rough estimate on a qoute for the price of a new key made. btw, i own a 1999 vw passat 1.8t. do you have advice on where i could get the cheapest price for a new key made for my car?

You'd have to go to a dealership for it, if you have no other keys. If your Passat is like my Audi A4, you have a laser cut key that is "different" than most keys. If you have no key for the car currently, you'll have to go to a dealer with your ti ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Need to rekey a 2011 Dodge avenger. One of the keys was stolen looking for the easiest solution. Dodge wants $800.00 to rekey,if I cnange the ignition lock cylinder and key is there a way to reprogram the new key fob?

... 2011 Dodge Avenger

I REALLY need help!!!!! i have a 1998 Ford Taurus and i was getting ready to leave last friday and put the key in the ignition and turned it to start the car and something just sounded like it broke or something and now when you put the key in the ignition, it will go "ding, ding, ding" and so on, but the key will turn all the way forward and the car will not start and it doesnt even sound like there is anything connected for it to start. i know its not the battery because i just got a new one n

It's the ignition switch.You will have to replace it. ... 1998 Ford Taurus

I have a 1999 E320 Mercedes and one of my key fobs stopped working so I replaced the batteries in it and when I prees the button now the red lite indicator comes on but nothing happens? My spare one is still working but I need the other one to work in case the spare stops working. Can I reprogram it myself?

I bought and already received the Faub key. It didn't have any instructions with it to program it.Can you help? ... Mercedes-Benz E320

Having some power issues. Need help with this one! First, dash lights are flickering. Thinking it's most likely the alternator ( Voltage regulator)? Secondly and MOST importantly, sometimes, when I go to turn the key to on, I have a total power loss. Strangest thing is, when I open and close the drivers side door, it resets and power is restored. Go to turn the key to on again, no power. Once in a while I can time it just right, open and close the door while turning the key, starting the car. PL

Check the starter. The starter draws so much power when you attempt to crank the car.A bad starter will drain the hell out of a batter even damage it. Does it make a clicking sound when you attempt to start it if it does and the car wont start start ... 1997 Saturn SL

Hi, i have a 94 camry ultima and both key remotes stopped at the same time. I think it is a receiver problem but dealer wants $700 to "Try" to fix or $2000 to replace receiver, keys and locks. Does anyone know how to reset receiver and program keys? Car is also fitted with aftermarket immobiliser, so if needs be can I just override/bypass the genuine one? Thanks Graeme

Go to the aftermarket guys and see if they have an answer. ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Hi, My cars central locking (C220 model) has stopped working all of a sudden. The doors will not lock/unlcok using the key & i am using the key (metal) bit to open and close the doors manually. When i press the lock/unlock button on the key, red light flashes, so battery is fine i think. Can someone please help/advise what might have happened and whats needed to be done to resolve the situation. Really appreciate your help. Thank you. SS

Replace Fuse 27 in main fuse box located under the hood black box in far right corner. Then try reseting your battery. Make sure to follow these steps as follow. Unhook the - then + of the battery. Clean both the negative and postive of the batt ... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I have a auto Hyundai excel that doesn't move in any gear. it think it is slippage in the gear box. I brought it of some one unregistered. i took out about 4 liters of extra transmission fluid but there is still too much. I need to service the engine and when i service the engine i am going to service the g-box to. can you tighten the bands and do you think that servicing it and putting in the correct amount of transmission fluid in would work?

... 1994 Hyundai Excel
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