Having problems with your 2003 Jaguar S-Type ?

Jaguar 2003 S Type Oil change. Where's the oil filter and drain plug and how's the best way to get to it?

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Answers :

You will need to remove the plastic undercarraige panel below the engine compartment to access filter & drain plug. I have the same model and change my oil about every 2k miles what I did to my first oil change was to cut access holes below the filter and drain plug to allow for fast/frequent oil changes. Not having to remove panel will save about 2 to 3 hours removing and reinstalling panel or will significantly save $ on oil changes jag dealer charges 100 a pop do it yourself for about 20$
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Jaguar 2003 S Type Oil change. Where's the oil filter and drain plug and how's the best way to get to it?

You will need to remove the plastic undercarraige panel below the engine compartment to access filter & drain plug. I have the same model and change my oil about every 2k miles what I did to my first oil change was to cut access holes below the f ... 2003 Jaguar S-Type

I changed the oil but my dip stick is showing way too much oil, what is going on? At first I had a hell of a time getting the drain plug out, but finally did. Drained the oil, replaced the filter, replaced the plug (with a New one). Now dip stick shows too much oil. Tried to drain more oil out but dip stick still showing too much oil. Did I do something wrong?

Make sure you are not checking the oil with the car running first of all, second don't check the oil immediately after turning off the car let the engine stand for about ten minute allowing the oil to drain off the dip stick, ... 2001 Chevrolet Suburban

Oil change 2009 tiguan , location of drain plug. type of oil filter. does VW have way to prevent filter oil from draining on engine

Even if they dont they should clean up there mess i would change dealers they dont seem to care about the small stuff if thats true what do you think there missing else where ... 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Trying to change transmission oil and having problem getting the oil plug out. 15 mm tight but a little big, 14 mm small, 5/8 to big, 9/16 to small . I was planning at 60K miles to drain and replace fluid, drive about 1k miles then drain and replace filter/fluid. Problems getting wrench correct size for plug. Is this a good way to do it, I hear a flush is not a good idea.

I had the same problem with 2000 chevy silverado auto. I left the plug in and dropped the pan. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado


Spark plugs do not come with wires you have to purchase them separately you have to remove plug wires one ata ime and then remove plugs but make sure you mark each wire as to which plug you removed it rfrom and also when removing from distributor ca ... 2003 Toyota RAV4

My tracker is a manuel trans, the oil pan for this oil has a plug on the bottom of the pan. had the oil changed mechanic cross threaded it, sinced it has very fine threads and the plug is made out of alumn it now leaks aroud the hole of the drain plug, my plan is to put a 0 ring on the screw plug if I c an get the size

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2006 F430 Spider oil change. It has several small brass plugs at the bottom of the oil pan a long with the drain plugs.DO they need to be removed to drain additional oil . Also the sump screen mesh cover plate is pasted on. What type of silicone so they use. Its lick epoxy and i can't get the plate off.

Spider has a dry sump for its oil system, so you only check your oil when the engine is warm. Never Cold! \015\012You will need to remove two drain plugs. One 12mm drain plug is located above/behind an underbody panel at the front of the engine ... 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider

I need to change oil and filter can you tell me oil capacity and drain plug torque? Also what oil filter is best. ken

They don't usually torque the drain plug, it is not subject to vibrations like a Harley. Just tight with the wrench will do it. Oil filters are a toss up, everybody says something else, How do they know,? If you change your oil and filter regularly, ... 2003 Toyota Avalon

Hi i was trying to remove my oil filter on my honda prelude 1996 and it ended up getting bent and twisted. I puncture a screwdriver in the oil filter and it made a big tear on the oil filter. Now, I have no way of getting around to it, only hope is the base of the filter which is hard to get by since the metal rod is on the way. Can you please help me out on this one, thanks.

Have you tried using a strap wrench on it!! this may just do the trick. ... 1996 Honda Prelude

Hello, I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (4.0 I-6) and I happened to look underneath it this morning to discover a minor damp spot on the garage floor. Upon further looking, I noticed a couple of oil drops on the drain plug. I looked further up the pan & noticed it was also damp all the way near the oil filter. I did an oil change about a month ago & may not have wiped it all completely, but that should have dissipated by now. I've been doing some research & came up with some possible pro

Hello Michael; This may sound too simple but I've done this before and know for a fact that often times a oil filter gasket will stay on the mount when being removed, then you've got two on there and it will leak easily. Another thing to check is you ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello,my car engine light came on, white smoke poured out the back. i stopped and at a closer look there was oil coming out of the exhaust pipe. I had my car towed to my brothers house as there was no compression. My brother has been looking at the car over the weekend and has found that there is a tapping in the engine and drained the oil out and changed filters,spark plugs etc but when he dropped the sump there was oil sludge and shavings of metal. He has told me that it means i need to get

A blown head gasket would not put metal shavings into the bottom. You will need to figure out where the metal is comming from but it sounds like the engine is "blown up" The first thing to do is to remove the head and see if the head gasket has bl ... Toyota RAV4

1985 toyota r22 pickup(manual trans.) when i get on freeway and get up to about 45mph, in 3rd gear, the engine starts to bog down and i can not go any faster. it sat for 4 years with gas in tank. I have put sea foam in gas tank and filled it up with new gas, but the old gas was never drained. been driving it for a few weeks and problem does not get any better. replaced plugs, distributor, air filter, and oil change. please help.

The problem may be the gas that sat in the carburator. Gas goes bad faster in smaller quantities. Have a look inside to see if you have "gummed" up passages, or jets. Don't forget to change the fuel filter.\015\012Good luck. (I have an 89, and ... 1985 Toyota Pickup

I have a 2002 VW TDI with 140,000 miles, but engine was rebuilt after broken timing belt, and trans was replaced under warranty at 98,000 miles. My problem is that the engine cranks eight or nine times when starting next morning, even though car is parked in indoor and heated garage. All services have been performed right on time and I use nothing but MOBIL 0-40 OIL and high quality oil filters, etc, etc. It has a new timing belt (the newer type which came out in 2003) Glow plugs are all okay a

Hello, I have something that might help you. If you know where your fuel line goes into the engine. I would let it sit overnight and then take the line loose. Then hold the fuel line into a bucket and have someone turn on the key in the car. This sho ... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I may do an oil change for someone I found on craigslist and I want to know where the oil filter on a 2004 4runner is located and if the drain plug is easy to get to

If you have to ask, you shouldn't be offering your oil change services on craigslist ... 2004 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2003 avanche 5.3 was driving at 70 mph and then started loosing throttle the only way it staye running was at idle then it began to die i tried to restart and it was misfiring in all cylinders and would not stay cranked took it to a shop they told me it was in need of a fuel cleaning and a major tune up they said they cleaned the throttle body to get it running and it did but to barley get home i changed the fuel filter the plugs and wires and oil change put some sea foam in it and dro

Check the wires that run to the throttle body, i hade the same problem.\012\012kemuel. ... 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

My daughter just got an 02 Accord and I'm wondering where the oil filter is located, does the drain plug require a new washer and what oil weight would be the best, it has 96K on it?


Where is the oil filter located on 2007 chevy 5.3ltr engine? I want to do my own oil changes but, the Dealer says it,s tricky because there is something in the way of the drain plug. I figure he just want's to do it for me.

... 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD

Where are the oil filter & oil drain plug located on a 2002 x-type 3.0 Jaguar?

Engine Oil drain plug is located under the car the bottom of the engine (Engine pan) ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I have an 88 chev 350 5.7 liter fuel injected truck, the timing is great. the spark is great. the valves are great the plugs wires rotor and dist are great , it should run, i replaced the fuel filter sending unit and pump, even put a new o2 sensor in it, but its getting way too much fuel and now it wont even run, oh ya and my compression is great , what the hell, i had to do another oil change couse there was about a liter and a half of gas in my oil

I had an issue much like this with my Montero. By accident I found that four of the six fuel injectors failed, leaking heavily. In my case I could get the truck started after it sat several days (drying the cylinders out) after which it would run tho ... 1988 Chevrolet K3500

1990 f250 7.3 diesel. I am about to install tank in bed for waste vegetable oil with heated fuel filters in back and two double glow plug heaters in engine compartment before fuel injector pump. I am planning on completely different fuel line bypassing diesel filter. can you tell me what the best way to tie into existing fuel line. thanks, steve

... 1990 Ford F250

Is there an oil drain plug on a 2000 Buick LeSabre, and if so, where is it located? I see the oil filter, but no drain plug anywhere. I was wondering if you just remove the filter and let the oil drain from there?

... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Not sure i am locating the oil drain plug or the auto trans drain plug on my 2006 chevy silverado 1500. i am almost certain it is the oil drain plug but want to make absolute certain before i drain it. there is a plug on pan at bottom of engine but as i am used to it on the bottom of the pan the only plug i see is on the side of the pan about half way between the middle of the pan and the back of the pan on the driver side. any help would be great thanks

Transmissions are drained by removing the pan itself. A new filter is to be installed upon draining. That is why there is no drain pan plug. The Chevy Powerglides were the last American made car with a drain plug in the 1965 ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

Oil filters I have a Mazda 3 and it has a cannister type oil filter. How does this come off? Do you just twist it like a regular oil filter or is there anything special I need to do to get it off. I have never changed this type of filter

Hi there is a special tool for removing the oil filter "cover " & this is a "must have " or the cover can be damaged along with the new filter cartrdge you should also get the 2 "o" rings as well. there is website that Robert Aitchision hs put u ... 2007 Mazda 3

Had tappet cover gaskets replaced and new spark plugs, next day it started to blow blue/white smoke, worse on start up. Its never smoked before, in fact every clean tail pipe, but now it black with all this smoking. Could the PCV valve been damaged in some way while doing this work? Also it has now started to pink at times when climbing. Is it correct that there was a design fault in the tappet cover, therefor the oil can't drain fast enough out and it gets sucked into the intake through the br

Partially, this sounds insane. Here's what I would recommend doing just to try ... forget PCV, first of all. Next, drain all the oil out (Keep it, should be good) and flush the engine out by pouring maybe a quart-a gallon of kerosene down it. If t ... 2004 Suzuki XL-7

I am looking to drain the radiator 86 Audi 5000 Turbo, Which is the best way? Can I get electrical schematic free for it off the internet somewhere? Small issues. There is a resivour next to the brake resivour that needs mineral oil for the hydraulic "what?" and what do I fill it with the lable is ripped in half.

Remove the bottom engine covers. You will see a plastic petcock on the radiator. Take that out and take the radiator cap off.You have to use Hydaulic Mineral Oil. Call a parts dealer shops use or call your dealer. If you use any other flu ... 1986 Audi 5000 CS
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