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How to check if clutch is bad - 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

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How to check if clutch is bad - 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

My 2006 hyundai tiburon won't start with a key, but will start when popping the clutch. I have already replaced the battery and checked all fuses and wires. Could you tell me what is going on and how to fix it?

Change the wiring harness to the ignition switch go to autopartswarehouse.com to find it cheap. ... 2006 Hyundai Tiburon

I recently replaced the clutch in my 2003 hyundai tiburon GT and when i went to start it all it did was turn over i have checked everything possible please help thanks.

... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

2005 dodge ram 3500 I have a bad vibration in drive train at low speed, decreases with speed, checked u joints and carrier bearing seem to be tight, this is a 6 speed manual, wondering if bad clutch or pressure plate might cause this. The vibration feels like it is comes more from the rear of truck, put on jack stands and ran, the transfer case has bad shake, checked rear end it seems fine.

... 2005 Dodge Ram 3500

Need to replace the clutch myself on a 2006 hyundai tiburon gt

Why wont Hyundai fix it you should get close to 200,000klms from a clutch my car is on its second and its done 352,104klms Hyundai should warrant there cars they do in Australia the only reason they wouldn't is if the car has been m ... 2006 Hyundai Tiburon

97 Escort that failed to start a couple times-obviously not enough from the battery. Had it tested at a parts store they said replace battery which I did. Started car and "battery" light is on in dash. Had the guy check and he said there is 0 volts reading form the alternator. I would figure a bad alt should at least show a few volts?? I cant seem to find a fuse or bad wire yet there may be. Also how do I check alt directly for voltage?? Thanks so much. Wayne

You should be able to to check for voltage directly at the the largest of the wires going to the alternator[black with an orange tracer].If you have no power then you have a blown fusible link,from the starter solenoid to the positive battery post.]I ... 1997 Ford Escort

My honda odyssey transmission went out and i am having it rebuil by a local tran shop and the initial quote was $3600 to replace the fluid pump, some gears that were bad and the seal kit with the clutches due to overheatin because there was no fluid flow. I personaly saw the bad gears and the burned out clutches. when i refuse to do it the manager told me que will re-check the quote then he come down to $2500 using some rebuilt parts and not newones. but he still including the $400 turbine which

Call around or go to the Web and look up LKQ location in St. Augustine FL. If they do not have a transmission, they list all location where one can be found. Odyssey has a decent performance record with transmissions, so you can get a good one with ... 2002 Honda Accord

I have 1994 Chev. Pickup w/AC. The A/C got warm, I filled with newer type freon. Did nothing. Clutch stopped cycling. Found out how to jump condenser after refill. Tried to do this but the power control went blank, as if no power to the control. Checked relays because they cycled the clutch a lot, I thought maybe bad relay. Installed new relay from chev parts, no difference, put old back. Tried new /used control and no power either. Checked all power sources with test lamp had power up t

Hi! The closest thing to resolve this is to replace the control switch but since you tested it, turns out to be good but still no go. I suggest that you clean the contacts of the control switch for it may be corroded and loosing its contact. Please t ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

My 2004 tiburon has recntly had the clutch changed out , the car has driven great then it started to slip but only about once a month , now it feels like the clutch is out and the car wants to die , the bad part is this will happen with the clutch peddle depressed to the floor, please tell me why , the place that put the clutch in is also baffled

Sounds like there is air in the hydraulic system that operates the clutch , or fluid has leaked out. As for the new clutch slipping once a month........ ????? ... Hyundai Tiburon

Just had the clutch rebuilt on my 1985 ford f-150 pickup (manual trans.) Truck has 65,000 original miles. I only drove the truck a few miles since the clutch was rebuilt and only to plow my road a few times. Now the clutch has pressure but when I put it in gear, the truck won't move. Could the clutch be bad already? What else could I check? Thanks.

Ok fall speeds but does not walk well \012could be that when you built and installed the disc backwards clucht \012stay then you have pressure on the pedal come marches but does not walk \012or stay glued the bearing and you hold the cluc ... 1985 Ford F150

I have a 2002 hyundai santa fe with a 2.7 v6 cranks wont start,has fuel psi has spark check timming belt is good and on time have replaced timing belt and tensioner, crank sensor (bad wires) change ecu with good one and still no start,ecu came from another 2002 hyundai santa fe with a 2.7 yes i have 2 hyundai santa fe reinstalled ecu in 2nd santa fe now that is a no start so i have 2 hyundai santa fe with the same problem

... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

Clutch I just bought a 2002 chevy tracker.When I test drove it the clutch was catching real high on the pedal, and occasionally grinding going into reverse.I had them check it before I bought it and was assured it was a hydraulic adjustable clutch.Another shop just told me it was probly bad because they are not adjustable.My paper work says "finance subject to clutch inspection" and now they only want to pay for the $200 part and not the $600 dollar labour.I wanted to know your thoughts on the c

It definitely sounds like the clutch has had it. As for the finance company, they're treating it as a pre-existing problem and all they want to do is pay for your part. ... 2002 Chevrolet Tracker

My clutch grinds when I shift into gears . I thought my clutch was bad until n I was told to check clutch slave cylinder fluid but I don't know where that reservoir is located. Can anyone help?

... 1996 Nissan 200SX

I have a 1986 Fiero GT and it is very hard to shift into first, fifth, and reverse. I've checked around online and most say bad clutch, low clutch fluid, or clutch not completely disengaging but that

Try to check for gear oil in the transmission itself at rapidlube or valvoline oil change or some thing also spray wd40 on the shift cable as it may have rust inside the cable sheath underneath..have them also check fluid levels in the slave cylinder ... Cars & Trucks

Squealing noise stops when i push in clutch pedal we were on the interstate and suddenly i had no clutch pedal we got off the street it was hard to get it out of gear i checked the fluid it was fine started the car back up clutch was not to bad turned around & headed for home it did it again almost wasn't able to stop the car couldn't get it out of gear the car stalled & jerked as we tried stop we tried to push car out of road couldn't move the car it wouldn't start let it sit while waiting for

Sounds like a bad Throw Out Bearing.. Needless to say.. it has to be repaired.\015\012\015\012 Depending on mileage.. may as well replace the clutch/pressure plate.. and have he flywheel looked at.. change the tranny oil.. check the u ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

2005 hyundai 350. battery goes dead overnight... had 2 ones put in... hyundai service centers have checked several things and always say its the battery... how can this problem be fixed..? can set for 2 hours or 2 days and may or may not start for either......short of selling and giving hyundai customer service a bad name we are at our wits end......

Radio's and starters are the worst ones for a battery drain. Radio's being the worst, something about the newer radio's. Pull the fuse and wait. if it quits dieing on you thats the problem. \012Let me know there are lots of things we can check ... 2002 Hyundai XG350

2000 Dodge dakota ac is fine until car warms up. Once the truck is at normal operating temp the ac only blows warm. I am very mechanically inclined so I have checked everything. When the truck is warmed up and it stops blowing cold I unplugged the ac clutch harness and I still have power and ground going into the clutch, logical reasoning tells me that the ac clutch is bad and once it's warm it just electronically shuts down. I am hoping someone can reassure me that I am correct before I spend $

Yes, you need to hook up a set of A/C gauges and this web site will help you diagnose your problem, do not buy a compressor till you read the gauges,\015\012 ... 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

2003 hyundai tiburon check engine light

You're right, the PO154 has to do with the O2 sensor. The code has the info of Oxygen Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 2 Sensor 1).\015\012Bank 2 is the exhaust manifold that cylinder #2 uses.\015\012Sensor 1 is the sensor in BET ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

2000 hyundai tiburon when gas is pressed trys to die

... Hyundai Motor 2000 Tiburon

How can i check the fan clutch to see if it is bad ?

... 1991 Toyota Pickup

I have a 1998 Hyundai Tiburon Clutch will not engage

It sounds like the pressure plate or the clutch need replacing umay have a broken spring on the pressure plate .or the fork that goes in side the bell housing is off the ball socket that holds it in place either way the transmition has to be remove ... Hyundai Tiburon

2001 Hyundai Tiburon Check engine light

Yes this is related to the exhaust but you will need to have it fixed.Also I will give you a procedure on turning the check engine light off.You might try removing the battery connectors for five minutes and replacing back. ... 2001 Hyundai Tiburon

Need Instructions on 2003 Hyundai Tiburon Clutch Replacement

Go to http://www.hmaservice.com/ and register (vehicle by VIN). Afterward, you'll have access to technical information (manuals, wiring diagrams, service bulletins, etc) about y ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

My 2006 hyundai tiburon "check engine" light came on and has stayed on for about a week. I have checked the air filter and its pretty clean; the oil filter looks good. What could it be?

Modern cars have so many electronic sensors that it can be maddening trying to figure out what it is. What you can do is call some of your local auto parts stores, some offer the free use what they call a "Code reader" that will tell you what t ... 2006 Hyundai Tiburon

A/c clutch does not kick in removed relay jumped pins 30&87 clutch kicked in is relay bad or is something there something else i should check thanks mike m

If you took the relay out and fed power directly to the compressor and the clutch engaged then the relay would be the starting point for your repair. I would also verify you have a power signal going to the relay. If you have power in and the contact ... 2002 Dodge Stratus
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