Having problems with your 2003 Hyundai Tiburon ?

Engine miss? My tiburon has a miss or a bucking when first releasing the clutch and in 1st and 2nd gears at lower rpm. I just had the timing belt replaced and no check engine lights are present. It is as if the engine is not getting fuel or air then it smooths out and runs fine. Any idea how I should troubleshoot this?

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Answers :

Go to youtube, in the search window type in "tiburon slave cylinder clutch mod" this should solve your problem. also do some searches about the flow restricter"the spring and plastic that you will remove"
An engine miss should mean that one or more pistons are not firing. Maybe you \015\012just need new spark plugs and/or spark plug wires. How long has it been since \015\012you changed them?
More than 60k miles?
If you don't fix it, it will get \015\012worse and your car will **** more gas.
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Engine miss? My tiburon has a miss or a bucking when first releasing the clutch and in 1st and 2nd gears at lower rpm. I just had the timing belt replaced and no check engine lights are present. It is as if the engine is not getting fuel or air then it smooths out and runs fine. Any idea how I should troubleshoot this?

Go to youtube, in the search window type in "tiburon slave cylinder clutch mod" this should solve your problem. also do some searches about the flow restricter"the spring and plastic that you will remove" ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

I have an engine miss,****,buck at about 45 mph when accelerating lightly. It runs fine if it down shifts to third gear. The car has 116k miles on it. I don't get any codes. Had it to the transmission shop, hooked up a scanner and took it for a ride - no tranny problem, it is an engine miss. So far I have installed new spark plugs (badly worn),new fuel filter (it was clogged) new air filter, cleaned throttle body and MAF sensor, checked fuel pressure at fuel rail (normal). What next???

Change plug wires next and put in some SeaFoam. This sounds like a tune up issue... just run though the paces. ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

Missfire This car has a bad miss when first started when cold. It idles rough and sometimes dies, surging up and down. After it runs a while it clears out and idles up at a normal rate. Then I will start to feel a little miss, and the idle gets low going down the road and it loses power. It always starts back up and goes on. It has 188000 miles, new plugs, air filter, fuel filter and fuel injection cleaner run through. The check Engine light has flashed on and off for a year or more. Do you have

Locate you computer (right front kick panel) and tap on it with a pen while the car idles... Also flex it back and forth with your hands to see if the car runs rough or quits... You may need a new one. ... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

I have replaced the fuel pump and filter, plugs and wire,one coil pack,mass air flow sensor,egr valve,had catyllatic coverters checked. the truck has lost power the check engine light stays on and flashes at highway speeds it feels like it is missing cutting in and out or has a hesitation when driving the higher the rpms the more hesitation you get with the new stuff on the truck it still pulls the maf sensor and egr valve engine code p0101 and p0404 and all the parts were brand new

Well it is a missfire the timing may be the issue here ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I have a 2002 Avalanche 121,000 miles, service engine soon light is on, it has a constant sputter not a miss while driving, idles fine does not stall. The sending unit was leaking changed it and also plugs. It still runs decent but not getting full power. Air or fuel?

Mass air flow sensor.Without knowing the code it is just a guess. ... 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

I have a 2000 chevy limited edition (old body style) Tahoe that wont crank unless you put fuel in the air intake throttle body. The fuel pump whirls and I've changed the fuel filter, fuel regulator and the fuel relay. When the truck does crank after the fuel in the air intake the truck runs great. no missing or skipping from take off. No "service engine light" activity. but the moment you turn off the engine the same problem accurs.

You could be having a bad pressure regulator ,it seems to be wasted now. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

1991 mazda 626 dx (non-turbo) 2.2 liter. Bough a remanufactured air mass sensor, NEW pcv valve, NEW fuel filter, and NEW cold air intake filter. When the engine starts at cold, the check engine light comes ON, it runs fine for 15 minutes, and when the engine warms up the check engine light goes OFF. Now when this happens, i can't floor the accelorator with out the engine sounding like its about to bottom out, and then i'll get the response. And when i come to a stop the engine idle is between 14

... 1991 Mazda 626

I have a 2001 dodge grand caravan 3.8 engine. over the past month i have had several problems. the engine light came on with an overwhelming smell of gas and jerking. i took it to a shop they said one fuel injector is bad and the plenum gasket is leaking wanted to charge me over $1000.00 to do a bunch of matainence work and change those things. i called someone else he replaced the air filter and the engine light went off. later that day the air conditioner blower did not work i couldn't get hea

... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Mazda Millenia 2001 S. Engine has been misfiring since 4 months now. Changed the air filter, air filter hose (which was broken), fuel filter and got fuel injectors cleaned twice. Runs fine after getting the fuel injectors cleaned for a day or two and then the same problem back again. Check engine light has been On & OFF since then but since last 12 days it has been ON consistently and starts flashing sometimes. Got codes checked 4 months ago and it said cyl 6 misfire and now it says cyl 3

The injectors are weak/faulty.All the injectors needs to be replaced.This will solve the problem.The misfire is caused by faulty injectors.\015\012front plugs (cylinders 2,4,6) and rear plugs (1,3,5) .Replace all the cylinders.\015\012 ... 2002 Mazda Millenia

Check engine light is on. lean bank #1 I have already done the following, [email protected] new fuel pump, fuel filter ,cleaned injectors, replaced exhaust manafold,.new plugs, wires,air cleaner,replaced filler neck in gas tank, also had to cleaned out some sand in the tank it self (due to rot of old filler tube). getting POOR gas mileage ! ENGINE LIGHT STILL COMES ON ! ????

... 2000 Ford Explorer

The check enginge light,ABS light, brake and low fuel light come on and off at will. A recent miss in the running of the engine led us to the fuel pressure regulator. All spark plugs were replace in the past 2 months, yet the mechanic told me the plugs were fouled out as well. I know these are not all related, but the fuel pressure regulator has me puzzled. Where can i go to get detailed description/pictures of where this is and what it does, what typically cause these to fail, etc. Thanks.

The fuel pressure regulator adjust the fuel pressure from 30 psi to 50 psi, full fuel is with no vachum or wide open throttle toes tickling the Rad. cap at idel it's 30 PSI but I don't know if you have a Vac or electric operated one. the regulator is ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

99 gmc sierra 6 cyl, and it starts fine, but after running it misses, when i accelerate it starts to miss and back fires horribly and engine light blinks. i think too much fuel is getting to it but just cant tell! Oh yea I also flushed the fuel and replenished the tank with fuel cleaner but it still misses extremely bad! can someone help?

It's more likely to be very lean--look for fuel delivery problems. Replace the fuel filter and check the fuel system pressure at the test port (looks like a tire valve) on the fuel rail just over the injectors. You should see about 45 PSI, anything m ... 2000 GMC New Sierra 1500

Bought a 99 TJ Magna 3.0l V6 6G72 motor,with an engine miss at med/heavy loads. took it home looked, found that the dizzy cap centre electrode had completly burnt/worn out. Get new 1, car ran 95% better,still had barely noticable miss. 2 weeks later miss got worse just like b4. tested the leads,found high resistance in all 6, get new set + new plugs. car run 95% better for 3 weeks then starts to miss more and more like before,even light loads now, check fuel filter, -ok. Not constant miss, inter

... 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante

I have a 1998 dodge 1500 5.9L engine four wheel drive. OBD2 code 1281 and p0308 went camping and engine light cam on. Came home and the next day engine light went off. OBD2 scanner says fuel air metering manufacture control and p0308 is a cyl #8 miss. what should I check or look for as a repair

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My check engine light come right after i had remanufactor motor put in my car . i get code p0300 random misfire. the crazy thing is that the misfire only happen when the engine is cold ,so when it get hot the engine run smooth . i dont understand what it could be i dont hear any noise or air seeping out anywhere like vacume leak.so i thought it might be bad spark plug so i change them again and the coil packs ,no help so i change the erg valve, fuel fiter just about all of the gaskets have chang

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0300 Multiple\015\012 Cylinder Misfire (Catalyst Damage): Basically this means that the the car's computer has detected that \015\012not all\015\012 of the engine's cylinders are firing properly.A P0300 dia ... Cadillac DeVille


Have seen new fuel filters not seal properly, due to warpage of seal flange gets bent when removing old over tight filters, check both filter & water trap, also bleed bolts on filter housing, use clear plastic hose between components to find wher ... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

2003 Ford Ranger Edge Plus 3.0 L Automatic, 4x4 When driving and wanting to go faster, usually uphill, the truck engine kinda shuts down, stalls, but doesn't stalls. Engine Lacks Power at higher speeds! Or Engine misses throughout driving range speeds. Fuel Jets Clearner recently used, with fresh gas. It's not the Fuel Filter - new It's not plugs, only 32,000.0 miles It's getting old yes, I'm the 2nd owner at 28,000.0 miles It's not the Air Filter - new

... 2003 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

I have a 99 jeep Cherokee 4.0 2wd and it's running rich, missing, and popping. The SUV runs fine then I loose power get a pop then I get power again check engine light is on and the code says a rear o2 sensor is out, The engine makes the air intake sound like a vacuum cleaner at times what is a solution to correct problem. My jeep has 144k miles, the engine is extremely clean, no leaks, and always maintenance d. please help

Follow the code, Replace the rear o2 sensor ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My Escalade is getting poor gas mileage. The service engine soon light is on. I took it to a shop and they hooked it up to a computer and was told it was a generic fuel system code. They suggested I put a new air and fuel filter in, which I have done. The light is still on. It runs really rough when it first starts, but other than that is running fine. Any ideas on what the problem could be?

Take it to a shop that has a real time scan tool not a code reader, generic code tells you nothing, yu need a reading on all sensors and actuators, ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade

Codes 1128 300 301 302 303 304 on 2000 accent'' i took my car to auto zone those are the codes. i have replaced plugs, wires, coil and mass air flow sencer and fuel filter could it be the O2 sencer? when i m stoped at a light the car idles very low and you feel miss fire when i rev it gose away then when i acc it boggs till i get to around 20mph then the check eng light stops flashing and i have power again oh and i burn alot of fuel

Concentrate on code 1128, which is basically telling you the engine has been running too lean for a while now, so that explains the misfire codes, which is the rest of them. The main causes of those symptoms is usually a vacuum leak, plugged fuel fil ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

My 98 chevy astro is missing in drive under a load. Sometimes it misses and the fuel gauge goes crazy and speedo starts dropping then picks back up if I push the gas to the floor but still missses. On the flat or down hill it's fine. Just put a new cap and rotor on didn't help. Getting p0339 code crank sensor signal. Then check engine light went out and anti-lock light came on. Please give me an idea of how to fix. Thank you

Well the crank sensor would cause the running problem but if it is intermentant and now the anti lock light is on i would start with all my ground connection on motor and on the firewall. then i would go from there. it sound like a ground issue from ... 1998 Chevrolet Astro

My car keeps stallin out it will drop below 1000 rpms when idlein at a light or even while drivin the check engine light came on today and they said it can be 4 differnt possiblities either the oxygen sensor/defective, ignition misfire/repair, fuel injector problem, or if bank 1 and 2codes set togethersuspect fuel pressure or maf (mass air flow) sensor then today it would not get any power to it as i had my foot on the gas pedal it was drivng as if it was just coasting. what could it be? i have

Its not the mass flow , if it was that it would idle high the low then high then low and so on. not the oxygen sensor either that would turn on your engine light and kill your mpg but it would not stall the car unless it is flooding it "do you smell ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2000 Grand Caravan with the 3.8 V6. It surges and spits back through the intake when you really get after it. This is anything above 3,000 RPM. It runs good on flat ground 60 MPH or below. I've put in new plugs,wires,coil pack, thermostat, and air filter. Tomorrow i'm looking into changing the fuel filter and possibly fuel pump. The check engine light is NOT on and there are no pending codes. What are your thoughts? ECM maybe? I forgot to add that it is only getting about 15 MPG

... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have a 91 honda accord automatic with 2 fuel problems. one is when you run the car for a little and the check engine lights comes on sometime the car will when coming to a stop get a low rpm and shut off. it will restart tho but only run up to 2500 rpm but miss like crazy backfire and barley run. other problem is if you start the car and check engine light is in rite away the car has a rev limitor at 3000 rpm for some reason does anyone know what this cud be?

Your master air flow sencor has go out or you need to have it clean sound like it has moister build up get a can of mafs cleaner at your local auto parts ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 2002 isuzu rodeo that when I put it in reverse it will die. Once in awhile the check engine light will come on..this last time it was error codes PO172 and 175 error code Po101 closed loop fuel system and Mass volume air flow circut range performance problem and PCM unreadable. After I get it in reverse and than drive away after a few mins.of waiting it will run great for a few weeks and starts all over again. Check engine light will flash 18 times and car will die. Wait a few mins. st

... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo
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