Having problems with your 2003 Hyundai Tiburon ?

Right blinker light will not turn off and is stuck on even when car is shut off

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Ghange your turn signal light switch its shorted.
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Right blinker light will not turn off and is stuck on even when car is shut off

Ghange your turn signal light switch its shorted. ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

I have a 2006 Mazda 6. One day while it was parked and shut off, it rained hard and my parking lights lit solid and horn stuck on solid. Since it dried out? the problems slowly went away. Now today, with no rain, my left turn signal wont shut off even when the car is off. and the right stays lit solid! Help!

U might have to take off the dashboard to get at it and u might have to check if the wiring is all cut or if it's flesh if not then u might have to bring it in and get it fixed ... 2006 Mazda 3

My wife just got back from the store in our recently purchased 2001 XTerra, and told me that even after she turned the key off and locked the car, all the idiot lights were still on. So I went out and checked, and (ya might wanna sit down!) she was right. It starts up fine, but when you shut it off, all the warning lights stay on, even after removing the key. I tried disconnecting the battery, and after a half hour, reconnected it, and it's still the same. Has anyone here ever seen anything like

This sounds like a bad body cpu or ecm. There's 3 computers that run your vehicle. The body controller affects those lights. Check the fuses first in the car & under the hood. ... 1999 Nissan Quest

I have a 1991 Lincoln Contential and all the lights are flashing and you hear a clicking like the blinker or turn signal is on but their not, their is so type of security system on the car but I enter the code and everything but it wont stop everything else is working right the car even starts up and drives fine yet the lights are still going off and it's makeing that clicking noise (fyi- the horn to the security system has been taken off)

If the headlights are flashing, the alarm system is factory installed. Inserting the key into the driver door lock and turning to the left then back to the right is supposed to disarm it. If the parking li ... 1991 Lincoln Continental

Clicking from the fuse box, bright lights won't shut off and blinker are blinking either left or right, will not shut off

... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Have light / blinker issue: Head Lights Off: When left blinker on - right front blinker also blinks When Headlights On: Left Rear Turn Light Stuck On. Left Blinker does not work. Right Blinker works fine. Any Ideas? Changed headlight and all Turn Signal lights. Check Fuses - Nothing.

Sounds like wrong bulbs in some sockets ... Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2001 Pontiac Firebird. When i start my car, my left turn signal light comes on but the right front turn signal light remains off. If i turn my lights on, the right turn signal light then comes on also. However, even when my lights are on and both turn signal lights are on, only the left turn signal will flash, the right turn signal will just stay on.

Perhaps a dicky connection somewhere. Perhaps corrosion, even moisture in the connection plugs. Inspect all connections to your indicator lights. Also check for worn or damaged wires. Also Have a look inside the lenses of the lights to see if the the ... Pontiac Firebird

My 1992 Honda Accord Lx has problems with the lights through out the car...they start blinking on and off as soon as you open any door, and they stary blinking until the car is shut off and left alone for a little...Sometimes even the heater will randomly turn on full blast while car is running with no way to shut it off unless i turn the car off..Radio no longer turns on and off and the lights blink on it as well although u cant turn it on...This has been a very big drain on my battery and it w

Wow. Well the dealer not having the equipment means they don't have the books anymore for a model that old. 10 years is usually their limit.My first thought was a short in one of the circuits or an anti-theft problem. The lights flash and the ... 1992 Honda Accord

My right turn light won't turn off. Even when the car is turned off.At first, it would just stop flashing and stay lit until I flipped the turn signal lever back and forth between left and right. Now it just stays lit even now with the car turned off, and the battery run down.

Your turn signal/ hazard flasher relay in the bcm contacts are touching. Replacement of the relay is possible if compatiable relay is found, if not the bcm needs to be replaced. ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

2001 FORD TAURUS SEA. Problem: Dome light will not turn off after car is put in gear. At least not right away. While I'm driving it will turn off and the doors will lock (eventually). Also, the dome light will not turn off after turning off the car and making sure each door is shut completely. I know it has a dely, but all night and draining my battery is a little much. I can sometimes shut the driver door several times with much force and that will sometimes work. Or I'm shaking the who

... 2001 Ford Taurus

My emergency hazard flashers are giving me fits. When I press the buttong to turn them on they work fine, and when I press the button to turn them off they go off but the noise stay on. IT sounds like a blinker blinking but there is no lights on. It continues even when the hazard lights are off. When I turn the car off it goes away, but when I turn the car on the noise stays on clicking like a blinker sound, but the flashers are off. What could be wrong.

There is a 4-way switch inside your steering column which controls the hazard lights the blinkers. If this switch is faulty your example is one thing that can happen. If the problem worsens you could lose all exterior lighting except the headlights ... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

ABS system: ABS warning light sometimes illuminates when I start the car or turns ON while driving. Sometimes it even turns ON when car is idle. Sometimes when the warning light doesn't illuminate, I can feel, while giving a light brake, the brake pedal vibrates for a short moment and then - the light turns ON. I had the car for testing and they said it was the ABS sensor at the rear right wheel. I had it replaced, but it didn't solve the problem at all. It was all the same after

The wheel baering is going bad leting the axle kick sideways causeing light ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My low beams will not turn off when the car is off, or turn the auto light switch off. I replaced the bulbs and fuses, and they are still stuck on. When i turn the auto light switch off, all my other lights go out, parking lights, dash lights etc. but the low beams stay on. They are supposed to turn off 20 seconds after the car is shut off and alarm is set, they are not doing so, therefore draining my battery. I am being forced to unhook my positive charge each time I get out of the

It appears to me that the timer in the headlamp switch is faulty. Remove the switch to check the power to the headlamps ... Pontiac G6

The amber lights on my car will not turn off even when the headlights and car are both off. I saw the lights were on when i left work today. I thought I must have left the parking lights on but that was'nt the case. When I turned my lights on to drive home, I noticed my right headlight was out. When I removed the light to replace it, I saw that it was cracked. I replaced the headlight and they are working fine. However I can not get the amber lights to go off. Also when i turn my hazards on only

A faulty headlamp switch ... 1996 Ford Taurus

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2. I have several random problems with the car. First the Coolant light always come on when I first start the car, there is coolant in with no leaks. The Coolant warning does not come back on while running, and the car never gets hot even in mid summer. Second, my dash lights and blinkers are acting up. The dash lights will turn off at random after the car has been running. Also the blinkers will work, then after driving a short distance begin to blink fast. I checked an

... 2003 Saturn ION

I have a 95 Lesabre. I was doing errands, stopped car, came out of store and tried to start car. The engine didn't turn over. All lights on dash came on when I turned key on and all went off when I turned key off, except the security light. Even with key off it stayed on. I was trying to call someone for help, when the security light went out. I tried to start again and it turned right over. A friend told me I might need to replace ignition key. What do you think?

Hi,The ignition lock cylinder is most likely the problem. It has the sensor that rears the key inside of it. The cylinder has two wires that come off run down the bottom of the steering column. This is where you are going to splice the re ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

Code po102 car will start up n shut right back off n when going down the road the car will shut off my anti lock light is on brake light is on the service engine soon light is on as well now the car when it sits the car want even want move when u have it in drive n stuff

... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

01 chevy blazer brake lights stuck on. When you turn the right single on, the brake lights work, right turn single dont. When you hold foot on break pedle and turn the key off lights go off car still runs. I replaced brake pedle switch also front an back turn bulbs and a flasher switch. I can not find any burn up fuses

Sound like you have a short in the turn signal switch or the wireing to it. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I was just driving my car and right before I got home, the car died and all the interior lights shut off and the driver side head and tail light turned off. I pushe it into my driveway and all the sud

... 2007 Volvo S80 V8 Sedan

When i turn on the car i press the interior center lights and they don't turn on. When I shut of the car the lights used to turn on for a delay and then fade away. they don't even come on now. I know the bulbs work because when i hit the key fob, to set off the alarm the lights come on.

You might check for a fuse for the dome light,interior lights,it will have more than one fuse for the lights,because of the delay,and alarm.Also there will be a relay,in the relay group box that controls the light.It might be bad.Try to open the othe ... Mercedes-Benz ML320

Flashing light I recently bought a 2005 saturn ion. When I went to leave work tonight I turned the key and then I saw this flashing light it looked like a picture of a car with a lock threw it. It seemed like it was some kind of anti theft or security problem because the radio came on and all the dash lights came on but the car didn't even attempt to turn over when I turned the key. I left it for about 10 mins came back and it started right up. Do you know why this would happen. I have no owners

The anti theft thing will come on and prevent starting for a while if it believes it is attempting to be stolen. even something silly like someone bumping it could possibly cause that. now if it does it at your house in a locked garage or something.. ... 2005 Saturn ION

1984 BMW 318i My rear passenger blinker light stays on without flashing. Inside the car witht he lights on, the right turn arrow is lit up as well. When kicking my turn signal on the driver side, the rear light flashes fast as if to signal an out bulb. I just put in new front blinkers and side parking lights and then the problem occurred. Any ideas?

... BMW 318

01 Grand Vitra - can not get the head & tail lights to turn off. Even when car is shut down and switch key removed.

1- faulty light switch2- faulty shut-off timer3- faulty ignition switch ... 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Tiburon 04, left turn signal lights stay on once activated by either turn switch, hazard light switch, or alarm. Can sometimes get them to go out by using right turn switch position, or playing with hazard light switch. currently they are stuck and I've pulled the fuse. The turn signal clicker makes normal noise even though the left turn lights stay hard on.

Replace the turn signal 'Clicker' also known as the turn signal relay. Most likely the problem unless you have a really wierd electical issue that will be hard to isolate...\015\012\015\012Peace, ... 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

My 1994 Chevy Corsica automatic shift stick got stuck at the moment I park to drop someone off. After a while after checking the gears, the fuses and even the battery, the car's gear stick was able to shift again. But during that same day as I was about to park the vehicle, the gear shift became moveable even while I shut the car. In addition, the ignition became hard when I turn it and since then I could not turn the ignition nor turn it on again?

There is a small cable attached to the shift lever that runs up to the ignition switch on the steering column. If it gets stuck, your shift lever won't move out of park and your key can get stuck and you won't be able to pull it out. Drop ... 1994 Chevrolet Corsica
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