Having problems with your 2003 Hyundai Tiburon ?

I just need a service and repair manual Hanes and Chilton do not make yet ...Why and where can I get one??

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Hyundai for some reason does not do or does not want to do a good job of releasing proprietory information for their vehicles. I have had the same problem on a variety of hyundai products. if you search "HMA service" hyundai has a factory service website. It is hard to navigate unfortunately but has been helpful for me in the past. You have to sign up and get a log in. I hope this helps, I recently had an 05 Accent that I could not find a manual for anywhere....it really bites...
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

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I just need a service and repair manual Hanes and Chilton do not make yet ...Why and where can I get one??

Hyundai for some reason does not do or does not want to do a good job of releasing proprietory information for their vehicles. I have had the same problem on a variety of hyundai products. if you search "HMA service" hyundai has a factory service ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

I need instructions on how to install the smog pump and the tools i'd need and how to take it off first. i've cut the belt off cause it was making a terrible noise. it is the one that is only for the airconditioner and smog pump. the smog pump locked up so i bought a new one and the belt. i just need all the help i can get to learn how to put it on. i'm a 53 yr old woman and know zilch about cars so it would have to be instructions for idiot proof thank you

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First the problem; The 4way and turn signals sometimes work properly,but then they flash at such a fast rate one can hardly tell they're even flashing.From my experience in relays it seems to me that the flasher relay is bad as it is not getting the proper shot of dc to make it work properly. If this is the case I need to know how to change it. I know it's only a 2 prong plug in relay. How does one get to it to change it. I also am aware that one of the light bulbs may be bad ,but would this cau

Send us the year and model, please. ... Oldsmobile Alero

Need a wiring diagram from ignition module to coil to engine for a 1988 chevy corsica. Ive been replacing parts on this car for 6 months and it still runs like ****. It run good for one month now its coughing and spitting at me. One of the coils just went out after I just replaced the ignition module which wasnt easy. you cant see it you just get to feel around for it. I need a diagram to make sure I do it properly

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Think i may need a new starter. all the electricals are working fine, just can't get it to turn over, even when trying to jump it. when trying to start it, it just makes one click, not a continuous one...need a diagram of starter and repalcement instructions.

Either the battery is bad\015\012\015\012Or the starter solenoid is bad\015\012\015\012Remove the starter,take solenoid off,\015\012and open it up & look at contacts,\015\012most likely burnt ... 1999 Ford Taurus

I have a Ford Tauras 1998 in Australia I have two problems one the ABS light comes on sometimes - I believe it could be a front censor that needs to be replaced - where do I get one from in the USA - here in Australia its too expensive secondly my automatic ariel will not go up and down - the motor does make a noise like its attempting to do something - where can I get a new ariel and what will it cost

Good day, and how are things in the Land Down Under?\015\012\015\012Here are a few links that should help to assist you in finding the parts that you need, and the last link is for a ford dealership in Sacramento California if all else fa ... 1998 Ford Taurus

I have a 1996 Sebring convertible it ran just fine then I took it to get serviced include ding the transmission oil getting changed then a few days later my transmission did not want to shift. It still runs smooth it doesn?t make any weird noise and the transmission oil level is fine. The automatic transmission just dose not wants to shift. I took it back to where I got it serviced they said the work on transmission. I pretty sure it is a vacuum line issue. Can any one help?

If they sed the wrong flid it may have damaged trans chrysler sed type 7176 in this trans there are no vacuum lines on this trans ... Chrysler Sebring

07 impala lt, replaced inner n outer tie rod n inner boot had fluid in it. It still pulls n makes clicking noise. Was told its rack n pinion. True? N is it an expensive fix? Mufflers need replaced too, I want a deep sounding exhaust. It has two mufflers, what kind should I get? Exhaust system is all one piece so I guess I need to sawzaw off the old ones right? Thanks for helping..

I dont know much about the impala steering but most rack and pinion setups are the same . i had a loud clicking noise in my Camry when on full lock and it got woset I though also rack n pinion ,but it turned out a high pressure hose from the power s ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. The passenger side windshield wiper does not always make contact with the windshield. On the first wipe it appears to make complete contact, but in inclement weather, by the time I get to work, it's not clearing the windshield. I just put new blades on. When the weather gets snowy and cold I can't see out that side of the windshield. Does the arm need to be replaced? No one seems to be able to help because when they first turn it on it seems to hit the windshield ju

Hello Shirli.I understand your concern.Yes, it is possible a new arm may be needed if the spring has become weak.Lift both arms up on each side and feel for the amount of tension they have. If one seems easier to lift that may ... Hyundai Sonata

I have a 2006 audi a4 convertible. one of the latches that connect the soft cover top to the windshield is loose. there are 2 screw that latch to the soft cover that have fallen out. one of the screws is stuck inside the soft cover (i can hear it move as i make turns). i need to take the cover off of the convertible so I can get the screw. do you know how to disassemble the soft cover top? Comments: - i need the disassembly instructions, i know the problem already, the vibrations from the

Hi,Is the vehicle under warranty? If so the only thing I would recommend is taking it straight to a dealer. That is why you buy a new car, for a new car warranty.Thank you,Lee ... Audi A4

@ budgie140 The problem with the clutch master cylinder on my 93 S-10 is the seals let all the fluid leak out into the cab of the truck. It actually gave out all at once. I would normally get a rebuild kit and that would take care of it, but this one is plastic and apparently they don't make a kit for it. I don't have the cash to buy to whole replacement part and I need the truck to get to work. Are there brake parts or anything that will get this thing going till I get enough to replace it?

Any chance there is a yard nearby that sells used part? ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 1994 Chrysler Concorde that has Automatic temp control (Which is bad according to the self-test and needs replaced) and would like info on trying to remanufacture the original in my car. There is a relay in the back of the ATC and I can't find a supplier of this relay, yet there are remanufacture companies that rebuild these and can get this relay. I just wish I knew where I can get a new one. Do you know anywhere I can get this relay replaced. Also when the bad ATC is on [plugged in]

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Okay, this car has been giving me alot of problems. Currently I am experiencing a starting problem with the vehicle. This seems to occur when the engine is warm, yet sometimes even then it starts perfectly. I have replaced several parts on the vehicle, had a recent major service etc. I have been told my fusebox needs replacing - its worn out and the one fuse has been burnt. Yet my friend took a look at it and it seems okay to him... Would a faulty fusebox cause such behaviour in the vehicle?

HI, I had the same problem about 6 months ago. Replaced the coolant sensor as you suggested and it fixed the problem. (about £15 from a local shop - just click the old one out and the new one in, reset the warning lights with a friends VAG and ... 2005 Audi A3

Replacing belts I need to replace the belts on my 1984 Buick Riviera. The air conditioner, power steering and altenater belts. I don't know what bolts to loosen so I can get the new belts back on easily. Are there diagrams available for me to look at to make sure I route the new belts correctly. Two of them broke one very cold morning and I'm not sure if I will know how to get them back on. Thanks, Donna

You can get a "Chilton" book that will show everything for your vehicle or try googling "1984 Buick Riviera belt diagram" and there may be a site that has it posted.Let me know if this helps. ... 1984 Buick Riviera

The left front inner cv joint needs to be replaced in my 2001 Suzuki Ignis. I need the serial number from the part to compare, to make sure the new one fits. can anyone tell me how to get the serial number?

... Suzuki Swift

That question didn't make since to me either when I read it. It's even the wrong year for my truck. Here is my problem, I have a 2004 f150 4x4 and the rear (back one) u-joint needs to be replaced. But I don't see any way to remove the old one. The "old" spring clips are not there, only dimples in the metal around to old u-joint holding it in. How, or can, I get is out. Ford calls this driveshaft "unservable" but the parts store sold me a u-joint they say will work???Can you help me?

You may have to remove the drive shaft and take it to a machine shop,were they would grind out the retaining tabs remove the joint,install the new one and tac weld retainers to hold it in. ... 1994 Ford F150 Styleside Supercab

I've got a 328 i 2001 model,it was serviced two weeks ago but it does not have power,when i drive it seems like its cutting, the mechanic told me it needs air flow meter,the brand new one is expensive where can i get new used one?

I would look at the air filter, if it wasn't replaced, If it's dirty replace it. Then check all the vacuum lines and hoses on the vehicle. A dirty enough filter or broken vacuum lines will pop a Mass air flow meter code. One other thing you can do is ... 2000 BMW 3 Series

I have a 1997 saturn sl2 and my service engine soon light is on. I got it scanned and the guy said that two codes came up one was a misfire where I need the spark plugs and wiring fixed. the other code was a sensor internally in the transmission. I am getting the spark plugs and wiring fixed now but if it does go on and again and I need that sensor how much would it cost?

... 1993 Saturn SL2

My 1995 Wrangler wont start. It isn't firing at all. It's not getting power on the plug for the starting solenoid. I've changed the relay and the crankshaft position sensor. I removed the distributor cap to make sure the rotor is turning when it turns over, and ensure the timing belt wasn't broken. All fuses check good. With the starter relay removed and key on, I get power one relay contact. With relay in place, and key on, according to Chilton's manual, I should have power on the brown wire co

Would you mind describing the whole relay switch to me?How many prongs.3 I am guessing?Which prong is what or which colored wires are what.Wires relation to prong.I hope you understand this lol.And please tell me what you are reading the power with.A ... Jeep Wrangler

I am trying to replace my water pump on a 96 mercury mystique. the hose that connects the radiator to the water pump is hidden behind the power steering pump, and the a/c unit, making it seemingly impossible to remove the hose from the pump(to pull the old pump out). Do I need to remove the power steering pump or a/c unit to get at the hose to remove the water pump? if so how would I go about removing ether, i have only spotted one bolt I can get at.

The a/c and p/s pumps have 2 bolts.One is a long bolt that runs throught the body of the pump and that is used as a pivot point to adjust the belt tensions.The other may be on a smaller bracket that locks the pump in place.Or it will have the second ... 1996 Mercury Mystique

I have a 2010 convertible. one of the latches that connect the soft cover top to the windshield is loose. there are 2 screw that latch to the soft cover that have fallen out. one of the screws is stuck inside the soft cover (i can hear it move as i make turns). i need to take the cover off of the convertible so I can get the screw. do you know how to disassemble the soft cover top?

Hi,Being this a 2010 vehicle I am assuming it is still under full warranty, being that it is. Take it to a dealership and have them fix the problem under warranty. It isn't necessary to take a risk doing damage and voiding your warranty for som ... Audi A4

Ive got a 2000 chevy cavalier that just started having a grinding noise in the front end. it only grinds when i turn the wheel slightly to the left when driving. if the steering wheen is centered it dont make it but any movement to the left even just a couple hairs it starts grinding and the more u turn the louder it gets. i checked brakes they r getting worn but not far enough yet. what could be the cause of it? my son was just born a couple days ago and i need my car because im still have tran

Sounds like there may be a problem with the left front wheel bearing/hub assembly easy to replace only takes about 30-45 min and about $55-125 in parts. Jack both front whels up and with it in drive turn wheels back and forth and listen to each side ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1987 Buick Skyhawk, I need rims for snowtires, it currently has 14'' rims, what years and makes of cars, besides the Skyhawk, will have the same rim size so I can keep a eye out for those years and get a set of inexpensive rims? I have tried to look online for some kind of cross-reference guide, like the one that salvage yards use, but cannot seem to find one, any Ideas?

Your bolt pattern is 5x100 if you can find another set of rims that have the same bolt pattern you will be able to use them here is the website which has all of the bolt patterns, its not interactive, but it does list all of the bolt patterns ... 1987 Buick Skyhawk 2 Door Sport

Fluids I got my oil changed recently and the guys at the place (one of these small drive in and thru oil change places) also told me I needed or should have my f & r differential fluids changed along with having my transfer case serviced. My vehicle is a 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade with 59,000 miles on it. I never tow or off road with it. About 1/2 my driving is in town and the other half highway. Since I don't necessarily beat this vehicle, is it time yet for me to be changing servicing these 2

I would have the tranny fluid changed and leave the rest alone. they were just trying to make more money from you ... 2005 Jeep Liberty

I lost my backup key for my Axiom. Locksmith can't make another one because it has a computer chip in it i am told. Need a spare. How do I get one made?

A new key will need to be programmed to the Axiom's immobilizer. A PIN number is required for programming. Some automotive locksmiths have the capability to program the key but can not get access to the PIN number. EZCarKeys.com can program and retre ... 2002 Isuzu Axiom
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