Having problems with your 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe ?

Passenger side leak one foot in from tire looks like water happened when i parked

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Did you have your A/C on? If so, that is absolutely normal. No need to worry.

If not, please leave any extra information you have about what the SUV was doing before, what you had running, etc so we can help you better.

Hope this helps. =)
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Passenger side leak one foot in from tire looks like water happened when i parked

Did you have your A/C on? If so, that is absolutely normal. No need to worry.If not, please leave any extra information you have about what the SUV was doing before, what you had running, etc so we can help you better.Hope thi ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a 2001 ford taurus and its leaking coolant i fixed my first leak which was the assembly coming out of the firewall all those hoses and thought i was done but now a couple months later a new leak a slow one ive looked everywhere takin my passenger side tire off to try to get a better look but nothing it looks like its coming somewhere near the water pump but i dont seeing anything really wet from it when i look under the car i can see a trail from above my exhaust with some wet bolts but c

I'm assuming it's a 3.0L engine. Could you please confirm? If all else fails, most rad shops have a dye they add to coolant, then use a blacklight to shine all around and pinpoint where it's coming from, as the dye glows, when hit with the blacklight ... 2001 Ford Taurus

1990 couger has a few problems at the moment im tring.to.get fixed the importain one at the moment is a water leak from the passanger side of the water pump at least thats where it looks like it comming from. Back in december i replaced the water pump and no leaks but it seems that there are leakes only when the car is running im wounder what is around the water pump other the hoses that could be leaking or is ti possible the water pump went out again

If the pump leaks when it is running it indicates a failed water pump seal. Ther is a drain hole in the housing that allows water to run out before it damages the bearing. Check for corrosion holes in the pump body under the impellor. It is not good ... Cars & Trucks

I have a leak in the heating and cooling system on a part that i dont even know what its called it is located on the firewall looks like the smaller hose from the water pump comes in one side and another one goes to the exhaust manifold also looks like it has some kind of diaphram valve connected to it the car is old sobut has very low miles want to know if i will be able to find the part easy or if i can bypass it and run with no heat

It sounds like the heater core, thats where the hoses are going to and coming from. I would check for a leak under the dash as well. The heater core is a small radiator that allows the fan to blow and warm the air. A bypass is possible but would take ... 1989 Dodge Omni

Looks like the water leak in my 89 ford crown vic is coming from above the oil pan. no water in oil far as i can tell. i add a qt of antifreeze everyday. i live in north texas. the heater hasnt worked right for over a year, and i suspect the weird rattling noise that occasionally happens up under the right hand side of the dash has something to do with it. i have had a mechanic replace the radiator, water pump, freeze plug, themostat, and several hoses. my engine acts like it overheats and wate

... 1989 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 2001 Olds Alero. Went through the little surging and fuel gage fluctuation. Went through the intake plenum gasket leaking water into the oil (fully rebuilt the engine and used upgraded plenum gasket). Car worked great. One day my wife parked the car and, when she came back to it, it would not shift from Park to Reverse. I was finally able to get the shifter to move, but the car acted like there were blocks at the tires. The car was finally backed up enough to move out of the space, and

Here are two links to your transmission shift linkage system, inspect all moving parts for damages or anything that may be binding your shift linkage. Also when you get a chance, inspect your transmission fluid or bring it to a transmission shop and ... Oldsmobile Alero

98 ford econovan Gow do you change the water pump i have a leak an it looks like its not coming from the radiator looks like it comes more from the engine side its not leaking from the hoses so im hoping its the water pump but it looks tight to get to

... Cars & Trucks

I have an 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis. The Freeze outplugs on the passenger side when I look by the mount I see one freeze outplug that is torward the front but thats not leaking water. But there is water leaking from around the mount area. I was wondering is there another freeze out plug besides the one in front just behind the mount and the back of motor on passenger side

Yes there are three on each side ... 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis

Had water pump and thermostat replaced and now i smell coolant thru my air cond, defrost, and heater. since the repair my engine now runs hotter then it did before the repair. the reason for the repair was because after parking my car and shuting down the engine it leaked out all the coolant from the passenger side of the fire wall. it cost me almost $400.00 for the repair and its worse than before!! and now it looks like its low on coolant.. any solutions please!!!

They shop should have replaced the heater core or hoses going to it, or at least told you so you could make the decision When it leaked from the fire wall, this is the first thing I would have gone after. You can bypass the heater core, but winter is ... 1995 Buick Roadmaster

I have a 1995 Ford ranger and I have a bad water leak but don't know where its coming from. It leaks from the bottom pully but at the same time when I have the truck running it spits water from the left side and right side from the belt running. That is from looking at the engine on top. Ive been told it could be the water pump, the timing belt could be offset,or a leak in one of the hoses. I just want a little more advice before I start taking my truck apart n having to buy all kinds of parts t

... Cars & Trucks

My car was leaking water but wasn't that bad, then it started to pour the water out as soon as I put any in. It looks like it's coming from the radiator but I can't see inside the area that contains the radiator to tell. One person thought it was the water pump but it looks like it's coming from the radiator. My question is how do I get the radiator out in order to replace it and does this sound like the radiator?

Make sure the engine is cold, fill the radiator with water, leave the radiator top, or header tank top off, fill the tank or radiator, and if it's the rad it will leak. I know very little about these cars, but you will probably have to remove the el ... 2000 Ford Contour

Our daughter has a 2009 Ford Focus and when it rains she gets water in the spare tire well, the back seats get wet down along the side at the door down to the floor. (Both sides) We took the car to have the back window resealed but they said it wasn't leaking there or at the quarter windows. We have tried spraying the car with water and watching where it may be leaking but have not found anything. It does not seem to be happening when she is driving. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kay


97 Buick skylark w/3100 v6 engine has a water leak from the back right side of the engine after it warms up. The hoses from the engine to the heater core that I thought were the problem are fine. Water looks like it is following the frame and drips out of the frame near the end of the tranny. The water pump and radiator were changed during the summer. All radiator hoses are dry and tight. I can not see where the water is coming from. When I feel the back of the engine it seems dry. The leak seem

Is it water or coolant, and do you have water in the radiator or antifreeze, i asume you have coolant so the leak is water then it coming from the heater box which is normal, the water is condensation from a/c so if the a/c is on or defrost you will ... 1997 Buick Skylark

Hi i have a water leak into passenger and driver side. Looks like water is coming somewhere from bulkhead. Are there any known issues regarding water leaks. Its definitelly rain water. I have suzuki vitara 1 L from 1999 thank you

... 1999 Suzuki Swift

Rain leaks Water leaks from outside to inside the cabin. It specifically leaks on the drivers side only, way under the dash like where I rest my left foot. I noticed it a few days ago when it wasn't raining and yesterday it poured so of course my left foot got wet. It this a typical problem for Hyundai Accent 04?

NO, it is most likely getting in through the cowl vent area under the wipers. Normally the water drains out the inner fender, but if its clogged with leaves and pine needles, it wont drain and will fill up past the cool air intake and get into the c ... Hyundai Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 dodge intrepid. It was leaking water really bad so i bought a water outlet or connector from the dealership and had a local mechanic fix it. He did not replaced the tubing, the one that hooks to the radiator hose (i guess that is where it goes) and the one that looks like it goes straight into the engine. All he did was replace the plastic housing because mine had a big piece missing from one that came off my car. that day my car ran fine on the way home. the next day, i drove it m

Hi:\015\012white smoke usually indicates that you are getting coolant into the engine. This is usually caused by a bad head gasket or worse. You should check your coolant and your engine oil to look for contamination. ... 2001 Dodge Intrepid

My 2001 Windstar started leaking fluid below the slider on the drivers side. The fluid is redish and almost looks like rusty water. I hadn't thought it could be coolant since it's leaking and is even in the track of the sliding door....but when I just ran to the a local store my temperature gage spiked on my way home. Can it be coolant leaking halfway back on the driver's side?

Coolant is colored green and some brands are pink. If ever coolant made its way to the driver side, there is an opening on the firewall and there is a leak in your engine's cooling system. Compare the water that you get from the engine and the wate ... 2001 Ford Windstar

Freeze plug right side of engine leaking but it has what looks like a wire going into it and there is a hole just above the wire and it looks like it is supposed to be there but like something is missing and the water just pours out it is a 1999 xlt ranger 4x4 3.0 v-6 automatic

There is no wires that go in to freeze plugs you have to move wire and change freeze plug ... Ford Ranger

My 2005 buick rainier is leaking somewhere from the engine on the lower left hand side. I looks like one of the 2 hoses i can see are leaking.

... 2005 Buick Rainier

My passenger side front wheel moves side to side about an inch or two when front end is lifted off ground.I noticed it while i was rotating my tires, i just happened to grab the wheel before i took it off. Theres tension on it but i can still move it side to side. It doesnt move top to bottom. Its not the wheel bearing. I keep all my ball joints greased. It looks like there is play where the steering stabilizer bolts on the passenger side. The drivers side front wheel is tight. Is this norm

Replace inner and outer tie rods my 04 Silverado had the same problem ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I think that it is overstearing. It feels like your in 4 wheel drive when turning sharp, but the truck is not in 4 wheel drive (jacked up one side at a time, tires spin freely, also mech. shop checked that). When you watch the truck turn the tires look like it is being pushed not rolling. The problem started when I replaced upper and lower balljoints, tierod ends inner and outer, iddler arm and pitman arm. To replace the pitman arm I had to unbolt steering box to fit my puller. The truck has a 4

If it has a steering damper on it,it maybe the wrong one,if it does not,install one,this will allow it to only steer so far,and that is it,it also stabilizes the steering,some call it a steering stabilizer. ... 1999 GMC Sierra

I have a 1995 olsdsmobile ciera its leaking antifreeze. At first I thought it was comeing from the water pump but its not in fact the water pump is almost brandnew. It looks to me like its leaking out of the side of the stearter wich does not make any sense. Please help.

It may be a frost plug leaking by the starter motor.or a head gasket above the starter.it may need to be pressure tested(cooling system) to find the location of the leak if its not a bad(large)leak.it could also be a heater hose leak and running down ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I think that it is overstearing. It feels like your in 4 wheel drive when turning sharp, but the truck is not in 4 wheel drive (jacked up one side at a time, tires spin freely, also mech. shop checked that). When you watch the truck turn the tires look like it is being pushed not rolling. The problem started when I replaced upper and lower balljoints, tierod ends inner and outer, iddler arm and pitman arm. To replace the pitman arm I had to unbolt steering box to fit my puller. The truck ha

Reading your symptoms seems like it's a cv joint, aka front axle, and not your steering stop. If it's a cv joint it will lock front tire up while turning and almost learch one end of the truck up as it turns. Does this sound like your problem? if ... 1999 GMC Suburban

What is the part called that is attached to the side of the trans and faces toward the radiator? It has a metal vacuum line feeding it and a rubber hose connecting them both. It looks alot like an EGR valve and it is located a little lower and to the side of the exhaust near the EGR, it has one nut holding it and goes to the tranny. The rubber hose connecting it to the vac line is cracked and dry rotted and this part looks original. It is moving around while I am trying to find a vac leak. I kn


2005 Ford Escape XLT V6 AWD. Just started this in the past couple days and got really bad last evening.. When starting from a Stop and Turning, the Rear end of the Escape is Shuttering. It feels like the inside rear tire is driving over a large Washboard. As soon as I straighten up the Vibration disapears. It happens when turning either direction and the Shuttering effect always happens on the inside tire. Also the Drivers Side rear Axle seal at the Diff is now leaking quite bad. Please Help.

... 2005 Ford Escape
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