Having problems with your 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe ?

Drive pully fell off

\015 How do i change it\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Which DRIVE PULLY FELL OFF?.. Tell you what, Go to www.hmaservice.com and register( Vehicle by VIN). Afterward, you have access to shop manuals, service bulletins, wiring diagrams, etc. about your vehicle.
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My supercharger idler pully fell off and drive

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Drive pully fell off

Which DRIVE PULLY FELL OFF?.. Tell you what, Go to www.hmaservice.com and register( Vehicle by VIN). Afterward, you have access to shop manuals, service bulletins, wiring diagra ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a 2002 buick regal gs. Ive been having problems with the turn signal wiring under the dash. for a while it seemed like it was shorting out and id have to move the wires with my feet while i was driving if it shorted out while i was turning. so i would have no blinkers while i was driving unless the wire was in the right position. i ended up messing with it too much and now a blue wire in a plastic black casing fell out. i was wondering where the wire fell out of so that i can attach it ag

Best thing to do. replace your turn signal switch before you short out the switch in the steering column. that means,hurry up,disconnect battery before you watch your car burns to ground. and it can short out while a simple drive to store or a countr ... 2002 Buick Regal

My windshield wipers are not working on my 2001 Ford F-350. We got a lot of snow and while driving some of it fell off the top of my truck onto my windshield so I used my wipers to get it off since I was still traveling and could not see. Now they don't move (not iced up or anything), but I can hear the motor clicking when I turn them on. How do I fix them again? My windshield wipers are not working on my 1997 Ford Taurus. We get a lot of snow and while driving some of it fell off the top of my

At the base of the wiper arms pop the caps off turn on the wipers see if the safts are moving if they are tighten the nuts a little if that doesn't work you will have to replace the wiper arms i had the same ting happen on all three of my fords truck ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Right-front-wheel / drive-axle Fell-Out !!! Of motor-housing !!!! shaft-end-bearings do not go into motor-housing probably can turn axle/wheel to match bearings What I S suppose- too HOLD!!! the Drive-axle I N The Motor-Housing !!!! This is the SECOND Time THI S Has Happened to Me.!! The first time was about 3 months after I got it from a used-car-dealer His Mechanic Fixed-I t ... !!! I t fell-out again 4 mounths later.... Dealer/or His-Mechanic Has Not Returned My Calls... Had 4 semesters Auto-

Take it to a different shop. get it corrected and hit small claims court. this is what causes accidends and people get killed by stupidity. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 2003 dodge 2500 4X4 with manual transfer case. The lever that changes from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive fell off. The 4X4 indicator light is NOT ON. Can I drive it till I can replace the lever? I found the lever in my drive way. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks

Yes you can drive the truck with out the lever in place. You just willl not be able to change it to 3 wheel drive if you need to. You will not have any problems though if you drive the truck that way. ... Dodge Ram 2500

High side of four wheel drive will not go in gear. My 2000 Dodge 1500 four wheel drive pickup will not go into high four wheel drive. The transfer case shifter bolts were loose but I fixed that with new bolts It will go into low four wheel drive but not high. The shifter will not move. I was wondering if something fell out which the shifter was loose.

... 1995 Dodge Ram

The first symptom was quite minor and we ignored it. Driving along one day, the fuel and temperature gauges both fell to zero. Nothing else happened and the car continued driving fine. Then, after a few minutes, the gauges came back on again. Over time the battery ran down which I continued to jump start until one day, driving along happily, all the power failed suddenly, the car stopped and even the hazard lights didnt work, the car has been parked up since as my mechanic says he is unable to f

When you put jump leads on if your lights are working and she starts up would be inclined to think its your battery faulty ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1992 Passat 5 speed. The front drive axle on the driver's side came apart on. The bolts to the drive flange backed out and it fell off. Unfortunately 2 bolts were sheared off in the process. I need to remove the drive flange from the transaxle so I can drill them out. VW mechanics told me that there should be either a bolt or clip holding the flange on but there is neither. One mechanic looked at it and hi've already lost 2 days work over this, can you help?

I ended up taking the advice from thundergod and drilled them out on the car. With the spindle off and the axle out there is ample room to do this. Much thanks to solasknows for his time and patience and going above and beyond in his efforts to help. ... Volkswagen Passat

I depress the clutch on my 89 ford f-250 and it stays down on the floor like something fell off. I had a neighbor fix it once and he said it was a plastic problem taken care of and it fell offf a couple of miles driving and fell off in the yard when i got home. Help!

Sounds as though your not familiar with what your\015\012looking at & there is no way anyone on the internet\015\012can see the problem\015\012\015\012Your neighbor fixed nothing, as you found out\015\012\015\012Wo ... Ford F-250

My drive shaft fell out, after the drive shaft was replaced I loose tramession floid from ware the drive shaft inserts into the tramession. Is this a seal problim and hpw dificult is to repair?

The seal was damanged when you lost the drive shaft. You need to inspect the transmission housing to insure it was not broken. Pull the drive shaft back out, Pry the seal out of the transmission housing and replace seal. Use a socket the same size as ... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

Both of my headlights fell out today on my 40 min drive home..one was lost on the highway the other i caught before it fell completely out...what would cause this

A second rate smash repair job on the front of the car. ... Cars & Trucks

How do i remove the water pump drive pully on a 2002 cadillac deville 32 valve north star

... Cars & Trucks

Making cricket sound for a couple of days then something fell out from underneath the hood while driving and battery charge light and brake light came on and a/c quit working then after driving for a few miles lost all power.

That would have been your alternator belt ... 2002 Nissan Quest

My Transmission was operating fine and then out of no where it just fell out of gear and would not go into reverse or drive. When I start it in the morning I can drive it for about 5 minutes and then the same thing happens. It wasn't slipping prior to and it had just been serviced 4,500 miles prior to. What would cause this to happen?

No movement in any gear: pump failure, or total loss of fluid. R&R, or refill pan and find the leak. If out of fluid, avoid running the engine until the trans is refilled to avoid pump damage. To check for pump failure, check fluid l ... 1996 GMC Sierra

1996 Nissan Path finder, How do I remove the drive pully from my pathfinder, pully seems loose, it jiggles a little bit and when running makes a rattleling noice,the pulley is wide and it holds 3 different belts,and to pull it off do I need special tools? Thank you.

No special tools needed. Just the exact bolt size to get the pulley loose. You will need to loosen up and remove the belts first. ... Nissan Pathfinder

I need someone better than me! 1997 honda passport, 3.2 auto. car has had starting and driving problems. When put into drive gears, it fell on its face i changed the trans filter and fluid and wham, it ran fine all day yesterday. this morning it would not start. has spark and good fuel pressure. I replaced the fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator last week, also intake gaskets. just now it still would not start and the fuel gauge showed empty, and it has a half tank. low fuel light is blink

Try sticking a can of petrol in just to satisfy me then try again and see what happens ,wouldnt be first time er indoors has crept out on the razzle and took a fella out whilst iam working ,dont mind that as it saves me another boring chore,but hey , ... Isuzu Rodeo

Car starts i can put it in drive fell the tranny ingage but wheels wont move even when in nutraul but if i rock car back and forth i hear a click and it drives but if i park then put gear shift in park back to no movement from wheels

Hi,check your transmision fluit level.I think the level is low .start the car ( car on level surface) put it in drive,parking brake set and check your trans fluit level.\015\012 good luck!!!!! ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Loose collar on rear end were pinion hooks to drive shaft after it fell off. it is large in diameter and is very thick and heavy stuck between rear end and pinion were the drive shaft hooks up in the rear. what is it can i cut off or what?

It is the pinion yoke flange to the driveshaft. NO you can not cut it off. A large nut in the middle of it has to be removed. The nut attaches to the pinion driven gearand if cut off a new gear will be needed ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Pullys i have a 1997 saturn sl 4c front wheel drive i need to know what is the smal groved pully next to the fire wall

Power steering on my 2000. ... 1997 Saturn SL

The passenger window just fell down while driving and no sound comes from the switch that comtrols motor It fell fast as if the bracket might have broken or something, would love to see a breakdown on taking door apart to repair same

Auto parts store will show you break down of the door. That should help. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1996 cherokee sport 6 cylinder manual trans. looking for a replacement wiring harness for an 02 sensor near my cat. converter.. the harness has 2 connectors on it to my knowlege, both are near converter, and the harness runs above the transmission to the firewall of the engine compartment. any help would be great. my 02 sensor clip fell into my drive shaft while driving so the plug and wires on bothe ends ripped completly off the wires. so i really need a replacement harness or how i find one? t

Likely the quickest way to find one is at a scrapyard. Next and likely only other option is to order one from a dealer. Before installing, check the connections to make sure that wiring attached inside the remaining plug is still connected. ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Ac compressor on 1995 geo prizm has locked up, i dont think this a regular ac lockup when you put too much coolant in it. there is a black soild material that has locked it frozen. the black material is coming through the thin gap between the clutch and the pully...........my wife was driving it and she called me saying that the car keeps cutting off. she was at work so i drove up and check it out and the ac pully was locked shut. i was like yah a easy fix but no ac, i just cut the ac belt......

Sounds you lost the compressor replace it if you cant turn it with your hand with the engine off.you should be able to turn the clutch ... 1995 Geo Prizm

Hit armadillo which caused undercarrage splash guard to cut power steering drive belt. belt pulled out wire going into lower engine just above crank drive pully. replace belt and car will not try to start. motor turns over but no fire to motor. what does the wire go to?

Possibly crank angle sensor\015\012it needs this for spark and injectors ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I had a creaking sound from the belt tensioner, when drive is selected, so replaced it with genuine merc part. Now I get low grunting noises from around the power steering area which seems to get worse when I switch the aircon on and the belt appears to jump slightly.could this a power steering problem? Ihave replaced the belt with the shorter non aircon belt to isolate the aircon pully. There is less strain but the low groan is still there in drive. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Probly need to have steering pump inspected -the library has many books in section 629 for more opinions ... 1997 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
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