Having problems with your 2003 Honda Pilot ?

My Honda Pilot 2003 headlights are not working. High Beam and all other lights are fine, but not regular headlights. I checked and all fuses are ok.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Burnt out low beam elements?not un common to loose one rt after the other,high beams are there own element
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My Honda Pilot 2003 headlights are not working. High Beam and all other lights are fine, but not regular headlights. I checked and all fuses are ok.

Burnt out low beam elements?not un common to loose one rt after the other,high beams are there own element ... 2003 Honda Pilot

1997 Hyundai Accent is acting funny in the headlight department. At first my day-time running lights didn't work and low, high, and flashers were fine. Now, day-time running lights work, high beams work, and flashers work, but the low beams alternate every day or so between working, left side not working, and right side not working. I've checked the fuses, checked the bulbs, and checked the sockets for the bulbs. All are fine. What could be causing this? (Have yet to check relays.)

There's only one relay, but two fuses, both located in the underhood fuse/relay box.\015\012\015\012\015\012Sounds like you have a wiring problem si ... 1997 Hyundai Accent

The headlights on my 2004 GMC ENVOY just stopped working. First I replaced the light bulbs but had replaced them a few months back so didn't think that was the problem but started there and once the new one's were put in they still didn't work, but the break lights and everything else worked just fine. Secondly checked each headlight fuse and both fuses were good, had the battery tested and battery was good, high beams work just fine only thing not working is both headlights.

... 2004 GMC Envoy

Left headlight is dim - like it has a bad ground. Right is fine. DRL are same as regular lights. High and Low beam on left same dim condition. Fuses are OK switch checks OK. Replaced the relay with no change.

I think you hit the nail on the head with the ground problem,if you remove the bulb from the head light assembly,wiggle the black wire to see if the bulb gets brighter,if it does remove the bulb and clean and tighten the ground wire end.if it does no ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Fiat punto passenger side dip beam not working, all the other lights on both sides work fine just not this one, i have changed the bulb this bulb even works on the otherside, i have even changed the headlight, still nothing, i just checked with a voltameter and there is no power at all from the conections to the pasenger side dip beam, i have checked all the fuses and there all fine,i can't see it beaing the switch on the stalk inside the car and the drivers side is fine,is there a relay for dip

... 1998 Fiat Punto

1996 vw jetta problem with the headlights. The daytime running lights work fine the high beams work fine, but when you turn on the lights from the switch the driver side headlight turns off. I've checked the fuses and everything seems fine. Could it be the switch?

I don't have a wiring diagram ,but on most cars I would say your low beam bulb is bad. Try swapping sides to see if the problem goes with it, or just replace the bulb. You can always keep the new one until needed someday... shadetree mech by necessit ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

NO LOW BEAMS.2000 gmc Jimmy 4.3ltr 4x4 low beams won't come on. They will not turn with the auto-on nore if i turn the switch to on. i have pulled and checked the fuses and relay all are good. The high beams anf fog lights work fine. I pulled the fuse for the fog light and turned on there(fog lites) switch and i got low beams but very dim. Is this the headlight switch or a ground ??? please help. Thank You.

... 2000 GMC Jimmy

My front and rear park lights were working fine, then i noticed yesterday, that the front ones no longer come on at all, except when using the indicators. The right park lights flash with (at the same time) the right indicator (and visa versa) instead of alternating on and off with the indicator. They do not come on at all when the headlights are one either (low beam and high beam headlights are ok). I've checked all fuses and bulbs, but i'm not sure what else to look for.

Look for a short in the front and rear parking light wiring using a digital multimeter to check for continuity. If you do not find a short, replace your headlight switch. ... Chevrolet Tahoe

Headlights I went to my car and turned it on and put it into gear and the day time running light indicator flashed and then the service light came on. I had no low beams only high beams. I have changed the headlights, resister switch and the actual switch on the steering wheel and still nothing. I have had someone check all the fuses and they are fine. Help me!

You are going to need someone with a OBDII scan tool, not a code reader to connect with the BCM (body control module) to see what the code is so you can fix it. Please don't just change parts, that costs too much money which you have already found ou ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I replace my headlight lightbulbs today and i still get the same problem as with my older headlights. My problem is, at night when my headlights are on, i basically only have one setting, and i'm pretty sure its my low beams, but i can't really tell. My bright symbol is always on no matter what position i switch the lights to. I checked the fuse by the engine and it looked fine, so if you could please shed some light on my parade that woud be awesome! it is a 1993 Ford Escort GT, but it won't l

The hight beam switch is out ... 1993 Ford Escort 4 Door

I just bought a 2000 Dodge neon for my nephew and it has 174000 miles. When I start the car and start going - sometimes the car will shake and make loud noise uner the hood and If let the gas padel go and ores it again it runs fine? also it has "FUSE" flashing on the odometer, And the Door signal is lighgted. The stereo and the right headlight wont come up.. head light works fine on the high beam.. Please help.. Check engine and the battery light is on also...

Wow, that's a small list of problems to fix! If you are mechanically inclined, sounds like you need to start from ground zero. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 3-5 minutes then reconnect the battery cable. This will clear ... 2000 Dodge Neon

Replaced Multifunction switch and I still do not have low beam headlights. I do have high beam and all other lights work fine. All fuses I have checked are good. Is there a relay that would control the low beam? Would both low beam elements go out at the same time? Thank you for your reply

Try calling an Autoparts store and ask if there are 2 Relays for the headlights. A high-beam Relay and a low-beam Relay. Sometimes its the little things that bite us, check each bulb for continuity and see if the low beam filament is burned out on ... Ford F-250

Dim headlights have side lights and main beam, no dim headlight, checked fuses fine, changed bulbs, replaced stork on console, still no dim headlight

Did you check your fuese under the hood al so check were your light plug in you may have a broken wire ... 1997 Ford Escort

Headlights The headlamps, foglamps, dash board lights and the license plate lights don't work. High beams are ok and all other interior lights work. Check all fuses and they are just fine tried replacing them and still no joy. What is wrong? Anyone?

There is actually a modual that runs the lights... the lighting control modual (LCM) not saying this is for sure, but a good place to start. keep in mind if u replace the modual, you have to have it flashed(programmed) to the vehicle.hope this helps ... 2006 Ford Expedition

Both low beam headlights went out on my 07 Buick Lacrosse. All other lights work fine. I checked the bulbs,and they were fine. The fuses were also fine. I was told that the relay switch could have gone bad, but i dont know where its located

Hello\015\012The switch that causes this is the one on the steering column that you pull to dim the headlights, it is also known as the Multifunction switch, it is the turn signal switch and wiper control as well. The switch is about $60.00, an ... Buick LaCrosse

2008 GXP Grand Prix. Low Beam headlights do not come on either auto or manual. Halogen bulbs are good. Fuses are good. No way to check the driver light module. Not sure where else to look. Need to drive home tonight. High beams and fogs work but no low beams at all. Replace both bulbs but old ones were new and look fine. HELP

... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2001 gmc Jmmy. headlights do not work, nor do my high beams. All other lights are just fine. I've checked the fuses, lamp, and relays. They all seem to be fine. Any suggestions?

Check fuse and connections if that is good the wire has is bad ! ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

Low beam headlights will not work.the fuse keeps blowing so I replaced bulbs with new ones and checked relay and it was fine. also replaced light switch with a new one and replaced fuse. it still blew. dont know whats left to do except think its a short somewhere or the contacts need cleaned somewhere. What else is left. I dont have day time running lamps.

... 2005 Hyundai Elantra

No headlights I have a 2001 KIA sportage. Today I noticed my high beam symble was on and i thought i left it on from the night before. When i went to shut them off, I noticed a clicking sound. I figured it was just cold. This afternoon I noticed I had no running lights and when I turned on the headlights, nothing happened. I checked the fuses they are fine. What can this be, and can I fix it myself? Im a single mom and need my car HELP!!

I found the connectoers to the headlights to be un weather proofed. I went to auto zone or advance auto to buy replacement connectoers, The replacement I bought had 3 wires, Black, Red, Green, and they have a rubber protective boot so as not to fail ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Headlights Have a 91 Ford Ranger and the headlights and running lights are not working but high beams will come on. Have checked the fuses and they all seem fine, what else could be the problem?

Don't forget to look for the headlight relay. ... 1991 Ford Ranger Supercab

I have a 2000 subaru outback the headlights on low beam,the dash lightsand radio have all went out.The high beams work fine,the flood lights also work fine.I have checked all fuses they are all good.

The head light switch controls all this,I would check it first,it is most likely the problem. ... 2000 Subaru Outback

I have a 2004 Nissan Titan. The left low beam headlight stopped working. I have checked the fuse and replaced the bulb with no effect. What should I check next. The truck has not been involved in a collision and the rest of the lighting is working fine.

... 2004 Nissan Titan

Need photo/diagram of under dash fuse box for a 1994 Dodge Dakota I have no owners manual and each fuse location states to look in owners manual for that fuse. Same Vehicle. When my headlights are on high beam for approx 2 minutes, my headlights go OUT. Running lights stay lit however headlights go out, then back on, then back off. This continues as long as the high beam is on. Once I go to low beam, the headlights stay on. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have checked ground and fuse un

... 1994 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

2004 toyota Sienna, high beams don't work, bulbs are fine, fuse is fine. I had some work done on van, when we got it back the daytime running lights would not go off. I brought it back and he did something under the hood that disconnected the daytime driving lights but also disconnected the high beams. I checked the fuse box and did not see any fuses missing.

... Toyota Sienna

I have a 2001 chevrolet cavalier and the high beam lights do not work but the low beam lights work just fine. we just changed the bulbs out yesterday and the high beams still dont work but the low beams do. we checked all of the fuses and they are all fine. how do i fix the high beam lights?

Sounds like its a problem with the light switch handle. Had it myself as well...\015\012If you're savvy enough around car electronics take out the light switch handle, take it apart, find the problem and fix it. Inside the handle-switch you hav ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier
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