Having problems with your 2003 GMC Sierra ?

Speedometer does not work all the time, sometimes it will start working then stop or it will not go past certain speeds

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Bad speed sensor on trans buy the part its easy to replace on the side of trans one connector
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My 1999 acura 3.2l tl is having transmission problems. It seems as if it is slipping really bad. But not all the time. Its kind of like when it gets hot that the problem worsens or continues. Sometimes to the point that it almost will not shift into gear at all until I either turn it off or stop completely and put into park until get back to 1st. Then when accelerating slips real bad until gets past a certain speed. Sometimes manually shifting works, most of the time slips. When I say slips I m

Jour clutch and felfbody is the problem and u need to rebild jour gear box sory ... Cars & Trucks

Speedometer does not work all the time, sometimes it will start working then stop or it will not go past certain speeds

Bad speed sensor on trans buy the part its easy to replace on the side of trans one connector ... 2003 GMC Sierra

My heater blower stopped working on my 2002 Malibu. For awhile it worked only on a couple of speeds, then stopped working entirely. I replaced the blower resistor and this fixed the problem for about a week, then the blower stopped working again. I replaced the relay and the fuse, with no result. Recently, I noticed that the blower sometimes starts working for awhile when I slam the driver's side door hard, but it eventually stops working again. It works on all speeds when this happens. What do

Hello,\015\012\015\012The blower motor, as you have probably seen, is under the dash on the passengers side. While in Park with the parking brake applied:\015\012\015\012Turn the Key On with fan blower set to High. Locate the ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

Chugging issue.... I recently bought my Ford Taurus about 3 months ago..For the past month or so, I have been experiencing problems with the car sometimes it will chugg at idle or going at low speeds ( ex. in a parking lot)..It has never stalled and the engine light is NOT on..Once I give it some gas the chugging usually stops after a few mins..I took it somewhere and they told me I should replace the fuel filter and get a fuel injector cleaning, so I did...I thought that worked, because it didn

The fuel pump is going bad ... 2002 Ford Taurus

The wipers on my 2004 Monte Carlo are acting strangely. They work, but the delay settings eventually stop working and sometimes go regular speed and sometimes fast speed. Also, when I turn them off, the stop at the top of the windshield. Any ideas?


The fan on heeting and aircontioning works sometimes and sometimes stops right now only works in high speed and sometimes makes a wiered noise and straighten outs and works or stops

As per this remote discription, fan has a proble with bearing, and as it is an electrical integrated fan unit, you'll need to buy the cooloing fan ***., install it as plug & play!\015\012this link might give you an idea about costs!: ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

2005 saturn vue, 5 speed manual trans.front wheel drive, 4 cyl. I was driving and the speed odomater stopped working. After I stoped for a while and started to drive again, it started to work and then stopped again.At times it would start to show milage spuratickly/ Now it wont work at all and now my Idel tends to drop below 1000 and sometimes kills the motor. I have no problem starting the vue back and it runs good at hiway speeds.

It is the speed sensor (vss) in the top of trans just under the shift cables. dealer part only. Cost around 35.00 to 40.00 bucks ... 2005 Saturn VUE

Hi i have a s80 01 just came back from the dealer after spending 2500 $ n still have the same problem.. idle goes up and down on park, hazards lights come on and off by them self when the car is looked, dash board speed gauge and rpm stops working while driving, in car lights stop working then minutes later are working fine and while driving sometimes the car starts trying to turn off i stop the car then it starts fine for awhile i have changed the battery timing belt and alternator now there

Replace eletric part of ignition shorting out differnt circits at diiffernt times ... 1999 Volvo S80

Car starts sometimes & sometimes it don't. Battery good, rotor button new, distributor cap new, battery cables new, fuel injection good when checked. Still won't start half the time! Wipers work, only one out of four power windows work. Dome light works, clock don't work. Speed odometer just recently stopped working after having a gear indicator cable replaced. Coil h as plenty power when high voltage checker used. when you turn on the ignition it cranks but don't seem to be geeting t he fire to

Check fuel pump presure ... 1986 Ford LTD

My speedometer on my 91 Toyota corolla stop working sometimes and while I'm in drive it sound like it in neutral because my car stalls sometimes on the road which I mean that the car doesn't speed up but it takes it time then it speed up and my speedometer goes back and forth until it catches up to the real speed and then it goes back down

... Cars & Trucks

My 2004 speedometer and tach sometimes work correctly but then Once I get up to speed and if I slow the speedometr does not go up again and everytme I slow down it goes even lower. all the way to Zero. If I come to a complete stop- sometimes it resets and works fine and then sometimes not. I have replaced the fuse and that is not it.

Sounds like the nylon gear on the speed sensor in the transmission ... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

Starter installation hey, a friend of mine has a 1995 oldsmobile achieva that wont start. It has worked fine for the past few years, but all of a sudden began to sporadically not start. Sometime it would, sometimes it wouldn't. Then it just stopped working altogether. We picked up a starter from a junkyard, that was tested, and worked. I installed the new starter myself, and still no start. When the key is turned it clicks once loudly, and then nothing. The belt probably moves less than an inch

The side post battery terminals on GM are a corrosion magnet, Take them off, pop out the bolt rom both positive and negative. Clean all the corrosion off the bolt all of it right down to shiny metal. Then peel the rubber cover on the cable ends bac ... 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva

1994 Honda Civic. Blower goes from working fine to low speed on any selection and sometimes back to high speed. Yesterday it actually stopped. I let it sit overnight and its working normally again. About a week ago it did the same thing. Relays and fuses are fine. Resistor, motor or something else to check next?

I would start with the blower motor resistor ... Cars & Trucks

On my 1994 S-10 Blazer, the AC/Heater stopped blowing on high speed about 2 years ago. By switching the speed control quickly back and forth, sometimes High would work. But not anymore. I had the A/C compressor replaced 2 weeks ago and settings 1-3 still worked, but still no High setting. Now, it only blows on Low no matter what the control is set on. I replaced the blower motor resistor assembly (attached to the blower motor housing) AND the blower motor relay (5 pin relay attached to the ba

Sometimes the electrical connecter burns on the back side of your switch. You can get just the switch and replace it and repair the connecter when possible. ... Chevrolet S 10

I have 2nd car 2005 mustang gt and it has less than 20,000 miles on it. First the fuel guage stopped working, next the speedometer gave a few very strange readings and now it reads way off the actual speed. Next the tempature guage read very high but motor did not seam very hot and no water loss. Then temp guage went back to normal and now sometimes reads normal sometimes never registers. So far tachometer and digital mileage counter working fine. I have taken battery cables off in an attempt to

Probbably a bad body earth, Check allyour body earth connecions!\015\012Hope this helps.......Bruce ... Ford Mustang

The power door on my 1999 windstar starts closing and the stops at a certain point, sometimes if I help it get past that point, it will continue closing properly and other times I can't get it past that point. It stops about halfway.

The safety switch is bad or out of adjustment, best fixed at a dealer. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

My speedometer works sometimes but then it jumps or sticks at one speed. I press on the brakes and the speed jumps up. I stop and still says im going 30mph. the next time I stop Its fine but jumps back to 50mph as soon as a I press on the gas.

Hello I think your problem will be one of two things.1. Where your speedo cable goes into the side of the transmission you should be able to remove a bolt and pull it out. There is a small plastic gear in there that is probably wore out. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

2006 Audi A6 push button start does not work properly. Engine stop button works when key is in ignition. Push button start button will sometimes work after a traditional ignition start. This feature worked fine in the past, this just started to happen. No explaination. Depression of brake will then lock position and steering becomes locked. no battery problem, keyless intellegent entry still works fine, etc.

... Audi A6

Wipers only working on Hi speed on 2005 Tacoma doublecab 4wd. Occasionally work on Lo and intermittent but this is becoming less and less frequent. Sometimes it will work for a short while (less than a minute) on Lo and then stop. More recently it occasionally won't start working even on Hi and I have to manually move the wiper arm to get it going again. Would this be the Wiper Switch, a relay control under the hood or the motor/motor assembly itself? I suspect it's a problem in the electronics

... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

97 blazer s 10 heater blower fan stops working''it either works and sometimes fades in and out or it doesn't turn on at all. the speed control does work when its blowing

Blower motor is probably at the end of its life. I'll guess that it\015\012probably works best when it is cold, then when the weather, or the fan,\015\012is hot it quits working. Same issue with my cars when the fan got old\015\012and tired. Dealer c ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

2 Volvo Questions?? First: My air from the vents stopped blowing on all speeds. It happened three days ago, then miraculously started working again while I was driving about 30 minutes or so later. It stopped again two days ago and has not started back up. Can you tell me what would be causing this problem in my '92 Volvo 940Gl. Second: I replaced my brake pads a few months ago and sometimes I get a terrible squeal from the brakes when I go to STOP. I am wondering if the breaks were not pr

Yoou either have glazed pads pr scored rotors. Also check for a bent support plate.\015\012Remove pads have rotors turned at a machine shop. Recheck the pads, if rotors were scored, pads may be glazed. ... 1992 Volvo 940

My power windows on my 2000 cherokee sport only work from the drivers controls and not the actual control of the certain window... why is this. and also sometimes my dash gauges just stop working and "NO BUS" appears on the digital odometer read out... why is this

The window thing is easy on the driver side under the plastic molding that covers your wire harness right behind the front seat you should find a splice with 4 wires i think yellow if i remember correctly it will probobly be all corroded and ready to ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Windshield wipers I have a 1998 chevy blazer that they front windshield wipers have stopped working. For a while now thay have worked but sparaticly, sometimes at their own speed. I have replaced the fuse and that did not fix it. Any ideas?

Mine did the same thing on my S10 pick up.\015\012I took the motor off, drilled out all the rivets, cleaned it made sure the brushes and commutator were OK, greased the drive and put it all back and no improvement. I bought a replacement motor ... 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1989 Toyota 2wd pickup. I have replaced the resistor and now all four fans speeds work like they should. But now, sometimes fan motor just stops. If I turn the swith off then on it will start working again. Should I now replace the fan motor or try replacing the fan switch 1st? Any ideas would be appreciated.

You need to catch it when it quits running and leave the switch where it is and check the blower motor for power in wire with a test light,then you'll know if you have power its the motor,if no power then the switch. ... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5

My speed gage is moving wierd it is getting stuck sometimes. Works fine at times then sometimes I will go about 50 and it will get **** and when I stop it is **** on 50, the rpm gage is also doing it

Your vehicle has sensors located in the wheel hub that provide data to the speedometer/tach, possibly a bad sensor or if youve had brakes done recently, they may have been compromised during repairs---it is easy to test for with the corrrect diagnost ... 2005 GMC Yukon
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