Having problems with your 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab ?

2003 F350 died while driving, has no oil pressure while cranking, just replaced my oil pressure regulator 6mos ago

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2003 F350 died while driving, has no oil pressure while cranking, just replaced my oil pressure regulator 6mos ago

... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

1994 dodge intrepid. 3.5 L. Auto trans. Runs rough at idle car shakes. Runs around 1700 rpm. Drops to a 1000 surges. Starts wheezy sounding. Crank sensor replaced 2 yrs ago just had timing belt replaced intake gaskets valve cover gaskets fuel rail gaskets injector o rings fuel pressure regulator and map sensor. Dies when driving butrestarts. Do I need to check adaptive memory? Or hsomething I'm missing thanks

... 1994 Dodge Intrepid

Oil pressure I own a 97' wrangler w/ 197,000 plus miles. Recently I had the front brakes, rotor and caliper replaced. This will sound odd but, now the engine heats slightly above normal and when that happens the check gauges light and buzzer goes off and the oil pressure gauge bounces up and down while the vehicle is at stop. The oil pressure gauge remains constant till it reaches that slightly elevated temp. While driving the temp fluctuates from normal to a little warm. Two months ago I replac

I was having the same issue with oil pressure and i only had 55K on mine, i have since changed the cat and the exhaust manifold and the problem went away? might be a coiencedance but it makes since thinking like an exhaust brake would work ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2004 Dodge Durango 4.7. About 3 months ago I replaced the oil pump, but believe it was the oil pick up valve that was the problem. 2 days ago, the engine began knocking loudly the entire time it was driven. I changed the oil (even though it was not due for an oil change). It is still knocking when you crank it, but quietens as you drive. When I come to a complete stop, it doesn't knock at all. What else could it be????? Thanks!

Try using a MOPAR oil filter...These cheap after market filters are allowing the oil to drip down into the pan and there is none in the top of the motor on cold starts. ... 2004 Dodge Durango

I have a 2003 Ford F350 with the 7.3L turbodiesel. It has allways been flawless. About a month ago, it started burning oil out of the blue. I've never seen anything smoke so bad. It only has 144,000 miles on it. I've removed and flushed the tank, replaced the lift pump, changed the oil, and replaced the turbo. The oil smoke is much, much better but I don't want any smoke. I know I won't accomplish that but I still want better. I also bought a Fuel Pressure Regulator. Should I put it on? Thanks

Usually if a turbo engine starts smoking 'out of the blue' it is because the drainback line is clogged or has a partial buildup of coke in it (I went through this exact problem)-I ended up removing the turbo again and redid all the lines with new on ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

Ticking under hood 99 grand Cherokee could it be pump or pulley I've got good oil pressure good power bypassed heater core a year ago replaced crank shaft sensor recently I hit a steels beam at work and ripped off f bumper and my steering wheel is not straight in car like alignment is off but doesn't really pull a tick has been there for sometime but would go away once warmed up its been low 40 30's lately oil pressure maybe I put a sludge oil additive rolins in a yelled bottle yesterday

It could be the tention pully are any one of them shake all of them with your hands an you will see what one is bad ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 94 astro van 4.3l. I was having trouble with fuel pressure, so i replaced the fuel pressure reg. Now the van will crank every time, but the engine will surge when i put it in drive, and eventually stall. I also replaced the vaccum lines. I really need some expert advice. I also replaced the fuel relay approx. 2.5 years ago.

Did you replace the fuel pump. ... Chevrolet Astro

1998 Jimmy was driving with cruise set at 70 and my passanger bumped it into Neutral. RPM's shot up to max for a couple seconds. When I stopped to rest I had a slight tick(like my oil was hot & thin) now I have a terrible rattling that increases with acceleration~still have oil pressure between 30 & 60 and it still drives. The ttranny was replaced 1 year ago. HELP

It sounds like there is a problem with the valve train system that occurred when the it was bumped into neutral.either the rockers or the valve lifters.you can try to adjust the valves first to see if it helps.if not then you may have to ... 1998 GMC Jimmy


The fuel pump pressure shoud be 55-61 psi . Check for spark by removing a ignition wire at a spark plug and put a spark plug in wire and hold to engine ground and crank engine , if no spark then remove coil wire at cap and repeat.If still no spark th ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer. It died driving down the road. I thought I was out of gas. I have since replaced the coil, the rotor and cap on the distributor. I have spark. I used a fuel pressure tester and I am getting 100 lbs of pressure at the top of the engine. The engine cranks, but does not kick over. It appears as though it has no gas. I think it has to do with the injectors. It is a CSEFI type system. I am thinking it might be the Fuel Pressure regulator or the Fuel Meter Body. With none o

First will it fire with the aid of fuel inducet to the engine? There will be a breather hose attached to the intake near the throttle body. remove and use a carb/ throttlebody cleaner spray, have someone crank the engine and spray into the hole goin ... Chevrolet Blazer

Hi, I drive a Toyota Runx. A few days ago the OIL PRESSURE WARNING dashboard light went off. I didn't understand it, so i drove on. The next day the car stalled. Now the flywheel in the cylinder head is broken. My question is do I have to replace the whole engine or can I get away with just replacing the cylinder head? Thanks

There is no way of knowing what all has been damaged by the low oil pressure without taking the motor apart. you might get away with replacing the heads and flywheel but something else will pop up later and cost you more trouble. You will also have t ... Toyota Corolla

This is really wierd. Have 87 Volvo 240 DL, yesterday after driving several places, at one stop wouldn't start. Cranks but won't run. I had already replaced in-tank and main fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and fuel relay. New plugs, wires, distributor cap as well. So get out 89 Volvo 240 do a couple of runs and bam it too won't start with the very same symptom, cranks won't run. What are the odds of both cars having the same problem within hours of each other? Any ideas?

... 1987 Volvo 240

2000 chevy blazer, truck cranks and immediately dies. Have replaced computer, fuel pump, injectors, regulator, crank shaft sensor, oil pressure sensor, checked throttle position sensor, check ignition fire(good at all times) will start on fuel injector cleaner. need heeelp!

Does your battery go dead? ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Hi i have a 2004 ford f250 with a 6.0 diesel it has been running fine ...i shut it off for 10 minutes after 4 hours of driving and tried to restart and it cranks fine but does not start.......so ..... I replaced the cam and crank sensors also changed the ficm and checked for proper fuel pressure and volume.It had new head gaskets and a stainless egr cooler 10k ago...what the heck...i don't get it...

Some trucks may develop an oil leak at the high pressure oil pump outlet\015\012 fitting. This will cause a no-start condition as the computer needs to \015\012see at least 500 PSI before it will activate the injectors. In some \015\012cases the no-s ... Ford F-250

At first the truck idles extremely rough when cold cranked. This went on for a couple of days, now the truck will not start at all. It hits every once in a while while repeated cranking on cold start. Don't think it is the high pressure oil as this was already replaced some time ago. And that acted different. Hard start when warm. Thinking it might be the FICM. Will that keep the truck from starting.

Sometimes on cold days if the cranking amps on the battery are low, then it will be hard for the vehicle to start. Also, check the oil level. If the level is low it will create a hard start and rough idle for the vehicle. ... Ford F-250

My 1995 4.0L YJ has a miss while idling and hesitation while driving. I have checked the fuel pressure, 50 PSI, however when I removed the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator it did not fluctuate like it was supposed to. I have replaced the following: fuel filter, ignition coil, spark plugs and wires, pick up coil (distributer is only 4 months old), and crank sensor. Anyone have the same problem?

If the fuel pressure does not change when you disconnect the vacuum hose on the regulator, change the regulator (There is vacuum at the hose, correct?) Also, check the return line for kinks and internal obstructions. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

As i drive after a while the engine cutts off and the oil light comes on! I have replaced all thd plugs the oil pressure swicth the shut down relay the crank sensor and more! I still cant figure it out?

See list of possible causes shown in specific order below. Repair as required. STEP 1): DRIVEABILITY: Check for possible driveability issue that may cause or contribute to engine stall out. Condition may be caused by crankshaft position sensor ... 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 Club Cab

My 99 suburban with 178,000 mile ran hot. I poured water in the radiator before it cooled and when I cranked it steam blew out of the tailpipe. It ran long enough to pull it into a parking space. The next morning I was able to crank it and drive it onto the rollback. No smoke from the tailpipe and the oil did not look milky. The mechanic told me that the head gasket and head were cracked. He said he replaced the intake gasket and did a pressure test on the #3 & #6 spark plugs caused air bubbles

You are in a tough situation for sure. For a rebuild of the top end to be successful the engine should be "decked" or measured to be sure that the top is perfectly flat for the new heads to go on. The engine has to come out to do this properly. Used ... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

Car will crank but not start,would run good for 2 or 3 days before problem would happen,now it will crank but not start at all.reman engine was installed 8months ago,iv'e replaced the fuel pump,oil pressure switch,a piece in the dist.,rottor button,cap,wires,plugs and a piece that the coil wire hooks to

This is a fuel system related issue.1. Check that the rating of the fuel pump is same as the replaced one. If not replace with the same rating.2. Check the fuel filters for possible dirts. Else replace the fuel filters. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

I went out to start my car this morning and it would not start. I understand that it takes a bit longer to start in cold temperatures (which it was this morning). I have had a problem starting the car for about 3 weeks now off and on. Today was the only day that I got a low oil pressure message on the display. The battery was replaced about a week ago. I do know that I am due for an oil change soon. When I was driving the car last night, it had a pulsing sensation in the gas peddle while o

It may be but not for sure. Your oil pump may have gone bad. I would check the engine and see if you have a leak somewhere around the belt. Has your check engine light came on any? If so, you need to get it scanned for codes. Autozone and other part ... 2006 Ford Taurus

Can someone please give some input on my 6.0 troubles. F Power stroke , 6.0 2005 truck had a misfire, replaced set of 8 injectors . after completing replacements of injectors., Injectors pulse rating but ringing will not start, Replaced high pressure oil pump seals, STC connector , and plugs and IP sensor seals. I checked the white 2 amp fuse located in left engine compartment . Everything seems to be fine but the truck will not start, Fuel pressure on crank, 44psi Oil pressure on crank abov

The 6.5 and 6.6 diesel engines has electronic control pump.more likely the need diagnostic equiopment to reset injection pump timing before engine will start. ... Cars & Trucks

Engine oil pressure light came on while going slow on a hot day but would go off and stay off if driving fast on highway--would come on again at low speed or stopped when hot outside. A mechnic checked oil pressure--"good". He replaced pressure sensor,replaced water temp sensor and now the oil pressure light comes on at 1600RPMs every time you run the car. It resets if you turn key off. Electric radiator fan not coming on. Code p118 was present but stays off after replcing O2 sensor. Dave

Go to an AutoZone store and having them reset it with their handheld\015\012computer system that plugs directly into the information port under the\015\012dashboard on the drivers side ... 2005 Audi A6

Engine oil pressure light came on while going slow on a hot day but would go off and stay off if driving fast on highway--would come on again at low speed or stopped when hot outside. A mechnic checked oil pressure--good. He replaced pressure sensor,replaced water temp sensor and now the oil pressure light comes on at 1600RPMs every time you run the car. He varried the problem and quit.Help! Car is an 2001 S4 2.7. Thanx,Dave

Whens the last time the oil was changed and what find of oil and oil filter are you useing? ... 2005 Audi A6

1991 Buick Park Avenue Ultra dies while driving. replaced crank sensor, coil pack wiring harness. oil pressure guage flies back & forth

It is most likely a sensor. It is common in these. You may check them with an ohmmeter.You may also test relays the same way.A vehicle needs gas and spark to run. One of them is not getting to motor. You can check fuel pressure on ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

1994 dodge intrepid would cut off while driving,no sputter ,engine just stops, no check engin light,but the cruise control light would come on. let it sit 10-15 mins and would start back up, have been looking through your web site and have done everything , others with this problem have had, replaced crank sensors ,cam sensor, fuel pump and filter, fuel pump relay ads relay,fuel pressure regulator and pcm now car wont start at all. it turns over , but wont start.

Do a compression check, if you have lost compression on 2 or more cylinders try replacing the timing belt. If the compression is good across all cylinders and you have an alarm installed by pass the alarm by removing the in line fuse from the power ... Dodge Intrepid
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