Having problems with your 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac ?


\015 Another vehicle brushed my 2003 Sport Trac damaging 2 of the handle-like brackets on the bed (Side Top edges of the bed). I have checked Ford Dealers Part Department for quote without success. Could you advise me on how to get the damaged parts replaced. I am living outside the US. Thanks\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check salvage yards
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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Check salvage yards ... 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Is there any way a driver can damage a torque converter or flywheel on their own or are these parts that can only damaged by wear and tear. I'm trying to troubleshoot some possible issues with my car before I take it in to the dealer. Because last time I took it to them they barely glanced at it and said it was fine. It is an 09 CRV and the symptoms I am feeling seem like they are somehow related to these parts, and and I am just wondering if I could have somehow damaged them. I haven't real

Tell the dealer the symptoms that you have, take a test drive with the service manager, so he can feel whet you are feeling. Why did you turn the steering wheel so much? this should not really effect anything. there may be a problem with the flywhee ... 2005 Honda CR-V

Is there any way a driver can damage a torque converter or flywheel on their own or are these parts that can only damaged by wear and tear. I'm trying to troubleshoot some possible issues with my car before I take it in to the dealer. Because last time I took it to them they barely glanced at it and said it was fine. It is an 09 CRV and the symptoms I am feeling seem like they are somehow related to these parts, and and I am just wondering if I could have somehow damaged them. I haven't real

The only way I know of to damage those parts is to go drag racing or miss something when you are working on them. Turning the wheel won't hurt them either. Usually they never give one much trouble but they are prone to normal wear and tear. Occasiona ... 2005 Honda CR-V

I have collision damage on the front passenger side of a 1996 jeep grand cherokee. i can't afford to have a body shop fix the damage. i need an exploded view of how all these parts go back together so i can be sure of getting all the replacement parts i need.

I think this is what you need, and its all i have..\015\012If you need cannot read them because of the format, give me an email address and ill send it to you! Good luck!\015\012 ... Jeep Grand Cherokee


The best bet would be to go to a body shop and see if you can use a crash book. some public libraries carry repair manuals in there reference section ... 1989 Lincoln Mark VII

Hello, Ive damaged the quater panel of my car, I would like to take that part of and put my non- damaged part on. i would just like to know the details of how to take it off and put it back on. --1999 Hyundai Excel Sprint--

The quarter panel must be cut off with a special air chisel with a metal cutting bit and then the new part spot welded back on, this is not a job you can do at home, a takes a trained body technician to perform ... Hyundai Excel

I can't find the correct power steering hose name or part number. This hose or coil for lack of a better word, looks like a heating element for a hot water heater. This is for a 1998 Sebring 2dr convertible 2.5L V6. The part I am needing is in the front of the car directly under the radiator. I'm told it is a cooling hose for the power steering fluid yet this metal coil type hose gets hot. Nontheless it is damaged and leaking the power steering fluid. Please help with what this part is called an

The part you are asking about is the power steering pressure hose . You can get one at your loacal auto zone. here is the link below.\015\012\015\012 ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

I own a 1998 jaguar XJ8 and while I was driving I ran over a triangle shaped valve cover that fits into a manhole cover on the street. It must have fallen of a maintenance truck. I could not avoid it. On impact the car jumped up off the ground and caused major damaged to frame. After impact everything shut down and the display on dash read SUSPENSION DAMAGE, GEARBOX DEFAULT-WRONG PART FITTED, AND PERFORMANCE RESTRICTED. After charging the battery the car started up but the transmission is in

Hi! You can start on the transmission solenoids. They may have been damaged during the accident. Please write back on the progress. THanks! ... Jaguar XJ8

My car a 2003 Hyundai Elantra broke down last Thursday 7/22/10 and the mechanic stated that I have a damaged timing belt and that the car would be ready on Wed July 28th. As of today 7/26/10 he still said he is waiting for a part to put in the new timing belt. Does it take this long for a part to arrive or is the mechianic bsing me? Please advise

Hi, it all depends on where he ordered the timing belt from. The distance of the place will definitely determine how long it will take for the arrival of the timing belt. You should give him a week maximum for the arrival of the item and if he fails ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Elantra

My son wreaked his PT2001 cruiser front damage and air bags were activated. we have replaced the parts damaged but can not get it to start. it has a new battery, we have not had the airbags reinstalled and would like to y pass them until cash allows us to reinstall them. there are probably sensors that need to be reset or replaced, help if you can; guide us back onto the road thanks.....

Look in the car's owners manual for emergency fuel shutoff. This feature is designed to disable fuel flowing to the engine compartment when a front end collision occurs and will keep the fuel pump from receiving power until you push the button to res ... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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I had no problem finding a sending using and gaskets for $40 on the Internet.http://www.ca ... 1987 Jeep Comanche

I just bought a 1989 Subaru GL turbo wagon with Automatic transmission. The starter motor spins with no apparent bendix drive issues, but the pinion gear isn't engaging the teeth on the flywheel, to turn the engine. The local parts house swear it's the right starter. What else could it be?? Also, there is zero damage to the flywheel, the engine turns over easy using a wrench. Is the flywheel integral with the torque converter, or are they two separate parts? I was thinking that maybe someone ins

It does sound like the flywheel is in backwards,has the engine started before just fine?Or did you just get the car already like this?If the starter worked before(the old starter),then I would say the new starter is defective. ... 1989 Subaru Gl Wagon

My son got my 2003 jeep grand cherokee stuck in the mud last night and his dim-witted friend said he could pull it out by wraping a rope through the wheel well and around the polycarb bumper! well they damaged the fuel filter assembly which was hidden inside the wheel well. It looks easily repairable but I need the parts or a schematic to identify which parts I need! -Frank

Fuel filter is mounted on top of the fuel pump (on the gas tank) Doubtful that's what was damaged. Likely you mean the fuel fill (where you put gas in) was damaged. If you need a new one you can find all those parts (inexpensive) at any scrapyard. Li ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Turbo hi there i have had problems with the turbo of my isuzu wizard. I had it replaced with a new one in nov last year. I wasn't happy with the noise the replacement was making and took it back to the garage twice, (once it went on to the turbo specialists). Last week the turbo went again apparently due to oil dysfunctioin. The damage show sever wear and contact damage to different parts of the turbo. The turbo specialists and the garage wont take responsiblity - the car had done 12000km on the

Most shops will only warranty parts and labor for 12 months or 12k miles, whichever comes first. Very rarely will you get a warranty longer than that unless the manufacturer gives it, then it will only be for the part. And I am curious, why would you ... 1998 Isuzu Trooper

I need to buy C180 benz 2008 elegance parts. where can i buy?? all gauges in panel, radiom airbag, ECU, starter, alternator etc. my car got flooded above dashboard need to replace damaged parts

Dealer only for merc ,also the ECU will have to programmed which can only be done by mercedes dealer ,the starter and alternator can be cleaned ,ECU is sealed ,not sure about air bag though ,if this is a 2008 model then do not plug a OBDII reader int ... 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sedan

Do I have to keep the Catalytic Converter on my s90 or can it be removed....will it damage anything. What does the air pump do and will it damage other parts of the car when not working?

It is a federal law that you must keep the catalytic converter on punishable with a hefty fine. It's actually even illegal to replace the catalytic converter if it's still in working order. With that said, if you remove the converter it will set a p0 ... 1998 Volvo S90

I replaced the oxygen sensor on 2004 Toyota Sienna; now it idles too fast. Part was difficult to remove. Could I have damaged something getting the part out? Where is adjustment for idle speed?

Idle speed adjustment is most probably not the problem, what most likley happened is you loosened a vacuum line in the process of removing the o2 sensor. try listening for a hissing sound. or spraying around with some carb cleaner to find the locatio ... 2003 Toyota Tacoma

I replaced the bed of my 94 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. When I put the new bed on I didn't realzie it was setting on the brake light wires, and now due to friction, the brake wiring has sereved in two! Anyone know what this part is called, where I can get a new one, and how to wire the new one up? Thanks. Joe

It's the rear wiring harness, and more specifically, the taillight harness. Are there any wires left? Could you splice in new wires using solder on the connections, and heat shrink tubing? (Plus wiring wrap)Wire the new one up, and ... 1994 Dodge Ram

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Just give it pull by hand and see what happens ,but fitting this sort of add on boy racer goodies i wouldnt advise because to make engine start you will need to put the chip out of the key next to the transponder under the steering column shroud ,mak ... Hyundai Santa Fe

Can we repair the worn out v-threads ?Is it possible to repair the partly damaged v-threds on mild steel ? How the thred damage can be avoided ?

Threads on the bolt are not a problem because you can replace it easily with a ne one. Stripped threads on the bolt hole are another story. You can try helicoils but the best solution is to redrill the hole and buy a tap which it a threaded tool whic ... 2007 Avanti Convertible

2004FORD EXPEDITION What book or online website could i get a parts list and diagram from. I am repairing my front end which was damaged in an accident. I also would like to know of a good online parts dealer. thanks, rey

Ask the guys at the ford dealer parts depart. for a print out of the parts you need. try "rock auto" for parts online ... 2004 Ford Expedition

How do i remove the valve body on a Chrysler transmission, i have a 1998 Plymouth voyager 3.0 V6, under the trans casing it shows in large lettering 537-F, dealer thinks its a 3 speed trans, i already removed the trans pan and filter and lower part of the valve body but the other inner part above it, is being held on & it's blocking me taking off the TCC solenoid which is damaged error "Code P0743" i also found that the little circular filter that goes inside the valve body was broken and clogge

... Plymouth Voyager


Did the car appear sluggish after picking it up ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

I slid off the road in a 1997 golf mk3 and damaged some parts right next to the right tyre below. There is a black plastic tube with carbon in it and right in front of it there is a metal pump sort of a thing which i think has to do something with the power stearing coz its not work anymore. Can anyone explain to me what these parts are??

I can't sat whay the carbon part is, however the other part does sound like your power steering pump. by removing the tyre you should see two belts, the slim one runs to your power steering pump and the other runs to the alternator above the power st ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

I unplugged the Mass Airflow Sensor and my truck runs better. I'm told by parts suppliers there is no Mass Airflow Sensor. What part did I unplug and will it damage the engine to run without it?

Most likely if there is no mass air sensor you actually unplugged the inlet air temperature sensor IAT. This is a little bead like thermistor that sits in the ducted air stream to measure incoming air temperature. Without an air mass sensor your e ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup
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