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I have a 03 ford explorer its overheating we have changed the thermostat,clutch fan,waterpump,and intake plus drained the radiator it is still running hot the oil looks fine no smoke blowing out tailp

\015 Coolant is just coming from the overflow not from the radiator\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a 03 ford explorer its overheating we have changed the thermostat,clutch fan,waterpump,and intake plus drained the radiator it is still running hot the oil looks fine no smoke blowing out tailp

... 2003 Ford Explorer

Engine looks and sounds like it runs fine. It also starts right up, but the muffler is blowing alot of smoke, hot, and putting. I let it run for away and looked under neath the car and the pipe was cherry red.

The cat has blocked up and its burning inside the housing ,suggest you change it quick ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Took my 1997 ford taurus with 3.0L to a shop did a compression check on the back cylinders (1,2,3) 1&2 were at 50 psi. They said more then likely it was the botom end of motor which has the problem. Now wouldnt it blow smoke an burn oil if the piston rings were bad? The head looked fine the block as well, New gasket an bolts were installed tightened to specs. This car runs almost perfect except when u put it in gear it stumbles like it out of timing. Where should i go from here?

Have the shop do a leakdown test and verify the problem, it could be a bad head gasket or a burnt or stuck valve. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I have a 97 dodge 1500. the transmission shifts fine when cold but you have to shift it by hand when it gets hot? also, the radiator is really goopt up and doesnt seem to be taking water. its blowing white smoke but no water in oil. and this morning it finally wouldnt stay running unless i was on the gas..... i just bought this truck and i really need help. any ideas

... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

My ford ranger is blowing black smoke when accelerating. oil seems fine, no overheating happening, car seems to run fine just blows alot of smoke?? any ideas

Sounds like you may be getting some oil blow by,but just to be sure,\015\012Check the plugs and compare them to the pix on the link below and get back to me.\015\012 ... Ford Ranger

Cylinder 3 misses and has carbon biuld up on plug also looks to have oil on the plug, smell like oil is burning , smokes alot out of tail pipe,oil consumtion is a qt, per 300 miles and it looks like oil is blowing into the air intake boot froom the air filter, seems to run strong at higher speeds, But does not idle well.

Geez!\012\012U got a bad piston rings! U have to pull down the PiSTON to replace the PiSTON RiNGS, oil is getting in ur combustion!\012\012Or\012\012Check also the valve guide oil seal ... 1987 Toyota MR2

My 95 firebird with the 3.4 v6 motor, out of the blue, started running hot today and hit 250 on the dash.. i hotwired the fan cause it wasnt comming on even when the temp 210,thats why i done that,, and there is no water in the oil or oil in the water, i go about 15 blocks and the temp hits like 240 fast..or redlines to 260, its starts fine, drives fine, the heat is good, no missing in the motor,oil and water still looks good. sometimes when parked today after direct wireing the fan the temp sta

You might want to check the fan relay switch it out with one that you dont need tho run the car then if the car stays cool you know that its the relay. but if that doesnt solve your problem try replaceing the temp sending unit that controls the fan t ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport with 140K miles on it, runs fine except for burning oil a lot like down 1-2 q in two wk period plus has a smell and white smoke coming out of exhaust when at a stop and more when I take off after sitting still (like at a stop light). Not running hot, no leaks underneath and was told my Jiffy Lube that I may need oil pan and/or gasket replaced. Not sure, need some direction before I take it in.

Mitshubishi had a update and one time when a montero sport came in about doing a valve job , The reson I know this I work on a customer that had a blown head gasket and had the machine shop do a valve job, we had a hard time ordering valve stem seal ... 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

My car will not keep water and wants to run hot. It is a 2001 cavalier with a 2.2 engine! I checked the oil and it looked fine so I don't think its a blown head gasket! But I will put water in in the morning and it will be slap empty by 5 in the afternoon. So my water is going somewhere causing it to want to run hot.

If it isnt leaking on the ground, it's going into the engine , white white smoke from the tailpipe is definately a blown head gasket. do a pressure test on the radiator, if the pressure goes down, with no leaks on the ground, its a head gasket ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Have a sensor i am assuming that runs into each exhaust pipe coming out of engine and has a wire that runs to another sensor that is plugged into the block, the one in the block melted off yesterday when the car died on me in the middle of the highway. car was making a ticking noise while driving and was not able to accelerate much. when stopped car smoked and smelt like burnt oil. Oil is fine and when i turned key to on the temperature gauge was over hot, next day car tries to turn over but

Try to replace the burned sensor, but first chech your car, cause by overheating, ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

97 marquis, owner stated car shut while driving, oil light came on he added oil, car the cranked, drove home, next day while driving car shut off again, same problem, adds oil(but doesn't check dipstick, car diesels a little, some smoke, then runs fine, car shuts off again will not start back up. check timing chains they are ok, went to drain oil and clear water came out then normal looking oil came out. any help? ( maybe oil pump and blown head gaskets)

Yes that is a sure sign of a blown head gasket! water and anti-freexe is heavier than oil and settles to bottom and will not mix with oil and will be the first out of the holel!.hopefully this help you. good luck man ... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

Oil leak have a small oil leaking coming driver side front head gasket. it doesn't smoke, use coolant , or run's hot . the oil level is fine no coolant in oil. how long can i drive like this & how to fix the problem.

If the leak is actually coming from the head gasket the only way to repair it is to replace the head gasket which involves removing the engine, pulling the valve covers off and much much more... probably not anything your going to want to do in your ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

Does the 92 lumina have an oil cooler on them? the problem i am having is the radiator is full of motor oil. No water in the oil..the oil level is low on the dip stick. the car starts and runs fine does not over heat or blow white smoke..i am lost!!!!!!!1

If I can recall this year does havve an oil color should not run more the 80.00 ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

98 Buick Park Avenue, Mechanic called and said the car was running like a charm. He also said that there is a whining noise and a leak coming from the tranny. This vehicle went in because the motor was gone, it ran hot at first and would not start. Had a mechanic look at it and he saw that it had to much oil in it and a coil was bad. Drained the oil and repalced the coil and the car started. It smoked alot and he said it was oil in the catalytic converter. It sat up for a while before going to g

When an engine overheats, the transmission temperature will increase as well.During an overheat, heat from the engine is trapped inside the bellhousing and, the transmission cooler lines that run through the radiator where the fluid is being he ... 1998 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 1992 Ram with a 5.2 that is running rich and blowing black smoke. Runs great, a lil rough, but wont pass smog and has NO CODES to pull? It looks like the cap, plugs, oil, o2 sensors, cat, and

Check the engine coolant temperture sensor just replaced mine on a 2001 durango ... Dodge Cars & Trucks

I have a '96 Tracker lsi. After driving a few miles today it started losing power, smoke was rising from around the engine and making a ratteling noise. I checked the oil, transmission and radiator fluids--all fine and the gages showed it wasn't running hot. AT one point it stalled out but after sitting for 20 minutes it started right up and ran fine for a few more miles--long enough to get me home thank the powers that be. Any ideas? Thanks.

The car is definately overheating,have it checked out soon ... 1996 Geo Tracker 2 Door

My 98 deville had a cracked radiator. replaced it. all was fine till a couple weeks ago when it overheated due to coolant leak from purge tank. replaced it. no more leaks but still ran up to 140 w/ air on and runs 222-224 w/out air on , removed thermostat and no change. no coolant in oil or from exhaust and water pump belt looks fine. fans also working fine.Whats causing it torun so hot

... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1988 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 with inline 6. It has set in my driveway for a year. Today I cranked it up and it run fine. Problem is when I drove it down the road it started getting hot. I pulled it over and looked under the hood. Put a gallon of antifreeze in it and it started running out of the side of the motor.,Up front under about three inches down on the block. Is there a freeze plug there? I checked oil and there is no water in it. What is the problem? It's on the front left.

There is a frost plug there ... 1988 Jeep Cherokee

Oil leak from behind motor head and runs extrem hot in 10 min other wise runs great not smoking i think head gasket what do you think. its realy not a leak it looks like a thin stream from manifold gasket 1996 jeep cherokee

It could be head gasket ,and its the oil feed to teh rocker shaft and its leaking out of the side of the head,if in doubt ask a local mechanic for a second opinion ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass V6 is running way hot. I have replaced 2 thermostats,the water pump,radiator,coolant,fuses,and fan relays. But yet the car is still running at just below the red on the gauge and after a short 2-3 mile drive is spraying water from overflow tube on the coolant tank. The car is not showing any trouble codes when i scan it. No problem codes read and none to erase. I have dropped the oil twice now and both times it looked fine,no water in it. I also pressure tested each cy

Make sure the antifreeze is a 50/50 mix and you may want to replace the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is on the manifold just in front of the thermostat housing and make sure there is no air in the cooling syste ... 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

It is blowing white smoke at cold starts. It is having oil in the air filter and is leaking underneath. it runs fine just have to keep checking the oil.

... 1995 Mazda 929

I have a 99 dodge ram 2500 5.7L turbo diesel , When I start it it runs fine but soon it begins to idle down and if I give it any fuel it begins to blow white smoke . Sometimes it runs fine for a bit when I give it fuel then begins to run rough and blow white smoke , what could this be

... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

Fuel pump fuse blows after car runs for a while like after it's hot I tried changing the fuse when it is still hot would blow fuse as soon as I turn key on, unplugged the fuel pump and sending unit but still blows fuse. After car sits for a while or maybe cools down I change the fuse and it starts up and runs fine till engine gets hot then blows again.

... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Sudden/Rapid oil consumption - no external leaks, no blue smoke out the exhaust. It will run fine, and keep oil level on full, I keep a close eye on the level, then suddenly almost all the oil will disappear from the oil pan. There is no oil in the coolant. After I top off the oil, the engine runs fine, until the next time I hear a slight rattle. Then pull the stick and the oil is all gone again... It can be months and many miles between occurances. It has to be burning it, but where sho

If the tail pipe is oil free to the touch you have a major oil leak. Look around the entire engine and underneath the engine to see if oil is on the ground ... Jeep Liberty

Engine wont start from cold,heater plug is working. just cranks but wont fire. will start if a very small squirt of easy start is used? engine runs fine when it's going it pulls well good oil pressure (2 bar when hot at tick over) no smoke or knocks.

Fuel filter or sensor problems is likely ... 2007 Ford F
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