Having problems with your 2003 Ford Expedition ?

My dashboard gauges go off while driving. the car runs fine but dash ,radio doors go off , this seems to happen in the cold of winter only ,not so much in the summer, also i hear a click by the glove box when it happen ---is there a power relay going bad or computer?I was told to replace the dashboard ..........i dont think so

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Answers :

No it's the cluster
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My dashboard gauges go off while driving. the car runs fine but dash ,radio doors go off , this seems to happen in the cold of winter only ,not so much in the summer, also i hear a click by the glove box when it happen ---is there a power relay going bad or computer?I was told to replace the dashboard ..........i dont think so

No it's the cluster ... 2003 Ford Expedition

I have a 2003 chevy blazer LS, 2-door 4wd w/ vortec engine. The 4wd is activated by a 3-button switch on the dash (2wd-hi, 4wd-hi, 4wd-lo). The problem is I can't get it to go into 4wd-hi no matter what I do. When I shift into 2wd-hi or 4wd-lo the switches light up momentarily and I can hear a clicking sound from under the dash behind the glove box, and then the transfer case goes into these gears just fine. But when I punch the 4wd-hi button, nothing happens. No light, no clicking noise from un

Try putting in nuetral and then shift into high gear . if still does not work sounds like the 4x4 acctuator is bad ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

No heat or AC in my 1987 -no power to AC compressor and blower does not come on.Control does nothing.Fuse is good and blower motor does work if power is put to it.When I turn on heat or AC I hear a little click under glove box and that is it -no heat or air at all. I checked the AC fuse it is good and I replaced the AC relay..Still nothing.

... 1987 Cadillac Brougham

I have a 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis and sometimes it wont start, but i hear a clicking coming from the EEC power relay box when you turn the ignition on. Before this started happening there was/is a whine coming from the engine and when you pressed on the gas while driving would go away so i had the alternator replaced because sometimes at night when you pressed on the gas the lights would get brighter. All the fuses are good and i did hook it upto one of my buddies diagnostic testers and all it

Starter may be drawing too much amps. take it off and have it tested ... 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis

Power locks don't lock or unlock hear noise under dash near glove box i was wondering if relay switch is no good.hear clicking noise in relay, when trying to unlock or lock doors

If the relay is clicking,its most likely working,sounds like signal from relay is not getting back to doors to unlock doors,I would check for damaged wiring at pivot point of door(hinge) area,all the wiring goes through a large rubber accordion looki ... Pontiac Bonneville

2006 hzj79, no power to compressor but can hear the module behind glove box click in and out?

... 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

Shortly after starting my 1988 Caddy ElDorado I hear a clicking soound from my glove compartment area and all my dashboard Digital Display Lights go out . This includes Radio, A/C control and the Driver Info Center. If they stay off for 20 seconds the Yellow Engine Control Light will illuminate and my electric Radiator Fan will begin to run.This will happen several times for a few minutes and then everything will return to normal. There will be no problem reports showing on my Driver Info Center

CLICK HERE \015\012and\015\012CLICK HERE\015 ... 1988 Cadillac Eldorado

2002 Ford Taurus has no power. No head lights no dome light no horn blah blah. Ok first of all my cars alarm kept going off by itself off and on for 2 weeks. I come out to start the car and it goes click click click but no start. Later on I come out to the car and I can hear this tick tick tick tick noise coming from the dash. A few days later and I get someone to come to the house and jump the car and nothing happens. No click click click this time. No dome light. No power what so ever. But the

One possibility is that the battery terminals are either corroded or not tight to the battery posts. Second, the battery itself may have seen its days. Try another battery of simply replace it. If the problem still exists, the have a mechanic inspect ... 2002 Ford Taurus

Engine wont turn over. No power is going to the "command wire" to the starter when we hit the ignition switch. We can "jump" the command wire on the back of the fuse box, and hear the solenoid click. We have replaced the starter relay in the fuse box, but still no power to the command wire. It seems that the probem is somewhere from the fuse box to the ignition switch. How can we tell if the ignition switch is bad, and not routing power to the solenoid?

Sounds like your vehicle security system is at fualt. there is a transponder in the ignition that reads the key while in the ignition and if there is an issue with the resistance it will not let it start. you can check the starter wire at ... 2003 Ford Focus

My driver side power window is not functioning properly. The window was cracked about an inch. Every time I tried to roll the window up, I would hear a rapid clicking noise coming from somewhere under the steering wheel. When I let go of the up button, the window would actually fall down about a half an inch. I have replaced the Power Window Relay in the fuse box inside the vehicle. Should I replace the Fuse in the power distribution box under the hood or what?

I would have to think that it is in the window motor itself instead of the fuse. If the fuse was bad the window would not work at all. The mechanism that controls the window in the door is where I would start. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Hi, I have got a 1996 300tdi Discovery, Intermittently it will not start. I have all lights on the dash shining bright; the battery is only 4 months old. When I turn the Key I can?t hear the starter clicking, but I can hear a small click from the glove box area. Oh and recently it cut out on the motorway at speed, and the came back to life on it own Any Ideas Regards Bill

Bad earth terminal to your ignition system perhaps. \015\012 ... Land Rover Discovery

I have a 2005 honda civic. When I have clicking noise by the glove box the car runs poorly and alamost stalls with no power. As soon as the clicking stops the car returns to normal power and runs fine.

... 2005 Honda Civic

The trunk release will not operate from the key fob or the push button on the door panel. The switch is to the on position in the glove box... When i press the button on the key fob i hear a click like a relay or a solenoid behind the glove box... the fuse panel does not call out a specific/ list the trunk... Is there a relay for it in the fuse panel? Anyone know before I start digging? It sounds like a bad relay to me... can anyone confirm? bueller?

All I will say, is your wasting your time ,without a \015\012system wiring diagram and the ability to understand\015\012and us it\015\012Got to have a guide and test\015\012\015\012There is no sense even going to your ca ... 2002 Acura 3.2TL

2008 chevy impala making a clicking or knocking noise behind glove compartment box only when ignition or a/c -heater control is turn off. noise last about twenty seconds then just stop. i removed glove box and noise and vibration come fom small control that is attached to the right side of a large round assemble (open and closes,up and down) . applied hand pressure to this small part and noise slowed down (changed) but did not stop. do not make noise until power or control is tun off.

This link will help you out. Just copy and paste the link in your browser. http://www.denlorstools.com/autoblog/2010/08/impala-loud-clicking-noise-in-dash-car-repair-article/ ... Chevrolet Impala

I have a 91 4runner 6cyclinder manual,when I go to start it I hear a click under the glove box

The click you heard may have been the starter relay. If it was, it is probably bad. See if a new one helps. If not, then the wiring in the start circuit will have to be investigated. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1997 Eldorado when the pavement is loose or wet and i accelerate i hear a sound that stays on till i ease up on the gas. This sound also happens on dry road surfaces sometimes when i am turning either direction from a stop. When i turn off the traction control in the glove box it does not happen. The noise under the hood is random but anoying when it happens. With winter coming up would like to know what i might be looking at

... 1997 Cadillac Eldorado

No start condition new battery , good starter, turn key to start position light come on dash, go forward to start light go out and you hear click under dash area like relay, no power getting to starter. happens intermittently - remove battery cable let sit for a bit . starts right up . happened twice to my wife , then would not reoccur . got into car & finally happened to me. bad relay ?? is there a relay under drivers dash area that's bad ?

No starter relay is always at the fuse relay box at the engine compartment. The relay that you hear is the relay for the accessories to turn off the power during starting position. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Hello i have a 95 ge prisum and i went to start my car. when i turned the key to on everything was fine, the moment that i try to start it, i hear clicking then power dies out untill i disconect the battery and reconnect no power when the key is to the on position but in the acc and the off positon i have power. now i changed the battery and charged my old one, the same thing happens i changed the starter and nothing different. i thoght abvout the igintion coil but i have never changed one that

Check the ground wire from the battery to the engine is clean and tight. ... 1990 Geo Metro

95 jeep yj 4 cyl. hard to start when cold. wont start until i hear the clicking noise conming from relay fuse box. once the clicking goes through its few seconds the jeep starts right up. The problem is in the morning when its cold it is hard to get that clicking noise to happen. after driving and warm there is no problenm starting

Mine did the same thing. Replaced the computer and works like brand new. Hope this helps. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

2001 Lincoln LS V6. Had the fuel pumps replaced about 3 months ago. Now the power to fuel pump "comes and goes" (I have the back seat out and pump covers off so I can hear). The fuse in the trunk distribution box (fuel pump 15 amp) has blown twice but hasn't happened since. The vehicle will start fine when cold, when it is warmed up, seems like the pumps don't get power. When it won't start, I checked and there is no power to the fuel pump (all fuses and relays are good). Any suggestions would b

... 2001 Lincoln LS

Trunk release button inside 2001 ford focus fails to actuate lock release. i hear click at relay by glove box when button depressed. key will open trunk manually.

... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a 1995 ford windstar. The driver side power window stopped working in the up position. When I depress the switch to lower the window, I hear a clicking noise like a relay coming from under the dash on the left side above the fuse box. Fuses are OK and all other power windows work. Could this be just the window motor or something in the dash?

... 1995 Ford Windstar

I have a 1998 olds intrigue, when i try to start it i hear a click in maybe the starter, but then i lose all power. power comes back on after opening and closing the door and then it does the same thing when i try to start it again. changed the ignition switch and the same thing happens. any ideas? tried knocking on the starter when starting and doesn't help. could it be a relay or a wireing problem somewhere?

Be sure to check your battery terminal connections. Also your battery ground to Frame connection. Also your battery to starter connections. The battery itself then should be checked. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

The horn does not work but if you run a wire straight to the battery it will blow, i've checked the fuses and all looked ok at least in the fuse box in the glove compartment is there another fuse box i should know about and when i do try to honk the horn i can hear a clicking under the dash just above the ebrake pedal

A bad ground in the horn button ... 1985 Buick Skylark

Chrysler Town and Country 2002 will not start. I replaced the ignition cylinder as it was jammed. The car started and ran for about 15 seconds or so then stopped. The ignition turns, the electronics switch on, I can hear the starter relay click in the fuse box. The starter is not getting power as the solenoid is not clicking. It appears the immobilizer may have stopped the vehicle. I do not know for sure. I took the negative cable off over night but no luck there. Any ideas? How to you resent

... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country
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