Having problems with your 2003 Ford Expedition ?

When I put A CD in it says

\015 CD player doesn't work anymore\015\012\015\012When I hit the CD or eject cd button in it says "CD Error" \015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The reader eye in the cd player itself is bad! that happens from road vibration useing dirty c/d's? ect.... just need a new unit
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2003 Ford Expedition

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This issue would not be timing, more likely something with the fuel control. The K jetronic fuel injection has several temprature sensitive controls, I suggest that you have a shop diagnose for you, as parts are expensive, so you want to replace only ... 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

Hello i am looking at buying a 81 vw pick up. now the guy sayed he put a new head on, new timing belt and other stuff he sayed in warm whether when he put it back together it ran fine but as soon as it started geting cold agin it would only start and run for like 2 mins then shut off? you think it could be just he messed up the timing? he only wants 1700 obo and it onlt has 144,000 5 speed verry little rust. tell me what you think.

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This is the link to check out for the proper solution regarding your car\015\012http://en.allexperts.com/q/Chevrolet-775/ ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

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There is a short somewhere ... 2007 Mercury Mariner Premier 4WD

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Burned cds Honda says that the extended warranty would cover it IF you hadn't used burned cds. the owner manual says not to use them because they are a different thickness and get stuck in the gears. they say that you have to read the owner manual cover to cover and are responsible. they say it would be $400-500 if they say the problem is only the burned cds. otherwise they would pay for it on warranty. the guy also said that I shouldn't put diesel in the car but that the sales guy does not tell

Rubbish.Cd, is CD sized!Ask him Where, Exactly, in the manual, Ask him to point it out!Bear in mind, always, that NO Company, Insurance co, or huge coorperation, likes to pay out.You WILL have to be clear and forceful, but not ... 2005 Honda Odyssey

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No the water pump is not automatic with the timing belt, but it should have been recommended. If the coolant is coming out the passenger side of the engine it is most likely the pump. If it blowing out the radiator or coolant resevoir it is a blown h ... Mazda Millenia

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No. The first number refers to the thickness or viscosity of the oil when it is cold. A mixture of 5 and 10 isn't going to hurt anything. It'll be a little thicker in the morning when you first start the engine. It's more important to be the same on ... 1997 Toyota Corolla

147000K on my 2002 jetta TDI. I put it in reverse after a few tries. Car wouldn't move in reverse. Gave it a shot of gas and it lurched back. Had to put the brakes on so I wouldn't hit another car. No problem driving in "drive" Put it in reverse (from drive) to back it in the driveway. No problems. Put it back into park and it wouldn't go into reverse. Gear was stuck at park. Now they are saying I need a new (rebuilt) tranny and a new (or used) torque converter. This car has not been abused. All

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My rover 75 2,o V6 nocks twice when put in drive not smooth through 2nd 3rd and when put in reverse knocks in but wont move had oil change put on machine came up with code saying solenoid in gearbox

Sounds like your Transfer Case is Failing Internally ... Cars & Trucks

Hi, My friend's rover 825 sterling has suddenly got a imoberlizer problem or should i say thats what we think, he parked his car in his garage overnight after driving it the nite b4 with no problems wot so eva only to *** down the following morning to *** 2 start the car but even b4 he put the key in the ignition he noticed his dash red light was lit-up so he thought thats strange has i hav'nt put the alarm on, so ignoring this he put his key in the ignition only to have no starting action atall

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Hi, we have a 2001 E150 Ford Van. A new (rebuilt ) transmission was just put in. Now the van is running extremely rough. We put high tech gas and some cleaner in... we had 3 mechanics try to put a diagnostic tool but because the check engine light does not go on, they can not diagnose the problem. So now, they are saying we may need a new computer..Which I think is crazy... Is it true that if it was the fuel injectors the check engine light WOULD go on...but if the spark plugs are bad it may not

Hi, the check engine light will come up if there is something wrong with the fuel injector and the spark plug as long as the car have a OBD-II system which your car has.\015\012\015\012Rebuilding the transmission might have actually affected th ... Ford E-150

Replaced the computer in my 2001 Wrangler this morning. Mechanic used a re-manufactured unit. Receipt says Evap code showed up on first run but gas cap tight) Now Check engine and Check gauge lights both on and battery losing charge (down to 9% in 20 minutes) My favorite people at Autozone say this is known problem with Jeeps and computers with on-board regulator. I need to know what to say to dude who put the bad thing in tomorrow so that it gets fixed.

Just tell them you think the computor is bad ... 2001 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 1984 ford truck 351 engine, the alternator has 3 wires in the back,I put my meter on each one, the one that says bat puts out 14.50 volts when the engine is running, the other 2 wires put out 7 volts is that correct.

This may be an alternator that can be used for a 6 or 12 volt vehicle I'm not sure but you need to charge 14 .5 volts on a 12 volt system.....hope this helps.....cheers ... Ford F-250

My stock cd player in my 2005 Dodge Neon was working yesturday morning, then after work I put in a cd, it played but half way through it spit the cd out and said there was an error, so I tried another cd, wouldn't play, tried another one, and same thing, kept saying error and spitting them out. This morning got in my car, put in a cd it worked, till I ejected the cd now it won't work again. went to the store put in a cd it worked, then after a while it spits it out and wont work till the car is

... 2005 Dodge Neon

I went to start my car today. The car started fine, but then a light saying "airbag fault" came on. I went to put the car in reverse and back out of my driveway, and the gear shifter would not move. But it moved when I put the engine off? Eventually it worked and I was able to drive it. But I am worried it might happen again?Would an airbag fault keep me from putting the car into gear? The vehicle is a 2003 VW Golf. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi,\015\012\015\012The Airbag and Transmission circuits are independent of each other.\015\012\015\012There is a possibility of a computer malfunction, but this can only be determined by taking the vehicle to your nearest VW D ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1999 dodge durango, bad motor I changed it I am not a dodge person. The motor I bought to put in , was supost to be a 99 318, I find out after I put it in it is a 1994 360. need less to say I have a problem, I put everything off the 318 on the 360 everything test good bot I cant get any spark to the plugs, I have replaced the cam sensor, crank sensor coil, cap, rotor and spark plugs. the computer shows no codes. That is next? THANKS JAKE STOKES [email protected]

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