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My 2003 escape overflows coolant at highway speeds (no overheat)

\015 My 2003 Ford escape 3.0, AT, A/C, vents coolant out the overflow at highway speeds only (runs at normal operating temp). I have let this car idle long enough for the radiator fan to cycle on and off and it does not leak, but if you drive it down the highway and pop the hood when you stop you can see where coolant have squirted all over from the overflow tube, I have to refill the reservoir about every 300 miles. the temp never does anything weird, it comes up slowly in the morning to a little below half way and then holds steady. the only parts I changed is the coolant cap. any help would be greatly appreciated.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Take it to an auto repair shop and explain your problem. They will have the right tools and/or information.

Good luck.


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My 2003 escape overflows coolant at highway speeds (no overheat)

Take it to an auto repair shop and explain your problem. They will have the right tools and/or information.Good luck.Cheers ... 2003 Ford Escape

2004 rodeo 3.2 engine keeps spitting up antifreeze thru the overflow bottle and is over heating i have no leaks in the system replaced water pump, radiator, thermostat and not losing coolant thru the exhaust nor is it in the oil. i can drive at freeway speeds without issue. one strange thing that happens is when i shut the engine off and restart after warming it always overheats. also when the temp gauge is reading hot the a/c goes warm and the heat goes cool. this symptom happens whether i run

It sounds like you may have a leaking head gasket or cracked head. I would suggest you do a compression test. ... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

98 Mercury Villager randomly overheats. New radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses and cap. Correct coolant level and mixture, no leaks, or head gasket issues. Two-speed fan operates correctly and AC compressor correctly charged and works until temperature gauge rises near top marker. Small clicking noises (like switches) intermittedly sound as though coming from under dash, or near firewall. Occurs whether on highway, or in town. Often self-corrects after cooling for awhile. I've owned this ve

Http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/\012\012air trapped in system. common ... 2002 Mercury Villager

The cooling system in my 1997 cadillac Eldorado keeps overheating; seems like it has too much pressure in it because it keeps blowing hoses off or all the coolant is forced out of the overflow once it gets hot. Temperature gauge reads normal at idle or slow speed, but overheats after I get up to 50mph or so. I have replaced radiator and thermostat, but problem persists.

This sounds like a blown head gasket. You can purchase a kit that when used per the instructions you will know for sure\015\012\015\012 that it is a blown head gasket. You might try some of the sealers that are on the market but I do no ... 1997 Cadillac Eldorado

Car overheats when driven on boost only not at low speeds also misfire and cat light flashes not smokey or no loss of coolant when driven normally.with cap off rad water seems to rise and fall not overflowing lots of tiny bubbles both hoses hot fans working

Whats the temp?How do you know its overheating ... Subaru Impreza WRX STi

The engine overheats at highway speeds. The cooling fans are coming on and at normal speeds okay just at highway speeds 65-75 mph the engine overhaeats?

Hi \012\012this is because the radiator may have chocks in it. so the rate of cooling might be reduced. so the cooling while normal running wil be ok but when you go in highways the engine generates more heat which in unable to cool by th ... 2000 Lincoln Continental

Have new radiator, water pump hoses, belts; system has been bled; experimented with bypassing the heater core; thermostat removed...car still overheats. Also, coolant goes to the overflow bottle, but often does not return to the radiator. Lately, have had to add coolant to radiator, but later it is low on coolant and must add more, even when overflow bottle is at proper level.

The reservoir,and,or,the tubing from the radiator,to the reservoir may have a pin hole in it,or the tubing is sucking together.Replace the tubing,and the radiator cap,and the reservoir top.See if it will work correctly.Fill reservoir,and radiator,and ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

2003 4.6L expedition overheating after 15-30 minutes driving city or interstate. coolant bubbling into overflow and mechanical radiator fan was turning while in overheat, no signs of coolant leakage from hoses, seep hole or into crank case or exhaust. after cool down fluid in overflow at back to normal level and vacuum present when overflow cap removed while running. where do I start? on older vehicle i would cool down remove radiator cap and start to wait for fluid movement not sure with this

Change the thermostat ... 2003 Ford Expedition

1998 Buick Park Ave started to overheat a few days ago. The overflow coolant tank was empty. I filled it with 2/3 coolant and 1/3 water/ This lasted 2 days and it was empty again. I repeated this process and after 2 more days the car began to overheat and the coolant tank was once again empty. What could be causing this problem? Any repair suggestions?

Bad head gasket ... Buick Park Avenue

2002 PT Cruiser overheats ONLY when idling, not @ highway speed

Sounds like an air pocket in your cooling system need to bleed system and add missing coolant ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 1992 dodge Dakota 5.2 4x4 auto. my trouble is that cruising at highway speeds no load i am getting a very noticeable miss, under deceleration and acceleration everything seems good.i have changed the ecm,tps,coolant temp sensor,plugs and checked cap,rotor,ohmed the plug wires and also have my catalytic converter removed. it also does it intermittently at lower speeds but really noticeable on the highway and if i take it out of overdrive the problem is a little less noticeable and just

Restricted injector? the input screens plug on these seeing how they have no fuel return line, the debris builds up in the end of the fuel rail towards the radiator, my 95 3.9 does this every few years. and a bad or weak crank sensor too. how many mi ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1998 honda civic. my speedometer doesnt work at low speeds. it will read once in awhile at 45 mph but goes back down to 0 after a few seconds. when i get on the highway and go 60 it will read the speed just fine but low speeds it doesnt work. the speedometer cable isnt lose on the trasmittion. what could be wrong?

So you know where the cable is thats good.Next take some oil and pour it down the cable ,because that all is wrong .adrian,,,, ... 1998 Honda Civic

Overheating My Audi A4 1.8t (B6) is overheating. The coolant light is coming on, but there is sufficient coolant in (on the max mark). This happens as soon as I reach an uphill or want to accelerate in 5th gear at highway speeds. The temp guage is also going up to 120. On a level road it stabilizes at the standard 90 mark, and in town it is also fairly stable, unless I push really hard.. I suspect the water pump, as there is not a strong flow of coolant in to the reservior. The fan works. No lea

Is the car-heating also staying cold while the engine is overheating ? \015\012\015\012The waterpump is a much known cause for this type of problem with A4s and since you don't have any leakage, it's the most likely cause (especially if ... 2002 Audi A4

My 1995 Toyota Corrolla spedomter only works at highway speeds (50 MPH). The needle stays at 0 MPH below 45 MPH. I had my mechanic check the speed sensor and that is fine. Any idea what is causing it to stop working at low speeds?

The speedo is of course electronic, it either has a defective circuit board or the tiny motor that moves the needle is defective. You will need to remove the cluster from the car and send it out to a factory repair center. ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2006 ford fusion, yesterday the check engine light came on as I was driving at highway speed...I went to auto zone and the code read as 128 "coolant temp is always low". The coolant level was low so I filled it up with correct 50/50 solution. Of course the light is still on and I need to know how I can turn the light off to see if that solved the problem, I'll know that if it comes back on it maybe something more. Probable causes were....coolant level/thermostat defective/ECT.

The part store you went to can clear the codehowever, being LOW in coolant will cause over tempyou concern is probably a defective thermostat or defective CHT ... 2006 Ford Fusion

The low coolant light is always on in my 2002 Buick Century. The rad was flushed as well as the overflow container and the coolant level never drops. The needle of temperature gage is always at the mid point and the engine never overheats. Any suggestions? The low coolant sensor was changed as well.

If the sensor was changed, the wiring to the sensor has to have a break in it somewhere. check for power and ground at your connector, and start tracing back to find the break. good luck! ... 2002 Buick Century

2003 Nissan Maxima SE 6 Speed oil in coolant overflow bottle. HELP

The big question is - is the car worth fixing to you.If it is paid for, and you are ok with driving it for another 2 or 3 years, it may be worth fixing. If you are getting tired of driving it, maybe not.You can find out what it is worth and ... 2003 Nissan Maxima

'02 626 overheated earlier in the week. drove home. appeared to be out of coolant. replaced overflow tank(seal blown), added coolant, however it still overheats. what else to check?

Whenever you overheat once, then the thermostat must also be replaced. It is operated by the expansion of a contained wax pellet, and overheating causes permanent loss of wax. However, you may also have caused a head gasket leak now from heat ... 2002 Mazda 626

2002 pontiac montana overheats but rad is cool.Thermostat has been replaced and still overheats in less than 10 km. Rad over flows and pressure fills the overflow. Coolant is warm. Possible water pump problem??? Faulty new thermostat???

Either you have not bled the system, or possible fan not working, or head gasket problem. Solution\015\012\015\012Step by Step\015\0121. Check both hoses, do both have equal amount of pressure?\015\0122. Run the vehicle where ... 2002 Pontiac Montana

1995 EAGLE TALON 2.0L ESI NO TURBO So here's my question , i seem to be having alot of excess pressure coming from the water outlethousing going into the coolant overflow reservoir and the rad itself gets pretty hot. I start the car , things run fine.fan starts up as the engine temp gets hire , all is good there, car does not overheat. after 5-10 minutes , the overflow reservoir starts filling up and bubbling. Note , I havnt placed a thermostat yet in the housing , as i am picking one up tomo

Sounds like a weak radiator cap, from what you say engine don't over heat, replace radiator cap, it's not holding pressure. ... Eagle Talon

1995 EAGLE TALON ESI NO TURBO 2.0L I am wondering Why my coolant overflow reservoir keeps filling up and actually OVER filing while driving or even while car is just idling in park. the car doesnt overheat. I jusr changed the water pump , water housing, rad cap , but the reservoir is just bubling and overfilling. no white smoke coming from tailpipe nor is there coolant in my oil, thus i don't suspect a blown head gasket.One more thing , I do not have a thermostat in place at the moment as i w

Hi, if you have changed the water pump, water housing & rad cap and the problem still persist then the problem lies either with a blown head gasket or the thermostat.\015\012\015\012And if you claim that ther ... Eagle Talon


Had the same problem... check GSCAN for fuel pressure error? if the error is Fuel pressure too low then your high pressure has gone. if its too high then injectors need to be check for "return". Check fuel lines for dirt. get them cleaned with air. ... Hyundai Veracruz

2001 sentra heat problem. I recently had the waterpump on my 01 sentra replaced. since then my heat doesnt work properly. When I'm on the highway it's fine but when im in stop and go traffic it barely works at all. the blower works fine on all speeds and the engine temp guage seems normal. Ive checked the and topped up the coolant and it's not leaking or loosing any. Theres no white or unusual smoke coming from the tailpipe and the oil and coolant aren't contaminating eachother. After reading a

There is a bleeder bolt next to the thermostat housing...I believe it is 10mm...Its on the block....Has a small sticker that says dont open when hot..Its very small, hard toe read....The bolt has 2 small copper washers on it to make the seal....I wou ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

2000 Lincoln LS, overheats when the A/C in on, in stop and go traffic. Does not do when on highway or if A/C in not on. Get car up to highway speed and temp. drops to normal.

If it does not have electric fan the fan clutch is bad also radiator cap may be bad and the fluid in the raditor may be bad have it tested the antifreeze should be replaced every two years. ... 2002 Lincoln LS

96 tracker overheats at highway speeds temp ok at idle or low speed. Replaced water pump thermostat flushed rad checked hoses. any ideas?

2003 tracker chev. When ac is on will stop have to wait 20 minute to cool down than will started again ... 2001 Chevrolet Tracker
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