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ABS light came on and traction control went to off and won't come back on when I press button

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ABS light came on and traction control went to off and won't come back on when I press button

... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2007 cadillac dts my problem is that my traction, abs, stabilitrak light keeps coming on. sometimes while im driving it will go off but as soon as i make a turn the lights come back on. this all started one day when i was goin down a medium hill with a small dip at the end i went over the dip and the lights came on and while i turned the brakes was grabbing and i wasn't even pressing the brakes. and now every once in awhile the brakes will do that. can anybody help me please, i tire

This is the procedure when any light comes on your dashBy the way-- the same since 1983 some 31 yearsYou turn on the key-all lights come on the dashStart engine they all go off --no faults with OBD2 SystemOnce a MIL Lamp,c ... 2007 Cadillac DTS Sedan

I have a 1999 bighorn, when i press the 4x4 button on the dash it wont go into four wheel drive no matter what speed or diretion i go in the light just keeps flashing, if it does go in and i press it to come back out it seems to go back to rear wheel drive but the light keeps flashing as if it has not, also when it has been in four wheel drive sometimes it disengages itself with out the button being pressed

This is a car with fixed wheel hubs ? not auto or manual locks ? \015\012First test the shifter on the transfer box is ok - just push for 4wd with the car running but not moveing then see if you can shift into low range easy - if you can ,carr ... 1999 Isuzu Trooper

A few months ago I heard a buzzing noise coming from voyager power breaking. It would stop when I would press the break pedal, this only happened a few times and then went away. Now I realize my back lights dont come on when I put the breaks on, the break light on the cab works. I changed both break lightbulbs in the back, they still wont work. I looked at the owner manual to find the fuse but cant find it.

Sounds like you have a direct short somewhere. Do you have trailer wiring hookup? Get a voltage light and have someone press while you stay in back and check for voltage by cliping ground on the side of bulb socket and the center of bulb socket. If s ... Ford F-250

2000 licoln ls, abs, break, & traction control lights all on & wont turn off. when i first turn the car on, sometimes its off, when i start driving it comes on , stays on, whats the real problem if i had it checked by a mechanic & the reset it & it came back on.??? they already ruled out any sensors.??? could it be something else?? i did put new rims on it a few months back, but the lights barely came on recently??????

Have seen alot of wheel speed sensor problems on this car. May have damaged wheel speed sensor ring or debris interupting signal when wheels were installed. If you can I need to know what code was in ABS module to point you in the right direction. Th ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Traction Control I just purchased a 1999 Lexus ES 300 today from a private party with 115k miles. The "Trac Off" light was on so I pressed the Traction Control button and the light truned off. I drove off and noticed later that the "Trac Off" light came back on. Did I buy a used car with a broken Traction Control? How can I fix the problem? Thanks for your help.

Traction control selected by driver on or off should light up both ways ... 1999 Lexus ES 300

I have a 2004 corvette and i went to the store, locked the car with the remote, came back and unlocked the car with the remote, and now it wont start, it wont even turn over, the lights come on and the fuel pump comes on but the starter wont do anything. what might be wrong or what do i need to check?

I am willing to bet your starter or selinoid failed. That car is new enough that i wouldnt expect it to have gone bad, but it could have. When you say the fuel pump starts up, i am leaning toward the starter vs. any security or other electrical int ... 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

The check engine light is on, the ABS, and the traction control light are on. I went and had it put on the diagnostic machine at autozone, the following codes came up P1700 and U2108(twice) autozone could not tell what they were said dealer codes. Does anyone know what these codes are and what to do? At autozone I had the codes reset but the check engine light would come back on.

The P1700 is just a request for the check engine light, and this is caused by the U2108. The U2108 is basically telling you that the Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module (EBTCM) is not communicating with the powertrain control module, o ... 2000 Cadillac Catera

I have a 2003 GMC Yukon Denali and while driving down the road the reduced engine power, traction control and brake lights all light up. Also when those come on I push the accelerator and it won't go any faster. So I have to stop, shut it off, wait a minute and then start it back up hoping that it wont do it again. I went to AutoZone and they hooked it up the computer and gave me the code (P1516) and told me it has something to do with the Accelerator control. Please help me figure out whats wr

... 2003 GMC Yukon Denali

1994 max. starts fine, but has a puttering sound coming from the tailpipe, engine idles a little rough, when driving it has a miss throughout the driving range. Fairly new wires and cap and plugs and button found 1 vac leak that was repaired CE light was on then went out car ran well then started doing it again and CE light came back on. Fuel filter has not been changed yet acted like a non working injector but is getting fire to all the injectors. Engine had a gas fire at one time and some of t

That could definetly be the problem. \015\012But they also had a problem with the wire harness that runs along the RH passanger side shock tower. wher the harness goes from the body to the engine. sometimes the wires get broken internally. ... 1994 Nissan Maxima

This problem is on a 1998 740iL. When I press the steering wheel cruise control activator - the green indicator light comes on but when I press the "set" (+) button it does not engage and the car does not maintain speed. The green indicator light goes out when I would expect the cruise control to kick on and will not come back on even if I press the activator (i/o) button repeatedly. The fuse (#44 in the engine fuse block) tests good at a bmw repair shop. The green indicator light will stay on f

My BMW 740i has a problem with the cruise control.\015\012The cruise control will work for about 20 miles and then quit working and will not work again. ... Cars & Trucks

How do you replace a cb joint in a 2002 impala? I just had hub bearing replace because the traction light and ABS light came on while driving on dry pavement. The light came back on after first repair. 2nd time in for same problem they took it apart and oput it back together. The traction light comes on when going up hill...small hills. Someone said the heard a funny noise as I drove up the hill to work and said it sounded like a bad cb joint.

It is a CV joint, Constant Velocity, and they do make noise when they go, they can be changed, but it will be a lot easier to just take it to a shop and let them do it. It involves a lot of work, something you may not be up to. This won't do anythin ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

My check engine light came on and car was missing.Had a tune up and filters changed.problem solved for 3-4 days and it came back but without the missing. Took it to dealer and he blew out carbon deposits and said if it comes back it could be the catalytic converter.it came back so I tried switching to hi test gas and it went away after 2 tank fulls.It comes back if I try regular plus but goes away when I switch back to hi test after 2-3 tank fulls.What can it be?

Machenic said speed sencer replace now you tell me where is the speed sencer exist ... 2006 Suzuki Verona

2006 Cadi cts xm radio selection disappears from radio, then airbag light comes, on traction light comes on, security lock light comes on, them radio goes blank, air stops being cool, theft lock appears on radio, door locks won?t work or has delayed reaction, windows wont roll down, acts like the system is rebooting by displaying profile like it does at start up. And after a while it goes back to normal but xm is still not displayed but it will come back if fuse is pulled and reinserted. ECM pro

... 2006 Cadillac CTS

My passenger side fog light wont come on,i played around with the wires and it came on and in a matter of seconds went back out,i tried playing around with the wires again and nothing happen for weeks now,what do i do?

Its a bad ground, or bad connection. ... Cars & Trucks

2002 GMC Suburban wont . Low fuel light came on I instantly put $25.00 E85 in drove and ran errands. start n stop about 3 times then went back to work and parked it. Came out 2-1/2 hours later won't start. Lights flashing on dash and wheel drive indicators. Turns over strong but wont fire. Can hear a motor in my back seat humming

... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

My 1995 Dakota has an overdrive problem. Some times it wont engage when you press the button. Sometimes it does engage but after a couple minutes working the little yellow light comes back on and the overdrive disengages. when I try to re engage it it won,t engage. Also when you first start out if you ease into the throttle it makes a rattling noise under the truck. If you put your foot in it doesn't do it. Also when you let off the gas to slow down sometimes you get the same rattling noise. Wha

... 1995 Dodge Dakota

I own a 98 Porsche Boxter went out of town for 3 weeks came back and now my battery is dead and my key with remote will not open or close my doors obviously cuz battery is dead. i did manulaly insert key to open my drivers side door. Installed a new battery & car still opens with key only not by remote as before. The red light on the key stll blinks when pressed but the red button on the dash no longer flashes. Hopefully its a simple fix or reset? Any one know how to fix this problem?

Now all you need to do is use the key to lock the doors manually and then remove it, after that use the remote to lock and open it like before.\015\012\015\012hope it works\015\012\015\012rate this ... 2000 Porsche Boxster

Why would my service traction light be coming on and off when ever it feels like it. It came on during a rain storm and would go off a couple of days later, and then it came on again a few months after and did the same thing. now it came on back in Dec, and has just recently started to not come on but then come back on about 10-15 min into my trip. what could be causing this? is it actually not working or is it just a sensor?

These vehicles have a common failure in the wiring to the wheel speed sensors in the front wheels, the wires will get corrosion in them and when they get wet or stretched they will give a false reading to the computer and turn traction control lights ... 2008 Pontiac G6

The abs light and traction control light are on. and te 1998 olds. silhoutte runs fine when the lights come on but after you get to where you are going and turn the van off it wont start up again. then after you leave it sit sometimes 5 min sometimes longer it will start again and those 2 lights go off, until you drive it again and they come back on and it drives fie again til you shut it off again then it wont start again.

Please tell me what to do when the abs light and service tractions lights show on my 2004 oldsmobile silouette van ... 2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette

I was driving out 2003 thunderbird yesterday and about 5 minutes after I left home the overheat light came on and then the engine light. It started to run rough so I immediatley went home. The guage of cold to hot was right in the middle where it should be even when the tempature guage came on. A few minutes late I started the car again and went around the block. The car ran smooth but the engine light was still on. The temperature light did not come back on. I am afraid to drive anywhere today.

U need to take somewhere and have codes scanned (most parts store do this for free) my best guess is it probably a bad coolant temp sensor (u have 2 of them one for gauge and one for computer) one that probably bad is one for computer (should be one ... 2003 Ford Thunderbird

Check engine light came on. Car has over 190000 miles on it. Engine seems to be running fine oil is good and no other obvious signs of anything major. What could be causing this light to come on? Oh also had to replace the gas cap about three weeks back when the check engine light came on from missing the cap. Once the cap was replaced the light went off and now its back on again

... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

My check- engine light kept come on. I have taken to the shop over and over i get car on thursday drive it 2 day and the light is back on. it back in the shop for a nother week they drive around we will reset the system. the last time is was the catalytic converter and two sensor/ the engine light came on two day later, it went back in the shop for week. bad sensor they said. Just got the car back this pass Tues here is Thurs light is back on this morning I think I have repace every thing can be

If you go to Autozone or Oreillys they will scan the car for free. You also need to have the old trouble codes erased to see if repairs are effective.\015\012\015\012What I have a problem with is the car is capable of showing several def ... 1995 Lexus LS 400

My 1999 ford tauras se was out of trans fluid check engine light came on had it checked it said check fluid level or faulty trans filled with fluid took negative cable off batt reconnected light went off but came back on about 8 hours later the trans is changing fine besides hesitant take offs when i take of fast but if i take off normal its ok just want 2 know why is this and why did light come back on?

I think I would go with the later, faulty trans., and where is this fluid loss going. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

07 impala went to car wash pulled vacuum hose through driver window. Traction system off light came on. Key wont turn. It is not the battery, starter,ignition switch.

... 2007 Chevrolet Impala LS Sedan New Cars
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