Having problems with your 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser ?

What would cause the engine to stop firing to spark plugs

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Would replacing the spark plugs cause the engine to rev high if they were the wrong spark plugs or would the oil change i performed be the cause because i didnt put enough oil or i put to much oil.I put 4 quarts in plus 1/3 quart worth of stop leak..what6s the cause of the high rev.

Did you do stop leak in the oil. that is for a bad head gasket ... 1999 Saturn SW

What would cause the engine to stop firing to spark plugs

... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

4g94 motor,in the morning when start the engine , i fond it up normal un stable like work with 2 spark plugs, start to move about 5 min. then stop the car after 20 min start the engine again after movin g the car and stop still the engine runing i heard lioke boming sound and alot of white smoking from the engine .when opened to see what happened in the engine i found afire under the engine after stopping fire one day later i start the engine the engine is normal, i would like to know what is th

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What would cause the engine not to fire , no spark at plugs, engine turns over

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Between 40 and 60 mpg my truck starts a spuddering like vibration. if i add gas or take my foot off the pedal it stops. I have changed the spark plugs, spark plug cables, rotor and distributor cap and nothing changes. what would cause this. check engine light is also on.

Best thing to do is hook up a OBD II (on board diag) scan tool and get the error codes stored in your Dodge Ram computer. Then look at the back of a Haynes repair manual and match the code with the list of codes this repair book provides ... 1998 Dodge Ram

Coil issue My 2005 forester x threw a p 0301 and 0302, I replaced plugs and wires and it didn't work . The car would still sputter and stop! I went to Subaru for a replacement coil $140 and after installing it,I turn thee engine over the car goes z... And then the power no longer works unless you un plug the negative on the batt and re set. Is there something I'm missing that would cause the new coil to behave like that? Like a reset? Use more electric grease? Spark Wires are in the correct ord

Code p0301 and 302 refer to cylinder I and cylinder 2 misfire detected.--- causes--engine mechanical fault--wiring---ignition/ fuel system--injector--ECT/MAF sensor ---ECM I would have had a fuel pressure test done as miss fires from injectors not g ... Subaru Forester

Not getting fire over the #1 spark plug coil. What needs to be changed/what is the cause of the problem? The engine stopped running while in motion. Battery light came on first then all the other warning signal and the engine cut off in traffic. The engine turns, but the engine won't start.

\015\012Check fuel level in fuel tank, add fuel if empty. \015\012Check battery condition and state of charge. If vo ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Kubota ZG23 gas: After sitting all winter engine fired up immediately with a jump to the battery. Stopped and restarted several times in process of mowing with no problem. Three weeks later, when cranked it fired when first turned over but then nothing--would not run or even sound like it was firing. Fuse -OK Rplaced spark plugs. Checked fuel line. Everything looks ok--gas getting to the "bowl" on the carburetor. If I pour small amount of gas directly into the carburetor and then crank it,

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Engine stalls 89 buick century running fine one day, next wont even stay idling. Engine fires while starter engaged but most time it stops as soon as starter disengages.If it does idle its rough and applying any throttle causes engine to stall out. Fuel pressure at 38psi while running. cadalitic converter doenst appear to be plugged .getting spark to all cylinders checked at coil packs diagnostic meter read throttle position sesnor too low and maf/map sensor too low replaced throttle sensor and

Your on the right route but also check egr valve ... 1989 Buick Century

2006 f250 5.4 miss firing on spark plugs 5,4,3 the mechanic next to my paint shop is fixing that Monday but a friend told me for a second I was blowin white smoke out of the exhaust pipe but then it stopped what could be the cause of this I hooked it up to a computer and all it said is my 5,4 3 plus are miss firing would this make me blow white smoke

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I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. I changed the spark plugs and I forgot to reconnect one of the wires to the spark plug. The check engine light came on and I saw what I did and fixed it. Now the check engine light will not cut off. I took to Auto Zone and they hooked up the code scanner and it said miss fire. Which would have been from the spark plug wire not being hooked up. How do I reset the check engine light to have it cut off. Thanks Jimmy

It will reset on its own after several drive cycles or you can take it back to autozone and they can reset it . ... Nissan Maxima

2007 kia Rio Engine shuts off intermittently. History: 1 year ago we had an issue with rough engine and power issues (Approx 150k). replaced spark plugs and same issue. Engine light codes reported misfire on cylinder 3&4. replaced both coil packs for those cylinders and no problems since. Then out of the blue a couple of months ago the engine would just shut off randomly, no bogging or rough idle, just the engine would stop running. this would happen usually when slowing to a stop, making a slow

The\012engine and the automatic transmission in this vehicle are computer\012controlled and in most cases when a fault occurs a fault code is\012stored in the memory of the computer control module. There are\012exception to this, such as the Ma ... 2007 Kia Rio5


Hello,It would be nice to know the past history of the car. For example, does the engine suddenly stall or does it slowly lose rpm and then stall, or does the car run fine and then sometimes idle erratically but never used to stall and no ... 1995 Toyota Camry

One of my spark plug wires protrudes form the spark plug cylinder by about 0.5 to 1 inch. I've tried pushing it in further, but it still protrudes. There are no visible obstructions that I can see. I am afraid that this may be causing me to lose engine power, as the wire may not be creating a good contact with the plug. Sometimes when I am driving I notice that my engine will threaten to cut out while idling at a stop light or something of the like. After checking the engine, i usually notice th

If you suspect that there is a problem with the wire, replace the set of wires with new ones. If you insist on making a repair to that particular wire, look inside the boot and see if the metal probe connector is deformed. If so, you can try to refor ... 1992 Honda Accord

Spark plugs anyone know the fireing order for the spark plug on a 1998 grand cherokee 4.0 6 cyl engine. thanks and what type of spark plug i should use? when ever i stop at a stop light or when i start the car it shakes.

Firing order for the 4.0L 6-cylinder is as follows:1-5-3-6-2-4As for the spark plugs, it looks like the Autolite AL 985 plugs are what you need. If you are going to replace the plugs, might as well also replace the plug wires ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

The distributor and spark plugs are not firing. What would cause this? What else can I do?

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I have a 1988, 911 and the engine miss fires sometimes and I never know when its going to miss fire and why it miss fires? what could be the cause of the problem? when I change the spark plug no 2 and 6 there are traces of oil but after replacing the spark plugs it runs smoothly

Sounds like you're blowing a bit of oil through the cylinders. Pressure testing each cylinder will tell you if you have an issue. ... 1988 Porsche 911

I have a 97 chevy tahoe. I changed the spark plugs, wires, distrubutor cap, rotor. About 300 miles later engine light came on. I thought maybe cheap distrubutor cap and rotor was cheap. I went to auto zone and got another one. Engine light came off on free way. Came back on later on that day. I checked compression test was good. Only miss fire on cylinder 6. So I changed plug and wires again. Still engine light is on. You can on tell the miss fire when your at a stop sign or going slow. Also I

The number 6 cylinder is located (if you are looking at it from the front of the car) it is on the left side third cylinder back from the front. you probally have a bad injector that is just dripping fuel into that cylinder. ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

Car wont start after overheating, trying to get home my car came to a stall. It was running great until it stopped. The engine would start after that but would act as if though it was misfiring. The engine would idle, but wobble like crazy. Brought the car home, changed the spark plug but wont start now. It's on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo, 3.1 engine. Thinking maybe ie would be The ignition control module, but don't know how to check the module

... 1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Toyota truck my spark plug gap was hit by my piston i beleive it smashed the gap shut and bent the middle of the plug the white part that carries the electrode off to the side of the plug but didnt snap it. Before this when i would kill the engine it would deisel some. Im guessing it could be out of time or the rocker arm came loose causing the piston to come farther up. Any body got any suggestions or have i hit the nail on the head. When i would kill it it would deisel and most of the time sho

The fire would be caused by the plug not fireing & hence not burning the fuel, the fuel would sit in the exhaust until ignited (lucky hasn't blown a muffler, The only way a piston could hit a plug is if it is the wrong plug (to deep) the conrod b ... Cars & Trucks

Bentley Arnage 2001 Just had vehicle repaired but one of the spark plugs starts then stops firing the spark plug wire was taken out then vehicle started which is how I seen it stopped all while engine running the wire was switched to another line an seemed to work fine what's going on?

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Engine sputtering When rpm drops, especially when shifts into overdrive, the engine will sputter, if you let off the gas some, it stops. I have changed spark plugs and wires thinking this would fix. It does not do it while shifting thru any other gears. Was getting a misfire cylinder #1 and found worn spot on plug wire. Sure was hoping this would fix the problem. I am sure it is not the transmission slipping.

How long has it been since the air filter and fuel filter been changed ,oxygen sensor in good shape ,if its running rich from misfiring you will ruin the catalytic converter in a short time check for vacuum leaks if its only no 1 cylinder then focus ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I have a 2005 nissan sentra and back in november i had the thermostat and the head gasket replaced. then i was told a spark plug was broken and that as soon as that is fixed the check engine light would shut off and the puttering would stop...is that true. if so how do i change the spark plugs

I would recomend buying a chiltons manual for your car at your local auto parts store. If you are willing to work on your own vehicle it is definitly worth the price ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

I woke up one morning and went outside to start my jeep and it would fire but it would not turn over the engine and start my car it worked the day before and i was driving it all over the place with out any problems and now it just won't turn over I fixed the ignition coil and i think the problem may be in the spark plugs how do i repair the spark plugs

You dont you buy new ones, as you should not tamper with the coil either, buy a new one ... 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Hello, I just replace the spark plugs on my 2005 Cadillac CTS. After everything was installed and I powered up the car it began to idle very high. I double checked my work and couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. Any advice on what could cause the car to idle at high rpms (3000)? The reason I charged the spark plugs was because the engine was mis-firing so i replaced all the spark plugs.

High rpms could be caused by an intake leak or vacume leak check your vacume lines maybe in the process of replacing your plugs you might have accidently damaged a vacume line. ... Cadillac CTS
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