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Why pt cruiser manual transmission 5th gear pops out disengages with minor load?

\015 Has worked fine for many years. Recently, I have to hold the stick in 5th gear with significant force to keep it engaged. Most recently, holding the stick in 5th is no gaurantee that it will not pop out of gear even with a minimal load/accelleration. When engaging 5th gear it "pops" into gear also. If I could get replies in regard to the most likely cause and cost to fix it then I can weigh my option of trading it in.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Why pt cruiser manual transmission 5th gear pops out disengages with minor load?

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The transfer case is stuck in the low range. If manual shift try shifting from low to high several times to see if free up. If electronic, check all fuses and make sure you hear transfer case change range. Do this by shifting with key on engine off. ... 1990 Ford F250

Hey guys, my 02 dodge ram 1500 2 wheel drive NV3500 manual transmission had no prior transmission problems and all of a sudden on the highway in 5th gear on cruise control it slipped out of gear. I tried shifting gears but the only one that would engage was 4th gear. I can put it in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and reverse but it only revs up and doesn't move; only 4th gear will move the truck. I can let the clutch out in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th and the truck wont stall out, only when i do the same in 4th g

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I own 1994 Acura Integra with a 5 speed manual transmission that recently started to develop a gear whine between shifting 1st to 2nd gears and 3rd gears--less so between 4th and 5th gears. What do you think is the cause? Have I run low on manual transmission fluid? Where is the filler bolt? Thanks, Chester Brezniak

If the whine is there than the main bearing is already worn adding fluid will not save it, you will have to swap it or rebuild it. sorry i know you were hoping for something better. ... 1994 Acura Integra

2003 chevrolet cavalier, manual transmission lost 2nd, 4th and reverse but still has 1st, 3rd and 5th gears.

Sounds like one of the levers inside the transmission is either broken or otherwise disengaged. Remove the shifter to see if you can see any obvious reason. ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

5th gear When I've been driving in 5th gear for awhile it will pop out of gear. I put it back in but it will just pop out. could this be a problem with the transmission mount.

It is an internal trans problem,specifically with the 5th gear...gearset.and or synchros or dogs. ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

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The synchro's in your transmission are shot. Time to replace them or the transmission fully. ... 1987 Nissan Pulsar

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I have a '94 F150, straight 6, 4wd, 5 speed manual trans. My transmission shifting knob popped out of it's position and was stuck in a gear. I opened up the cover and was able to move the gear manually and replace the knob. It worked for a couple of days except I didn't have 1st and 2nd. Now I found first but it wouldn't shift out of that gear. To make a long story short it is in a gear (not sure which one), with the engine off I can rock it and feels like it is in a gear, but the same happ

It seems like your shift fork is in between gears you must remove the shift tower and align all the shift levers then drop the shift knob into the middle being neutral tighten it up and it should be ok but remember the replacement could be slightly t ... Ford F-150

5th. Gear Was on road trip had all 5 gears stopped for coffee lost 5 gear but still works great 1-4 1992 jeep wrangler 4x4 5 speed manual transmission. 1st through 4th gears not a problem. Put it in 5th but it doesn't feel engaged. Gas it, motor revs, terrible grinding sound from tranny, and no power to wheels.

Sounds like you may have bent a shift fork or your cluster gear has some missing teeth on it now. I would venture to say that is it a bent shift fork. This will require the transmission be removed to gain access to inspect and repair. ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

1998 VW Golf with a manual transmission. It is popping out of reverse and also, while shifting through the gears it is really hesitant to get going in each gear. Seems to be most noticable in first gear though. Is this a transmission problem or clutch problem or both?

I had the same problem when I bought my GTI a few years back. It turned out that the reverse gear was shot which resulted in a new transmission. It kinda sounds like you may be in the same boat. ... 1998 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 1998 Honda Civic DX with a manual transmission. The vehicle has 408K kilometres on it so I figure it sure doesn't owe me anything. Within the last few months 1st gear has become increasing difficult to shift into and 2nd gear can be hard to get into as well but never as difficult as selecting 1st. It is the same whether the engine / transmission is hot or cold. 3rd, 4th, 5th & reverse are all O.K. to select. Do I assume correctly that it is probably a problem within the transmission

Hi,This seems to be a transmission problem. Rebuilding the same would always cost you much more than buying the one from salvage yard. So, if you could get a deal deal from salvage yard, it would be worth the one.Note - Make s ... 1997 Honda Civic

In my 1997 Ford F-250 7.3ltr Power Stroke, while driving in 5th gear (manual Transmission) on the highway at a constant speed of 70mph going up a gradual hill maybe 6% grade, my pickup locked up and would not move. at first i thought it was the transmission, now i think it may be transfer case. the shifter will move in and around the gears, but i do not know if it is actually pulling out of gear?

Its could be the handbreak thats jamed ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

I have a 1994 2.2 manual chevy calvalier I was driving and I heard a pop then I lost speed as soon as I put my foot on the brake it was like they all locked up and the car hopped to a stop. After that I was having trouble moving the shifter from one gear to another I was still able to go in reverse I put in manual transmission fliud and that seemed to fix the problem temperary then the car would not move gears and came to a skidding stop and now it is stuck in first gear

Sounds like you have broken a main shaft in the gear box due to lack of lubrication\015\012it needs to be inspected\015\012good luck\015\012Cheers Rob. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

I cannot select any gear other than 5th of the 5 speed manual transmission in my 2001 Renault Scenic MPV / sportswagon. This occurred after the front suspension bottomed out going into a sandy 'boghole' on a dirt road and the left side radiator bottom mount bracket was ripped back about 170 degrees. Motor still runs well and clutch operates as it should. But gear selector will move around in neutral & forward into 5th, but no other gear can be selected. I'm told there's a cover I could unbolt &

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My 2008 VW Rabbit fails to shift properly when I accelerate. This issue doesn't happen every time I accelerate, but seems to happen more often the faster I accelerate. The transmission gets hung up at the top of 4th gear and won't shift to 5th. The engine will stay at 3,000 rpm, but the car won't continue accelerating and sometimes starts bucking. If I switch to manual mode, I can force the car into 5th gear and it immediately responds. After getting up to highway speed, the car occasionall

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I have a 1995 Nissan Sentra B14 super saloon manual transmission Japanese version that I recently purchased. I've never owned a nissan product before and was just wondering, does the 5th gear normally revs high? I would be cruising on the highway and my speed is usually around 65km/h(about 40mph)and my rpm is around or over 2000. Just curious because other manual transmission vehicles I've driven in the past normally do not rev that high especially at that speed. If that is normal, then I would

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My 2008 Honda civic 5 speed manual transmission will not go into reverse. This is a common problem apparently and the car has always been difficult to get in reverse but recently the problem seems to have gotten worse. Reverse is popping out of gear, grinding and popping and this morning when I put it in reverse I felt it engage but the car would not move. I know the tranny is not syncro'd and I tried shifting it through the gears then to reverse but it is not cooperating at all any ideas ple

It's internal transmission issue \012most likely a rebuild ... Honda Civic

Transmision . manual transmission 5 speed type R5AA1 , engine WLT Turbo Diesel . transmission started jumping out of 5th gear . gearbox / trans now removed . thrust bearing pieces at rear of box look like have broken up , pulled remnants out of casing .after removing cover. i need a manual that covers gearbox rebuild , also any idea on clutch mileage b-4 replacement on this model . cheers .

Try “autozone.com” or your local library for diagrams and step by step instructions. ... 2003 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

2005 BMW X3 automatic. Transmission seems to slip when in 4th gear and under load going up steep grade. Dealer checked central control computer settings and also sent the transmission control module to BMW/NA for reprogramming, but uphill slipping remains. Dealer calls it "hesitation" but it feels more like slipping to me -- repetitive jerky hesitations in power. It only goes away when you take your foot of the accelerator.This is at near-constant speed in 4th gear (auto or manual) and on a stra

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Hyundai Accent 2000 manual transmission : I seem to have lost the ability to shift into 2nd, 4th, and R. I have disconnected the appropriate rods and have attempted manipulating the linkage manually. The linkage itself exhibits motion restricted in such a fashion that the transmission only successfully occupies 1st, 3rd, and 5th gear. The shifting pattern is translated approx. 33% posterior of normal. Therefore. Neutral is where 2,4,R would be and 1,3,5 are where neutral would be. I believ

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I have a 2004 Saturn Vue, Manual I4 that is not shifting into any gears. The shifter cables are all working, good fluid level and clutch. I had a problem with 3rd gear, which the shop identified was due to the internal mechanism that guides the shifter into each gear. Today, when shifting into third gear there was a pop and when I let off the clutch it was not in gear and the gear shifter is "loose". I see where to access the transmission, but is the internal linkage a DIY job?

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