Having problems with your 2003 Chrysler Concorde ?

Car will not change gears, rpm goes high

\015 Went under the hood to look at fuses for brake lights and moved some fuses around and now my car will not change gears when I take off, the Rpm staya high.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I know you can reset your computer in your vehicle with your ignition call the dealer to find out what sequence of events you need to do to reset your computer you find that out and your problem should be solved...
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I have a 1998 chevorlet cavalier automatic transmission car, my problem while running the car misses gear, it take long time to changing gear and rpm goes high and comes down after shifting, i changed the sparking plugs and still facing the same problem. is it any thing regarding with fuel pump, please give me a good solution.

... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Car will not change gears, rpm goes high

I know you can reset your computer in your vehicle with your ignition call the dealer to find out what sequence of events you need to do to reset your computer you find that out and your problem should be solved... ... 2003 Chrysler Concorde

Few days back my car gear got stuck in drive, I can change the gears from P to R to D and to N. However car only moved forward regardless of the gear I put. Meaning to say car moved forward in R and N. Today when I checked after changing to R, car drives in reverse direction, Neutral also works fine. The problem is when I change the gears, car does not move and when I press the gas pedal rpm goes to 3 to 4 thousand and car starts moving with a huge ****. This happens both reverse and drive gears

Hello, my name is Ben. This sounds to me like you have a problem with the linkage going from the shifter to the transmission. Most likely where the shift cable connects to the transmission shift lever at the transmission end. There is a plastic gromm ... Mazda 626

Few days back my car gear got stuck in drive I can change the gears from P to R to D and to N. However car only moved forward regardless of the gear I put. Meaning to say car moved forward in R and N. Today when I checked after changing to R car drives in reverse direction Neutral also works fine. The problem is when I change the gears car does not move and when I press the gas pedal rpm goes to 3 to 4 thousand and car starts moving with a huge jerk. This happens both reverse and drive gears. An

First check the gear box oil level if its low top it up,,,,if this dont fix it you have a gear box problem ... Cars & Trucks

Why does my auto transmission dosnt chande gears from first.? I had crashed while going 80 mph but the motor and the transmission dint got any damage i fix all of the damage i had made to my car including the tie rods which were bend. i went and did a run test and now the trasmission dosnt change from 1st gear. i try to do it manually and it just revs the rpm goes high.

Hi sounds like a internal problem but check the wiring to the trans they are electronic may have damaged the wiring ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2001 nissan maxima. my car sometimes would not change out of first gear only going 20 miles per hour and the rpm is dangerously high. it sounds like the engine is traveling at a high speed but the car won't move out of 1st gear. i bought it to four mechanics including nissan and they all say NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE CAR! please help me!!!

Welcome to fixya\012\012Hello\012\012 \012\012I have a solution for\012this ... 2001 Nissan Maxima

Bought car five days ago. when originally cranking rpm's would stay high and only go down once in gear. now when cranked rpm's are less than a thousand and oil light comes on and starts to run hot. while driving once you exceed one k rpm's oil light goes off and car will still get hot. however, if i go crank the car in driveway and let it idle, rpm's over one k the car will just sit there perfect with no problem.

The grinding below your feet is the starter,the oil light will allways come on when the rpm's drop to low.\015\012This sounds like a vacuum leak,clogge EGR, throttle position sensor,or incorrect timing.\015\012\015\012what is the te ... Land Rover Range Rover

Idle problem rpm goes to 2500 to 3000 rpm on nuetral mode.. but when i used the car and my shift goes to 5th gear..it goes normal. but when i used the clutch again thr rpm goes to high again..help me wat should i do? if possible the air servo is the problem or the computer box?


I have got recently from the market in Saudia Araibia Riyad used pajero GLS 1997 automatic transimsion in good condition , after driving for more than two months I notice that when start driving using the D shift the car will not go smoothly to light **** ((but when using the 2 shitf it goes to the lighter gear ))and the sign of the RPM raise up to 5x1000 rpm before it goes to the light shift as I mentioned ubove and then I change the gear and filter oil but the situation still as it was be

My recommmendation is too plug in scan tool and do trans diagnossi as i believe these are a computer controlled trans and fault codes should be logged. ... Mitsubishi Montero

I just got a 2004 mercedes s430. The car makes a noise in the engine and when it goes to 2000 rpm it start shakeing and when it goes to 2500 rpm it start shakeing to much till the gear change. I feel the shakeing and in front when I push the breaks. Please can some one help me, I really like this car

I can only suggest you take it to a Garage. And let them advise you on what the Problem can be. Sorry not more helpful. ... 2004 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz S Class

The car is jerkin like anything. i have changed injectors with used ones, and now my micanic said need to buy new injectors. the car engine goes off whn driving.. like when u push the clutch to change the gear the engine goes off. The RPM miter is pulping between 1 to 4...

Do yourself a favor and before you spend one more dollar on parts take it to a dealer and pay for their diagnosis. may not seem cheap but sounds like it could save you in the long run. ... 2005 Land Rover Freelander

Hi there I have Renault megane 2006 1.6L 16v 1 >> when i engage (D) the rpm is normal and no porbelm then i start acceleration and then release it the rpm remains above 1 for while like 10sec more or less and then goes down to normal(sometimes not and remains high) and if i change the gear to (N) because the engine sound very loud the rpm goes up to 2.5 or 3 and then goes down to normal under 1 2>> when i D-accelerated i feel that the gearbox is shaking under my foot

You have a problem with your auto gearbox.check you auto box iol level. ... 2001 Renault Sportwagon

I have hond city 2004 exi model. my car rpm is very high during gear change with ac running. if a/c is switched off the rpm is normal. i hav checked a/c and found ok. what is the reason

... Honda Cars & Trucks

Loud clicking noise coming from engine when at high rpms. I have a stick. The noise happens just as I'm about to shift from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th. Doesn't happen much in 4th gear or at all in 5th gear, but that could be because I don't hit a high rpm level in those gears. Doesn't happen at all until car is warmed up. Got oil changed and noise was drastically reduced, but is still present. To my very inexperienced ears, it sounds like maybe one of the four cylinders is rattling?

Sounds like the rockers or lifters have some play due to wear.you don`t say what rpm you are shifting at other than high rpm.by changing the oil you have increased the viscosity of the oil as its new and not dirty and thin and cold oil is thicker tha ... 2005 Ford Escape

My 2000 Ford 1.6 lt. Laser Automatic; at around 60 km/h speed, suddenly Gear changes back to a very low gear (engine rev goes up to 4000-5000 rpm) and goes back to normal in few seconds. runs normal at high speed 100 km/h.

TPS (Throttle posision sensor) would be my guess ... Ford Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 nissian sentra GXE 1.8L we have changed every sensor the car has oxygen, trottle, mass air flow....... even sent the computer to get checked no problems found, and still the RPM goes up to3 while ldoling and will cut it self off at times when it put into gear. when we attempt to drive it it don't want to change out or it goes dead .PLEASE HELP.

Hi, have you checked the idle air control valve? This valve controls the engine idle. It is sitting on top of the engine near the throttle body and looks like the picture below. You might want to try disconnecting the valve to see if the engine id ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

I havea 2002 toyota camry with around 104000 miles on it. It has been a really comfortable ride till now. Just recently the sound of the engine has become louder, before it used to be a gentle hum.. also at low speeds the car hesitates a bit...it becomes better at high speeds. sometimes the rpm goes high, but the speed of the car remains low....recently took it for oil change and stuff...the condition of the oil is okay...no other problems

Check exhaust for leaks, also could have weak motor mounts depends on what kind of sound you are having ... 2002 Toyota Camry

My check engine light came on and the car will not shift into high gear. CAn go 75 on highway but high rpm (no redline or no burning smell). Have 117K miles. Oil change place says need to change transmission fluid. Could this be cause?

Could very well be the problem ,together with band adjustment ... 2004 Toyota Camry

High revs when starting, idles HIGH (almost 2000 RPM) for about 15 mins then backs down to 1500 RPM now and then it will go tickover but if you go to chang gear ti keeps at 2000 revs and drops down slow my car is the 806

Being a fuel injected engine , there are many reasons this could be happening.from the top , lets check the Manifold Absolute Pressure (M.A.P.) sensor , as it is easiest.Find the MAP sensor , it has a couple a wires and a vacuum tube goin ... 1991 Peugeot 405

I have Hyundai Santro Club (999cc). CNG kit has been added separatly. For the last couple of weeks there is CHECK light and when the check light is on the RPM increases (when the car is IDLE). If i use AC then the RPM goes up very high (when the car is IDLE). The problem of "CHECK" light is infrequent. I have checked with Hyundai dealer and he says that there is a need for changing TPA sensor and its connector (they call it coupler)

... Hyundai Santa Fe

I have toyota camry that has an idle problem...i changed the tps,I cleaned the iac motor and took the throttle body apart and cleaned it.I changed the spark plug wires and changed the spark plugs,and put a new rotor in the distributer cap,and cleaned the fuel injectors,and put in a new radiator and new water pump,and still my car has no power and idles very high between 1 an 2 on the rpm gage..it goes up and down...i need it to stay idle level 1,but no luck..i did just about everything i could t

Did you check the vacumm hoses ? the one on the EGR, high idle means you have a vacumm leak ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Renault Master "W" Registered Renault Master 2.8 Deisel When accelerating and the engine is doing approx 2800 RPM there is a high pitched noise. When you change gear it goes away until you reach 2800 RPM again. It has lost power since this noise started. Any Idea.

... 2006 Renault 181

Jaguar s-type 2001 4.0 has problems acceleratingon first and second does not want to throw gears right rpm goes real high and car does not accelerae then it gets gear and accelerates is it the transmission fluid i need to check or speed sensors

... 2003 Jaguar S-Type

My car has manual transmission. If the car approaches 3500 rpm in any gear, I hear a metallic grinding noise. The noise goes away as soon as I decrease speed or change gears.Is this an indicator of a transmission problem which will get worse?

It actually sounds as if something has come loose in the clutch disc or pressure plate in the bell housing. I would have this looked at and see if they find anything. You can possibly look yourself most standard tranny's have an inspection cover on t ... Mazda Protege

I have 1007 1.4 Dolce 2-Tronic automatic petrol car. Sometimes when it is trying to change to the gear 2, I get the "Auto Gear fault" message and the car turns to neutral. I have to switch off the engine and restart after few minutes. Sometimes it goes back to gear 1 and if I acceleates, it changes to the gear 3. I can then drive it, but still with the auto gear fault warning. I tried to drive manually, but it suddenly changes to auto and gives me the auto gear fault message. Please help me to

... 2006 Peugeot 405
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