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Went to autozone to replace my battery but they recharged it and said it was still good. I placed the battery back on the vehicle and it wont even turn all i see pop on the dash is rfa 4 battery low.

\015 MY 2003 suburban wont start\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Went to autozone to replace my battery but they recharged it and said it was still good. I placed the battery back on the vehicle and it wont even turn all i see pop on the dash is rfa 4 battery low.

... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban

HELP Ok let see if anyone can figure this problem out for me. I have a 1987 F250 with a 460. Im having a problem with it not charging the battery. I have all the correct voltage at the battery posts, battery wires, even the alternator. it just wont send the charge back to the battery. Also the battery lite doesnt come on when you turn the key to the on position.I have replaced the battery, atlernator, battery cables, even the whole cluster in the dash, and Im still having a problem with it not c

Rebuilt alternators don't always work,  have it checked.  But first, there is a small "excite" wire that goes into the alternator, if this wire does not provide some voltage, the alternator will not put out.  Look for this wire and see ... 1987 Ford F 250

I Have a 2007 chevy cobalt 5sp and it wont start the dash is saying that the power steering and its showing that there is no gas in it and the low fuel light is on but i know there is 3/4 of a tank in it it wont even turn over and its not the security lock that is keeping it from starting i already made sure of that i disconnected the battery with the key out of the ignition so that i didnt erase the chip in the key but it still didnt start ad it didnt erase the code of the power steering and th

OK remove the panel under the steering wheel becareful not to damage the trunk release wire or button you have to diconnect the wire from the button, after that is done you well see the power steering motor make sure all connector are in the large b ... 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe

2006 Ford focus zx4 St..replaces the alternator last night car ran fine all day I came home for lunch and then I went to leave to go back to work about 35 min later and the car would not start wouldn't even turn over dash lights work. windows radio door locks all works but it wont turn over at all I turn the key and its like the battery is dead and the odometer wont read Milagros just dashes like this ----- -------- I checked the fuses under the Hood and steer

... Cars & Trucks

I also have a 2004 saab 9-3 with the inside blower motor that wont turn off with key out of the car and even when the car is locked,It has manually air con panel. When i disconnet the battery and reconnect the battery the fan stop working, when i start the car and use the blower motor it works correctly for a minute then freezes on the speed i on and same think again fan wont turn off, any one please help. Saab garage have never seeing the problem before. Its not the blower motor and i think its

Hello.\015\012\015\012There are two probable causes for this problem.\015\012\015\012The first is the fan power relay is sticking in the closed position and drawing power even with the key off. When you disconnect the battery ... 2004 Saab 9-3

2001 Camaro Z28 5.7L V8 wont start. Battery is showing full charge, Have not had any starter noise or problems, Ran fine. When I turn the key, most of the dash lights go out, but some stay on, dome light stays on and radio stays on. It just does one click and wont even turn over as the dashlights go out. When I let off the key, the dash lights come back on.

... 2001 Chevrolet Camaro

Dash lights Report abuse My dash lights will not come on even though when i turn on my lights it does not work and yes my tail lights work,ive changed my fuses also .Even the little AC lights wont come on and wen i drive at night i have to shine my phone over the shift stick or whatever its called to put it in drive then when i do get on the road i have to also shine my phone over the dash to see how fast im going........ Can you please help me!!!!

This might sound like a dumb question, but I've done this myself: Is it possible that the dimmer switch is turned down? If not, check the fuse for the insturment/gauges, if that is ok then you can check to see if the ground wire came off under the da ... 1998 Nissan Altima

My 1988 nissan sentra wont start after I replaced the battery. I heard a pop near the battery when I connected the battery and not it wont even crank. all the light come on in the dash as normal when iturn the key and I here a click. can it be the ignition coil?

The pop may have been a fuse and needs to be replaced. ... 1988 Nissan Sentra 2 Door

Turn the key the my Nissan Quest 1996 and no starter action. Not even a click and the dash lights go from dim to dark. I also noticed that my headlights wont come on at all, however the interior lights work and so do the power windows and doors. When I lock and unlock the doors they chatter or click as if not enough juice. Is this the battery or can the starter motor/solenoid stop the headlights from coming on? The battery reads 12.4 volts with out a load. If it?s the battery then why wont the h

Reading voltage on a battery dosen't mean much, it's the amperage that counts. Hook up jumper cable to your battery, now quickly touch th other ends together. You should get a snap and large spark. If this dosen't happen, you battery or connection a ... 1999 Nissan Quest

2005 kia sedona wont turn over wont start, just put in a new battery little over a month ago, a week ago it did the same thing and the starter relay fuse was popped out of its socket i pluged it back in and it started right up, worked just fine for a week, this time its not out and won't start turn crank, all lights on dash come on radio ext

Check to make sure the main wire going to the starter is tight mine was corided and did the same thing ..just a thought ... 2005 Kia Sedona

Turning key doesnt power up dash on my 1982 928 when it worked fine this morning .starter wont engage or even go click, the headlights wont pop up. the key seems sloppy in the ignition however it has operated till now .is there any way to power up the ignition and possibly jump the selinoid to close the starting circuit thus starting the car.I have skills but no manual anything about these circuits or even where to find the selinoid , any wiring diagrams reguarding this situation would be super

Hello ther\012Are the lights on the dash on or not?\012if yes check your grounds what you can find.Mainly at the battery.It could also be the electrical part of your ignition switch,\012let me know\012 ... Porsche 928

The car will not start. All the lights come on, dash, interior and head lights. The car will not turn over. It does not even try to turn over. I looked at the battery terminals and they looked very clean. The starter motor is not clicking. The car did sound like it was having trouble starting like the battery was low for the last couple of days. Could it be any fuses and where are they? I had the ignition replaced three years ago when it did not start could it be that again where the ignition is


1994 GMC Seirra wont start tried changing the battery and still wont start,when we changed the battery the dash lights and the headlights worked but as soon as we turned the key all lights went out and the truck would not start the lights will not come back on.It will not even cranck or anything.

Did you see what volts the battery is? and what volts it goes to while trying to start it? should have over 12, and then over 10 while trying to start. Sounds like a battery, or... a poor connection. ... 1994 GMC Sierra

My 91 honda accord is tempermental with starting. sometimes i put the key in the ignition and turn and nothing happens, not even a click. and sometimes i turn and the dash lights up. and some of the time, i can start it right up. an engine fan has been coming on even when i haven't driven it and runs for hours. and sometimes it only runs for a few minutes. i have had two battery tests done. one says that it is low and bad at a 5.75 reading. one said it was good at a 12 reading. the alternato

Sounds like possibly a shorted or sulfated battery to me. I would replace it, especially if it is four years old or mor. Also check all of your battery connections and cables to verify that they are clean and tight (BOTH ends of the cables). ... 1991 Honda Accord

My 91 honda accord is tempermental with starting. sometimes i put the key in the ignition and turn and nothing happens, not even a click. and sometimes i turn and the dash lights up. an engine fan has been coming on even when i haven't driven it and runs for hours. and sometimes it only runs for a few minutes. i have had two battery tests done. one says that it is low and bad at a 5.75 reading. one said it was good at a 12 reading. the alternator is good said both. the a/c worked when i boug

... 1991 Honda Accord

Wont start I have a 2000 ford focus tht wont start. It has spark fuel pump is kicking over and have even pourd a lil into the throttle body to see if that was it and still nothing. i have banged on the starter motorand solinoid and still nothing. the battery is good even tried jumping it. it turns over bout 3/4ths the way most times and doesnt kick on. other times it kicks almost all the way over then goes back to the 3/4ths.....ANY IDEAS????

... 2000 Ford Focus

Error message gos on dash(where the miles are displayed), all Gages turn off. gas-rpm-mph-temp- go to "0", all sensors go crazy, low fuel light,-check coolant- ABS light go on. and this is all while its running & i'm drivein, once i turn the car OFF it will not turn on- error messege stays on, when i turn the key u can here the fuel injector,, i've tryed to take the battery off and put it back on-it worked, but then it turned off on my way home, and now it wont turn on at all. Comments: Sep 05,

... 2006 Chevrolet Malibu

My 2002 V6 4wd s10 pickup wont start. Checked battery its fine. checked alternator and it passed. it will not turn over. after inserting the key and turning the dash guages and lights will blink ans spasm and continue to do so even after the key is out. then sometimes when i ty to start nothing will happen except the engine light will come on. Could this possibly be realted to spark plugs? those have not been replaced in a long time.

Check your ignition switch (located on the steering column under the dash) If this is working, you will hear an electronic switch click when you turn the key on - if you do hear it then replace your starter ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

My 1994 honda civic wont turn on my alternator was replaced aslong with the battery also i repaired a power wire cause it blew and it was running for about a week having to be pop started every once in a while now it doesnt even crank it just clicks as if the battery is dead soooo i dont know what it could be now possibly a starter? idk

You most likely have a mitsuba starter this is a common problem with this make of starter replace it and buy one from a local rebuilder not a parts store ... 1994 Honda Civic

I'm having the same problem w/my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lerado v8. Got a new battery & it would crank but not start, acted like it was out of gas. I had to reset the security alarm system by turning key on drivers side door, passenger & rear hatch, wouldnt start until next morning w/np. Then... ran fine all week. I drove it around the block, changed the battery terminal, had to reset the alarm system but now it wont start. Engine doesnt even crank. All lights on dash come on, can hear fuel pum

... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 03 jeep grand cheorkee wont turn over it cranks all day but will not turn over and when i crank it i can see the battery gauge going down from normal to low i got the battary checked out and its good, the start is good i checked all of the fuses i just cant get it started

I'm not sure what you were looking for on the chat......I told you the problem but for some reason you were still unsatisfied. ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1999 Taurus only owner and no bad problems, has 122,000 mls. Haven't been driving it for about two months,(riding bus) but have start at least 2 or so times a week. Last Tuesday I desided to drive to the park & ride TOO Hot to walk. When I returned that evening it wouldn't start. Battery is new, all indicator lights are fine. When I turn the key to the started position there is a click seems to be in the dash, but not the type from a low battery lights don't dim or any of that. Just

This is the sound of the solenoid to make a contact first so the current can flow through your stater and engage with the fly wheel to turn the engine on. Overtime, the contacts are getting corroded or burnt surface due to high current arcing after ... 1999 Ford Taurus

My 1996 Jeep Cherokee will not start. It has a fully charged battery. When I turn the ignition all the dash lights come on but the engine wont turn over does not even click

First remove the connectors from the battery. Make sure the battery terminals and the connectors are clean and free of corossion. Try to start the vehicle again. If nothing then I would say it is a faulty starter. By the way always replace the selono ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Car trouble, first off acr was a little low on gas but even before that it had started to run uneven,popping,misfiring and since has become worse to the point where the car will not start or even fire up its a fuel injected1992 vp holden calais 3.8 v6 that i have never had a problem with up until now,car turns over and has spark and fuel and have done flashcode test,new sparkplugs,cleaned injectors and fuel rails checked filters,coilpacks,ignition leads,,,,and still the ***** wont start ,can you

... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

98 sunfire. i cant get it 2 start. i changed all the sensors. i cant read the codes becuz it came 2 me with a dead battery. anyways if i floor it turn the key over. it tries 2 start it will sputter and shake. and just about start. but wont run. ther is 120 lbs in each cylynder. the anitheft lite is on. doesnt flash. i got it towed here. it has an after market stereo. tried the leave key on 4 10m 2 see if the theft lite turns off. and ya it doesnt. so i cant even try that

Hello! Tell me what sensors you changed...Was it running at all before you got it? And is it a OEM anti-theft unit? Just paint a picture of the cars general state so I can get a better idea....Guru............saailer ... Pontiac Sunfire
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