Having problems with your 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD ?

Both sides of truck brake lights dont work but the brake lamp on top of cab works.

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Both sides of truck brake lights dont work but the brake lamp on top of cab works.

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Brake beeping I have a 2002 Ram 1500 V8, beeps everytime I put my foot on the break and occasionally when I put it in reverse. It displays on the dash that there is a "Lamp Out" but I've checked all of the lights and they're all on, all except the reverse lights on the top of the cab, so I changed the bulb and they still don't work, however the brake lights that are connected to the same fuse on the top of the cab DO work... Any suggestions?

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

Tail lights dont work need fuse diagram My reverse / backup lights ( white lights below brake lights) do not work. My brake lights work (except for the top brake light which I suspect is the bulb) along with all my other lights which are in working order. I bought the van used and the fuse box cover for the box under the drivers side dash was missing when I pushased it. I have a diagram for both fuse boxes but it dose not state which fuse does to the revese/backup lights, any assistance would b

The fuse panel cover has a diagram on the inside, it is a sticker.Here u have it:http://4 ... 1998 Ford Econoline

On a 2002 dodge ram 1500 truck the brake lights and the turn signals and winshield wipers dont work the only brake light that works is above the cab. and the turn signal flashes on the dash like they are working but they are not any help?

I suspect a bad multi function switch located in the left hand side of the steering column. This switch controls your high/low beams/wiper delay/windshield washer/turn signals and hazards. ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

2005 chev trailblazer v6 4.2 rear side brake light dont work the top rear brake light works fuse 12 front works rear seat below fuse 16 and fuse 34 good bulbs good where do i check next


(1999 GMC Jimmy) i just installed pilot fog lights and had them wired to my parking lamp switch on the left side of my steering wheel. After i was driving for a little my gauge lights went off and the fog lights did also. But my mileage light still works and the light that shows my emergency brake works. All the gauge clusters dont thou. Please help me.

There is a fuse on the fuse box call ilumination, or cluster lights\015\012that fuse is bad \015\012it is also posible that you have no parking lights outside \015\012remove the fog lights power from there you need to get power from ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brake lights not working properly. With lights off Driver side no brake light when brake is engaged. With lights on and all rear lights on, engage brake - no driver brake light and passenger side lights go out completely. Top brake light works great and all turn signal lights work. Is it a ground short when brake is engaged?

The problem is that the tail lights, light bulbs get too hot and melt the plastic where the bulb socket goes into the lens assembly. On the lens assembly you will see one to three metal tabs where the socket fits into. Lift up the tab a little bit wi ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2001 dodge neon doesnt have power to the tail lights. The blinker and the brake light work on the passenger side but not on the drivers side(the parking lights dont work on either side). the reverse lights work fine, the inside trunk light works. I replace the bulb in the drivers side rear light and the brake and blinker will work immediatly for about thirty seconds and then nothing. Ive traced the wiring as much as i could without taking the front seat out and all looks fine. theres power to

... 2001 Dodge Neon

Brake light problem, seems to be a short from the tail lights to the brake lights. the right blinker does not work properly either. the results is a can of worms, with the parking lights on the brake lights work on the right side but the left is a dim glow, With the parking lights off the left side works but the right does not, but there is a dim glow in the top and bottom tail lights. The center led brake light works properly all the time. I feel it is a short somewhere but for the life of me i

Check for a missing or poor ground connection to the rear lamps. Check for ground (0V) at each rear lamp bulb socket connection. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

My son has an '06 Dodge 2500 series, mega cab,.Cummins 24V pick up truck w/only 30K miles on it. It has recently developed a wiring problem in the stock trailer light receptacle. The right side turn and brake signals quit working on his new trailer. We thought at first it was an issue with the trailer lights. Upon further investigation and checking the receptacle with a volt-ohm meter, we discovered the voltage was low and not varying with the tail light functions like the left side. Now what do

I have seen this a few times of people complaining about this on the net. Most likely your problem is the plug in module called a TIPM or Totally integrated power\015\012 module that controls a lot of the electrical circuits for the truck ... Dodge Ram 2500

Brake light dont work. 2006 chevy truck, 4.8L 2wd

Some of these had two fuses for brake lights. One for the top/center stop lamp and another for the rear left and right brake lights. Usually one said "stop" and the other said "brake" and one was in the underhood panel while the other was in the dash ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

I have brake light issues. I got pulled over because only the middle brake light worked. I pulled the assemblies and noticed some pretty charred looking sockets so i replaced those. Now I have perfect lighting when headlights are off, but as soon as the headlights come on the lights go haywire. They all work except the drivers side brake light. but if i turn it onto auto lights the driverside tailights dont work at all. I dont think its a ground or wire because they all work at one time.

Multi function contol switch is shot, ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I was working on tail lights on 2004 dodge 1500 I ran a wire from hot side of park lamp fuse (inside cab fuse panel) to tail light connector.The alligator clip of my wire laid against the chrome step bar the wire burned (small gauge wire maybe 16 awg) in half, not the insulation but the wire inside. Now the truck wont start, engine cranks good I have fire at spark plugs. I also checked fuses and relays under the hood fuse panel and inside cab fuse panel.

Do you have fuel? You might want to check the fuel pump fuse and see if it took a hit!\015\012\015\012You could also spray a little starting fluid into the intake while cranking and see if it sputters.\015\012\015\012Good luc ... Dodge Ram 1500

Suddenly both brake lights went out on my 2001 Ford Focus SE (although the top trunk brake light works). All other rear lights work. I did all the obvious things. I checked the fuse (#54), checked the bulbs (both filaments are fine), and took out the pedal switch, jumped the lead with a wire and the top trunk light worked (as it does when I depress the pedal. However, neither of the side brake lights work.

Broken wire where trunk lid opens ... 2001 Ford Focus

Water recently got into the rear light assembly of my 1993 Honda Accord EX. I realized this when my 'brake lamp' warning light came on...I removed the water and cleaned up the sockets. The signal light is working and the running light works when I turn on the headlights, but I can't get the brake lights(passenger side rear, trunk hood or back window)to work on the side that got wet. The only part that doesn't light is the filament that lights when the brakes are applied. Besides drying out every

Did the water short the system out and blow all the bulbs? ... 1993 Honda Accord

1. Truck has a clicking noise up front on passenger side. We have already changed the relay switch on the passenger side plus the 4 way flasher, but it is still clicking. It sounds like a blinker and when you put your foot on the brake it stops. 2. The drivers side back brake light does not work. all other lights and blinkers work. Tried two new bulbs and still no go. 3. Truck had a security light on plus it would not start randomly and if I waited 10 - 15 minutes it would start... and I

... 2001 GMC Jimmy

The tail brake lights dont work on ethier side. But the overhead brake light works. All other tail light functions work normal.I change brake light switch and still they dont work.

Call the dealer to see if the re-call for this issue is still active. I know it was still active in 04' but not sure now. ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

2001 f 150 extended cab. trailer lights were working. had to replace a trailer light uhit because it was broken. now lights do not work properly. running lights work. turn signal only works if running lights on. only one side will work at a time. ran ground to both sides, only one side will work properly. can get get both sides to work together. tapped into truck harness above oem plug. still does not work properly. tried a new light kit. same problem.

The description of the problem is very confusing. If the trailer is disconnected, do all of the functions work OK? If so the problem is with the trailer wires. If all worked before you replaced the light, then thats where the problem lies. The turn s ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I have a 94 Chevy C1500 and the right side brake light and blinker are not working. The tail light and reverse light work though, and the right front blinker works but it blinks twice as fast as it should. All of the left side brake and blinkers work fine. I replaced the bulb, tail light circuit board, and tried a flasher from another Chevy truck that I know was working and still there was no change. What could it be?

It could be a bad multifunction (turn signal) switch. The way that switch works, it is possible that it can turn on the front blinker and not the rear one. It also cancels the brake circuit so the turn signal can work with the brake pe ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

1997 Ford Light Duty F-250 Problem: Passenger rear brake light / signal light Brake light is intermittent. Signal works most of the time. Emer. flasher is intermittent. Center & left side work fine. I changed the lamp, checked and cleaned the socket. It works for a while then no brake light but turn signal works. While working on it over several days everything would work then no brake Maybe no flasher. Someone told me last month it was out but when I checked everything seemed fine??

It appears that you may have an intermittent earth connection between the globe sockets and the vehicle body.\015\012First, check how well the metal base of the globe fits into the socket. If it is a bit loose remove the globe, squeeze th ... Ford F-250

Changed out the 15 amp fuse for the brake lights.... the brake lamp on top rear of the vehicle works when you press the brake petal...... the two on the sides don't....... think it's the switch or an electrical issue ?

Http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_would_the_brake_lights_on_a_'99_Tahoe_not_work_but_all_the_other_lights ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

2003 TUNDRA with brake light problems! Driver side brake light doesn't work and the drive side of the 3rd brake light Lamp or light doesn't work. Tried with the headlights on and off, no difference. HELP!

... 2003 Toyota Tundra

If the tail lights and brake lights dont work are those connected to the same wiring. My side lights work and my blinkers. But when i press the brake the taillights illuminate for the back lights and they dont work. I have changed the bulbs once and the fuses if they are old could that be problem as well

Sounds like a bad ground in the taillamp circuit. The brake lights and the tailights are on different wires. ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Both my back up lights on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee are not working when the vehicle is put into reverse. The turn signals and brake lights work, as well as the parking lights. About four months ago, I discovered that water had been sitting in the passenger side rear light fixture and had corroded the metal contacts, so I replace the entire lamp. I cleaned up the sockets and the rear light on the passenger side still did not work. However, the driver side back up light was still working. About

If you are sure it is not corrosion at the bulb sockets then it could be the back-up switch at the transmission. ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2004 chev trailblazer bottom brake lights dont work. I have replace both lamps and swapped the fuse with another 10watt still no luck. what could the problem to cause both sides not to work?

Broken or corroded wiring on left side rear under vehicle ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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