Having problems with your 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD ?

Have noise comming from the front end, just when I turn wheel. Sounds like rubbing noise. It has 85000 miles on it.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Any snow froze up in the wheel wells?
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

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Have noise comming from the front end, just when I turn wheel. Sounds like rubbing noise. It has 85000 miles on it.

Any snow froze up in the wheel wells? ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

I have a 95 jeep grand cherokee and i drove it 140 miles no prob no sounds or anything put it in 4wd the next day and it made a poping noise when you gave it gas or turned now with it out of 4wd its got a clicking noise thats gets louder as you increase speed its all comming from the front left axle it sounds like what the problem?

Check the outer joint on the noisy axle. likely it has failed. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2004 MDX w/nav. it has 12100. miles on it. For the past month it has been making a strange noise indermently around 35mph to 45mph. The noise sounds like it is either from right in front of vehicle to the drivers & front passenger area. It almost sounds like something grinding or a real hard piece of thick rubber rubbing over a piece of metal. Then I also notice when the vehicle reaches about 65mph to 70mph a humming noise that sounds like it's coming from the back of car. These sounds

... 2004 Acura MDX

There is a noise coming from the right-front wheel area during a left turn. It almost sounds like a tire-rub on the inner wheel-well cover, but it also makes this same noise when stationary while turning the wheel to the left. Is it possible for a power-steering pump to make a groaning sound when the steering wheel is turned in this direction, but not when making a right turn? This noise becomes increasingly loud during cold weather, but diminishes slightly after the car comes up to running t

I had this same problem and the dealer could not reproduce the noise when I would take it in to get looked at. (during the day when the temperature was warm) So I decided to leave it over night and they test drove it in the morning when the temperatu ... 2001 Nissan Altima

Grinding noise in the left front wheel while turning right - gets more noticeable the harder the turn is. Checked tire clearance - no problem, but it's not a rubbing noise but a grinding noise. No problem turning left. The car is a 1998 Cabrio, so a bit older. Have had the front wheel bearings repaired (packed? replaced?) once but several years ago. Sound like a bearings issue? Or could it be brakes?

Grinding on front wheel is caused by 2 things. \015\012a bad or loose wheel bearing,or worn out brakes, have them both checked \015\012You might also want to check the level of fluid in the power steering \015\012reservoir - low or lack of flui ... 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

Front-end noise When making an excellerated left turn, you get a loud noise that sounds like the wheel isn't on tight (but is), or a bad c/v joint ( but no c/v joint exists on this vehicle because it is 2WD). You do not even have to turn the wheel much for the sound to be apparent and there are no visible signs of the wheel or tire rubbing against anything in the wheel well.

If the noise is coming from the right front when making a left turn it would be a wheel bearing if you can narrow down where the sound is coming from i would check that. ... 2001 Jeep Cherokee

My car just started making a creeky noise like something is rubbing in the suspension. It sounds like it is coming from the front passengers side somewhere. It only makes the noises when accelerating, slowing down, going around turns. it doesnt make the sound just going straight down the road.

Sounds Like the Strut needs replaced. Cost $116 to $200 each. The only other thing that would squeak would be the rubber coil spring insulator (might have moved). \012\012Take Care ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

It sounds like something is vibrating or rubbing in the front end. I put new brake discs on about 2000 miles ago. I started to have this noise problem about 200 miles ago and it is steadily getting worse. I backed off the calipers and the noise seemed to go away when I test drove it. Once I pumped the brakes up the noise returned. Could I have a warped disc or vibrating brake pads or what? Thanks for your assistance. Dave

If its a loud roaring sound when u drive check the hub assembly ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

Humming noise sounds like from the front end. I just replaced wheel hubs and still making noise. The tone of the humming changes with slight on off the gas pedal. I just ordered new front axles thinking it could be bearings in cv joint going bad and they were never replaced. I have 130,000 miles on 2000 durango. Noise tone also changes when turning to the left.

Check side carrier bearings in the diff i have rreplace a lot of them for the same noise thats all you have to do remove the diff cover remove end caps and see if the bearings are pitted if so replace ... 2000 Dodge Durango

I have a '93 Honda Accord with 230,000 miles. Recently it's been intermittently making a loud squealing noise when turning left or right at low speeds (like the squeaky sound you might hear when rubbing hard while cleaning glass). Doesn't happen all the time and doesn't happen when turning the wheel while standing still. It doesn't occur until after the engine has warmed up. Sometimes I can drive for blocks and make frequent turns with no noise, sometimes I drive the same route and it squeals at

Change the power steering fluid in the steering system. This will take a couple of times but will solve your problem. ... 1993 Honda Accord

Noise in front end, sounds like wheel bearings, 110,000 miles, rear end axles and bearings replaced, sounds still present, louder when making left turn when weight of vehicle shifts to front end right side

You say the rear wheel axles and bearings have been replaced, you mention nothing of the front wheels, you have the symptoms of a front wheel bearing being worn out, remove them and check for pitting in the bearing rollers o ... 2004 Ford Crown Victoria

Steering noise I have a 2001 gmc sonoma short bed.It has oversized tires.( 235/70 R15 ) when I turn it sounds like something is rubbing undernieth the steering wheel.I know that my tires rub but I'm in the process of deciding wheather to go one size or two sizes smaller in front. Could this be why I have this noise???

The noise you are hearing is most likely from the tires. If you like the the tires try wheel spacers or if its a 4x4 try cranking the torsion bars, but make sure you do them equally ... 2007 GMC Sonoma

I have a 2006 chevy HHR with 17400 miles on it. It has a clicking noise in the front end when going over bumps.When lifting front of car, the axle feels loose on the transaxle side of shaft on both sides. Does this mean that the CV joints are bad? I Have 2006 HHR ,Hear a rubbing noise that changes with my speed sounds like driveshaft or scraping disc brakes , brakes are fine not sure about c-v joint how can I check, could it be a bearing in the transaxle case?

On my cobalt (same platform) there is a known bad engine mount that clunks (like you have bad shocks) when you go over bumps.\015\012If you look under the car from the front, you can see its a circle, (supposed to be ) filled with a rubber/comp ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

My dash board is making noise... It sounds like its comming from the cd player (and my cd player doesnt work btw) but it sounds like very small windsheld wipers. OR maby "the robot" sound.. I mean it really sounds like when your cd is trying to play in the player and its not working and it makes that noise like its trying to read it... Thats what it sounds like the most.. BUt its all the time.. I have to turn my radio up to not hear it.. And even what i turn the cd and tuner off it still does it

Is it more of a clicking ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

1998 Explorer Grinding noise inside front axle, thought it was brakes but when I turn the front axle with car on stands and wheels off sounds like a rub inside the front axle

Check hub bearings ... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have a 2000 Blazer and when I drive down the road I get a kind of grinding noise from the front end. It makes this noise when I drive straight, but if I turn the wheel ever so slightly to the left the noise goes away. It sounds almost like a rubbing of the tires, but I see no evidence of that going on. It seems to be on the left side mostly, although it could be on the right, I just don't sit there.

It might be the hub bearing assembly on the driver side. If you can have someone drive for you so you can check out the other wheel. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Truck making a knocking noise when turning getting a little feed back in steering wheel to. only 35,000 k when hard turn almost sound like its rubbing something or grinding. if shaking steering shaft it sounds like the noise when driving but why rubbing noise i hope its not steering gearbox

There is a problem with the steering shaft going to gear box 2 out of 10 trucks have this problem gmc and chevy ive done a few, its a dealer part, replace that first then see if the other rubbing noise is there, but the knock noise is the shaft, i ha ... 2006 GMC Sierra Denali

I have a 2005 Honda Civic that makes a grating noise when I make a left hand turn. It seems worse the more you excelerate. The noise seems to be in the front end and sounds like something rubbing together. Any ideas?

Do you know a cv joint sound like ,------ ? If not that it could be the fender cover must be touching the wheel ----- check for rubbing sign ... Honda Civic

I'm having trouble turning left and it makes noise when I turn left. It feels like my power steering is not working. I just changed my front brakes but its still pulling and making a winding sound. I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon 133,000 miles.

Probably your power steering pump is going out or your power steering hose. ... 2000 Toyota Avalon

Left front wheel sound and feel like it is rubbing sometime when i turn to the left and the steering wheel is making noise when its turn

... 2008 Dodge Charger

Squeak when on the highway, between 55-75 mph, my car has a squeak coming from the driver side. theyve replaced the power steering gear and pump, the front struts and the driver side axle as well as both front wheel bearings, the radiator which was sort of loose....and the squeak is still there... it is difficult to describe but it almost sounds like metal rubbing on metal. my car was on a collision before i got it. for two and a half years, 30k miles its been fine till this noise popped up one

Check rubber cushion on your spring,I bet you the sharp end of the coil spring went through the rubber and hitting the coil spring seat ... 2003 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2003 Dodge Stratus with 52,000 miles. When I turn the steering wheel, there is a creaking/squeaking sound coming from the front. It sounds like rubber is rubbing against something. I just bought the car from a reputable dealer.

Your problem is likely one of the ball joints or an outer tie rod end making noise due to lack of lubrication. The ball joints or a tie rod end noise will almost give a high pitch, fingernails scraping across a chalkboard kind of sound.\015\012 ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

2000 Nissan Maxima Noise My maxima is making a weird sound like a 1920's car horn, like a rubbing sound or a mechanical rubbing, robotic almost. I already changed the Brakes, and the wheel bearing and it wasn't that. *The noise starts happening after the fan in front of the radiator starts to Vibrate a lot. *Also pressing the brake repeatedly fast will generate the noise at times, but the noise will also occur when the car is in park. *Finally it just happeneds after driving on the street wi

Sounds like a ride controll compressor if your car has air ride controll it will have a compressor \015\012check the fan for bad blades and chips also check the fan housing for missing hold downs and screws also for clearences and if loose or o ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2004 Lincoln Navigator with 35,000 miles. Lately I get a loud noise at higher RPMs like going up hill at around 60 MPH. Sounds like I am dragging a huge piece of tinfoil under the front end of the car. Almost sounds like a sparking sound. Noise immediately stops when I crest the hill or simply let off the gas a bit. Performance is fine, there is no real affect on the car other then the noise. Any ideas??

It could be spark knock. You should have a sensor to keep that from happening. So will a tank of Premium gas.\015\012\015\012Another possibility is a loose heat shield on the exhaust system. Lincolns usually have longer warranties, cal ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla and when I turn the steering wheel to the left, going slowly into the driveway, it starts to make a squeaking noise (in the front left it sounds like) when I start to turn it back to straighten it out. Also, when I have the window down and going along a building I can hear a rattling noise like something is loose on the left side front.

Sounds like a worn out CV Halfshaft Assembly cost about $50.00-$60.00 from www.rockauto.com Hope this helps!! ... 2003 Toyota Corolla
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