Having problems with your 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ?

Locked keys up in 2003 chev silverodo truck,no spare key , how do I get it open

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Answers :

Get a small piece of wood and make it into a wedge. Insert that between the door and the cab near the front window directly above where the door lock slide is. Get a long piece of flat metal (like a framing square) and feed it through the space you made with the wedge push it down until your right beside the slidding lock and you should be able to slide the lock ahead. I have done this quite a few times. Or you can try a coat hanger if you have power locks and try and hit the unlock side. Hope this helps.
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Locked keys up in 2003 chev silverodo truck,no spare key , how do I get it open

Get a small piece of wood and make it into a wedge. Insert that between the door and the cab near the front window directly above where the door lock slide is. Get a long piece of flat metal (like a framing square) and feed it through the space you m ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Locked keys up in 2003 chev silverodo truck,no spare key , how do I get it open

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When I got out of my cherokee the doors locked and the keys were in the ignition and the car was running. This was ok because I was home and I had an extra key fob in the house. But the reomote would not unlock the doors or the rear window. I didn't have a spare key to manual unlock the doors. This has never happen before. I had to pay someone to get the doors unlock. After that I shut the doors with the key in the ignition and this time the key fob worked. Opened and unlocked doors while t

Need to get the remotes reprogramed ... 2008 Jeep Cherokee Grand

Is there any way to nuetralize the feature that locks the doors when the engine is on and the door is closed. If one does not have the window open it locks you out. I am getting tired of driving out to vehuicles with a spare set of keys to let the driver in. The dealer say's that nothing can be done.

They are Correct. This Feature is Built Into the Computer System in the Newer Vehicles and Cannot be Bypassed. Please Rate my Response, I need all the Help That I can Get! Thanks! ... 2008 Chevrolet Express

I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler.2 door hard top.. locked my keys in my jeep so tried to use a slim jim to unlock doors couldn't get them unlocked.. finally had my spare key, but now my door handles seem to be broke. how do I fix the handles.. can't open from inside or out? I have had to crawl thru the back..Please help

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My Honda CR-V EX 2005 doors lock by themselves. Occasionally, after you unlock it with the remote key, it locks itself before you can get in. It also happens sometimes when I unlock the car, then open the back door to load groceries, the rest rest of the doors lock while the back one is still open and when you close the back that one is locked then too.I am afraid someday the keys will get locked inside. Help!

I have the same problem with my 2002 CRV. However, just recently it doesn't matter what door is open, even the driver's door. The car will automatically lock itself. This is extremely frustrating as I am sure I will lock myself out at some point. ... 2003 Honda CR-V

1999 discovery td5 alarm went off 5am turned it off with key remote,every time i try to lock it beep as if door or bonnet open after awhile put key in ignition position 2 10 seconds hit lock button and it locked ok on remote , went out same thing wouldnt lock just beep and e/windows will not work can lock car via door locking button then get out and use key in drivers door but still beeps but locked opens ok on remote starts and drives no problems or codes showing. Thanks Nige

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I locked my key in the trunk of my 2006 z4 and can't find the spare. I had someone get the cra unlocked but the trunk won't open, what should i do now?

Call a locksmith. ... 2006 BMW Z4 Roadster

My door lock wont unlock with the key i can turn the key in the door and the lock will go up if i hold it but wont stay up on its own so i cant get the door open. i pulled apart some of my door and still cant get it to open any suggestions

If you have power locks, it sounds like the actuator in that door is shorted. ... 2004 Kia Rio

On my 2000 Chevy Blazer, the back hatch quit working after using the interior open button. At the same time, the electric locks quit working. I can not get into the tailgate at all and can only lock the doors with the key. When you push the lock button, nothing happens. I checked the lock fuse at the end of the dash and the fuse is fine. How do I get the back hatch open and how do I fix the electric locks.

If you are talking about the window popper take the inside panel off and where the latch system is you will see a blue plastic peice it is probley broken . If you can still hear it trying too pop open but no result thats the issue ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 96 Nissan Maxima. The locks on the doors keep locking and unlocking. The only way to get in the car is to put the key in the door and with the key still turned open the door. If the car is running with any of the doors open the locks are locking and unlocking until the door is shut. How do I fix something like that? I unplugged the battery for a minute to see if that would help, but it didnt.

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Audi A4 2004 saloon- The sync between my key fob and the boot suddenly stopped working. I was able to double tap the open button and the boot did open but think i may have lent on the buttons whilest cleaning the car. The car opens and locks as it should the boot lock is in a horizontal postion and the main problem is that to get into the boot you have to remove the keys from the ignition to do so obviously this isnt always practical. Im sure there is a simple fix for this but i have tried ever

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Hello, yesterday when i was getting out of my 1994 chevrolet camaro i accidently left the keys in the ignition (but the cars off) and my friend locked the doors. with many attempts to try to open the car my friend finally decides to call triple A to open it for us. Once he opens the car the alarm DOESNT go off. So we both get in and try to start the car, the alarm starts to go off and the car wont start. so we try everything like closing the door and unlocking it with a key EVERYTHING ( oh just

Hi Charlotteyou could try getting the battery on the vehicle dissconected and left for about 5 mins, then reconnect it this should set off the alarm, then you just press the button on the remote and it should be back to normal, if it does not s ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Doors were shut last fall and we cant open them - how do we get the key lock to relase and open? the Key turns but no clicking etc.. have to get door open to work on it so whats the best way

Are they electric door locks? If so the battery might be dead. Manual locks.....Maybe try and spray some lubricant in the lock cylinders, and work the key. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The alarm set all doors are locked. The key set for the alarm is broken and can't get into car or open the front hood to diconect alarm. Also door locks won't open. also manual buttons on locks broken. How do I get into car and then how to disengage the alarm? Please help

Call a tow truck, they have tools for when your locked out. They can at least get you into the car. ... 1997 Volkswagen Cabrio

I have an Lexus IS250 . I've had problems three times where the keyless transducer wouldn't function to unlock the trunk or lock the car. The car door locks would not lock the car when pressed as they would immediately revert to the unlock position even when the key? was not near the car. After openeing many doors and slamming them, opening the trunk with key and slamming it , the system went back to working. Its happened three times but I haven't been able to detect the secret ofm getting it

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. Hook up a meter and check the voltage.\015\012If it drops below 8 volts then it means that there is certain a problem. Please\015\012also check the fuses unde ... Lexus IS 250

Key fob will not lock driver side door, does lock other 3. Fob will unlock all doors. Alarm will sound if use fob to lock doors and then driver side is opened. Recently if I get in car and put keys down the alarm will arm itself and if I open door it sounds off. Not in car for more than a minute. Also driver side window does not go auto down as the others and button must be held down.

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Car locks itself when its not supposed to. after unlocking the car and opening the door, getting in and sitting in the seat, before putting in the ignition key, the car sometimes deadlocks itself. also, sometimes when leaving the car, after taking the keys out, closing the door, with my wife still in the car, all the doors lock ,leaving her loocked in the car with no way of getting out.once ,when putting my grandaughter into her car seat and closing her door the locked all the doors. a local vw

Well sounds like the movie christan the car lol well i would say it have's a short make sure the battery cables are tight if they are loose it can make the car lock by its self. ... 2007 Volkswagen Passat Sedan

My key will not lock or unlock my car is ford c max 2004 the key has not locked or unlock the car for long tine . so i have been using the key in the door , today the door wood not open so i had two get the back door and open the form inside

... 2004 Ford Focus

I locked my keys in the trunk the 2 keys ignition and trunk keys r locked in the trunk ..how can i get the trunk opened to get them out?

I did this once myself to my 1989 crown vic. There should be 2 bolts on the back seat (follow the seat belt down, you'll feel them.) Take off the nuts from each side and the backrest of the entire seat pulls up and out. you should be able to see clea ... 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis

My keys are gone. I have a 1999 Mercury Cougar V6. I have no spare key that will start the car. The only key i have will only lock and unlock the doors. I tried making a spare at walmart years ago and it only worked for the doors. im guessing i needed to get the spare made at a dealer for a key that starts the car. So I have no key to start my car. Should i start with the dealership or call a locksmith? how much money am I looking at spending for this? II set my keys down on the top of my

If you have or (had) an ignition key with a chip in it, not the transponder type, then a good locksmith might be able to help. But, on second thought he will have to have the key or the key code.\012\012You will empty your wallet trying t ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

I have power door locks. The lock mechanism works properly. Only the driver's side door won't unlock. Can't unlock it manually with either the switch or the key. Before it quit it was difficult to turn the key to unlock it, locking was no problem. Now the key gives the indication that it would break off in the lock if forced. Can't get the door open to work on it.

There is only one way i can thimk of. Buy new panel , brake old one and open door.. There is no other way exept if you can drill a hole exectly where the lock is and push a rod in to open lock. Otherwise get locksmith, they will now what to do. ... 1986 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

VW Jetta 2003 1.9 TDI trunk does not want to open with remote My Jetta trunk recently started to give me problems without warning. I cannot get the trunk open with the remote. The trunk only opens manually using the key. All other electrics of the car seem to be working 100%. If I activate the remote, everything opens, except the trunk lock. All the fuses are in order and if you disconnect the trunk lock motor from the car wiring system and connect the electrical motor lock to an external power

If your lock actuator engages (you can hear the sound it makes) with the remote/electric button on the door, but the trunk doesn't open then the problem is likely a broken plastic arm that the electric assembly pushes. You can see it if you unscrew t ... Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 1973 stringray and cannot open the driver's door. I have removed the door panel and manually operated the locking mechanism (rods are moving OK) but the door will not open. The external lock is rotating when I use the key to open the door. I have no details on how the external lock connects to the rods and how to get the door open. I am chasing up a copy of the manual for the car but in the meantime can anyone provide some guidance? Cheers

The loatch mechanism is faulty. as youre pulling the rod inside the door, **** it quick and ram against the door the best you can. this should do it. ive done this quite a few times. sometimes just the good old "bigger hammer" works. cheers ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 2004 4runner that I just installed a new power latch in the rear hatch. A small black string was attached to the release (I assume to open lock in the event the lock won't open electrically). After installing the new mechanism, the lock WILL latch fully manually, but will NOT operate through the power locking switch, key fob or the manual lock located on the hatch itself. Is there a "reset" I must do to the lock or computer system to get the new lock to be recognized by the ECM?

... 2004 Toyota 4Runner
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