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2003 chevy impala whining noise when accelerating

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2003 chevy impala whining noise when accelerating

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Noise Have a 2006 Chevy Impala. Makes "grinding" noise like I have knobby tires on it in the Front. By jacking it up and running the car in drive, the noise is coming from passenger side at the transaxle end of the right cv axle (I have already replaced that cv axle and it did not change anything.) When I had the cv axle off, the wheel bearing did not feel like it had any play in it and it rotated smoothly. The noise pitch corresponds to the vehicle speed whether accelerating or coasting. T

Based on your description, I would say it probably is the differential gears, and I would not drive it on the highway until you get it inspected. Very unusual for a car that new. ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2003 Chevy Impala LS with 127K miles. The transmission fluid was exchanged at about 100K miles. I have been using Jiffy Lube for the last four years for routine maintenance. This of course includes oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations and the like. I have noticed of late that after first starting the car and engaging the transmission that I hear I high pitched whine on acceleration. The whine dissipates as the engine heats. The whine is not nearly so pronounced when the c

Hi! It can be the belt. YOu may try checking the fan belt for if it's a little loose it can create a whining sound. HOpe this helps and thank you for using FixYa! ... Chevrolet Impala

1997 Chevy ventura Ls. There is a Whining noise. plus on acceleration or load(up hill)slight clunking noise. ??? Drive arms seem good. What should I check?? Thank you Barry

You may have an axle bearing or possible bearing in the differential that is starting to fail. Check for bad wheel bearings.\015\012Depends on where the noise is coming from. This can be a belt, a wheel bearing, transmission ... Chevrolet Venture

I have a 95 Chevy Tahoe and when I accelerate from a stop I hear a whining noise. It goes away after about 3rd gear and when I have the cruise on. There is also an odd noise when I turn, mostly left. Any suggestions on what it might be?

You may also want to check the transmission oil. I can't hear the whine, so i'm only guessing. ... 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

I have a 2006 chevy impala and I keep hearing a whining noise. I just had it in park and would press on the gas and the noise would begin. Can you give me any suggestions.

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2001 chevy impala noise when turning the wheel and accelerating

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My 08 chevy impala whines when i turn and accelerate

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The gas gage in my 2005 chevy impala does not read accurately it sometimes shows full then the next time i turn on the key it goes all the way to fapp full and points toward the ground.. then sudenly the low fuel light comes on.... also the speedomoter has stoped working. i will be stoped at a light and it registures 70 or 80 mph and then proceeds to go way passed the 120 mark as i speed up. there is also a whining noise that i notice while excelerating can you give me some idea what i need to r

... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

2006 chevy impala, makes a squealing noise when backing up/in reverse, drives fine no issues with acceleration or anything, but this just started a few days ago and is pretty noticable ( as in when i leave my house everyone knows im leaving kind of deal). I am short on money and scared this may be a major problem. I am going in for a needed oil change soon and was wondering if low fluids of any sort could cause these problems. Please help....

If you have rear disc brakes, check the calipers to ensure they are tight. If you have rear drum brakes, make sure a shoe isn't dragging. Also check the rear wheel bearings by raising the car and rocking the wheel gently back and forth. If there's ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

High pitched whining noise when accelerating - 2004 Chevrolet Impala

... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Transmission noise I have a 93 jeep grand cherokee laredo, 5.2 L V8. About 2 weeks ago i hopped in the car to leave work and it started up fine. I put it into drive and it started making a real loud whining noise. When i pushed on the accelerator nothing happened. other than the whining getting louder. I pushed the pedal to the floor and the tranny engaged violently and accelerated very slowly. the same thing happens in reverse and all other gears. 1, 2 , D and reverse all do the same th

Hi summ8989, You guessed right. Your tranny is in bad need of repair. If you're going to fix it at home - I would be sure you have the place and tools as these can cost nearly as much as a rebuild. I suggest strongly you put the fine 93 ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Whining noise My 1997 chevy truck c k 5.7 v8 4 speed auto whenI accel I get a whining noise until 45 or 50 mph If I down shift no whining noise If I eccel...1 Solution

Can you make the noise happen with your foot on the brake, trans in gear, and a little throttle? And does it go away in park & neutral? If yes to both questions you probably have a faulty thrust bearing in the torque convertor. If no to both ... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

There is a loud whining noise coming from my 2001 Chevrolet Venture. The noise only starts when I put it in gear. It does not make noise when in park. The noise gets louder when I press the accelerator. It also gets louder when I turn on my AC. The sound seems to be coming from near my belt What could this loud whining noise be?

... Cars & Trucks

My 2007 Nissan sentra starts making a whining noise after driving for roughly 10min. When I accelerate harder the noise gets louder and has a higher pitch. When i let off of the accelerator the noise fades. When I drive around town and not on the interstate it takes longer for the noise to start. If I leave my house and immediately get on the interstate the noise starts to happen much sooner. I went on a road trip and it got really bad after an hour or so and then I started smelling something

I would first check your surpentine belt to see if it is getting burnt up, most whining sounds are an indication of a bad pully either from the alternator,compressor, pwr steering pump, tensioner, idler pully,ect.ect., i would take the belt off and s ... 2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL Sedan

Same noise 2003 Chevy Suburban A/C noise upon accel. As per first write up, my 03 makes a severe "clacking" noise upon acceleration. Once crusing, it goes away. I've tried turning off the AC and the noise goes away or does not start if system is turned off. Since it only seems to make noise in the acceleration phase (high RPM) and not in the steady cruise phase and cooling is not affected, would this be a "clutch" impending failure vice a compressor decline. I have the tools and semi-knowledge t

Just change the compressor it is easier than changing the clutch if you do dont forget to change the reciever dryer and the orfice tube and have a evacuation done on it. ... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

1991 chevy van g20 front end noise accelerate passenger side

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Whining Noise i have a 96 jeep grand cherokee and im getting a whining noise when im accelerating. when i let off the throttle the noise goes away. the noise seems to be coming from the front end but ive checked everything and everythings tight.

Hi, this sound is most likely coming from the power steering pump. I would first, check the power steering fluid level to see if it is full. if its not at the full mark, add some fluid. If the fluid reserv ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2010 Chevy Equinox noise with ac on during acceleration

... 2010 Chevrolet Equinox

Whining noise I have a 2003 Hyundai XG350. When I accelerate even while stopped I head a whining noise from the A/C lines by the firewall. It sounds like a P/S whine but I replaced the pump and it didn't change

Would need head under the bonnet to know for sure but feel the AC lines as a lack of gas can cause a noise like this but its not often that you can hear it above the clanking of the diesel engine ,no petrol ones here at our fuel prices ... Cars & Trucks

My 1997 chevy truck c k 5.7 v8 4 speed auto whenI accel I get a whining noise until 45 or 50 mph If I down shift no whining noise If I eccel hard whining is louder the trans shift smoth with no problem Help Please

If only in certain gears its the trans need overhaulmwill be costly for hard parts ... 1997 Chevrolet C1500

I have a Ford Focus 1.8 and when I accelerate I can hear a high pitched whining sound. When I take my foot off the accelerator the noise stops but when I put my foot back on the accelerator the noise starts again. Any ideas?

... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a chevy avalanch pickup truck and it make whineing noises in low speeds and also in park. whine gets louder at faster rpms. Sound at low rpms louder than engine. can anyone telle me what the whining noise is. Abron Mack

Take off belt and try again onely for less than 5 min to see if it still makes noise ... 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition and if I am not mistaken, a 4.6 L engine. I been hearding a whining when I drive. Little by little the whining noise is lasting longer and longer. I did add transmission fluid as it was a little low. There are times when I accelerate one of the wheels feels as it is shivering. When I am in park and accelerate the gas, I do not heard the whining. Additionally, how do I determine which ABS sensor is out and causing the ABS light to stay one.

Hi from the symptoms you clearly describe this sounds like you have one of the front wheel bearings worn out hence the wheel is allowed to run out of line and so also the hub that encases the w/bearing also allows tilting of hub which will affe ... 1999 Ford Expedition

Grinding noise when accelerating. I drive a 1994 Toyota Tercel automatic, and last night I was cruising the highway at about 75 when my left front tire made a slipping sound, and after that I noticed a grinding noise and a slight whistle. The noise is only present when I accelerate from 0 to about 30 mph, and also when slowing down without braking. While coasting at 50mph with constant pressure on the gas pedal, the sound went away. Is this a CV joint problem or something more serious?

It sounds more like your wheel bearing. If you jack the car up in the front grab the tire at 12 and 6 and try to wiggle it. If there is movement that will prove to be your wheel bearing or your ball joint. If you have someone look under the car at th ... 1994 Toyota Tercel
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