Having problems with your 2003 Chevrolet Impala ?

Most of the time not problem, but randomly you turn the key and only get electrical. Keep trying it and eventually it will start could be after 5 times or 50 there is no telling. It is a 2003 Impala

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Hello: This sounds like a passlock intermittent problem. To be sure you need to have the engine module checked for codes.
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Most of the time not problem, but randomly you turn the key and only get electrical. Keep trying it and eventually it will start could be after 5 times or 50 there is no telling. It is a 2003 Impala

Hello: This sounds like a passlock intermittent problem. To be sure you need to have the engine module checked for codes. ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

98 VW Passat. Started fine when I left work. Stopped at a gas station. When I went to start it again it would crank but not turn over. I tried several times and after 5th attempt it started. Got it home, shut it off. Tried to start it again, this time it took two tries and on second try it started but could tell it took a second to start. I just bought this car and don't know much about it. What could be wrong?

Could be many things. I'd check the battery first. Make sure it's holding a charge/ not dying. There's several other problems that could cause this so check battery problems first. If it's not the problem, let us know. I/others can suggest other thin ... Cars & Trucks

My 2002 chevy impala wont start. When i try to crank it all the lights shut off & nothing works but the check engine light flashes. After messing with the positive post on the battery the lights come back on but the samething happens. I tried starting it yesterday & it took a while but it finally started but later on after that its been doing what it been doing & only starting a few times. I still dont trust driving it like that even thought it started a few times. What could be my problem

... Cars & Trucks

I have a chevy impala 2003 the car some times starts and some times it does not the car starts only on the secound try and when it does not want to start i could only start is with carb cleaner and the car starts perfectly and stays on as long i want is to does not misfire. The car when its not starting there is spark but no pulsation, onces i but in carb claener the car starts and stays on i guess the pulsation kicks in. already changes the crank and cam sensor and the car has the same problem.

HI!!!!!! if you try all this you say ... th efirst thing i woul do is take of the fuel filter is under drver side blow one side the one goes to the engine if you have problem blow in the filter this has to be clog o dyrty inside the filter now t ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

1993 form tempo will start great most of the time, intermittenly it will refuse to "hit a lick" and will not start, battery turnover is not the problem, crankin is great... it just refuses to start, leave it alone for a while and try again, sometimes it will start, other times it wont start for days, but eventually it starts normal again... what could be the problem, mechanics have checked it and being intermittent cannot find anything wrong. HELP !

I just had a similar problem with my sisters saturn.. it ended up being the crank sensor that intermiditly stop working and so the coils wouldent fire...it took a min to figure out cause it wouldent store a code for this problem..i think checking int ... 1993 Ford Tempo

We have a 2006 Chevy Aveo and it is having a problem staying started throughout the day. We try to start it in the mornings and it spits and sputters trying to remain started but eventually stops. Once we can get it going it will usually start to stall when slowing down around a turn and when we come to a stop sign the engine will stop running. When we get it started again and start to move, it will sputter a little and almost stall. This happens all the time now. Could it be the fuel injectors?

Start with replacing the fuel filter. The Aveo fuel filter is located passenger-side rear, in front of the \012rear tire.If there is no filter there, then the filter is a non serviceable filter and is integrated with the fuel sending unit ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

Starting i have a 300m. I had trouble starting on and off awhile ago. Some one changed the cable connection and it started fine for 3 months. Now it started doing the same thing. Could it be the intire cable needs to be changed? Or another problem.? I t will start eventually after trying alot of times but afraid it wont eventually.

I would make sure that both the positive and negative (ground) cables as well as the connections to the battery are good. If all these are in good condition, maybe your starter or it's soinoid is starting to fail. Rick ... 1999 Chrysler 300M

I just purchased a 2002 Thunderbird and there is no owner's manual. Every time I start the car and put it in drive it beeps 5 times pauses and beeps 5 times it does this 5 times and stops. ie 5 sets of 5 beeps. I am wondering if you could possibly tell what it is trying to tell me?

1st here is a link you can follow to the Ford Fleet site for a free PDF owners manual.\015\012 http://www.edmunds.com/ownership/howto/ ... 2002 Ford Thunderbird

When I try to start my 1999 toyota camry it makes a loud rapid clicking sounds. It's been doing that for a couple weeks. A couple times when it has done it my car wouldn't start and I needed to jump start it. But every other time it will make the rapid clicking sound and eventually turn over. What is causing this? My friend said it could be the ignition switch. The battery was just replaced. it is in good condition. There doesn't seem to be any damage on the cables either

Its starter time. IF you are certain the the battery and connections are good. ... 1999 Toyota Camry

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won't start. It does try to start but stops immediatly. I have replaced the sparkplug wires and the fuel filter but still wont start. When turning it over most of the time it cranks smooth and other times its like a plug wire in the firing order is off one but nothing has been changed around. I believe it is a 5.7L 350 2bl. if anyone could tell me way to find out exactly what motor it has, I would greatly appreciate it. I heard there was a way to find out with the

A 2-letter code on the oil filler tube identified the engine. If its a 455 there will be Oldsmobile W-455, on the intake manifold, if not it is most likely the 350. Sounds like you might have a bad timing chain. To check for excessive play in the tim ... 1970 Oldsmobile 442

For the last five years that I have owned my 2004 Chevy Impala I have had problems with it not wanting to start at certain times, usually and mostly during the summer months, but not all the time. I get into the car to start, step on the brake and turn the key, nothing happens, no sound, nothing, I will try for about 15 upto 30 minutes then all of a sudden I turn the key and it will start. The car has been taken in to a shop and had an anylsis ran on the engine. The mechanic could find nothi

I had the same thing happen to my impala. It was the sensor in the ignition switch for security purposes. I had too many keys on my key ring, and it caused the ignition switch to not read my key right. Once I had the ignition switch repaired, I do ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I turned my car off to go into the store when I came back out it wouldn't start. acted like it wasn't getting fuel put more gas in it still wouldn't start. someone said it was probably fuel pump so I put a fuel pump on it then a fuel filter, then a crank shaft censor, still won't start, someone then told me it was the theft system so I tried two different methods that two different shops told me to try neither of the two worked, now someone says it could be the timing, can anyone tell me how to

Again i say do not replace parts until you know why, too many people have done this. get a spark tester(in line works best) injector tester(noid light) and fuel pressure guage, and a volt ohm meter, the run basic tests, spark, fuel , injector signal, ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have audi A8L 2004 4.2L. The car starts and after 30 sec. main fuel pump relay shuts off and pressure drops to 0 and engine shuts off. I'm auto technician, I checked circuits to main fuel pump relay and signal from ECM to relay is disapering after 30 sec. Car starts fine every time after shut off and every time it shuts off after 30 sec. Tell me what problem could it be or what I should check? Thank you. Sincerely Jerry

Could be an oveheated fuel pump! Extract the pump out from fuel reservoir and test it! ... Audi A8

I have a 1983 dodge w150 had it running for a little while and then when i shut it down it wont start back i have no fire from the coil i can turn the ign on and get fire to the coil but it does not go through i have changed coil several times, roter, cap, ign relay, ign mod and the ballest and every one tells me that it has to be the coil but after changing it 7 times i am convienced that it is something else so if anyone could tell me something else to try i would appriciate it thanks

I am not really sure but I would get the starter checked out sounds like a weird problem with the starter ... 1983 Dodge Pickup

Wont start tried everything all plugs are sparking. valve clearances are fine. no bent pistons that i could tell without taking the whole head off. fuel pump is fine. timing jumped a tooth so put a new timing kit on so thats all good now but still wont start an coils are all good aswell so any suggestions with be helpful thanks guys...

How low? did you check the crank sensor? ... Cars & Trucks

It won't start when it is cold but starts fine when warm. Will start eventually if you pump the heck out of it and crank it and repeat quite a few times. I have a 91 cherokee that won't start when it's cold outside. The fuel pump does not energize. Sometimes it will start after 10 or 12 tries. What could this be?

Try cycleing ur key a few times before actually cranking it alot of the time wen a fuel pump is about to go it wont prime cycling the key will prime it. As for the fuel gauge thats part of the fuel pump its called a sending unit and in the jeeps its ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When I don't start it for a day, it becomes really hard to start. It tries to start but it never turns over, I have to hit the gas pedal repeatedly. It may back fire a few times but it will eventually start. When it finally is started, I cannot touch the gas pedal for a few minutes. If I do it will kill the engine. Any ideas on what this could be?

Try pumping the gas pedal 3 to 4 times before starting your car. If that does'nt work, check your automatic chock, it might not be opening up. ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

I have a nissan almera 1.6 , got ignition lights, battery is fine but does not start??? Iv had this problem before it usually starts on the 3rd turn but eventually goes dead and does not start at all, previously I changed the solonoid and it worked perfectly for about a year, there is a clicking sound from the bonnet each time you try to start it with a continuous buzzing sound when the ignition is turned on, do I need to replace the solonoid again? And what could be the fault for this to be hap

... Cars & Trucks

I have a '99 Ford Ranger 3.0L that won't start reliably(3 times in 2 weeks).When I turn the ignition to "on",the theft light flashes rapidly,and will eventually give me a 1:6 code(faulty link between PATS module and EECV).I tried a regular door key in the ignition,and a 1:3 code flashed(key code not received)which tells me the transceiver is working properly.When it will start,the theft light works properly and proves out.The truck will start sometimes and runs fine,which makes me discount coil

When the anti-theft light is flashing rapidly then either it is not seeing the key,or the transciever module is not communicating with the PCM. It could be the transciever or it could be the PCM is not powering up for some reason. I would first try r ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

The car is a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire and occassionally has some trouble starting, it will start but takes a few tries and will hesitate. The other day it started and as I was pulling out of a parking lot, it died. The engine is turning over, and it is not an electrical problem because everything else is still working. I had about a quarter of a tank in the car at the time so it shouldn't have been the gas. I have people telling me it could be the fuel pump, spark plugs, coil, or alternator.

Check your pressuer regulator, also if it is a v 6 i would check the plastic plenum and see if it is leaking antifreeze into the motor. ... Pontiac Sunfire

Starting problems My 2002 Lincoln LS has problems starting. It turns over but takes several turns to kick in. Sometimes I'll have to try to crank it 2 or 3 times, but it always starts eventually. Could it be spark plugs, starter, what???

Well its cranking so not the starter and its got the juice so not the battery maybe. Check to see if its got the correct voltage to kick it over. Could be a fuel problem replace plugs wires and fuel filter. Also check you oil level maybe its low and ... 2002 Lincoln LS

About once every ten times, without rhyme or reason, my 2007 Cayman won't start. I had it checked and the mechanic could not diagnose the problem. It's not the battery. It either starts right away or it doesn't. When it doesn't, it seems like the key just does not make the connection. But the key battery is fine too. If I keep trying, eventually it catches and the car starts.

I would order a new Key. That should fixya. ... 2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe

I have 02 chevy impala 3.4, sometimes my car wont't start, I have to wait for about 1/2 an hour for it to start, and most of the time i have to wait more. Could you tell me why that happens to the car... Thanks.

This has something to do with your passlock security system. You can order a bypass kit from this link below that will fix this problem forever. Also try and leave the key in the ignition turned all the way on for ten min, this will reset your securi ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

1993 eurovan GL, I replaced the starter and fuel filter but when the van sits for a few hours it takes about 9 to 15 tries and eventually starts, once it starts it runs some times when you step on the gas it?s like its missing then it runs fine, could it be the fuel pressure regulator or the electronic fuel injector?

... 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

Suddenly my 1997 town & country van starts dinging (the same ding when the fuel is low) 3 to 6 times when I make a right turn or go up the incline driveway at work. What could be going on? Also, my battery died. Coincidence? or is the ding trying to tell me something is wrong with the car. If so, what could it be? Thank you so much for this free service.

... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country
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