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Messege center warning lights comen on each day different warning lights

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Messege center warning lights comen on each day different warning lights

... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My emission warning light keeps coming on. I have had the vehicle in the shop 3 different times, They have replaced the gas cap and a #17310-S84-L31 17300 valve. The warning light remains off for only a few days before it comes on again. Is there any damage being done to the car? Can I legally have the warning light disconnected? Thank you.

... Honda Odyssey

ABS light just came on, is it an easy fix. My abs warning light comes on often. It usually stays on until I restart the car, then it might stay off for days but will always relight. Often, I turn the ignition to "start" while driving and it goes out most of the time. Is a "code scanner" different than the computer you hook to your car for the check engine light? Do they have these scanners at Auto Zone, etc. or, only at repair shops where they charge $60 to read you codes?

The code scanner that you need is called ODBII code reader with ABS, and it works in the same way as the one that you connect to the car computer module (ECU) to read codes when the check engine light comes on, but the cheap ones that you can buy fro ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

A few days ago I started the Cruiser and had 4 indicators stay lit. They were the CHECK ENGINE...SLIP INDICATOR..VSC TRAC..VSC OFF. Didnt noticed any change in driving and 4-wheel drive is still working. I removed the negative cable from the battery and the same indicator lights have NOT come back. Everything is back to normal as far as warning lights go. Should I take it in to the service center and have it checked. Or should I wait to take it in, if it does it again?

Generally when a landcruiser doesthat it is because the alternator is on the way out -----get checked out by an auto electrician ... 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2002 ml500 The traction light in the center of the speedometer flickers on when we pass over a small bump and the the ABS makes a buzzing sound when the breaks are applied. The three warning lights on the left side come on and the car acts erratically. Yhe mirrors will not fold in, the cruse control stops working, it even effects the A/C. A switch in the steering column has been replaced but the problem persists. Someone suggested a wheel sensor? The problem is intermittent one day fine the oth

The dealer has to know how to diagnose ABS System problemsThey have to drive it first & you should drive with them along, then switch seats,do that ... Cars & Trucks

My 2020 montana van just received a new head gasket. Now after driving just 50 miles, my message center lights keep rotating between different warnings - the gauges don't work, the light for the gear shift doesn't tell me which gear I am in......I have gone home and switched keys with my husband, still the same problem.....I can drive it, but am worried that I shouldn't??????

Your computer just needs reset. Take it to a GM Certified Garage, and they can do that for you. Or, if you want, sometimes, if you disconnect the battery overnight, it might fix it. ... 2002 Pontiac Montana

I have a bmw 120i yesterday it was showing me the battery light but then it went away. The next day at around five it refused to start. I tried it after two hours and it started but the problem is that it revs on it own and it shows me all kinds of different warning lights and it won't go into gear and when ii tried to switch it off it didn't want to until I pressed the brakes

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 ford Taurus the other day warning lights came on saying check traction system then warning light came on saying check break system I pulled into my driveway turned the car off and it would not start again. I replaced the battery, every thing was fine for two days. On my wat home from work this morning the check traction warning came on again then all lights started to get dim by time I got home all lights were out as I pulled into my drive way the cae died.Tried to restart it and n

... 2005 Ford Taurus

Have a red warning light coming on ocassionally for past 3 days. Got no idea what it means. Looks kinda like a shower head with 'water type' squiggly lines (2 or 3 of them) underneath. Would imagine it has something to do with cooling fluid, but the car has a separate cooling liquid dial in the dash, which shows plenty above minimum. The model is a '98 Peugeot 406 Estate 2.1SVCD - quite a special model, as I have noticed by way of everything being different, lol. Any help is very much appreciate

They mean something is not right with the vehicle check your owners manual for details.Check HERE if your symbol appear: ... 1990 Peugeot 405

1997 suzuki vitara. glow plug warning light comes on, clicks, then starts flashing and wont turn over. Has always happens when motor is warm. Has happened two days in a row before that it was 2 months ago & 6 months before that. Will leave it for different perods of time and it will keep doing it then it will start as normal

... 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Both air bag warning lights on center of dash and in the drivers direct view area are flashing regardless if a passenger is sitting or not This just started and was intermittent for 2 days and now constant '06 Azera

I had the same problem. The problem can be fixed by re-coding the passenger side seat. I took my to the dealer to have it reset and it happened again with a week. The second time, the dealer re-coded the seat. No problem in the last 3 months. An ... 2007 Hyundai Azera Limited Sedan

2004 Tribute V6 - Airbag warning light has remained illuminated after startup on two different occasions in the past 5 days (over approximately 14 separate startups). Turning engine off, then restarting seems to "fix" the problem. Vehicle has 101,000 miles. Other than the obvious "take it to a dealer or other qualified technician for repair" answer, do you have anything more specific that I might try or check to determine the cause? Thanks.

... 2004 Mazda Tribute

Headlight warning my 1st battery died because i forgot to switch my headlights off on a semi-dark rainy day. the display light on my car has a white background so it's hard to see if you've switched the light off unless you double check. i was curious why this 99 mirage had no warning/alarm whatsoever if these things happen. i now double check my lights before going out of the car but a few days ago, i heard a warning sound the moment i switched the engine off with the headlights still turned o

... 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage

Peugeot 406 1.8 (1999) - Car shaped (slipping car) warning light on dashboard. what is it? and Oil pressure too low also comes seperately Warning light is in between Engine & Airbag warning lights. It keeps coming from last two days. But before I had Engine oil too low error . But when I accelerate it disappears. But the warning light (car) is still on) Please help

... Cars & Trucks

I drive a 98 Mustang, 3.8L v6. Recently (within the last 3 days), I began having issues with the warning chime/dome light. While the car is cranked, the warning chime comes on and does not turn off even after I have buckled the seat belt. The dome light comes on and stays on. When I turn the car off and remove my key from the ignition, the warning chime stops but the dome light stays on, even after getting out of the car and locking the doors. I checked both doors and the trunk to make sure the

... 1998 Ford Mustang

HI, I have a '07 EOS 1.6 and the exhaust system fault warning light has been flashing intermitently for the last few days. Today it came on permanently and has not gone on. The EPC warning light also came on and stayed on. I then didn't use the car for approx 6 hours and when I started it again only the exhaust fault warning light was on. Could this be the laminate sensor please, or something more serious? Thanks, Karen

Karen, the first thing i would do is have the catalytic converter tested for a blockage, most muffler places (meineke,midas) will do this test free of charge, once they have your car on the lift it will only take about 10 mins. call and ask,as they d ... Volkswagen Eos

Day time driving lights. there is no difference between the day time lights and the night time lights . All for lights remain on. I have high intensity lights

... 2004 Saab 9-3

Day time driving lights. there is no difference between the day time lights and the night time lights . All for lights remain on. I have high intensity lights

There is no problem here, that is how the system works. ... 2004 Saab 9-3

I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander, the VSC, ABS, Brake System Warning lights were on. also, the low tire pressure is blinking. I drove the car for just half a mile and the lights went off. The following day, those warning lights were on again. This time i removed momentarily the negative connection of the battery. I even checked the small vacuum lines at the air filter area. I started the car but still the same lights were on. Meanwhile, i have sent to shop to check the tire pressures and reset t

... 2005 Toyota Highlander

I have a 2008 grand caravan and I have three warning lights on at the same time. The lights are the ABS,traction control, and the ESPBAS,all are yellow .The van is running fine except after driving for a couple days now my heads up display says GATE and my interior lights won't go out. The three lights stayed on for 2-3 days steady now it comes and goes. Any help would be very appreciated.

I had the same problem it was a loose connection under the dash passenger side which got loose by accidentaly kicking it with my right foot ifs right next to the side panel I think there is one on the driver xide too ... 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

My 2003 Silverado has a problem with the trailer lights. The stop lights and the hazard warning lights work fine, but the running lights and turn signals do not work. There is no current at the trailer electrical connector. I looked in my owners manual and found the "Center Instrument Panel Fuse Block" that contains a "Trailer 6-Way". But, I can see the center instrument panel utility block but I can't seem to figure out how to access the Trailer 6-Way to check it out. Can I get some quidan

... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Own a 2005 ford 500. recently had front and rear pads replaced at 93k miles. Several days later warning lights started on startup ABS etc. Several days later unable to start car, battery drained. Jumped started car and used it througout the day without problems. Following day, put key in ignition, all abs lights, repair logo etc were on. Also, radio, started without any help and cd player started initializing. Unable to start without jumper cables again. Mechanic says battery is draining but

Firstand foremost,this snota problem for a echanic tooodagnose. Ifurbatery isdrainng, u shouldcek to cifur charging system is functioningproperly. Ifur ABS lite iscoming on, probaly during dis-assemby, something went wrong witur sesors. check it out ... Ford Five Hundred

The abs light comes on with the red brake warning light when I stop. the red brake warning light goes out quickly, but the abs light stays on, until the truck is turned off and restarted. It does not happen at every stop, or every day, and the brakes work. This has been going since a snowstorm came threw here.

It mite just be a ground wire. that goes 2 your calipers and grouns on the frame ... Ford Ranger

I have a 2001 toyota 4runner and the check engine light and vsc off light and trac light are all on and have been on for 2 years Ive been to 4 different mechanics and have spent almost 3,000 dollars on different parts that they have said needed to be fixed all for the light to come back on 2 days later very frustrated any ideas

Was your charcoal canister replaced? Has anybody inspected all the hoses that connect to the canister. They could have replaced the canister and valves and not the hoses. A dry rotted, cracked hose can cause the check engine light illuminate. Oh ... 2001 Toyota 4Runner

I purchased a car- Hyundai, i10, 1.2 L, Magna in the month of July 2010. Immediately after the purchase, within few days I noticed fog accumilating in Head Lights .When I complained about this in an authorise servvice center the head light got replaced. Even after the replacement I noticed the same problem in the new set of head light. This is happening in rainy days. Also I cross checked with many other vehicles and I could not find a single vehicle having simillar problem except in some i

Please,check up for a possible solution here. ... Hyundai Accent
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