Having problems with your 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche ?

Aligning the front end on a 2002 cheverolet avalanche

\015 Tires leaning in and toe is out\015
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Aligning the front end on a 2002 cheverolet avalanche

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I have a 1992 jeep cherokee the steering wheel qnd the front tires wobble i hqve q 4inch lift and 35x12.50 tires i put new ball joints and wheel bearings in and aligned the front end to 0 to 0

Have you checked your steering dampener? If not, unbolt one side of it and push on it like a shock. If it's easy to push all the way in, it's bad. ... Cars & Trucks

2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71 4WD Problem: Front end shakes at speeds 61 mph -70 mph. The shaking stops at 71 mph! The tires were balance and front end aligned. Still having the same problem.

... Chevrolet Avalanche

2003 Chevy Avalanche front end shakes from speeds 61 mph-70mph. After reaching 71 mph the shaking stops. Tires were balanced and Front End was aligned. The problem still exists. Help!

... Chevrolet Avalanche

At 1500 miles the front end was in need of alignment and the outside edge of the front tires were wearing down excessively.We took to the dealer and they aligned it When I went to rotate the tires at 5500 miles they were worn so bad that I didn't want to put the rear tires (which still looked brand new) on the front. I took the car to Sears they told us the front end was way out of alignment so we had them align it and rotate the tires on 9/13/08.Today I looked at the front tires and they are sh

Once a were pattern is worn in tire s unless you rotate tires to the rear they will keep wearing you should rotate your tires every oil change especially if you do alot of around town driving i am willing to bet you that good year lied to you about t ... Pontiac Vibe

Alignment took my car for front end alignment wasw told by mechanic there was no front end adjustments on car for alignment

... 1995 Lincoln Continental

My Ford Sportrac was brought in for a front end alignment and the Shell station now says I need wheel bearings for the right and the left front of the truck. I was quoted $315.00 for each wheel bearing and this includes parts and labor. Is this type of work correct as well as the price for a front end alignment?

Get 2nd opinion ... Ford Sport Trac

I have 94 CHEVY SUBUBAN K1500 4wd. I have had it aligned 2 times, new front tires and the outer edge of the passenger front tire keeps wearing uneven. The driver side front tire is fine.Chould this a wheel bearing going bad or should i take it to a different alignment shop. I have also replaced all front ball joints and tie rod ends before the alignments were done.

Check if your shocks are leaking. Jack up the car and with the right wheel off the ground check it for play in the bearing if it is tight and not grinding it is good. I would try another alignment shop if you dont find anything. Oh by the way dont le ... 1994 GMC Suburban

To do a front end alignment on a 1991 GMC Sierra K1500 4x4 requires some shims being knocked out, right? It's not just a standard front end alignment, right?

Yes you do have to knock shims out if you go get it alined they charge you alot more to do that becouse they cant aline the frontend with them in there they are in there in to keep the front end alined from the factory ... 1991 GMC K1500

Front end shakes to a point that vehicle has to stop to proceed correcting the shake, front end has new dampening shock installed, new shocks, front end alignment ok, tires are balanced and new tie rods. Only thing that has not been changed out is lower ball joint.

Your front brake rotors are probally warped... ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have abnormal wear on the inside tread of the front end of a 2009 Cadillac Escalade EXT with AWD, 18" OEM wheels, and less than 33,000 miles on it. It is a program vehicle. When I bought it the front tires had this wear. I had the wheels rotated and balanced at the local GM dealership and requested that they check the front end alignment and was told all was well. That was about 8,000 miles ago. I now have the same problem with the front tires that were originally on the back. Is this a "norma

Tire wear as you outlined is caused either by incorrect toe in or camber setting. Both are components of wheel alignment. Regardless of what you were told, there is no other way that happens.As to who gets to pay for it depends on your agreemen ... 2009 Cadillac Escalade EXT

Clicking in front end. Had tie rods, struts, sway bar checked and front end aligned. still making noise and getting worse. sounds like its coming more from passenger front side.

... 2005 Mazda MPV

I recently purchased a 2005 jeep grand Cherokee larado and today I noticed the front end started to shake so I thought the tires might need balancing. Got that done.but still the front end continues to shake when I hit 65 mph. Could it be the alignment? Or the wheel bearings are worn?. The front passanger also has begun to where alot faster also. The jeep has 102,000 on it. Was wondering what the problem could be and is it expensive to fix.

There are a few things that could make this happen, it could be that you have a tire that is out of round, that the front end is out of alignment, that you have a bent wheel, or that you have a bad/weak strut/shock. When the tires were balanced the t ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

1995 Ford Aerostar (3.0 L, 6 cyl), Vibration seeming to come from rear end at 45-55 mpg. Had 4 new tires installed, front end alignment checked (OK) by Pep-Boys, they also checked front and rear end components and could not find problems. Please help, losing my mind trying to figure this out,, Thanks, Mark

Jack up both rear wheels and put it on stands.. then put the trans in " N " then go under the car and check if there is any loose on the drive shaft... near the u joints.. it sounds like a bad u jouint to me... ... Cars & Trucks

2003 Avalanche front end shake

I would check your ball joints it's a good chance one might be bad also you can check your sway bar linkages, swaybar frame bushings ... 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche

I have front end vibration that is not caused by alignment. New tires on all four wheels but still have alot of front end vibration. Car is a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon. this information is helpful but not exactly. i also have vibration while driving at 60-70 mph. tires were just rotated. no shimmy in the steering wheel or looseness. the car does not pull to the left or right when braking and it is serviced on a regular basis (2005 ford focus). i'm apprehensive about taking it to the garage as i fee

I would suggest going to a local shop and asking that they balance your wheels. It should take about half an hour and should cost less than $30.It is possible that one of your wheels has lost a weight that had been\015\012installed when y ... 2005 Ford Focus

Original problem: 40-50 mph front end shutters badly as if engine shaking loose or front end something wrong. Replaced Rotors, brake pads and wheel bearings. Had alignment checked and towed in. Steering pitman arm looks good, tie rods and steering gear box. Replaced Radius arms bushings. I found something on internet: to cylinder power test and / or replace Spark plugs, wires due to possible imbalance. I replaced Spark plugs, Plugs wires, Rotor & cap, and it corrected poblem for 30 mins. Its bac

You may have frame cracks around the steering box causing the shutter, it is a worn part, hard to say without a full inspection, as to the 2nd problem this is called idle surge, it is caused by a sludged up intake throttle valve and auto ... Ford F-150

99 dodge durango, 5.9, 4 wd. Replaced front end parts. ( p.s. gear box, pitman arm, idler arm, )While front end was dismantled, I turned steering wheel to align the steering column bolt to the p.s. gear unit. Now the cruise control will not work and air bag light stays on. No codes appear when I scan computer. Any ideas?

... Cars & Trucks

Squeaking coming from the front end , the front end parts are all good and tight,but it sounds like rubber on rubber and makes this squeaking noise. I put wd-40 on all the bushings I could find and it still will not go away. Any ideas? Its a 2007 chev avalanche ltz.

You prolly need new bushings i have the same problem now on my 95 ... 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ

2006 mazda6i making clunking sound in passenger side front end when going from 0 to 65 then sound is not as bad, no steering vibration new strut all bolts are tight, im thinking half shaft is bad but like i said no grinding sound ,and it sounds like the front end is falling out

Try this link\015\012http://www.fixya.com/support/r4024292-front_end_noise_steering_suspension ... 2006 Mazda 6

I have a chevy silverado 1500 Ls.Im experiencing a swaying sensation in the front end. In a curve the front end will lean excessively to one side. This vehicle will not hold an alignment Everyone says nothing is wrong. But I just replace a tire rod on the left side of the vehicle.The shocks are good, the coils, and the ball joints. Just brakes says that the bearings are not bad. What could it possibly be? Iam clueless, and tired of wasting money. Its an 06 with 74,000 miles.

This is a known issue on these trucks. Its the tires. There was a recall on them a while back. If you still have the original tires replace them. If they are not original have them checked by a dealer to make sure they are ok.The problem was the side ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I am always replacing front tires due to alignment issue. i get the alignment done - then a month later the front end bounces at 60-65 mph. Now I find this week that my back tire is leaning inward at a serious angle! I haven't driven over anything. What's going on here?

It sure sounds to me that the gentleman or lady in charge of aligning your vehicle wasn't doin the job properly.The entire vehicle's suspension needs to be checked for visible damage or worn out parts before the alignment.Had this been done then they ... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

If i level the front end of my 2009 chevy 4/4 with 2inch leveling kit from Rough Country do i need to get the front end aligned?

Yes\015\012\015\012when you change suspension components that change height up or down it causes camber and toe to change ... Chevrolet 1500

I have front end vibration that is not caused by alignment. New tires on all four wheels but still have alot of front end vibration. Car is a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon.

Just checked this out a while ago:\015\012\015\012\015\012 \015\012Wheel Hub Assemblies: Systems and Diagnosis of Worn Hub Assemblies & Bearings\015\012Front wheel hub assemblies and bearings control th ... Hyundai Tiburon

I hit a curb with my 2000 Cougar after spinning out on an icy road. I just had the whole front end done. Tie Rods, Ball joints, sway bar links, new front axles, and alignment. Also just had 4 new tires put on. The car drives awesome on dry or wet pavement but when I drive on snow, it is all over the place and feels like the back end keeps whipping around on me. Its almost scary driving it. Any ideas??? It never did this before I hit the curb.

Look under car and see what is bent or broken. ... 2000 Mercury Cougar
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