Having problems with your 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche ?

How to tell if the fuel pump is bad on a 2003 checvy avalanche

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How to tell if the fuel pump is bad on a 2003 checvy avalanche

... 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche

Fuel pump I want to pump bad fuel out of my 2001 Yukon, so I unhooked the fuel line from the filter and I need to turn on the fuel pump to pump it out of the fuel tank. I tried to turn on the ign. switch without result. Can you tell me where the harness is located or how to jump the wires. I know that it will pump fuel while cranking.

Get a long wires and just jump your fuel pump and it should run like a champ.... ... 2001 GMC Yukon

How to change a fuel pump in a 1996 Gmc Sonoma Pickup 4 cyl. ? How can you tell if a fuel relay is bad? If the fuel relay is bad, will the fuel pump still work?

Drop the tank ... use a brass punch to loosen the ring ... to find/replace the pump.\015\012\015\012the relay is operated by the computer ...\015\012\015\012Check for volts on the outgoing side of the relay ... \015\012 ... 1996 GMC Sonoma

I replaced fuel pump in 98 Chevy blazer 8 months ago. Now my car will not start. Fuel is squirting out fuel rail like a water gun then it stops.it starts it I poured gas right into rail underhood an it start right up then shuts off. My check engine light keep telling me the evpor canister was bad since I got fuel pump done but I still drove it until now! When I turn key the hear the pump turn on. It is very loud! Do u think it can still be fuel pump? Or what else can I do to figure out what is g

Fuel pressure regulator. Dont drive it or start it, fire hazard ... Cars & Trucks

Just picked up 2000 vw beatle with bad battery,car turns over fine with new battery, is not getting fuel, is there a fuel cut off switch like the fords? is fuel pump in tank or frame rail on passeger side,car reads full tank of gas, could computer be telling pump not to run. spray statrting fluid in breather car runs then cut off. unhooked 3 lines going to fuel rail and noticed no gas coming out when turning motor over, could fuel pump be that cloged up.

Sounds like and imbolizer problem "anti theft" call the dealer they can walk you thru the reset procedure ? ... Volkswagen Beetle

1996 gmc yukon. replaced fuel pump 3 times in 2 months, finally running then it wouldnt start one day. cranked it over for awhile and nothing. sat 15 min it started right up, drove home shut off, then started back up. next day no start. just replaced fuel relay still no start, checked fuel pressure its at 0, is it possible the pump is bad again or could it be the clip for the power to the pump being loose or faulty?

This is a very common problem. GM has issued a service bulletin to replace the wiring connector at the fuel pump assembly on top of the tank. check the end of the plug for burnt terminals. the service bulletin states that these corroded connectors ca ... 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

1989 dodge d-series pickup. Truck was running fine and parked at work. At end of shift, the truck cranks but no fuel pressure in the system. Removed hose at filter and cranked. No fuel from pump. Is it certain the pump is bad or is it an electrical problem to the pump? How can I tell before I have to remove the fuel tank?

Are you sure there is fuel in the tank (you may have run out or someone - a thief - may have syphoned it without your knowledge). If the fuel pump is electrically operated then when you first turn the ignition key on you should hear the fuel pump wh ... 1989 Dodge Ram D-Series Pickups

I have a 2003 ford escape. it is an intermittant problem. when trying to start it wont idle and just dies. if you put the gas to the floor it will start and smooth itself out. Could it be the fuel psi damper or the fuel pump? how can you tell if the fuel pump is going bad? I have already replaced the fuel filter.

Sometimes the throttle body becomes coated with carbon, try spraying a throttle body cleaner by the butterfly valve. You need to take air hose off air intake. You can get this cleaner at any auto parts store. Just follow the instructions on the can. ... Ford Escape

I think my ignition wires are bad on my 1995 olds aurora, how can I tell? My will start after the 2nd attempt. It will sometimes die and then I will have to try to start it and it takes awhile. I thought it was my fuel pump or fuel injectors. I replaced fuel filter. It's been a month of this and I don't think my fuel pump could have lasted that long.

All you guys sound like you are having security problems. I have posted a website in my earliest comment. Please go there and most likely you will find valuable info and a solution to your prob and it is a permanent FIX . your security system is desi ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

Fuel pump not running. maybe someone can tell me where the power to the fuel pump is so that i can test the pump to see if it works. or maybe the relay is bad. where would that be? thank you

Located under the hood on driver side beside the shock tower. Should be 2 blacck boxes attacthed to the fire wall. Switch the two fuses and try starting your car. 17.00 at autozone ... 1989 Chrysler LeBaron

I have a 2000 Plymouth Voyager 4cyl 2.4L with 77,000 miles on it. Last year I had the fuel filter, fuel pump, water pump and serpentine belt replaced. The oil was changed in October. The car had been running /hesitating and I thought that it was because of bad gas. I used fuel treatments and it seemed to work but the problem only resurfaced. Last month, as I was driving around 55mph, I heard rattling and then it sounded like something fell off the car but I couldn't tell because this happened a

Hello\015\012You have failed to do the most important test there is, that is the fault code test of the OBD2 electronic engine control system, Kragen and other discount auto part stores do this test for free, it will show if any fault codes are ... Plymouth Voyager

I have a 1998 cadaliac, i was stopped at a light and the car just shut off, i have fire but no fuel, i thought the fuel pump was bad so i replaced it afterwards i found out i had no juice going to the fuel pump. would someone tell me where to look for the problem? i checked all the fuses and relays all good

Have you checked the O2 sensor? Sometimes this is the problem and its an easy and cheap route to take. When the fuel pump was replaced, was the fuel filter also replaced? I would definitely check to make sure ... Cadillac DeVille

I dont think my fuel pump is getting power. If the fuse is good aand relay is good, can I run a wire from the battery to the fuel pump to see if there is a bad wire? and how do I tell what wire on the harness is the positive wire? my car is a 1986 camaro with a 2.8

When u cycle the key to run do u hear a relay click? it is very DOUBTFUL U HAVE A WIRING PROBLEM, MOST LIKELY THE FUEL PUMP IS DEFECTIVE, THEY LAST ABOUT 100,000 MILES. ... Chevrolet Camaro

My 2003 avalanche died suddenly and now will not start. The engine turns over fine, I replaced the fuel pump fuse, but it still won't start. I'm guessing the fuel pump itself went bad, but jus

... 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche

I have audi A8L 2004 4.2L. The car starts and after 30 sec. main fuel pump relay shuts off and pressure drops to 0 and engine shuts off. I'm auto technician, I checked circuits to main fuel pump relay and signal from ECM to relay is disapering after 30 sec. Car starts fine every time after shut off and every time it shuts off after 30 sec. Tell me what problem could it be or what I should check? Thank you. Sincerely Jerry

Could be an oveheated fuel pump! Extract the pump out from fuel reservoir and test it! ... Audi A8

I have a fuel pressure tester but I don't know how to check it on a 2006 Taurus with the 3.0 12v motor. I think the fuel pump is bad because sometimes the car does not start. I am unable to tell if the pump is running when I turn the key.

Located on the fuel rail ( silver or chrome lines holding fuel injectors) you will find a cap at one end that looks like a valve stem cover. When you remove the cover you will find a connector which resembles a tire valve stem. You will connect the f ... 2006 Ford Taurus

88 Honda Accord I mentioned earlier that I had gas coming out of the top of the carburetor But I would like to add that I just put a new fuel pump on car and ever since I put a new fuel pump that gas you tell the top of the carburetor a horribly bad Any help would be greatly appreciated

New pump is putting out more preasure now so the needle and seat valve in the carby is having difficulty regulating fuel levl in carby ... Cars & Trucks

How can you tell if the fuel pump or the fuel relay are bad, just changed the filter car ran fine for a day. can't here the pump all the time, it seems to come and go.What do think?

Very good chance the fuel pump is going bad.you can put your figer on top of the fuel pump relay and have someone turn on the key listen and feel for a click from the relay. if none you will need to use a volt meter and check the fuel pump fuse.if ok ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT


Well it could be a bad wire to fuel pump....or pump is old and drawing to much current......replace 15 amp fuse and test for fuel if it blows again u can try a 20 amp fuse in place of the 15 amp ......but only to determine if pump is still pumping fu ... 1995 Geo Tracker

Intermittent stuttering My 96 Civic will be running fine, then suddenly stutter a few times. The RPM drops to zero then back up a violently. Usually, letting off the gas then reapplying will help. I tried adding a fuel additive, thinking I might have bad fuel or water in the fuel. That didn't stop it, so I changed the fuel filter. I can tell the fuel pump is working and the problem is so inconsistent that it is hard to pin down. It seems like a fuel related issue, since it will run fine at times

Hello wrob1359,\015\012\015\012While this may seem like a fuel issue, and very well may be, let take into considerations some other possibilities, but first, lets first go ahead and cover all the fuel related possibilities:\015\012 ... 1996 Honda Civic

Fuel pump or fuel filter bad how can i tell

... 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

Have 2006 audi A4 running out of gas when indicator tells me i have 25 miles to go until empty. this has happened twice this month. is fuel pump going bad?

25miles. is an est. 1 gallon of gas in tank dont run it that low that miles to empty is an estamate. ... 2006 Audi A4 1.6

Video on how to tell if 01 bmw 330ci fuel pump rely is bad

... 2001 BMW 330

Took my 1993 VW Fox to a trusted mechanic for a new water pump & thermostat. He called me later to tell me the good/bad news. Good news - water pump & thermostat are in and cooling system ran at normal temp. Bad news - car caught fire after about 15 minutes of run time. Upon investigation, wiring harness under back seat is melted (which is why the car will not start - one of the melted wires is to the fuel pump). What happened?!?!?!

Hifor the wires to melt to each other then somewhee in the curcuit they must have been connected, that could have been a spanner sat on top of the battery or something has arked out maybe from the alterator or starter motor, both these pa ... 1993 Volkswagen Fox

How do I test the fuel pump on my car? I am not sure if the pump is bad, or if there is an electrical issue upstream from the pump. How can I tell? (2001 BMW 325ci)

Put your ear to the gas tank then have someone turn the key on (not start) if you hear buzzing coming from it it's good if not it's bad. ... 2001 BMW 325
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