Having problems with your 2003 Cadillac CTS ?

Mycar has a vibration problem at 15 45 and 60 mph. even after new tires, alightment and balance.

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Answers :

You may have one of the cv-axle goes bad. jack one side of a time, put parking brakes on.
\015\012start the car and put in drive run up to speed and feel the vibration, the side has more vibration is the one that goes bad
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Mycar has a vibration problem at 15 45 and 60 mph. even after new tires, alightment and balance.

You may have one of the cv-axle goes bad. jack one side of a time, put parking brakes on.\015\012start the car and put in drive run up to speed and feel the vibration, the side has more vibration is the one that goes bad ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

Bad Vibrations I have a problem with a vibration it isn't present at speeds up to 30 mph. But above that it starts. by the time I get to highway speed 55 and up it comes and goes. The best way to describe it is a soft vibration the a strong vibration then soft then strong then soft you get the idea. I have had the tires balanced many times,new rotors and bearings,new drums new tires,new shocks,driveshaft rebalanced & new u joints installed,Ft end aligned,I have lowered the truck with Beltech lea

You need wheels balanced, simple and cheap:) ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

Have had tires replaced cause first set was ruined after 15000 miles and new ones didn't fix the vibration. Have a vibration at 40-45 and 60-65mph and have had alignment, balance and the top of the line balance and still does it sometimes bad and sometimes not so bad, they said flat spots on tires but still does it even if you drive for hours.They won't tear anything apart cause they said they don't get paid for warranty labor unless parts are replaced, you ask me they should replace all the par

Dear friend-i would advise that you look at the lower control arm ball joints,this vibration can come from the suspention ... 2007 Hyundai Azera Limited Sedan

07 Escape vibration that goes away when turning wheel to the right. vibration starts between 20-30 mph and will only subside if the wheel is turned to the right or the car is stopped. new tires, thought that was the problem, was informed the ball joint and control arm bushings were bad, so replaced the control arms on both front. If the slightest right steering wheel pressure is applied,( not even enough to change a lane) it will stop. Any help appreciated, thanks

After you have changed the control arms on the front suspension did you send it for steering geometry ( tracking )? If not,then the problem you have is your front steering alignment is out and that's why. ... 2007 Ford Escape

Vibration if front end, had a alignment new tires,speed balance,new rims,shocks,even changed the universal joints. When you get over 45 mph it starts the faster you go the worst it gets.

If you could rack the truck and run the rear wheel at the speed untill you feel rhe vibration you might be able to isolate it, I agree, it may be a drive shaft issue, have you checked the u joints for wear, all of them,? ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

I have a 2001 honda civic ex bought new. It has 241,000 miles and runs great! However, at 50 to 60 mph the steering wheel vibrates side to side. Going up hill the vibration seems to stop. going down hill it vibrates. On level ground it vibrates at 60 mph and if I excellerate to 70 and come back down to 60 it sometimes stops is smooth. I have new tires,have balanced them several times, new brakes, new strutes, new front barrings, and I have new lower control arms, which the dealer suggested I cha

It is a complicated issue here dear.I feel so concerned. With all you have replaced, have you tried anything close to replacing the tyres? Reason is that when tyres go bad or expired, they tend to be twisted wherein when you run and get t ... Honda Civic

Hi, I have a 2001 Buick. We just replaced the front tires. Shortly after that we noticed the car vibrates at around 45 to MPH, after we get past this mph the vibration stops. It is not worse when we turn corners or change lanes. We just spent $2,000. on front end to correct the problem, we were told, but this has not helped. The mechanic double checked the front end and everything is tight. He also checked the tires, one was slightly off balance but not enough to cause problem, he still correcte

Let me see know at 45 miles per hour a vehicle usually shifts gears into the highest gear so could it be the torque converter hanging up and not shifting quick enough or maybe its the U joints. Have the transmission fluid checked for proper level and ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1999 nissan pathfinder that starts to vibrate at speeds between 60-65mph then smoothes out after that. What is my problem? Tires are new & in balance. Rear driveshaft u-joints replaced as well.

First have your wheel bearings checked,,jack up your car and wiggel the road wheels if there is a lot of flop in them have them done up,,,,but its very likley to be just road wheels out of balance,,,have them checked as well,,,, ... 1990 Nissan Pathfinder

My husband has a 2005 2.4L turbo convertible pt cruiser which vibrates when he's going 60 mph and above. Took it to Tire business in the area to check the tires-tires new last fall-alignment was done and diagnostic-?possible compression problem with the engine (too low). Told to take it to the dealership to diagnose the problem. Dealership said it was the tires (?belt), may need an alignment and possibly the ball joints. They didn't do a compression test. Bushings and new clutch done in the

Ok this is a good un? first change the left tires,,,for a new one as i think its a faulty tire,,,and you dont rotate tires!!! they only turn one way,,and thats normaly marked on them if its turning/spinning the wrong way it could well strip the tred ... 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2003 Saturn Ion vibration begins at about 60 mph. Tires are good and in balance and show no signs of uneven wear. Had tires rotated as well to see if problem changed, it did not. Had local mechanic put the vehicle on a lift to inspect control arms and ball joints. He indicated everything looked ok. He suggested a problem with the tires but I had already been to Discount Tire (where I purchased the tires) and they found nothing wrong to indicate a tire problem.

Try replacing the end links to the front sway bar. The sway bar end link bushings may be worn and needs to be replaced, buy the sway bar end link kit with the urethane bushing. They last a life time and cost about $45.00 for both sides at Parts Sourc ... 2003 Saturn ION

I have a 1996 GMC 3500, Crew Cab, Long Bed, 454 [7.4], Automatic, 2 Wheel Drive [not dually]. It has a vibration that begins at around 30 mph and seems to fade away at around 45-50. I just put new tires on it, made sure they were well balanced, the vibration didn't go away. The vibration is still there when I put it in nuetral and coast [engine at idle] through that MPH range. If I accelerate hard through that MPH it still shows up. The vibration is not resonating through the steering wheel.

... 1998 GMC Sierra

Tire wear Rear tire wear has always been bad, even when new on my 2005 Ford Focus. Have gone through 10 total tires, always wearing out in rear first. Have had countless alignments, balancing, etc. Even different tire brands, etc. Every mechanic (including Ford techs) say they see no problems with my car. Anything that might cause really bad tire wear in back but not in front?

google TSB 03-13-5 (addresses concerns over excessive inner-tire wear on wheels mounted in the rear.), then contact your dealer again. ... 2005 Ford Focus

Mazda b2200, 1989 109000 miles. Vibration, seems to be in the front end, when moving between 30-40 mph, 3rd or 4th gear. Vibration still exists when not in gear, manual transmition. Tires are new and balanced, brakes are new, clutch is new, ball joints are new. Any suggestions???

I have the same thing but mine is between 45-50 mph. I read about this a while back in a magazine for people that pull campers, the problem exists in all vehicles although its not as noticeable in every thing you ride in. There is a certain "point" a ... Mazda B2200

Subaru vibration 96 subaru legacy 180000 miles.car has a driveline vibration ,not extreme,but worse on hills and acceleration. at 70 mph going up a long grade this vibration suddenly got catastropic- like so bad you feel all 4 wheels are square and falling off.after pulling over and finding nothing visably wrong, wheels tight,no flats[car has brand new tires] I crippled 20 miles home at 30 mph .vibration was bad even this slow .axles have been replaced,wheel bearings are good no noise or play.co

I had similar problem with my '99 outback. Replaced the front half shafts and seemed much better. A few months later seemed to be comming back so replaced the driver side shaft again and the problem disappeared. I had put in rebuilt shafts and the dr ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

04 odyssey with vibration problem at all speeds, throughout the body. mostly comming from the rear. can see rear drivers wheel on side view mirror and tire seems to vibrate and the wheel acuates up and down what seems to be way too far with even the slightest bump in the road. changed rear shocks,balanced tires and alignment still the same. van coasting at 60 and out of gear... still vibrating. slight kick back when braking but not prominent. front brakes squeak but pads are thick. please help.

... 2004 Honda Odyssey

Vibration from 45-60 mph..new michlin tires ,aligned and balanced

Possible wheel bearing ... 1989 Jaguar XJ6

I have a 2002 Escalade which vibrates after 60 mph until above 85 at which speed vibration stops. I have replaced shocks, struts, almost all front end suspension parts including rods and control arms. I have also replaced the connection of the drive shaft and sennt the drive shaft to balance. I have gobe through 3 sets of tires from different manufacturers whcih have been balanced and rotated frequently. Does anyone have a idea how can I solve this extremelly frustrating problem?

Its possible you have a damaged wheel. A wheel could have been damaged/warped when the first set of tires were replaced. Spin balancing machines "balance" the tires at about 30 mph. Generally that covers things up to 60 or 70 mph on the road.Y ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade

Transmission Problem I have a 2000 Town Car (Signature Series) and when I reach between approximately 68-75 mph (in overdrive) their is a noticable roughness that can be felt in the ride. This does not happen in any other speed reanges. I had to replace the tires and even with the new tires exactly the same thing is happening. Car only has about 62K miles on it and runs very well otherwise. It appears to me that it might be a transmission problem? If so, any guess what it is and how much it migh

Your particular vehicle has the 4R70W trans,and i have rebuilt a ton of them over the years.It could very well be a TCC shudder.Let me explain.Between the rear of the engine,and the front of the trans is a Torque Convertor.Inside the convertor is a c ... 2000 Lincoln Continental

My 2000 F250 Super Duty Extended Cab has a severe vibration at 75 MPH. The problem is not drive line, alignment or wheel balance. The drive line has been balanced twice and the CV joints are good. We even exchanged the drive line with one from another truck, but the problem stayed the same.

2x4 or 4x4? ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

I have a 05 Cadillac Escalade and the sterring wheel shakes when I'm driving on town streets and on highway. I brought it in for service....and explain to the service people my problem. All they did was rotate and balance the tires and alot of weight (6oz) was added to the left front tire. This was a week ago, and yet I still have the problem with the sterring wheel...I even think the whole truck is now vibrating too. I want to bring my truck back in to have this check again....but I'm not sure

Have them check the universal joints, front and rear, as well as the two on the front shaft if it is a four wheel drive model, the CV joints on the front axle if 4WD, the drive shaft(s) for straightness, mud in wheel recesses, and the rear end and fr ... 2005 Cadillac Escalade

I have replaced all four tires(Michelins), which have been "road force balanced", front end aligned, new brake drums (last 30 days), and new shocks, but the vehicle has a definate vibration over 63 mph and increases up to 70 mph. Shop is puzzled as am I. Any suggestions

Hi\015\012\015\012you might just want to check to see and make sure the insides of your rims are clean too. snow or dirt that is caked on the inside of the rim will cause this. and by inside the rim i don't mean in the air chamber of the ... 1998 Chevrolet Suburban

Vibration throughout van going over 60 mph. replaced tires, balanced all tires still have problem. Van has over 120,000 miles. this problem started about a year ago.

... 2000 Toyota Sienna

Our 2001 toyota forerunner has a vibration on acceleration. It is a roaring noise at 50-60 mph. at 70 it seems to smooth out and not as bad. some vibration below 50 mph but not as bad as described above. could you please give us some idea of what could be wrong? we bought it used. has new tires and shocks. looks great and no other problem.

... 2001 Toyota 4Runner


... 2003 Ford Taurus

1999 Toyota van - Shakes when driven over 50 mph ..really starts to vibrate the head rests and when heading down the highway it get worse - shakes terrible. Could it be the rear tires are worn or possibly a tire weight fell off and now the tire is out of balance? Under 50 seems " ok " ..less shake noticed. We did get two new front tires to pass state inspection ..were waiting on replacing the back two tires , Now may have to ?

Balance tyres ... 1999 Toyota Sienna
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