Having problems with your 2003 Buick Rendezvous ?

Car will not start I can here it trying to turn over both the starter and battery have been replaced and able to get interior lights when being jumped by another car but still not able to start

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Answers :

One,or both of the battery cables are bad.
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Car will not start I can here it trying to turn over both the starter and battery have been replaced and able to get interior lights when being jumped by another car but still not able to start

One,or both of the battery cables are bad. ... 2003 Buick Rendezvous

I have a 91 Cadillac Deville that will not start. It does not crank or even try to start. A while ago, I ran the battery down, and then was able to jump it and it ran fine. Then, I left the lights on after a drizzle, and could not get the car to jump. I had a mechanic hot wire my starter from my battery after charging it, which caused the solenoid to engage, but the car would immediately die as soon as he removed the hot wire. Now, after replacing the battery, the car still does not even tr

Try turning the key to the on position and wait for the security light to stop flashing (usually ten or fifteen minutes) then turn the key off and try to start it. On some you need to do that procedure three times without starting but most will re-st ... 1991 Cadillac DeVille

My 2000 camaro was not starting. i was able to jump it but after turning it off it wouldnt start again. so i bought a new battery and still nothing...so i went to go get a buddy to help me pull the starter but wen we got back to the house the car started and ran fine all day long. than today the car doesnt start again. wen u turn the key on all the lights and everything come on but wen u go to turn the key over there is nothing. no clicking or any noises at all.??????

I would replace the sarter for sure. the solinoid is going bad. ... 2000 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1997 Subaru Legacy station wagon. My check engine light, and Battery icon light are on indicating an electrical problem. I've had to jump my car repeatedly in order to get it started. I purchased and installed a brand new battery from Auto zone. Although I was able to star the car the "lights" (engine and battery icon) are still on indicating that maybe the alternator is bad. Since my funds are low at this moment I'm unable to purchase and install an alternator and I have to use t

On a battery there is a plus + and minus - plus is generally red and minus or negative is generally black. if you have hooked them up you will likely blow the main fuse. you mention it will not start... does it even turn over ? also autozone will ... Subaru Legacy

I have a 2006 Chevrolet HHR and the headlight went out 2 days ago. My mom used my car yesterday and she used the bright lights. She forgot to turn the bright lights off and this morning it would not start. So I got a jump and went to work. Then I tried to go to lunch and it would not start again. I tried to get a jump but it would not turn over. The lights and everything else in the car are working after the jump but still wont start. The dash reads possible ice and the car symbol with the light

... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

2000 pontiac bonneville randomly stalls and/or doesn't start. battery is brand new, it just started doing this. The first time my husband was driving down the interstate and put his left turn signal on to merge and the car stalled out, He was able to put it in neutral and restart so we thought nothing of it. Then a few days later he went to start it and it wouldn't do anything. The interior light and the radio still worked but he could not get it to start up. After I was almost there to pick him

... 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

Battery fully charged just replaced the main fuse. Now no interior lights and the car won't start. Recently bought 89 mazda mx6. Was warned the door was possibly running the battery down no problems until a few weeks ago I had to get a jump start for it to turn over no problems there. Now there's no reponse at all inside no interior lights no radio of course won't turn over. I'd like to at least get it started to go have tests done on the car. Just need some idea where the problem might be

Main fuse beside battery terminals might be your problem ... 1996 Mazda MX-6

Help! I left my lights on in my 2003 VW Golf the other night.  I went out the next day, turned off the lights, the car wouldn't start.  We tried jump starting my car today and the lights (dash, interior and headlights) came back on, but the engine won't turn over.  Then, after trying to jump start again, I tried to turn the key and there was a clicking noise and all of the lights starting flickering, but the engine still wouldn't turn over.

Key off and out,diconnect negitive side of battrey then postive.clean terimals,charge battrey,connect postive cable (with key off)connect negitive.and start.\015\012your dead battrey is taking up a big load on system,so when you boost it the de ... 2003 Volkswagen Golf

Last couple days, matrix started but was unusual in sound(wasnt a strong crank start up) I noticed. this morning car started(same unusual sound)when stopped for coffee, got in and nothing happened, got a jump which worked and left to next spot. Got another jump and it started, got home. tried to jump and nothing, went from jumper battery to car terminals, nothing, changed battery and nothing. lights on, check engine light on as normallly @ start up, interior dome on, horn works and still nothing

Remove the battery terminals and clean them and the battery post until they shine,there is most likely a film covering the inside of the battery terminals,and the battery post. ... 2003 Toyota Matrix

2004 Sebring 2.7L. The car was running fine with no apparent problems. I turned the car off for a few minutes to get gas. When I went to start the car again, it wouldn't start at all. No clicking, very dim lights. I tried jumping 3 times. It would start, then die. The third time, I revved the engine a bit to try to keep it running. while revving, lights on the dash would flicker and the gauges were jumping a bit. car still died once I stopped revving and tried to drive. The battery has been long

Check for 12 volts at the battery if it is anything less you will need a new battery. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

Won't start My car won't start.Acts like a battery problem,I have only interior lights.When we try to jump it ,it still won't start but the lights get stronger.

Have you tried replacing the battery? cause a bad battery will not jump even though it appears to have some charge if you need help let me know ... 2001 BMW Z3

I have a problem with a 2008 Dodge Charger, my battery went bad and I had to jump it off to take it and get a new battery put in but now my new battery won't start my car not even when the new battery is jumped off either. When u try and start the car it reads the key and the dash lights come on sometimes when you try and start it but won't start but when you try a second or third time to start it the dash lights won't come on at all and still won't start. What should I do?

When you jump started the vehicle, it started as normal and you drove to a shop to have a new battery installed.?? Correct??1. Who removed the old battery and installed the new one?2. Did the car start normally immediately after th ... Cars & Trucks

Recetnly purchased a used 2003 Suzuki Aerio from dealership. Car was running fine. Then suddenly would not start after being parked at work. The interior lights went dim when door opened, and battery was completely dead. Called Progressive Roadside Assistance and got a jump start, and the car started but lights still dimmed. Arrived home, and killed car. Tried to re-start the car and it would not even try to turn over at all. Battery was completely dead. Weird thing is when all doors are

I would say thats a good idea, if you got an extended warranty! from most of the symptoms i would say it sounded like your alternator was hooped. the clicking from the dash...if it's coming from the engine side it sould be your solinoid which click ... Suzuki Aerio

When I turn my key the car won't start. It just makes a clicking sound. The radio, interior lights and dash lights come onI but if I leave the key in the aux position all the lights blink and click. I have to jump the battery in order to get my car to start. Once started it's fine, but t6he minute I turn it off it starts all over again. I am hoping it's just the battery but I have a sinking feeling that it is the Altenator therefore the battery will have to be replaced as well.

You could be right, but first things first. Check your battery connections. Take the cables off and clean the cable ends and battery post with a wire brush or sandpaper. Now re connect the positive cable and hook up a test light between the negati ... 2004 Saturn VUE

I have a 1996 Chevy Cavalier w/ a 2.4 cylinder engine. I can get my car started but then it will die out of nowhere. What happened was I was driving along and then my mileage needle jumped up and down then my dashboard lights turned on and then only my theft light stayed on. I was able to go about 3 more blocks and then it just died. It will turn over but it won't start. All my lights will turn on and everything. I went to start my car today and it started just fine. So if it sits for a day it w

Check the ground by the battery ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

The car has progressed from refusing to start after driving it around town (weather was warm back then) to just not starting from the get-go and the weather was cooler. I was able to start the car at work, run an errand, and stopped at my sisters. It sat there for a few hours while I borrowed her car to pick up my kids. When I came back it started but would not again after I stopped to get dinner with the kids. The dash warning lights go on, but no starter attempt. Silence. Battery is 12v, jumpe

The problem is starting engine in hot condition and stall starting it seems.\012\012The reason could be that enough voltage is not reaching the starter. Clean the terminals of the battery and the harness side and then try the test again. If uns ... Volkswagen Beetle

I went out a few days ago and my Ford escort would not even turn over. I tried jumping it and had no luck. I tried switching over to a new battery and still no luck starting. When I turn the ignition key the interior light come on but when I actually try to start the car, the interior lights go off and the car does not even try to turn over, just nothing happens. I am at wits end can you please help?

High im haveing simalar problems with mine except i turn the key and get nothing no lights no radio nothing batter is new and altenartor is good so seys pepboys.im going to check all the wireing to make sure i have a good ground to the block or frame ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

I had to jump start my mazda 6 but put the leads on the wrong way round but when i did get the car running there was no interior lights or radio working, i have replaced fuses but still did not have any joy, anyone got any ideas how to fix it

... Cars & Trucks

92 bonneville last night i was driving my car and i noticed the radio and interior lights starting to flicker, then the car bogged out.Also the breaks locked up nd got stiff. i got a jump from somebody and it turned over .it went on for about a minute , then it shut off again. so i had to get it towed home, i keep trying to get it to turn on but all the interior lights just keep flickering and it wont turn over but it makes a cranky noise. please could somebody help me . i am a 22 yr. old female

Try to charge the battery it sounds like the battery went dead and you probably have a charging problem ... 1992 Pontiac Bonneville

60,000 miles, car won't turn over. usually starts after jumping it from another car for 15-20 minutes but the battery doesn't seem to be the problem, all inside lights and controls still work. this happened 2 days ago and we put water in the battery, not sure if that is what caused it to start or not. car makes weird clicking sound when trying to start, interior panels flicker. in the "on" position all controls are lighted, the flickering only happens when trying to turn the engine over. please

Your alternator is most likely on its way out. The electrical problems happen either when there is a short in the electrical system or there are not enough amps to run everything that's on currently.. Get your alternator tested at a parts store such ... 2005 Honda Accord


How clean are the connections on your battery terminals and your electrical connections to the starter and ground. Many times this will be the simple problem that is often overlooked. ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

When I get to certain speeds (50-60 mph) I check engine light starts flashing and the car starts jumping. I acts like it's going to cut out and I start loosing power. I still can excellerate but after the car stops jumping. Can you help me with this problem? Thank you so much!

When this happened to me. the vehicle needed a good tune-up. Had it done have not had the same problem since. ... 1997 Ford Expedition

The interior lights on my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee started coming on while driving or while the car was parked about a week ago. Today, they must have come on during the night because battery was dead. As of right now battery has been jumped but the interior lights will not shut off. Previously, I would open and close the doors and this would get the lights to go off. This is no longer working. Can not figure a way to make this go away. Car is American specs. I am in Germany. Not sure th

We had a similar problem with our 1996 Grand Cherokee. I don't know where it's located in the 2008 but there was a relay behind the glove box that was causing the problem with ours. I hope this helps. ... 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 l won't start. When I turn the ignition, no clicks, starter won't turn over but the display panel lights illuminate randomly...some of the idiot lights just go on and off randomly....starter doesn't engage. The headlights and interior light come on strong so there seems to be electrical power....I charged the battery anyway. When I jumped the car's battery, I could get the car to start and it seemed to run ok including the display screen but I had to keep my f

... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Sometimes when jumping in my 1997 Audi A4 the car has no power (no interior/ dash lights / and nothing happens when I turn the Key). If I wait a minute the cars power (interior lights come on) and I able to start the car. What can be the issue? I have recently installed a new battery.

... 1997 Audi A4
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