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Gas guage falls and rises

\015 Just drove a 2003 Buick Regal off the lot. Noticed the gas guage showed empty but the went to full. When I pulled over to the side of the road at one point the lvel fell all the way to empty and the gas light came on. But when I started driving, it went back to full. Any clue what might cause this?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

This problem is causes by a defective fuel level sending unit, The sending unit is located inside the gas tank and the gas tank must be removed from the car and the fuel pump module (contains level sensor) replaced to correct the problem. This job requires a hydraulic floor jack, safety stands to hold the car in the air safely and a very good set of common hand tools plus a special tool to remove the fuel lines from the tank. Time to complete is about 4 hours on the ground.
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Gas guage falls and rises

This problem is causes by a defective fuel level sending unit, The sending unit is located inside the gas tank and the gas tank must be removed from the car and the fuel pump module (contains level sensor) replaced to correct the problem. This job re ... 2003 Buick Regal

Overheating overheats then drops back to normal;then overheats again;then back to normal? Ok...same problem. Car will run perfectly for a day or two then will decide to overheat. Temp guage will rise to 3/4 or higher then fall then rise then fall and so on. New thermostat installed ,rad flushed, new cooling fan relay,and new rad cap but the problem continues. Fan motor was also replaced 2 years ago Is it the cooling fan sensor?

Ok, here is what I have found with the overheating problem with my 2002 PT Cruiser. I have got all the symptoms that everyone else has gotten form, it heats then cools down, gets hot when it idles, gets hot when AC is turned on. The bottom line here ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

When i shut off 72 chevrolet the gas guage falls past full not em

Well, short of the gauge being defective, there might me a voltage regulator on the back of the instrument panel causing your issue. ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 1988 Suburban w/ a 350 and uses TBI, that has been out of commission for about six months. I recently got the old girl running after installing a new fuel pump and she goes like new with 154,000 mi on her, but after the engine warmed up where I could tell my new water thermostat was working correctly {which it was}, after a couple of rise and falls on the guage, the engines oil pressure started dropping from 30 on the guage, to 0 and then the engine died. this happened in less than 10 s

All signs point to a failed oil pump. I would also recommend since it has been sitting around to give the oil system a good flush, get all the gunk out ... 1988 Chevrolet Suburban

Driving today and was making a left to enter onto the highway. I head my audible alarm to check gauges and then notice my oil guage dropped low and then went back up after a I eased off the gas. I was about t pull over and then it went down again and then went back up. Eveytime it went down the audible alarm would sound. I notice once I was leave my foot off the gas is would then rise back up and then at about 20 seconds go down again. I drove all the way home as I did not hear any rattles , clu

Did you check the engine oil level? A fluctuation in oil pressure is most often caused by low oil levels in the engine. First, make sure the oil is filled to the correct level on the dipstick. I shouldn't have to say this but just to make sure I'm cl ... Dodge Pickup

2004 mazda 6 with 3.0l V6..WHen the gas guage falls below a quarter tank the car shutters really bad getting on and off the interstate. Almost as if no gas is getting pushed to the engine. Dealer ship said without a code they cant fix it unless it breaks completely. Fuel Pump?

Find out how many gallons your fuel tank holds. Once it falls below a 1/4 tank and starts to shutter. Proceed to the nearest gas station and fill up. If you fill it up with 12 gallons and your tank holds 12 gallons then your fuel gauge is off. So i ... 2004 Mazda 6


What kind of car do you have? take fuel tank down and replace float sensor (mecanism) ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

Collant overheating Hi My Cherokee has had this problem for a while and I am lost for an answer. The coolant system runs fine for a while then overheats and the coolant flow out through the reserviour cap, I changed the cap thinking the cap had lost its pressure, but yesterday I took the jeep out for a run, all was fine temp gauge was rising and falling, no problem I thought the fan is doing its job now, the level guage came up once again and the coolant was at boiling level again. has anybody a

Thanks Shanat,\015\012\015\012Did you manage to fix the problem?\015\012I have been thinking it had to be fan related, the previous owner had supposedly changed all the cooling system. ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

Coolant sytem The coolant light is on and the level is ok. The temo guage has a slight rise and fall depending on traffic. The fans may not be coming on, I have yet to hear them. Is there anything I should check besides these questions I have asked?

The fans should come on at 232 degrees, 3/4 of the gauge, or with the A/C on for a minutes. It has a coolant level sensor on the radiator that is bad about going out. It is a little hard to change, but it costs about $40 from GM, or you can just unpl ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

My oil pressure guage keeps rising and falling, what do i

... Dodge Dakota

The temp. guage rises and falls, the cars skips, and the water light comes on. There was a leakage from where the water/coolent goes to the engine but it was pached up. The oil, spark plugs and wires have been changed, a new thermastat has been put in and a moter has been put in the fan. Why would there still be sme skipping?

Bad head gasket is what is causing the issue. the coolant is leaking into the cylinders and causing a miss fire. let me know if you have more questions. ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Gas Guage The gas guage in my cobalt keeps going up and down to full and then to the level its really supposed to be. Is it really because I put in supreme plus last time I filled up because the gas station I usually fill up at ran out of regular or is it just a gas guage problem?

Sounds like a faulty sending unit... or a loose/ damaged wire.\015\012The gas doesnt touch the unit, so the gas is not the problem... only coincedence. ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

2002 grand cherokee. will not start. i already replaced the fuelpump, gas guage went crazy when my problem started. i could let it set for a while and it would run a little while lets say i could drive it about 20 mile and it would quit again. when gas gauge works it will run . now gas guage will not move when u turn on the ignition. computer scan shows no problems with any sensers.

I actually had one do this and it ended up needing a PCM to fix this problem . ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello 1999 chevrolet gas guage is all over the place,was on the empty mark with about 1/8 tank gas left but guage read full..Filled it up right to the brim now gauge reads empty and low warning light is on with a full tank.Any ideas before changing inners of the gas tank.Thank you

Sounds like fuel pump is good the floater may need replacing or the wire that reads the floater may be loose ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture

1994 plymouth voyager speedometer and gas guage doesnt work.i just got a transmision put in it and replaced the speed sensor and still no mileage guage gas guage or speedometer working still

... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

I replaced the cheap plastic accelerator pedal, because it wore out. I must not have done that correctly, because immediately after installing the new pedal which required me to unhook a plug in wire, the gas guage stopped working. It now shows out of gas. Is there a way to check the cause of the gas guage failure?

Not related ... 2002 BMW 5 Series

Fuel guage speedometer works, voltage guage works and maybe one other one too. the gas guage is pegged right past full and almost laying horizontal. can this be fixed w/o major headaches? what are the simple things to try first? the gas tank is not full either?

Are you serious? You want to charge me for the answer but you expect my solution for free? CANCEL my Account. Now. ... 1985 GMC S-15

Gas guage my gas guage wont work on my 1989 2500 silverado ive replaced the guage sending unit and re grounded it

Have you checked to see if the guage in the dash isnt the problem ? ... 1989 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

What wires to check if gas guage moved to full and guage lights no longer work? I am stripping a 1995 ford escort to make a race car, Everything was working but I must have knocked aground loose or something, because as I was moving wiring I lost the guage lights and the gas gauge went all the way past full

The gas gauge issue is the result of a defective gas tank sending unit. ... 1998 Ford Escort

97 cherokee..trip meter and fuel guage both show plenty of gas..both guages go to empty..motor stops...sometimes shaking car helps...also gas tank building pressure

This is a common problem with this model jeep that should have been recalled. There is most likely short in the wiring harness that will be expensive to locate ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Start sometimes and falls dead and check engine lights reads knock senser, closed coolant curcit, and something with coolant senser. The car took awhile to start yesterday and had a loud gas smell and after reving for about 2 mins it was fine until this morning start and falling dead when i get off the gas

I would try and replace the knock sensor. If the sensor reads a knock or any movement it shouldn't be doing the car will shut off right then and there and then you have to wait a while for it to start again. ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

Heat gauge when I start the car engine will heat up, gauge will hit half way mark then drop. after that the gauge will rise and fall about every 3-5 mins from the 1/4 mark and down when you are going about 80+kms, when in park and idle... heat gauge rise and fall normal, takes about 1/2 hour or so in cool weather (I.E. +5) things I have replaced include...head, head gasket, thermistat, radiator, rad. fluid, rebuilt some of the part ( can not buy new anymore) the car dose not over heat, the gauge

Before getting too upset about this, try changing the temperature sender. Can't tell you where it is but it is usually on or near the thermostat housing but some engines have it on the intake manifold or rear of cyl head. ... 1993 Pontiac Sunbird

The gas guage and odometer on my 94 mercury cougar dont work. how hard are these problems to fix? would it be something i could possibly do mysef? because i want to learn to fix things on my car myself and it bugs me that both these things dont work. especially the gas guage.

It is not easy to remove the fuel tank, the guage is inside the fuel tank.. The sensor for the odometer is on the transfer case on the transmission. It may be better to go toprofessional. Good Luck. ... 1994 Mercury Cougar

Defective fuel guage on a 2005 GTO.How to repair it. Gas guage reads lOne quarter empty,when gas tank is full.

What you might have to do is check the gauges with a scanner.Not all scanners have this ability.The dealerships scanner can go into your body control module and work the gauges and if they work with the scanner then you can eliminate the gauge itself ... 2004 Pontiac GTO

My 2005 sunfire temperature, speedo and gas guage are not accurate. The temp guage is not working, the speedo stuck at 20 and the gas goes way past empty. Computer problen?

Could be but more like the engine computer plug is lose or corroded ... 2005 Pontiac Sunfire
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