Having problems with your 2003 BMW M5 ?

When the car is hot it takes to long to start the engine again

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BMW my bmw 320i is giveing me problem. if the engine is cold it start and drive ok. but when the engine is hot if i turn it off and try to start it back it take long to start and when i drive it thats when it start looseing power and when im showing down and put my foot on the cluch the car just shot off. please can u help.

Hi\015\012\015\012It sounds as though you either have a faulty O2 sensor, or there is a fuel pressure issue, which from your description, could be due to a worn fuel pump.\015\012\015\012If the car performs ok under full accel ... 1999 BMW 323 Series

Engine management car shuts off while driving whenever the car gets hot, and takes a long time to start when hot or cold.

The fuel pump is the most common reason for stalling, but without some diagnosis, this is just a guess. The fuel pump relay may also be failing. You'll need to check the fuel pressure and power to the fuel pump when the car wont start to know for sur ... 1997 Volvo 850

Engine is hot after 5 hour drive. shut off engine. 10 minutes or less try to start car, but will not start right up. takes 2-4 times to finally start. sometimes have to pump gas pedal. Stalls as pulling out from driveway. engine cold no problem starting up car by just turning the key.

Sound like your fuel pump is on the way out. ... Toyota Avalon

When the car is hot it takes to long to start the engine again


Car made a ticking noise every once in a while, the engine has 120xxx miles on it runs really good but would make this noise every so often. went to start it one day and it wouldnt start. tried to jump the car and the battery wouldnt take a charge for a long time. when the battery finally did take a charge it made an aweful noise when i tried to start car. was wondering if it is the timing chain and if so do i need to repair heads because i have heard there is 0 tolerance on the heads and they m

The probable clicking may be a failed starter, remove and inspect, or have tested at pepboys,autozone or similar store. There is and inspection hole in the top of the engine in the front timing belt cover, verify that it is not broken, most times w ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Idling Problem - Altis 2002 The engine doesn't start properly especially when cold. Normally, the engine idle goes up to heat up the engine but mine don't anymore. It will start, and then goes dead. Upon multiple attempts, and when the engine has heated up a bit, the idle goes up for a sec or two and then goes bak to low idling (super low as if it's gonna go dead again). The engine doesnt start properly even when it's hot When you start the engine, it takes a long time for the engine to star

Check coolant temp sensor ORRRRRRRR clean the throttle body ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

1995 Chevy Lumina has a hard time starting up in hot and cold weather after vehicle sits over night, or for more than 3 to 4 hours, it take three to four turns of the key in the ignition before car starts, then engine revs between 1 and 4 on the rpm, does this for about five minutes, sometimes collapsing below one and engine shuts off, was told car needed a tune up bad, got a full tune up, but problem still exist, car is also leaking oil, low oil light on, and spot beneath car is the proof, plea

You may need a mechanic for this.The strong gas smell and the hard starting could be connected.You could have a leaking injector, or faulty pressure regulator. And you could have a fuel leak in the line.A mechanic would do a visual inspe ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Hi there, Please help me. I have a pontiac grand am '91, 4 cylinders, 2.5 L, automatic transmission, carburetor with an electric injector(sprayer). Thje thing is that my car engine does not run if I stop the car oance is been running long enough to get normal hot. If I tray to start the engine, the starter will crank the engine but the engine will not run and there is no current at the spark plugs and also there is no gas injected at the carburetor. If I left the car cool down for about 1 1/2 hr

Hi,\015\012\015\012Im going to take a stab at this and say to say fuel lock. this condition arises when the fuel filter gets clogged and the fuel stays pressurized in the system and causes the computer to not energize anything because there is ... 1991 Pontiac Grand Am

Multiple issues The first issue is that the car wont start cold. It takes multiple cranks before it will start up. But during the summer months it starts fine. Another issue is that the car has started to overheat. It doesn't last long before you can start it again and start driving. The check engine light has turned on and off in the last few months. Are the two issues related? And if not, what could the problem be?

I doubt the issues are related, but you need to get the computer scanned for trouble codes first.The codes may point you in the right direction to diagnose the problems.It's possible the engine temp sensor is faulty which could cause both pro ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

I i have problem with my nissan almera 2.2 tdi its take long time 2 start but when is start engine working fine no los any oil oe no smooking and drive fine and only problem i have till car start but some time car start fist time with no problem anyone out there can help me

If the glow plugs have never been changed, replace them. you should notice very prompt starting. ... 2004 Nissan Altima

Why wont my 2002 accent 1.5 diesel start? if it does start it takes a long time to start. it never starts within 2 seconds. when i turn the ignition the engine sounds like its trying to fire up but never gets there. however when the engine does fire up, the car drives smoothly.

Hi from uk from the symptoms you describe this sounds like the engines heat/glow plugs are not working to optimum it only req's one to be at fault to result in poor cold starts then starts ok for rest of day ? could you please check th ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

It takes about 8-10 times of trying to start up my 2000 mitsubishi galant in the morning(the first start of the day) but during the day when the car is in use and the engine is warm it starts up easily either once or twice.in summary if l park the car for a long time it starts up after trying it for some time..please l need an advice on what to do

Your problem may be one of the following:First check or just replace the fuel filter. Usually located under the car in front of the rear axle, drivers side.Next, the fuel pump may be worn out. Usually they get loud or stop workin ... Mitsubishi Galant

I have a standard jeep cherokee 1994. 6 cylinder inline engine. the heater will not heat up at times. it all started with the heater being so hot i could smell it melting the blower control switch until it eventually melted the switch. i did not think it was that hot. the switch just hangs down now and the blower blows on 1 mode and that is high. it still was doing fine until it starting to take a long time to heat up and then it started only to heat while i was driving. now it seems to blow col

Sounds like you have two problems, the motor speeds are controlled by a resistor bank, and that's what heated up and melted the switch.\015\012\015\012The other problem is either a partially clogged thermostat or heater core. You can try ... Jeep Cherokee

Problem with the Subaru Outback 2008 diesel Low power at low RPM before turbo starts working. Difficult to drive the car on mountain roads where you have to shift from third to second gear, often the engine is not capable or takes long time to rise in rpm enough to allow the turbo to start. No problems once the turbo has started working. Apart form that the engine is running smoothly without apparent problems (only rarely some hesitations on idle)

... Subaru Outback

I have my 2001 grand vitara. My problem until this time tis that the car when used during long travels or even short travels when the engine is already hot. When you stop and switch off the engine and after 5 minutes you switch on then the will not start anymore you have to wait for 15 to twenty minutes to get it started and sometimes it shuts down when you run so slow like on traffics and again you have to wait before it will start. I have already changed the fuel filter the fuel pump and clean

If the engine light is on, you will need to know the codes.. You can find out how to read them at a site like troublecodes.net.. and it usually does not involve any tools. Once you get the codes and if you still want to talk to me, you can come to th ... 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara

CamaroZ28 Battery voltage was at 12.7 and i can hear the starter clicking but then after i try to turn the key to start my volts go down to about 11.2. Im not sure if my engine is just seized or my starter is shot. Also im not sure if its to hot to start my car and it takes to much voltage to start my car at the temp. it at.

Clean and check all battery cable connections. If still have problem thn check starter ... 1984 Chevrolet Camaro

Over heating when i fill the cooling system to the right level and run my car the water in the overflow starts to boil and come out of the overflow. the cars fan works so it does not register hot on the gauge. but after running for 5 or so miles it starts the boiling thing. i flushed the system by taking the hose that runs to the engine from the overflow off and hooking a hose up to a flush kit and running water through the system, when i did this the water seeme to have ran through everything a

Have you changed the thermostat? The way you describe it seem like a thermostat. ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

Whenever i run the engine for 20 minutes and switch off to start again will trattle but wont accelerator ---Toyota Camry 1993----i also have a corolla ---this car takes a little time to start at time -weather the engine is hot-or cold --i change distributor --gas pump and still there the problem --

... 2002 Toyota Camry

How long does it take check engine light to go off after map sensor is replaced. Car is a 1998 buick leSabre. Code reader pointed to map sensor. I understand it takes several starts for light to reset so how long should I wait.

You can take of the ground of the battery of the car for 30 minutes and the computer will reset. if you drive around without reseting the computer might figure it out after 30 miles. ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

My 95 es300 got overheat on a hot day when i way sitting in the car with the air cond on for a long tine .when i drive home the temp gauge rose to 3/4 hot and the reservoir tank was bubbling pushing coolant out.In the morning i open the radiator cap the fluid is still full ,I started the engine then the coolant slowly rise up ,when the engine gets to normal temp I step on the gas and the coolant flow out more than before.I turn on the heater full blast but only gets warm air.What is the problem

Hi u problem its com from cooling fan if not working good 2 if radiatorclose doing the same problem 3.check C ... 1995 Lexus ES 300

Hi there hope you can shed some light...Bought a 1994 bmw ic recently. 80k miles...runs smooth and nice...no smoke etc..the heater needle goes up gradually after starting but it doesnt take too long for it to be straight up and down in the middle and there it stays..doesnt move....ok thats not too troubling except that even after stopping the car and parking for a good amount of time i start the engine it the needle goes back straight up in the middle... Stranger though is that the engine hea

Without the continous flow of water and a cooling medium (such as a fan to blow over coils) then yes, it could take this long to cool down. With the hot water just sitting near the coolant temperature sensor, it makes sense that the gauge would be q ... BMW 325

Overheating engine i had headgasket test done they say not gasket car is getting hot above 70 km p/h, if i dont free weel now and then i will boil. i just bought the car last week , it was a one owner car.he parked the car about 7 months ago but still just started car almost every day for a few minites. if i take new radiator cap of water is circulating, if i rev car it does try to push little bit water out. could you help please. thanks

It sounds more like a timing problem, if it only does it above a certain velocity. get your cars timing checked ... Cars & Trucks

My '92 Integra cranks but does not start. Events: Many months ago, car started to have starting problems in hot weather. In the morning or evening, the car would start without problems. In the hot weather, the check engine light would come on and I could not start the car, however it would crank but no start. I had to wait for a few minutes until I heard a sound click, then the engine light would come off, then I could start the car right away. Eventually, some months ago, this problem would occ

I have this problem on a regular basis with my 91.it happens in hot weather, and sometimes after having to start and stop the car several times quickly(like going ot different stores over and over) again, in warmer weather, like 25 C+. ... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

The car will not accelerate; while driving at 65 mph on highway going up hill car started to slow and stall only going about 35-40 up the hill. once over the hill the car would not resume speed and maxed out at about 40 mph. it has always taken a little while to accelerate, but since this incident it will not accelerate past 40 mph and takes a very long time to get to that point. when revving up the engine at high rpm's the car makes a grinding hissing noise while in neutral.

This sounds like 1 of 2 possible problems.\015\012a bad headgasket or a clogged catalytic convertor. i would lean more towards the convertor ... Pontiac Bonneville

My 2000 ford diesel F350 truck will start like it suppose to for a few seconds and then turn off like it gets no fuel it takes a long time to start again. when the engine is hot it will start and stay on like it suppose to

Sounds like a bad glow plug module ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs
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