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The air conditioner stops blowing cold after about an hour. The fan runs high but does not blow the air out at full force nor does it blow cold. The thermastat has been replaced. S60 2002 Volvo Do you know what the problem could be?

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The air conditioner stops blowing cold after about an hour. The fan runs high but does not blow the air out at full force nor does it blow cold. The thermastat has been replaced. S60 2002 Volvo Do you know what the problem could be?

... 2002 Volvo S60

2001 dodge stratus air conditioner stops blowing cold air. sometimes works sometimes doesnt. compressor was replaced by dealership, with a factory warrenty, did not solve problem. said since we didnt pay them to replace metal lines it is not their fault. It has freon, it does blow cold, sometimes. But is not working more than working. Is this a relay problem or what? Any ideas??


Greetings this is my first post here. I have a heating problem with my 2001product dodge grand caravan sport . The heater blows cold air but as i drive it will blow hot air briefly then back to cold air. I just replaced my blower motor resistor hoping for the best and it still blows cold air. My coolant res is emty but my radiator is topped no leaks and im not overheating please help me someone its cold here in NY

Glad you found the problem ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Mercury Sable, Heating Problem The problem I am having is I am getting almost no heat. It is not the blower motor, just had this replaced. Right after last winter it started blowing cold air, so I went and had a flush done on the heating system and that seemed to cure the problem. Now a few months later I am noticing now that I have very little heat coming out at all..the air is not cold like the last time but it's not blowing hot or warm like it should. Any ideas? Please tell me if there i

Hello. You are in luck. I just had this same issue in my shop this week. We changed the thermostat, and replaced the coolant. Fixed it right up. Since you did not mention a new thermostat, that would be my next move, if I were you. ... 2001 Mercury Sable

I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota 5.2/ V8 4X4 and was told the Firestone service Rep that my water pump and thermastat were defective. I could smell coolant both outside and inside the truck. Also when the heater and defoster are turned on it blows only cold air. I replaced the Thermastat, Water pump, Radiator, upper and lower water hoses. But, it is still blowing cold air even when the care rearches standard operating temperature. Could this be the Evaporator/Heater Core under the dash that now needs

Check the coolant flow control valve which should be located next to the heater core. It may be electrically or mechanically controlled. After you get the blend door and housing off and can access the heater core, bring your engine up to operating t ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

Hello, I have a problem with a heat, mechanic replaced thermostate, water pump, radiator, also blowed air out heater core. But problem still there. It gives me cold air, water gauge moves a little from cold toward hot, then drops down ( several times) then it goes to middle and I get hot air and again can drop to cold. Seems mechanic changed everything. Does anyone knows what might be causing this... Thank you

Mightbe defective thermostat ... 2000 Ford Escort

2002 Jetta A/C is not working.. It's blowing hot air (not warm, not air that's just 'not cold', but air so hot you can't keep your hand there long)... I had a problem with the radiator fans, but replaced them and they work fine, also just replaced a fuse (#5, which controls a/c, climate control, cruise control, that was missing), and it fixed my cruise control problem, but don't believe it fixed the A/C problem...

Well i have the same problem i did some test but in my case it loks like the magneric clouch is not working . i put direct power to engage the compresor and nothig. there is a module on the left side of the engine just under the bat it has 2 conector ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

2008 Nissan Rogue did not blow heat or Air. Mechanic checked the fuse, replaced blower motor, replaced resistor, replaced controls (all new parts). After paying $950.00 for parts and labor, vehicle blows air but its cold with the controls set at highest heat setting. Now must take car back again after a week in the shop. Do you know what the problem is so I can tell him what to look at.

... Cars & Trucks

AC problem No cold air. Only blows hot air on passanger side and drivers side blows warm air. I have had the system recharged, replaced the control panel, and also the receiver/drier. None of these solved the problem. What should I try next.

Is the compressor turning on? when you turn thwe a/c? on,\015\012and also locate the low side line on engine compartment and feel if is cold, if it is, then your blend door system is not working,\015\012the blend door does control the col ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

1999 Olds Aurora (Arizona) The car is always garaged at night. First thing in the morning when the a/c is turned on, it blows ice cold. Once the car is parked outside and gets hot, the a/c will not blow cold air for at least 20 minutes. Even then, the air is only cool not ice cold. Thanks in advance. Note (No need to answer this problem. Only added as a note in case this is related): The engine seems to want to overheat when idling for more than five minutes. I've replaced the thermostat, whi

You may just need a little freon.Even though you are in Arizona and it gets real hot,it should not greatly affect your a/c as it does.Once the freon gets cycling,if it is a little low,it cannot process fast enough to keep up.If you want to add yourse ... 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora

I just replaced the Thermostat in my '02 Celica GT because when driving it would push out hot air with the heater on but when at idle, cold air would come out with the heater on. Now that I have replaced it, it is blowing cold air all the time and it is overheating. What would the problem be?

Do you have enough coolant in the system? ... 2002 Toyota Celica

2005 Avalance that has intermittent AC problem. When you turn on AC, the drivers side will start blowing HOT air, while the passenger side blows cold. Two years ago, a mechanic replaced a part and it seemed to work for a few months, then started in with the same hot/cold problem. The part replaced was located on the passenger front footwell.

If you dual climate control sounds like it the mode door actuator that controls driver and passenger temp. If it went bad again then there is something wrong with the mode door itself causing the actuator to short out ... 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche

My AC wont blow cold. As soon as I put freon in it, it blows cold for about an hour, then hot again. My friend told me that the orifice tube in his car needed to be replaced because it was convertine the freon, which is a gas, into air. He said that replacing the orifice tube would fix the problem. I just don't know exactly where to locate this tube on my 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt.

Sounds like you might have a leak. If you charge the system and works for a time ,(hour, week, year) and then quits it sounds like perhaps the freon is leaking out somewhere. Freon does not ever get converted to air. Freon is in several states of exi ... Chevrolet Cobalt

Recently I removed the radiator and the hoses to replace the radiator and the thomostat. After fixing back everything my AC would not blow cold air. Both the fans work great. I check the electrical connection from the Condenser Fan to the Compressor. When the AC button is pressed from the dash board I feel the engine slows down (normal) as the Compressor Cluth engages. But the air that blows do not get cold. Not at all. What could be the problem?

Blower motor went out ... 1996 Honda Odyssey

I'm having problems with my 2004 Nissan murano. The heat does not work when parked but when I'm driving it works. When parked only blowing cold air. But when stopped at a light it does not work blowing cold air. . Replaced thermostat and had radiator flushed and still does not work. Help!!

... Cars & Trucks

2002 subaru a/c problems no cold air blows on initial start up, once car has been running for 10-15 minutes I need to turn it off, count to 10, and restart to get cold air blowing. First had control box replaced and then got a new compressor. what next?

... Subaru Outback

Recent coolant problem. replaced thermostat because car would not blow warm air, temperature gauge seemed normal. seem to be fixed temporarily. couple weeks later temperature gauge increases to hot and blows cold air as if car is overheating or coolant level is low, and it is, then all of a sudden needle drops to normal and blows warm air. i have tried to purge the system by elevating the coolant reservoir and removing the cap and adding fluid as needed, i let the car run for about 30 minutes,

A compression test will tell you if your head gasket is gone.as far as the jumping gauge readings.just means you have air in the system.if no visible leaks are present it is either a cracked head or head gasket. ... Ford Taurus

My 2004 Town and Country: I had a problem such that almost no air was blowing in front. I replaced the blower motor and the blower resistor with parts from Advanced Auto. Now I can't seem to select anything except air blowing through the vent--no floor or defrost. Also the rear is only blowing cold air. I would assume front a rear are separate systems and this is not related. Please advise. Does the resistor control the front and rear or just the front?

... 2004 Chrysler Town & Country

My air conditioning all of a sudden blows hot air especially on driver's side and when I turn off engine and restart (i.e., after I have been in grocery store) it will blow cold again for awhile before blowing hot again....what could be the problem? I know it is not a freon leak as that has been tested with the dye and the dealer replaced the a/c electronic control module and it blew hot air after only about 30 minutes. Any suggestions?

That sounds like there is a problem in the air direction chamber (for lack of a better word i cannot remember the true name). At first thought I would assume that the control switches were faulty but if that has been replaced maybe it is the valves a ... 2002 Ford Thunderbird

I have been having defrost problems with my Hyundai Elantra GLS. I would start my car in the morning and wait for it to defrost. The problem is that even after 30-45 minutes of running, the car will not defrost and it continues to blow cold air. The heat will finally blow after I am driving the car down the road. I have had my thermostat replaced recently and my antifreeze is full. I dont know what the problem is anymore. Can someone please help me?

Are the 2 heater core hoses getting hot. ... 2005 Hyundai Elantra GLS


Is clutch on a/c compressor staying engaged? most like freon leaked out and system is dry ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 2005 Deville, with the Air Conditioner on, blows cold air on the Drivers side but hot air on the passenger side. Replaced the Blower on the passenger side but that did not correct the problem. What could be the problem?

The selector doors are the problem. There are doors in almost all air systems on almost all vehicles that are either electronically controlled or vacuum controlled. These doors can wear out, break, servo motors go bad, there are a number of issues th ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

Heater blowing cold air replaced thermastat next day heater blowed hot then it started blowing cold again has a new radiator and the water is not low

Flush coolant system out first with prestone or peak coolant flush if problem still exist replace heater core. ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Same Problem My mechanic tells me its the clutch fan. When the clutch fan isnt running properly it dosent blow the cold air through the system. Envoys have a hugh problem with clutch fans going bad anyway. He says eventually the vechicle will overheat if not replaced. We'll see, going to have replaced today.

That's right! ... 2004 GMC Envoy

1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass-My blower will not blow hot or cold air. Hot and cold air will come out of the vents but it's not being blown out of the vents. The blower itself works fine when hooked directly to the car battery. Voltage is good at the connector to the blower and I replaced the resistor. Problem is still unresolved.

You got a bad ground wire on your blower motor hook a seprate ground to it then ground to the chasis ... 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass
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