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VW Polo 1.2 power steering pump warning lights is on, have checked everything, the lights go out if i switch on the alarm, start the car, lights off and after 10 mins the light come on. other than that the steering seems working ok.

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VW Polo 1.2 power steering pump warning lights is on, have checked everything, the lights go out if i switch on the alarm, start the car, lights off and after 10 mins the light come on. other than that the steering seems working ok.

... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

I have a Volvo 850 AWD and my tracs light and ABS light comes on after i drive for a while. sometimes the light comes on as soon as i start the engine and sometimes it comes on after driving for 10 min or ometimes it doesn't come on at all. although it seems to be coming on more aften. does anyone now why this would happen? could it have something to do with my tires? as one of them as a bit bigger then the other 3?

Its quite possible if one of the tires is larger/smaller then your vehicle is not getting equal traction on all 4 wheels then you traction light would come on to let you know the wheel(s) are slipping but should go off once the tire spin stops and sh ... 1998 Volvo V70

I have a Volvo 850 AWD and my tracs light and ABS light comes on after i drive for a while. sometimes the light comes on as soon as i start the engine and sometimes it comes on after driving for 10 min or ometimes it doesn't come on at all. although it seems to be coming on more aften. does anyone now why this would happen? could it have something to do with my tires? as one of them as a bit bigger then the other 3?

The cause of the lights coming on is this, a malfunction has occurred in the ABS/Traction control system (all one system), this fault is detected by the ABS/Traction control module and it disables the two system ... 1997 Volvo 850

I have a 2002 buick century that the service engine light and trac light and disc break light comes on and off. I can shut my car off and restart it and it will stay off for maybe 10 or 15 mins and then sometimes will come right back on. I have new breaks and rooters on the front and this did not seem to help.

I had the same problem and found out it was a bad electrical connection on both front wheels for the ABS sensors. It seems the contact pins in the connector are so small that they fail easily. Disconnect them, spray contact cleaner on both ends, then ... 2002 Buick Century

I have a 1993 jaguar xj6 . It has a problem starting it seems to not lock the wheel when we shut it off and is difficult to start at times. the warning lights don't always come on. after moving the steering wheel the warning lights light up the wiper blade runs and then i can turn the key and start the car. do you have any ideas? Please? I sometimes move the wheel to actually turn the wheels. I was under the inoression the wheel (steering )should lock but it doesn't. After starting it works fine

The steering wheel lock doesnt lock in till the steering wheel is turned a bit .as for the dash lights and wipers i would need to play with it to sort this one out ,because it could be anything froma earth wire to ?? ... 1993 Jaguar XJ6

Traction control light comes on after about 15 mins at idle or driving .turn car off and restart light goes out but eventually comes back on car seems to drive ok with light on or off

You can check weather the traction control is working by putting the car in first gear and with one wheel on grass and the other on tarmac pull away as fast as you can.you should feel the power drop and when both wheels match each other for rotation ... 2009 Volkswagen CC

My ABS, brake and oil lights keep coming on at the same time, flashing for a few minutes and then going back off. This happens very randomly, sometimes lasting for seconds, sometimes lasting for up to 20 min. It doesn't seem to matter how long the car has been running. Now the tach is also dropping to zero as soon as the other warning lights come on and remains there until the lights go back off. Any ideas?

Its exactly the abs module! and its keeping the ecu from communicating with the rest of the car, when you remove the module your tac will come back alive and the oil light will turn off. There is way to trick the ecu to thinking the abs module is wor ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

I have a rexton 290 turbo diesel. year 2005, automatic transmission. It has had a noise coming from the left side front wheel. The noise sounds like a metal to metal scratching noise. Light noise like a spring subbing against the rim when the wheel turns. However the noise is intermittent. It comes on at random. Nothing to do with pressing the brake petal or with accellerating. It seems independent of these. however it seems to come on when the steering is turned to the right. It is a very inter

... 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

1993 Lexus SC400- alternator has been replaced twice but dash lights and headlights continue to flicker especially when breaking. When driving car the first 15 min or so it shakes and makes loud grinding noise anytime you stop accelerating and lights flicker. Also the A/C seems not to cool until car warms up and shaking stops. Also sometimes when car is turned off the lights on dash dim and steering wheel doesn;t retract, locks won't work and antenna stops partway down. Seems like something elec

... 1995 Lexus Sc 400

After driving my 2000 chev cavalier for about 10 mins the service engine, abs and track lights come one, the car seems to be working fine only that these lights started coming on

Your vehicle’s computer system has self-testing capability. When the computer senses that there is a problem with some of the components it sto ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Tried to start today and the key went in but the key will not budge one way or another, the steering wheel will also not budge one way or another, the break will not decompress to release the gear that does not seem to be all of the way into park and the dome lights will come on but the head lights will not. I have tried moving the steering wheel one way and then the other and still cannot release the ignition, i have also tried forcing the gear shift into and out of park neither have worked wha

... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 91 ford f150, My gas mileage has dropped from 14 mpg to 6 mpg. there is a loss of power and smells like its burning rich from the exhaust. after driving for 5 mins the check engine light comes on. I took in and had the computer scanned, he said theirs a bad 02 sensor and it seemed like the cts was bad. I changed both and reset the computer by taking the negative battery terminal off for 15 mins. It seemed ok for twenty miles or so and is doing the same thing again. If i give it alot of

Fuel pressure regulator is extremely common. It has the red vacuum line going to it on ur fuel rail. Check your fuel pressure. Should be around 40 pounds. I bet it's close to 100 ... 1991 Ford F150

Last night my 2007 Yukon denali wouldn't start. When trying to enage the starter by turning the key, the lights would go out but starter wouldn't enage. When I released it the key the lights, radio would come back on. Battery is new and I could do all other functions such as opening & closing liftgate, open windows & sunroof. Tried turning the ignition about 30 times over a 15 min period then after resting for 5 min tried it again and it started. When the starter enaged it seems to be spinning a

WOW, THIS COULD BE INTERESTING......from a dirty earth connection at the starter to a loose battery post......ignition switch fault to a relay terminal.For anyone/a dealer to "find"this "fault", they would have to have the car as soon as the fault ap ... 2007 GMC Yukon Denali

Sercurity light when i get in my car and put the key in the switch my sercurity light comes on it take five mins for it to go off the i can finally turn it over how do i over ride the sercurity system or how can i fix it cheap but also most of the time wen i comes on and wont go off is when i move my steering wheel up or down please help

Sounds like you have a problem with the wiring in the column.The sensor in the lock cylinder sends a signal to the PASS module behind the speedo when you put the correct key in and turn to on.You may need to take the column apart and replace ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Possible electric short. Lights dim on occasion(all lights, including headlights), clock/radio display went out for a couple of weeks then came back on and now the rear passenger brake light is out. Also when it's wet outside I can hear a loud squel coming from the front passenger tire (I think) that seems to have something to do with the lights dimming. It only squeals once every few mins and it only happens when it's wet. I hope this makes sense...

Squeal sounds like lose alternator belt and that would make sense if belt sliping lights will dim rear brake light probley a bulb radios dispaly may have short or just going bad ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

Hi, my '99 9.5 has new problem. I start then within 30 secs the main warning light, Brake Warning, Handbrake Warning, ABS Warning and AIR Bag Warning lights come on and I seem to loose AC cooling. A couple of times if I put all lights on, the fault disappeared. A couple of times if I hit the steering wheel housing hard (the well known act of SAAB owner frustration!) the fault disappeared . I have pulled housing apart to see if loose connector - nil. Fuses are OK. Any ideas? Would faulty ABS mak

Sounds like the ignition switch is defective, not the key cylinder buy the actual electrical switch the key operates, the symptoms are exactly like the ones stated for a defective switch, I recommend you replace it. ... 1999 Saab 9-5

I have a 2003 altima the steering won't return after making a turn in either direction and it is stiff or tight while turning, it doesn't do this all the time, sometimes after 10 min of driving and sometime when you first drive the car after it sits awhile, this problem comes and goes, it seems to be doing it more often, i have replace the strut mounts and bearings, ball joints are free I have been told the powr steering pump and rack and also heard the steering knuckle, I hate to replace all to

Start first with the power steering fluid if it is at optimal level and not at the min. at times the tire pressure would add to the difficulty in turning. Check also for leaks. There might be bad oil seals in the power steering system that you nee ... 2003 Nissan Altima

The problem i'm having with my concorde is when i'm driving(usually when i'm on the highway)my check engine light will flash on and off,my car starts to hesitate,then the speed will slowly decrease and it will cut off.i usually have to sit anywhere from 30-45 min. before it will start again.the check engine light only comes on when it does that then it's off when i start the car again.i have noticed when i'm doing street limit speeds it doesn't happen,it seems like as long as i don't have to giv

You obviously have connection somewhere in your OBDII system that has a intermittent open, short, or short to ground. OBDII is the system that monitor's all emission's "sensors" throughout the car. This is caused by the above wiring snafu or a sensor ... 1999 Chrysler Concorde

2000 Mitsubishi Pajero short Chassis Model GH-V65W MRHCQ Chassis No V65W-0002096 Engine 6G74 ext A69B Trans Axle V4A51 4300 Fault code 190- fuel pressure sensor- occasionally lights while on long trips cruising @ 120km the car transmission would **** and check engine would light up then the car would not react to acceleration until 20-30km/h this would last for 20-30min and would come and go. Tried air cleaner replacement and seems to help but still reoccurs.

Try changing the fuel filter , Sounds like its loosing fuel pressure.If it still does it after that get the fuel pump tested.Hope this helps ... 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4WD

My 96 blazer dies sometimes while at idle it will start back up, but you never know when it will happen. When going at hwy speeds it will lose power, and the lights on the dash come on like it is going to die, but it will power through. This lasts for about 5 sec and then runs normal agian. This seems to happen 3 to 4 times over about a 2 min time frame, but may not happen for months at a time. Time of year and weather conditions don't seem to matter.

... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

Hi, My S Reg Golf will not turn the engine over and start. When we turn the key, there is just a clicking, tappy tappy sound from around the base of the steering column. THe rapidity of the clicking (around 3-5 clicks a second I would guess) does not diminish although the battery seems to be getting low now that I have tried. The various lights that come on after I turn the key to the off position are the handbrake, battery, (a couple of others) but most of all the 'check brake fluid' light c

Try a jump start ,then with engine running remove neg battery terminal ,if engine stops renew the alternator if it keeps running then renew the battery ... 2003 Volkswagen Golf

Removing panel underneath steering wheel in 2003 Honda Accord to replace brake light switch. Panel comes loose in back, but won't come free in front. There don't appear to be any screws holding it, but I can't seem to pop it out. Any hints?

... 2003 Honda Accord

My 92 dakota 3.9,4x4 won't start unless the check engine light comes on. It could take 5 min or 5 days to get it to run.I changed the distributor,all sensors except temperature and speed sensor.Checked the wires for corrosion and they seemed ok.A couple of years ago I changed the computer and ignition switch. Is it possible that a wire in the dash pannel got pinched or I an missing a bad wire or ground some where.I also changed the neutral safety switch because I had no backup lights, I still ha

No it wont. The wiring from the OBD port, to the ECM, is just remote wiring. Either the ECM is (broken, bad ground or bad power Connection) I can try to get you the wiring but you actually will need more then that. I'll get back to you asap. ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

Van hesitates it doesn't seem to switch geers correctly, lights flicker, sliding door doesn't close all the way, Front of car seems very warm, heat sometimes doesn't work, heated seat keeps quitting, power steering doesn't always work. We have taken the vehicle to dealership (we have had problems since we purchased it in 2005) they can't find anything even when the warranty expired. Most recently, the vans Reduce Engine Power keeps coming on, of course, basically stalling out the vehicle. We hav

Ive experienced this problem with my jeep... the geers not switching might be your tranny.... and the heat not working might be bcuz of the heater core... this will sometimes leak it most vehicles inside by where the passenger sits... ... 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6

I have a warning ligt on in my Dec 1998 AU1 6 cylinder Falcon. It is the "exclamation mark" in the circle. There doesn't appear to be a reference to this light in the owner's manual. It seemed to come on after I idadvertently overfilled the power steering fluid reservoir. I drained some oil out, but the light is still on. I disconnected the + battery lead, but the ligt stayed on. I guess that the computer has its back up power supply. Do I need to have the engine computer interrogated to find ou

That amber circle & exclamation point(!) indicates that an exterior light bulb, e.g., turn signal, running lamp, has burned out. All these warning lights & symbols are illustrated and explained in the Owners Manual. \015\012 ... Ford Futura
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