Having problems with your 2002 Toyota Highlander ?

Idling problems on Toyota highlander

\015 Missing and idling\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Toyota highlander idle problem

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Idling problems on Toyota highlander

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90 toyota celica gt 2.2 A/T idle problem - it idles at 2200 rpm and with it goes into gear it stalls but not all the time and then sometimes it idles at 1200rpm and when i put into gear it drops to 800rpm and does not stall or studer. i have spend $425. so far with no results. they put on an isc air speed control valve and they checked all for air leaks. Would the gas cap or engine oil cap or the dip stick be a problem{i just found this in my Toyota factory service manual ?

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2001 Toyota Highlander 3.0L 4wd When cold cruise works for aprox 1/2-1 Hr then cuts out, and won't reset. I've taken it to Toyota where they analyised it and said it was the switch or the controller. They changed the switch, which did not solve the problem, I then purchased a used controller from a wreckers, as toyota want $1500 for theirs. The problem is still there. The cruise light stays on, there are no codes generated, and when the cruse cuts out there is a flicker on the cruise light.

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1999 Toyota Camry Idle Problems on Hot days

Clean the IAC. Disconnect throttle body air hose and you will see a hole on the bottom of the throttle body just before the butterfly valve. Spray throttle body cleaner down the IAC hole and then let it soak about 1/2 hour. Reconnect hose and run eng ... 1999 Toyota Camry

I have had an intermittent problem with my 1987 toyota pickupcarb. Sometimes it wont idle, the problem has been getting worse, so today was tune-up day. I replaced plugs, cap & rotor and made sure the wires are in good shape. I also sprayed the carb with carburetor cleaner. It runs better, but still wont idle no matter how warm the engine is. I had the same issue a few weeks ago and found that the fuse in the ign. slot was blown. After changing the fuse it was fine. No such luck this time. Any

Cold idle solyniod screws into the car,kind of small may have 1 or two wires it is on a fuse it may be loose or shoted out ,,,unscrew it and clean it a little rod in the end of it needs to be freed up a little/or replace vavle ... 1987 Toyota Pickup

Sputter at idle in 2001 toyota highlander - 2001 Toyota Highlander

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2004 toyota highlander problems - 2004 Toyota Highlander

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1990 toyota 4 runner high idle in park/nuetral,stalls in drive w/rake applied, doesn't have IAC motor, i changed throttle body w/ used one but, had same problem and also acted like a rev limitter was installed at 2000RPM so i cleaned original and re-installed still have same problem and now this one also acts like rev limitter is installed, so i checked hoses for leaks amd found none then i sprayed carb cleaner around throttle body and hoes to see if idle would change but no luck any suggestions

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1990 toyota camry 2.0. Just bought it and the ignition switch turn the power on to the car but it just wont crank. i can live with that. the problem is that the idle surges until i put the ignition switch in the crank position, then idles smoothly. I just replaced the fuel pump because it wasnt pushing very much fuel out the filter. Could this problem be wiring from the switch to the pump?

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I have one here a problem with toyota corolla cars,even if ill put the idle screw into minimum,the idle is still high and the engine easily overheats,the mixing or air and fuel is somewhat abnormal,was the map sensor of the vehicle has the problem?the other one was that,one of the electronic components in the computer box just burns out easily,even if i replaces it with a new one,please help me the trace of root of these

Thanks for the advise but i found the solutions already,the whole map sensor set,the one with three wires(not the throttle sensor)maybe they call that as the air sensor,is the one causing the problem,it is shorted w/c make one of the transistor drive ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

2008 Toyota Highlander Sport AWD when starting off the engine seems to rev fairly high for very small vehicle movement. At idle engine revs around 1000RPM. Gas mileage is poor,17MPG for about 80% city, 20% highway. Is this all normal? Have owned many Toyota's ..Tundra, Avalon, Camry, none as loud or seemed to rev as high Tundra SR5 V8 4wd averaged 16mpg, thought the Highlander would do much better. Your thoughts please

Yes it is normal many customers complain about how the newer cars are not as responsive from a stop basically you have to hit the gas then the car goes seems to rev high to people with not a lot of movement becausse of this its because the newer c ... 2008 Toyota Highlander

Hi, I have a 1985 toyota corolla ae82 engine and it has recently been in the garage for idle problems initially. I first took it in running rough and the machanic traced it to the auto choke which he fixed and noticed the points were incorrectly set so he fixed that and changed the timing and drive belts. When I picked it up it was bunny hopping badly so I took it back and they found a "vacuum advance hose" had come off which they then put back on. My only problem now is that it idles extrem

If that 2000rpm is start up from cold,,,its still a bit high! but only a bit,,,should be nearer 1500rpm cold out of gear,,,,\015\012when warm it should run at about 850---900rpm-----out of gear-\015\012950rpm for an auto out of gear,, ... Toyota Corolla

Toyota highlander blend door problem - 2002 Toyota Highlander

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93 toyota paseo surges while trying to do steady speed. Accelerates fine starts fine. The idle is kind of back wards, it idles low when cold about 800rpm's and when warm it will idle at abou 1250rpm's. I have replaced both idle air control valves, the distributor, idle possition sensor, all 3 temerature sensors, fuel regulator, fuel filter. About the only thing I have'nt replaced is the map sensor and the ecm. Could the problem come from either of these things?

... Toyota Paseo

1994 Toyota pickup 22re 4cyl has intermitent low, rough idle. Sometimes idles normally. I have also noticed that when AC is on and compressor is engaged the engine idle is normal but when the compressor cycles off the idle drops off. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

You might have a bad coil. Under a load the coil might preform well, but under no load, its weak causing a misfire...thus giving you a rough idle. I have had this problem on a few vehicle. Check plugs, wires, and distributor. Mike. ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

Idling problem toyota altis

Either there is a vacuum leak causing the high idle, or\015\012the IACV is bad or being controlled by the computer to make idle speed too high:\015\012\015\012To change the IACV refer to the following:\015\012Idle Speed Con ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Altis 2005 E Idling speed problem.

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2003 toyota sienna idle problem

After about 100K + miles the idle air control valve (IAC) begins to collect carbon deposits that interfere with the movement of the spring-loaded valve. You will not be able to clean this without removal and dissembly of the IAC body. Use an emory ... 2003 Toyota Sienna

Weird Toyota Paseo idle problem

So far everything you tell me is normal, the A/C being triggered requires the engine to turn a compressor to get the system working, and on a small 4 cylinder engine, to get enough power to turn it and not stall requires revving the engine a bit more ... 1993 Toyota Paseo

Intermittent rough idle on 2002 toyota highlander

Before you do this I would get some wooden qtips - the long ones auto detailers use. take off the air filtrer assembly and spray carb cleaner into the air\\fuel intake and use the qtip to wipe out the inside of the intake. I had the same problem wi ... 2003 Toyota Highlander

Idle time Hi, I have toyota tercel 92 , which ran only 67000 miles here's the problems I get 1. its not resting in proper idle time 2. when its in parking gear or Neutal it gets accelerated. 3. its just surge up , I tried adjusting it but it won't happen, even it stays good for some time .. but when I switch it off and the engine cools down , again the idle time is high ..

Look at at your idle control valve. Also could be the idle up vsv. If your not sure where these are let me know and I can help you with that. ... 1992 Toyota Tercel

2004 Toyota Highlander Problems with battery discharging if not driven every 2-4 days. Replaced battery several times. Disconnected auto start as independent repair shop recommended. They kept the vehicle for 3 weeks checking it out and that was his recommendation. However that has not solved the problem. We have no problem if vehicle is driven every other day or so. It is in excellent shape and we used to allow it to sit in the garage for several weeks without driving it and had no pro

Welcome to Fixya\015\012\015\012A car battery can run down for any of several reasons:\015\012\015\012You accidentally left the lights on or some other accessory that pulls power from the battery ev ... 2004 Toyota Highlander

My 1999 Toyota Camry is idling rough at low RPMs. Seems to only be a problem when in gear. When put in park or when driving all seems to be fine. Is it an engine problem or a transmission problem?

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I have a 2000 Toyota Carolla AE110 and its idle speed is too high. When its warm enough for trhe fan to even come on the idle speed is still over 1200 rpm, I took off the throttle body and cleaned it but idle remains the same. IAC valve was cleaned,tested and is in great working condition .What is my problem?

Typical poor IAC control is cold stalling or slow idle speed response to changes in electrical load, The IAC is check by monitoring Idle RPM,when you turn on the head lamp and press brake pedal,The IAC responds for electrical load, You say you cange ... Toyota Corolla
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