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Check engine light has been on for about a month or so. car runs fine. gas cap is original one and is tight enough. have had a couple refuelings since light has been on so prob is not bad gas...

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You need scanned your vehicle for knowed eaxctly what code in there; with the number code we can send other details.

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Check engine light has been on for about a month or so. car runs fine. gas cap is original one and is tight enough. have had a couple refuelings since light has been on so prob is not bad gas...

You need scanned your vehicle for knowed eaxctly what code in there; with the number code we can send other details.Keep in touch. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

Smells like gas when started and engine light came on. started after a gas fill up and continued to the next fill, light went out then at the next fill again the light came on. I have check the gas cap, opened and reclosed. I have since refueled and the light didn't go out. could it be bad gas?

Get it checked it sounds like an EVAP code will turn up and have to be fixed as gas fumes are dangerous, to find and fix this you will need the system smoked .and tested by a shop with a scanner to test all the sensors. ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

2001 Dodge Durango won't startMy 2001 Dodge Durango all of the sudden will not start after running fine. Turns over but no spark or fuel. Replaced coil. Sill nothing. When I turn the key over the security light flashes on and off then stays on, check engine, check gauges, and gas light comes on, gas gauge does not register even though there is almost 1/2 tank of gas. Mileage flashes a couple of times then NO BUS in odometer. Towed it to dealer to have them check if PCM was bad. They said their c

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Acts like it has bad gas. I was rolling along the interstate and it started chocking. I let off the accelerator, waited few seconds, then eased it back slowly and it kept going. Same thing happened two more times in next 10 minutes so I pulled into a gas station and filled up tank which had been half full. Jimmy ran just fine couple days then when I stopped for a traffic light in town, it shut off and wouldn't start again. Thinking it was flooded, I sat through 2 lights then some guys

Have your fuel pressure checked, as you are driving, under a load. . These trucks need like 58-60 PSI to run. I would start by replacing the filter, but it may be time for the fuel pump. ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Check engine light came on the day after refueling car. It went off 3-4 days later. Refueled again a couple days later and the light came on again 2 days afterward. Gas cap in on tight. What else could be the problem.

Did you refuel while leaving the engine running? Have OBD scan done before light resets. Temporary errors are cancelled after a number of start cycles. ... 2004 Honda Accord

I think I may have gotten some bad gasoline. The tank was empty when I put about a half a tank of gas in the car. After about 5 miles I stopped at a red light. When the light turned green, the car stalled (thought I did this - manual tranny, so I cranked the engine, but the engine warning lights came on and the car had no power and finally stopped. I turned the car off, and repeated this process a couple of times. Then it stopped as if nothing ever happened. That was a few days ago and sev

The reason is probably when it was run to empty, you may have picked up the crude from bottom of tank. check fuel filter, that may be the cause a plugged fuel filter!! ... Saturn Vue

Hello! I've got a 2002 Mitsubishi pajero io with automat, 2.0 l engine. About a couple months ago a problem occured: engine sometimes stalls while idle, for example at traffic lights or when slowing down without pressing the gas. So, it happens when rpm is low. Although once or twice it happened even at about 60 kmh with gas pedal pressed. A month ago another problem was added: really bad starting of engine. Battery is new, starter rotates nice but nothing happens. Sometimes pressing down

Check air pipe at mass airflow sensor for cuts/ replace fuel filter ... Mitsubishi Montero

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the cold start cyllenoid is on a 1994 ford probe gt. i was also wondering where a couple of the sensors were i.e. Heat sensor, Idle air control sensor, and the throttlebody sensor. The reason is that after my car warms up it starts to bog down really bad when i hit the gas from a stop especially. I have to be extra extra light on the gas or it goes absolutely nowhere and just sits and sputters. Also if I have the overdrive on it seems to have trouble

Your timing belt may have jumped time or maybe the catalytic converter is plugged up. I doubt you have a transmission problem. You could also have a plugged up fuel filter. ... 1994 Ford Probe

Frequently, on cold starts, my 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8 GS will idle fine but pressing the gas pedal won't rev the engine and I have to restart the car a couple times to get the gas pedal to work normally. My mechanic checked the pedal and throttle linkage and everything looks normal physically. I asked if the Throttle Position Sensor might be 'bad' and he said that the check engine light would come on if there was a sensor problem. Any ideas?


I have a 2004 dodge with 5.7 hemi the engine warning light comes on and then will go out and a couple of days later will come on agaian and stay on for a while. someone told me that the oxygen sensors are going bad and if they fail compleetely the engine would shut off and not start is this possible as I have not noticed any loss in gas mileage or power?

... 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

Just purchased a 04 Chrysler Sebring 2.4L Conv. 2 wks ago. The very next day when I was driving it when I would come to a stop light the car would start idling really low and acted like it was going to stall out. Took it back to the dealer and they said it was proly just bad gasoline(the car had been sitting for awhile). They said not to worry the car just needs to be driven a little and the problem should correct itself. Well couple days later the problem stopped after I filled the [email protected] gas

This fix works for 2.7L engine. Worth having your mechanic look at.\015\012\015\012AnswerNO: 08-36-99SUBJECT: Engine Oil Pressure Light FlickerDATE: Oct. 15, 1999OVERVIEW:This bulletin involves adding ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 92 honda accord and when I'm driving after the car warms up it will start running sluggish like its getting too much gas and Im getting a real bad odor from it. After a couple of miles it'll be ok again. Some times I'll get a check engine light but when i shut it off the lite is gone. Where do I begin?

You should take the vehicle to Autozone to have them scan the vehicle for free. \015\012The mass air flow sensor could be out of range . The idle air control could be sticking . The throttle position sensor could be out of range. The o2 sensor ... 1992 Honda Accord

1994 Toyota Celica ST will kill at idle when I've been driving for a few minutes. When I turn on the car it idles at 1200-1300, when I shift to drive/reverse it goes down to 800-900. After I've been driving it idles at 700-800. And when I come to a stop light, it'll drop down to 100 and pop back up a couple times and then die, unless I keep my foot on the gas. Sometime I need to keep it steady at 1100 to keep it from dying, and sometimes it's gets as bad as needing to keep it up at 2000. Recentl

This a problem with a vacuum hoses leak. Need to find the leaking hose due to cracking and joint rubbers degrading. Need to have  a Mitty vacuum gauge to check these plastic hoses one by one to replace bad ones or replace all ... 1994 Toyota Celica

5.7 engine I have 97,000 miles. I have experienced this problem for the past 40,000 miles. I have had a couple tune ups since this started with little or no help. The recent tune up completed everything except plugs. I just put new wires in it and it seemed to help some. I was getting a random misfire code 300. I would go onto a highway entrance ramp and in the high 60's would experience a bad vibration and a temportay service engine light would come on. then turn off after backing off the gas p

Try this the next time you go out on the highway and it starts to shake put your shifter in over drive if you drive in over drive than put it in drive..... see if that doesn't stop or slow the shakeing in the front end. Let me know. ... 2002 GMC Savana

A couple of weeks ago I hit a pot hole that was covered in water and couldn't tell it was there until to late and my Lincoln Navigator 98' started shaking badly right after I hit the pot hole. Now every time I start the suv it shakes a lot. And when I press the gas to go it shakes even worse. And now the Engine light came on and keeps blinking. I was told it may just need a tune up. But it shakes way to much, and I no nothing about cars, what can be the problem? Please help!

It is most likely a coil electrical connection,or a coil that is shorted out,but you will have to have some one check the vehicle to see if that is the problem,from what you have said,this is the best solution . ... 1998 Lincoln Navigator

I believe that I put in about 21/2 gallons of bad gas in my car. I notice that about 5 miles down the road my car started to have a stalling feeling. I fueled up at another gas station and put some injector cleaner in the gas. However, the car is experiencing bad exceleration, hesitation, and now the engine light is flashing with bad hesitation. Is this really bad gas problem? I had no problems before this

It very well could be that you have some gas with water in it. The water will tend to settle at the bottom of the tank (it is more dense than gas) and that is right where the fuel pump will pick it up. The best thing to do is to drain the tank if t ... Subaru Baja

My check engine light came on like four months ago and i went and got it read and the guy at auto zone said that either my gas cap was loose or I had bad gas so i first tried tighting the gas cap the light never went off then I put in a gas treatment then it went off for 4 months now my light just came back on what could the promblem be

Unfortunately, the check engine light is the worst light to see (it's kinda like the Windows "Blue screen of death" ... except it doesn't always mean you can't use your car any more). It can be anything from a loose gas cap, to a misfiring piston, o ... 2005 Honda Accord

I think i might have gottn a bad tank of gas. 5 min after getting gas, my EPC light came on, and the car has approx 50% power. It starts and idles fine, but it does not have power. I have had 3 tanks of gas thru it since, but is still does not have it's power back. (the gas might not have been related- unless the fuel filter is clogged, but i wouldn't think that would turn a light on). In the morining it starts fine and the epc light is off and it has it's power, but after driving for 30 min

You should take it in and have it erase the codes from the compouter ... Volkswagen New Passat

I had blinking vsc code and check engin light on. Took it to a dealer who ran diagnotic. Dealer said gas cap has failed and new charcoal canister is needed. Since the high cost of latter, I simply replaced gas cap only and warning lights remained off. now, 4 months later lights came back on. Am I going to have to replace gas caps every couple of months? If I buy a new cap and put it on myself does the warning lights go off by themselves it this is the correct fix or do they need to be rese

... 2009 Toyota Corolla

I got my oil changed about 2 1/2 weeks ago and about a week ago my car started running rough, i attributed it to maybe a tankful of bad gas. this morning the engine was knocking and i made a mental note to check oil. on my way home from work, the oil light came on and i stopped at a gas station immediately, (luckily i was at a corner where there was one). the dipstick read NO oil at all!! so i put in 5 quarts and the oil light has still not shut off. it is knocking but not as bad. my question

I had Walmart give me an ambassador package oil change years ago on a grand am and the nimrods never tightened the filter and the same thing happened to me. Even though I put oil in the engine seized within 48 hrs. Good luck! Get your do ... 2005 Suzuki Forenza

My 2000 MBZ E320 when the gas tank down to 1/2 tank, it trigger the low fuel warning light on & also trigger the check engine light on. both lights go off if I refill the gas tank. It happening in the last 2yrs/30K miles. Replaced the gas cap, tried injector cleaner,- didnot fix the prob,

... 2000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler X 6 cyl, 4.0L? When I fill up the tank w/ gas the check engine light comes on. It eventually goes off, but it seems to use more gas when the light is on. I took it to advanced auto and they said the code showed a bad Throttle positioning sensor. I replaced it today. I then went and got gas and the check engine light came on again. Any ideas?

It is most likely a defective gas cap seal. They should have recommended this cheap replacement part first. ... 2004 Jeep Wrangler

I flled the tank with gas and 5 minutes later the service light came on. in the manual it states the gas tank cap could be loose or bad gas. the light stays on even after the cap was tightened. the manual states it may reset? it is not binking what to do? i did put in a gas treatment an car doesn't have any issue

Did you leave it running while you were filling it up?\015\012bring it somewhere and have them run the computer to see what the code is. ... 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Started with the lights, inside and out flashing on and off we resouldered the light switch. the radio did not work so we installed a new one and a couple wires touched each other and sparked not the blower motor will not work the indicator light that shows time date and problems is not working. the auto headlight sensor on top of the dash is flashing as if the hazard lights are on and when you start the jeep it runs for a couple seconds and then dies. None of the fuses were bad so we changed it

What year jeep and model are we speaking of? Did the soldering of the switch resolve the light flashing issue? ... Jeep Grand Cherokee


Should not be a need to clean out. \015\012\015\012Be sure that fuel cap is SECURE and tight. This can cause check engine light to come on.\015\012\015\012It would be of great help if you could get the code from the check en ... Pontiac Bonneville
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