Having problems with your 2002 Toyota Corolla ?

I am burning alot of oil but i know the rings are dead so!

\015 It is a 2002\302\240corolla\302\240 i could care less about the old\302\240engine\302\240what i want to know is are there any other motors to\302\240swap? anything beter then stock and its got to be\302\240automatic\302\240my girl cant drive stick and i think that wood be just to much for me so if anybody has any\302\240input\302\240it would helpful\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

I believe the 2zz-fe motor will go in there. Very fast.
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I am burning alot of oil but i know the rings are dead so!

I believe the 2zz-fe motor will go in there. Very fast. ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

Dont know where thr oil is going uses alot. rings or valve guides? doesnt smoke alot several plugs were fouled

... 1982 Ford F 250

2002 altima burns oil about a quart every 300 miles. I Just got this car engine is very clean . I had oil changed and they talked me into haveing an oil flush ran through the engine with the oil change. They said it was a mild dergent type flush. I have not had the car very long so I dont know if it burned oil before that point. But as i said I know it burns it about every 300 miles now. What can I do

Check your muffler, is it thick black? The engine is burning oil, you need new engine if the cylinder ring is bad (compression test), and new catalytic converter that poisoned by excessive oil. Many altima 02 has pre-catalytic converter ... 2002 Nissan Altima

I have a 2002 john deere 345 , 20hp kawaski engine. 498 hours, always taken care of. it started surging alittle a few months back and has gradually got worse. when blades are engaged and at full throttle all is ok. a few days ago i was mowing and noticed a clunk type sound from the motor, passed it of to running over something. I noticed a few minutes later a burning smell, not like oil, more like a chemical, maybe hydrolic fluid....next thing i know there was alot of smoke coming from under the

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I own a 93 toyota pick up,just replace the headgasket,after couple weeks of driving it,i nothice power loss,and alot of engiane knocking...and the started noticeing gas smell on my oil dip,and its very thin,my trucks starts just fine buts its idleing very bad..so could it still be my fuel pump,my fuel injector is pretty new too,so i dont know...could it be just faulty spart plugor one cylinder is not igniting right..how do i fix that problem??hoping its not my piston ring,thats my last option...

If its kknocking thats not a good sign thats usually a motor rebuild but if its a tap then it could be a lifter or something loose under the valve cover ive had the tapping noise and knocking happen to me tapping on a 67 chevy truck turns out it was ... 2006 Renault R5

I have exact the same problem with 2004 suzuki forenza, in the car's engine the water and the oil got mixed up like milk shake or something and I want to know what would be a good solution for this problem? cuz the car is shaking and there is alot of burning smell and it would not even start right now? what should I do?

U need to stop! engine must be open and checked...there is a lot to do starting by seeing whats broken, how the water got there, maybe necesary to take the cilynder head for machine and change all gaskets and seals...take it to a mechanic, soon ... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

My 8 cylinder 2005 trailblzer is burning through alot of oil, i don't know why it only does it once and while but i can see the smoke out of the tail pipe smoetimes not all the time. someone told me to change the pcv valve.

Changing the pcv valve is the cheapest. Does it smoke when you first start and no more? If so you have bad valve quides. If not the possibly cracked oil ring on piston or just worn out. How many miles? ... 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext

I own a 97 saturn sl1, and i am wondering what would cause my car to blow white smoke out of the exhaust pipe of course. I thought it would be less smoke if I were to let the car warm up for ten minutes then press the gas peddle a few times to blow all the initial smoke out so that when i go to drive away it would not be as bad. however when my husband stood and observed the smoke he noticed that there is also a black substance that will come out. like a soot.. I know that it burns alot of oil t


Burning oil i have a saab 95 econ thats eleven years old. when i pull away from the drive in the mornings it puff's out white/blue smoke till i put my foot down and blow it out, after thet it's not a problem. some day's it's worse then other's mainly if it's got oil in it. if i go over half way on the dip stick marker then it poors out more smoke then normal. i know the colour of the smoke means it's burning oil and the more smoke the more oil it has burned, thats y i have to leave it so low. th

I believe what you have going on with the car is your Valve seals have gotten brittle and have cracked. now the reason it smokes on startup is because when you shut it off. the oil is bypassing the valve seals and is collectiing in your combustion a ... 1999 Saab 9-5

1992 - 1.5lt paseo blowing blue smoke (burning oil) and it is also put motor oil out of a crack in the exhaust manifold. compression is 210-220psi, any ideas why it is burning oil and putting it out of the exhaust manifold I know it is cracking but does'nt explain the oil there or being burnt? quiet excessive smoke out exhaust. Cheers

For sure obviously it is a piston sealing o rings you need engine Extensive maintenance ... 1992 Toyota Paseo

Hello, This is the problem i am having. my 2001 chrysler sebring ran low on oil for some unknown reason and the oil light was coming on. Shortly after the engine started to have a knocking sound to it. kind of like a rattleing. I then put 4 quarts of oil in and made sure it was at the correct level. i know a little about cars so i know that it isnt valve tapping. it sounds the same but its alot louder of a knocking sound. instead of a tapping sound.do you have any suggestions

I think your engine may be junk now. its a good idea to check oil on any vehicle daily as suggested in any vehicle owner manual. the piston rings could be worn out causing it to use oil or a bad head gasket, or maybe u have a oil leak you dont know a ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Blow bye i took my 2000 s type to two mechanics to get it looked at ,,when i take the oil cap off there is blow bye coming out of it ,,now both mechanics said its the rings ...and i know that ive had some problem with my vacume system before ,so im woendering if its that or rings .. now the bad thing is that there is oil reaching the air filter housing,,can that be cause from a blocked pcv hose or do you think its the rings??????

Replace the pvc system first it is cheaper than rings, also you may want to confirm thier findings by having a compression check done and compare to specs than recheck after adding 4 caps fulls of motor oil (clean) down each cylinder this will tell y ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

Burning Oil Ok, just got a 1991 Chevy Blazer. The whole motor was pulled out and redone. Nice red and chrome parts, looks new under the hood. Problem is that it is burning about 3 quarts of oil ( a day). No oil leaks, not even a drop. Can't figure out where it is going. There is some gray smoke coming from behind, but not alot. Thank you for your time. God bless you.

Hey man it seems that ur car need new rings for ur cylinders\015\012\015\012to know which cylinder has this problem u need to make a compression test for each cylinder alone without spark plug and without coils ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

BMW 318i M43TU Engine, Inside the oil filter housing there is a small plastic valve (for want of a better word)it has a small spring, if i push it, it opens to the sump, there is an o ring on this valve thing and this is the source or my oil leak. I need to know what this part is called if just the o ring can be replaced if not how do i replace, so far no workshop manual mentions this part or the oil filter housing. I have a picture if needed Thanks Paul

Hi, glad i was able to help but if you want the part numbers they are 11 42 1 432 228 for the valve and 11 42 1 709 513 for the 'O' ring , hope this helps. regards mark. ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

My BMW a 330Ci 2004, 155000 miles is getting the oil light on for last 5/6 months. My mechanic changed the oil level sensor and it still leaked. He changed the oring in the bottom of the oil pan. the leak stopped but just last week after a few weeks the engin oil light came back on. I do not know if the mechanic added more oil when he changed the oring because it was leaking still. So today I added oil because it was very low. I just hope that my car is not burning the oil there is no smoke an

... BMW 330

Burning oil just wondering if anybody knows of anything that will stop or reduce a motor burning oil?

Not really. If your piston rings are worn down and letting oil into the top of cylinder where it can be burned, only an engine overhaul with new rings will stop it. Lucas oil conditioner products, Marvel mystery oil, anything like that might h ... 1990 Ford F150

Piston rings My 97 saturn has piston rings that need replacing. I don't know much more than that because a friend took my car apart to find out why I was leaking oil, and came to said conclusion. But it has been over 2 weeks since he's had my car and I want to know how to do this myself.

You don't replace just piston rings on a motorwith 15 years of cylinder & valve wearThe motor needs to be bored & completelyrebuiltShould never get involved with friends orfamily for anything ... Saturn SL

Seems like my car has oil burning, need new Manifold. I would like to know why my car burning this much oil; is there a Manufature recall on these two items?

If there is blue smoke coming out the tail pipe it is burning oil. If there is not blue smoke then it's not burning it would be leaking. And have you checked the oil level? Are you adding oil? if it has smoke in the engine compartment t ... 2003 Nissan Altima

My ford ka started slowing down on the park way i had to pull onto the verge and it started smoking badly we later realised there was no water or oil in the car now having replaced the water and oil the engine is shaking like mad its cuts out unless foot hard on the accelerator and its smoking. i dont know what it is been told could be the rings or headgascet or the engine has blown just dont know and its a p reg so dunno if its worth fixing but its my first car and im fond of it any solutions p

Fried piston rings, probably need to hone the bore too as there will be melted piston ring frid to them, plus head gasket and no doubt it has warped the head badly so will need to be skimmed, its going to be pricey! ... 2004 Kia Spectra

My 2000 honda crv is burning a lot of oil I jsut had and oil change 3 weeks ago and it needs more oil the light is on and I checked the oil. There is a small oil leek but do not know where it is but there are no sings of a big leek.

Go to a trust worthy mechanic. They should be able to clean the undercarriage, and then add a UV fluorescent dye to your oil. After a couple of weeks, you go back and they can check the underside with a black light to find the leak. ... 2000 Honda CR-V

Oil Consumption I just had and oil change, tranny fluid change and new valve cover gaskets on my van done. Last summer, I did the oil change and tranny fluid change myself, replacing both the oil pan, and tranny pan gaskets. I am very picky about doing things right the first time when it come to the maintenanc of my vehicles. If I have no leaks, on the valve cover gaskets, or the oil pan, would it be safe to assume that the rings on the pistons are a bit worn out, therefore I would be burning oi

PCV is something to pay attention to also. Not sure what engine your running, 3.0L, 3.3L, or 3.8L. My 99 Caravan is a 3.8L and what I have found,in my experience is that they all will use some oil, whether Chrysler product or not, it's the amount tha ... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Oil consumption- previous owner never changed oil for 48,000 miles. now it's using oil at a rapid case. Dealer says some part (other than rings) keeps oil down in crankcase. Does anyone know what part he's talking about?

He is talking about engine block, piston ring and valve seat. ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Oil compsumtion what weight of oil should i use on a 300 000 mile engine? the old owner used to use 20w 50 oil....but i think he screwed up soo i am using 10w 40 but it is burning alot of oil..help!!!

20W50 oil will slow down the burning. ... 1994 Chevrolet K2500

Last night after coming off the interstate i made a sort of hard left then went to accellerate. Thats when i noticed a dramatic loss of initial power and loud engine noise. The engine noise persisted until i stopped and has not went away. I know this car to burn lots of oil and its been long over due for a filter change. I say this considering the car kind of changes its own oil by how much it goes through. I check the oil. of course low. I add oil this does not change the noise. It has changed

Sorry....you have spun a rod bearing the engine nose is the piston hitting the bottom of the cylinder head, because the rod bearing has spun and have stacked on top of each other, sounds like you are going to need an engine, but the good news is ther ... 1999 Toyota Corolla

Cylinder 3 misses and has carbon biuld up on plug also looks to have oil on the plug, smell like oil is burning , smokes alot out of tail pipe,oil consumtion is a qt, per 300 miles and it looks like oil is blowing into the air intake boot froom the air filter, seems to run strong at higher speeds, But does not idle well.

Geez!\012\012U got a bad piston rings! U have to pull down the PiSTON to replace the PiSTON RiNGS, oil is getting in ur combustion!\012\012Or\012\012Check also the valve guide oil seal ... 1987 Toyota MR2
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