Having problems with your 2002 Subaru Forester ?

Engine light came on but car seems to be running fine

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

This indicates a fault with the mixture / exhaust emission control or idle too low / high. Will need to be scanned by Subaru dealer.
\015\012Mixture could be too lean or too rich.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2002 Subaru Forester

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I have a 2000 nissan maxima. Yesterday i started the car it was making a belt screeching noise. I then put it into gear and the car died. Ad it died a cloud of white smoke came from the engine. The smoke came from the engine bay and the vents in my car. The car would not start again. After a few minutes I was able to start the car. It seems to run fine for the 10 feet I moved it. However every light is light up on my dash.

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Check Engine light came on yesterday; Had the code read at Auto Zone and they came up with a "P7700 Transmission Controller Error". The car seems to be running fine now, but my wife was driving it when the light came on, and she said that the car "kinda bucked a bit" just before the light came on. Anyone have any idea what this event means?

Some call this the dreaded code. P0700 Transmission Control System (MIL Request). This code comes on when the transmission looses fluid presure. Causes funny things on the 41TE transmission on the vans. I would drop the transmission pan & do a fl ... 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Check engine light came on. Car has over 190000 miles on it. Engine seems to be running fine oil is good and no other obvious signs of anything major. What could be causing this light to come on? Oh also had to replace the gas cap about three weeks back when the check engine light came on from missing the cap. Once the cap was replaced the light went off and now its back on again

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My car's check engine light came on and stayed on. The care seemed to run fine. I was going to take it in then i got home and parked it and it was like all of the lights on the dashboard went "nuts" they all stay on and won't go off. The oil-abs-check engin-ect. Also it looks like the fule gauge is broke. It acts like it is ging to work when you start the car but coes to empty. I cant tell if it is in drive or not because all of the lights on the dash stay light (D_R_1_2-3) any ideas.

Hi.Evidently the check engine light came on for some reason.At a glance you may have a problem with the ECU itself (computer) , or a wiring problem, with a contact messing up the car main control module.Also a lose conta ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

Car was working fine...just bought 2001 chevy malibu with a 3.1 liter engine, 37,000 miles on it. Drove on this past Sunday, everything was fine...went out to drive it on Monday and no heater, no cruise control, no gas guage and no temp. guage reading and the radio does not work...checked all three fuse panels and all fuses, all fuses are fine...any ideas? Then drove it up the street 1/4 of a mile and the check engine light came on...car seems to run fine and starts right up.

Does the speedo work? Speed senser ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

Have a 97 VW Passat VR6, it died one day as the check engine light came on, it would run for a few minutes and then die, running shorter each time. Took it in to the shop and got the fuel pump replaced, which seemed to solve the problem. Car ran fine for the mechanic, and started up fine when I went to take it home. But 2 hours after getting it home, the engine turns over but just won't start at all. Any ideas? (fuel filter & fuel pump are new)

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I left my car in an airport parking lot for a week and when i came back it was dead. a friend jump started the car but the warning "engine power is low" was still there and the bad traction light came on. we let it sit awhile charging then let it run a little bit. i tried to drive it, got it out of the airport but it wouldn't go over 20mph and the engine seemed to be convulsing. wondering what to do next. it was working fine before i left.

Hello! The culprit is a low battery condition. One of three causes; Battery can no longer hold a charge, alternator is not charging the battery or current was being drawn by a dome light or under the hood light, if the vehicle is equipped with ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

My 1993 chevrolet corsica stalled 1 time at stop light,but started back up so drove home and engine knocked a little & stalled again when i parked the car,my husband came home a couple hours later and started the car & it seems to run fine,he let it run 15 minutes in drive way but i have not driven car,i afraid if i try to drive it car could quit on me.do you know what the problem could be.thank you.t.c.

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Check engine light on right side came on but nothing seems to be wrong with the car performance...what could be the problem? The car is running fine and I don't seem to have any performance issues. The other guages - like temp are normal and the car is not leaking or overheating.

Some lights are set with a timer in the computer.Try dissconnecting the battery for about 10 mins or so. This may reset the computer. If the light comes on after you reconnect the battery take the car to a large auto parts store like Advance or Pep b ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

Battery, brakes and check engine light came on but the car will still run when driving with the problem lights on the car transmission would shut down but the engine still runs if you shut the car off it won't start back up and the engine turns over as if the battery is dead. After towing it home and in my driveway the car started and run fine and the only thing on the dashboard is the check engine light.

Year make and model ?On some cars the brake warning light and battery warning light are on the same circuit. A problem with either system will turn both lights on. The check engine light means there are trouble codes in the computer that need t ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1998 vw new beetle. The check engine light came on and not sure why. The car seems to be running fine. Last week we replaced the tensioner pulley and a new belt. Now I have the engine light on. Any ideas?

Some auto parts stores scan check engine lights for free. If you can get the code, and tell me what your engine/trans is in the Beetle, I can help narrow down the cause of the check engine light.\015\012\015\012Regards,\015\012TXTE ... 2003 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

The car seems to be running fine, but the check engine light just came on. Last oil change was 3-4 weeks ago (less than 400 miles). Light has never come on before and car has 112k miles.

Go to Advance Auto or Autozone and tell them you need a free OBD2 scan. ... 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a 2000 Dodge Avenger. The check engine light came on as soon as I hit 90,000 miles. A friend said they are set to do that and that it can be reset. The car seems to be running fine. Is the check engine light set to come on at 90,000 miles? Can it be reset and how?

Try unhooking the positive terminal of the battery. If the light is still on you have a sensor problem. Most likely an oxygen sensor. Some auto parts stores (like AutoZone) will diagnose your check engine light free of charge. ... 2000 Dodge Avenger

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. The check engine light came on...after checking...the P0300 came up. The light does not stay on all the time and the car seems to run fine. From reading many different sites where they discuss this problem, I have not found any real solutions. Am I missing the "fix" for this problem? Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am, tonite, the Service engine soon light came on, the ABS light and the ETS light - saying trac off. Car seems to be running fine, but do not know what to look for with all these lights.

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I have a 2007 Suzuki XL7 with 80,000 miles on it,my check engine light came on and the code showed a P008 camshaft position system misalignment.I have taken it to several places and they have yet to fix the problem. The car was running fine even though the check engine light was on. But today the car began stalling and the check engine light began flickering. I was told to bring the car in tomorrow but I have children and need the use of my car and am tired of getting the run around. Is there an

Did you resolve this problem? I have the same car. 2007 77k miles in it just the light came on and not sure why the repair shops don't know that code. If you did could you email me pandor96 at hotmail? ... 2007 Suzuki XL-7

We were driving on the interstate about 70 mph when all the sudden, the check engine light came on, cruise control light is flashing and cruise will not come on or go off, traction control light stays on. The car only has 98k miles! Still seems to run fine. Please help!

I have owned five Subarus and this is a problem I that have never seen before. When your TCS light comes on, it disables cruise control, so that part should not worry you.\015\012\015\012Since your TCS and check engine light came on toget ... 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca

Charging system failure light came on for a few seconds and then went off after starting car this morning. Drove to town fine. Battery seems to be charging fine. Car started fine. No charging system failure light came on all that time in town. Car is 2005 pontiac grand prix gt with 3.8 litre engine. need new alternator? need new battery? What would set light off?

... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

My check engine light came last Sunday and the car jerked once when slowing for a light. It was suggested that it could be the gas cap. I tighted the gas cap the light remained on (solid) until Monday afternoon when the light went out. The car was running fine until Thursday afternoon when the check engine light came back on. Then the car started jerking again...this time numerous times. First while driving on the freeway then off the freeway it was more when I would accelerate after slowing

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How do I troubleshoot problems for a hemi car engine? Car has been back and forth to dealer six or seven times, do to check engine light. Car has been tuned up, wire harness changed and engine decarbonized. Still engine starts rough and check engine light comes back on,   but after 8 to 10 minutes warming up, engine seems to run fine, yet the engine light remains on. This happens every time the car sits more than six hours (rough starting and so on as stated above). It has been hooked up to Auto

Misfiring is often due to ignition system components. "Decarbonizing" is Chrysler's version of using "SeaFoam" in your engine. In fact, the product is basically the same, only more expensive. It has nothing to do with misfiring unless your spark plug ... 2006 Dodge Charger

Engine oil light comes on. Then the engine dies and the battery light comes on as well. The car seems to run fine at lower rpms, but ooccasionally the engine oil light will flicker. Engine seems to be running on the warm side. Could it be a clogged oil pickup line or fuel filter?

It could be a clogged oil pickup or the oil pump may be not supplying enough oil pressure to the engine, causing the engine to stall. I would have the pressure checked to see if the oil pressure is within specs. Maybe a new engine oil pump will be re ... 1999 Saab 9-5

I own a 2003 Neon with 88,000 kms on it. Lately, at idle the car runs really rough, it shakes to the point that I can literally hear my kets shaking on the keychain. It seem to lag abit when i take off and eventually returns to normal RPM and runs fine. The check engine light came on a while ago and the code was P440- evaporative emissions...does anyone have advice on what i can do to fix this problem(s)??

You must run a diagnostic on the entire system TCM and ECU. It may be as simply as an oxygen sensor or throttlebody sensor. ... 2003 Dodge Neon

I had the oil changed on my 2001 Ford Taurus a couple days ago, they also changed the air filter. Just yesteday the cars engine light came on steady not blinking. The car seems to be running fine. What could be the problem?

Can be that the oil pressure sensor has a loose connection at the terminal or that the pressure switch is faulty.\012You will have to check this out, replace if faulty.\012Hope the oil filter was also changed as you have not mentioned. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

2005 scion xb with over 100k. VSC, TRAC, and check engine lights are on. I had the codes read atAutozone and it came back with two EVAP codes. One small and one very small. I changed the gas cap, pulled the neg batt. cable to reset codes but these lights come back on within a day. What next. car seems to be running fine.

Why would you replace a gas cap?\015\012You were told, two EVAP Codes ,and what they were.\015\012Have the vehicle smoke tested and repaired. You have two different size leaks,in that system. ... 2005 Scion xB

Car started and the check engine light came on. Had previously ran fine. Died backing out of drive but restarted easily. Died again at end of street. than about a half mile it acted as if it was running out of fuel. Died again when it went to an idle. has briefly started but acts as though it isnt getting fuel. Broke the line apart at the engine and it has great fuel pressure. It is getting fire, but seems as though the cylinders are flooded. Any help would be appreciated.

Read your code,my advice to you is to purchase a Chilton or equivalent service manual for your vehicle, all the necessary information to service most any problem can be found within the pages, these manuals can be obtained ... 1993 Audi S4
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