Having problems with your 2002 Saturn L-Series ?

My Car is leaking antifreeze within my car on the passenger side what could this be and how can this be fixed?

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Like many many before it, the heater core needs to be replaced. find a radiator and air conditioning shop and pay them to install a new heater core which you will have already bought on ebay. after they are done you will need to take it to a detail or car radio shop, have the carpet pulled, cleaned, reinstalled.
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My Car is leaking antifreeze within my car on the passenger side what could this be and how can this be fixed?

Like many many before it, the heater core needs to be replaced. find a radiator and air conditioning shop and pay them to install a new heater core which you will have already bought on ebay. after they are done you will need to take it to a detail o ... 2002 Saturn L-Series

I have a 2005 Pacifica and it has started to overheat. We noticed that when the car is on all the antifreeze starts coming out that we put in on the passenger side of the car. What could this be? We had our water pump changed about a year ago. Could it be just a hose? Also if we put antifreeze in it while the car is on there is no leak but once the car is turned on it leaks.

Have a coolant system pressure test done for head/gasket fault. Have the radiator checked for blocked corers. Have the cooling fans chjecked for correct operation or if you have a viscous hub drive for the fan have it checked for correct operation. ... Cars & Trucks

My 94 subaru legacy L has never over heated nor leaked coolant. all of a sudden i notice smoke coming from engine and my temperature gauge is above normal. i pull of to the side of the road and i notice the car is extremely leaking antifreeze on the front passenger side very close to the radiator. there is antifreeze everywhere on the passenger side only. it looks like something exploded off of the radiator. The car is completely out of antifreeze and now is not blowing hot air at all. What coul

Seems a hose or two has finally gave out. Check all hoses, especially the Lower radiator hose. It was probably just steam, not smoke. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 infiniti I35 which leaks water on the passenger side floor whenever it rains. I see the water comes down along the firewall inside of the car. I would appreciate any suggestions in locating the cause of this leak and fixing the leak. If I pour water down the plastic grill in front of the windshield I see water leaking into the cabin along the firewall. Is there any sort of drian that could be clogged? It also occured to me that maybe some area of the metal below the plastic grill

... 2004 Infiniti I35

Antifreeze is leaking on the passenger side of the car behind the engine where could the leak be coing from

For this types of problem,check the help link provided below.Click the link below to go through its troubleshooting procedure:-----Antifreeze leaking from front of engine near\012Air intake?\012\012 ... 1997 Buick Century

1997 Olds 88 LE overnight leaking antifreeze passengers side towards front. Check when car is running coming out of bottom round type cyclinder on same side. Could this be water pump - Thanks


2004 Stratus had minor oil leak off and on. No problems with noise from the engine or with power. Last week, I started noticing an oil burning smell while driving my car, especially on the passenger side. Yesterday, oil started pouring out from underneath, then suddenly stopped. Dipstick shows the oil level is almost a quart low or so. Suggestions on what this could be? And how much it will cost to fix? Is it worth fixing it?

You need to determine exactly where the oil is leaking, the most likely culprit from your description is the crankshaft seal or possibly a timing cover seal. neither is a major fix, and any decent garage should be able to find and fix it. ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

Car cuts out at high speed. have been told this is due to a M Prop Valve issue which cuts off the fuel. Garage is quoting 850 pounds to fix. If this isn't the issue the garage has suggested I could have an injector leak which may cost me another 500 pounds, plus! Also ABS light comes on. HAve been told this will cost me 200 pounds to fix. There is a sensor problem on the passenger side.

My car had the same problem. Turned out that my fuel filter in the gastank and the inline filter was plugged,I would check that before paying anybody. Hope this helps. ... Chrysler Voyager

2001 Nissan maxima leaking antifreeze fromunder car on passenger side metal broke how can iI fix this?

Heater core probly worn--is a job for a novice mech to change it-evn with a book---------inspec blower motor and ac evaporator while in there-theyr about do ... Cars & Trucks

I own a 1990 190e Mercedes-Benz, after it has run for a little while, it starts to leak water on the passengers side, behind the heater, which leads to the car over-heating. How could I fix this?

This is your heater core leaking. One thing you can try is some of the stop leaks that the auto part stores sell. I would try "Liquid glass" as the heads on these are kind of delicate once overheated. This may also stop any other damage occuring(like ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190

Water is leaking under the car on passenger side of my 2004 chrysler pacifica, could that be the water pump and if so how would I find a repair manual to fix it?

... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Anifreeze is leaking from the same side as the resivor , car is not heating up fast there is afilm or oily feeling stuff on the passenger side floor, but the driverside floor is always real wet i have to vaccum it up once or twice a week. i also have to add antifreeze at least once a week. Today when i drove the car i left it running and when i looked under the car there was a puddle of antifreeze on the ground and a stream of it coming out from the right side front by the coolent resivor.

Your heatercore is broken which is leaking antifreeze into the car. need it changed.\015\012 ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I own a 2006 ford ranger, I have water leaking on the inside passenger side under the dash, on the left hand side above the fuse panel, this happens when it rains heavily or when I take it to the car wash. I've checked the passenger side door weather stripping and the window seal as well as the antenna mount and found no problems could it be coming in through the cowl and why would it leak throughthere into the air box? thank you

There are drainage hoses in the cowl to carry the water away sounds like one is disconected. Is it still under warranty? the dealer will fix if for free if you are. ... Ford Ranger

My 2000 honda odyssey leaks coolant inside the car, mostly under back passenger side panel, 3rd rear seat. all 2nd seat rear floor mat are badly wet, what could be causing the leak

... 2000 Honda Odyssey

Has a bad oil leak coming from under the car . The only time it leaks is when the car is running, was told that it could be the oil pan gasket or the oil sending unit, what I wanted to know is where the sending unit on the car is because the oil is leaking from the front passenger side of the motor..

The oil pressure sending unit screws into the engine block so you will need to look between the oil pan and the head.I suggest that you try tightening your oil filter first. ... 2001 Ford Focus

There is a water leak somewhere in my 98 toyota camry that leaks into my passenger side floor. There is no sun roof and no visible leaks from the windows or doors. Any thoughts? A/C leak maybe? water leak ,drivers side,carpet is very,very wet especially in the rear.no sun roof & all door & window moldings are excellent. the car is parked.Also water in drivers rear quarter panel. Could it be the vent holes where the wipers are attached??

I am the original owner of camry xle 1998 with wet floors. In 2000 I had drivers side door seal leaking at welt. Removed old door seal and new weather strip on drivers side installed. The door panel was never wet, but wet at bottom of door where ther ... 1999 Toyota Camry

It is leaking muliple substances. one is red leaking on the right side of the car and right next to the red leak its a tube looking thing that is frayed and leaking a clear oily substance, the other is yellowy brown coming from the rear of the car. what could it be leaking about about how much do you think to fix it?

The "Red" is transmission fluid, the "Clear" is most likely power steering fluid, or it could be "refrigerent oil" from the A/C. I don't know what could be leaking in the rear of the car maybe oil from one of the rear struts or maybe brake fluid. Do ... 1997 Buick Skylark

1997 grand am 2.4 liter engine leaks coolant. put new hoses and fixed most of problem. on passenger side leak is intermittent and i carry a jug of cooolant in truck incase of needed. on some days it doesnt leak however when car is parked on an incline the leak is most prominant and on right side.

Try replaceingthe heater core or heater core hoses. ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

Problems starting I just put a new fuel pump in my camaro and started it about three times fine. Then i went to start it again after sitting about a week and now it wont start, it will start if i spray carb cleaner in the throttle body. And i have antifreeze leaking on in side the car and out side to on passenger side. And the leak out side is by the firewall. Thank you for looking please help????!!!!

Unplug mass air flow see if it starts then go rockauto.com n get a new acdelco one ... 1985 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 2004 Suzuki Forenza and I had an oil change done and fluids checked. I was told I only had water and needed half of coolant so they flushed my car and added coolant. My AC also got fixed and 2 days later my AC wasn't cooling and I could tell something was wrong. I got out of my car and it was leaking in the front right side real green and my car overheated. I turned it off and had it towed back to the place that initially did the coolant flush. What could this be and should they look at

Any work done has a warranty period on workmanship and parts. Especially after 2-3 days . Stand you ground on this one. ... Cars & Trucks

Antifreeze and water leaking from drivers side under door at bottom of a 1999 ford contour. but, tempature gage shows not hot? After driving long periods it leaks alot. My gauges show all ok? what could it be. It only seems to leak under car not in car.

The water pump is likely leaking, don't drive this until the pump is replaced, u run the risk of total failure and a damged engine ... 1999 Ford Contour

I have a 2003 oldsmobile Aurora everytime it rains its leaks really bad from my roof in the front on the driver n passenger side water is always on the floor in the front n back seats the trunk leaks as well my whole car fogs up due to condensation from the water in the car really a headache and mildew in the car....HOW CAN I FIX THIS BIG PROBLEM!

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 CLK 320. The interior of the car was flooded after water leaked into the car via the door. After fixing the leaking seal on the passenger side of the door, I then discovered that when I tried to use the remote to lock the car, the indicators and headlights would keep flashing for about 15 mins before switching itself off. I suspect that this may be due to the alarm system being wet after the flood. I am now locking the doors manually using the key attached to the remote. Can anyone

... 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK 320

Water is leaking in my car on the passenger and driver side.

... 2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan

2002 eclipse spyder heater was blowing cold on driver's side, hot on passenger's. Mechanic "fixed" it so it would blow same temp on both sides--unfortunately that would be COLD. Obviously, I don't want to go back and have them fix it again. Where is the core in this car? I can't seem to get 2 diagrams that show the same placement--or the same part. 3.0 6L model.Thermostat has been replaced, system has been flushed, don't notice any leaks, but do need to add about a pint of coolant to the ove

... 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
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