Having problems with your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire ?

Do i have to drop the gas tank to change the fuel pump on a 2002 sunfire

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My fuel pump started to leak on the way to work one day and after setting all day, I started up and pull owt to leave and it died and would not start. I have change the fuel pump, still no gas will pmp up though the pump. I think it maybe the fuel lline or not sure if there maybe a pump in the tank. So should I drop the tank to see if it have a pump? Did not think that you would need a pump in tank if you have a fuel pump on the block (crank case).

There's no pump in tank if you have one on engine. Did you replace fuel filter? It's right near right rear wheel near frame rail - 5/16" inline filter. I'd start there. ... Dodge Ram 150

I think my fuel pump is going on my 1993 dodge Dakota 4X4 3.9 motor and the fuel pump is in the Gas Tank . Can I put an Electric Fuel Pump out side of the Tank on the fuel line instead of having to drop the Tank and changing the pump.

If you have 3 strong friends it is easier to pull the box off the truck-20 minutes- can do with full tank. Don't forget to unhook the taillight wires and the fuel filler neck. When you go back on make sure the tube for the spare tire winch is positio ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

Do i have to drop the gas tank to change the fuel pump on a 2002 sunfire

Yes. ... 2002 Pontiac Sunfire

84 Caddy Eldorado Was acting like the choke was sticking. Put a can of sea foam in the tank and drove it 25 miles Next morning it would belch and fart and try to start, once in a while it would fire up and run really rough, black smoke from the exhaust. Changed the fuel filter no improvement Plugs, wires cap rotor, no improvement. Dropped the tank, cleaned it and put new gas, no improvement. Installed new fuel pump and pickup strainer, no improvement. I can see fuel firing out of the injector

On a 84 carb model non computerized there are only two reasons a vehicle will run full rich ( black smoke). If the carb float is stuck open. What happens is a small piece of varnish gets on the fuel shutoff pintle and the bowl overfills. The heigh ... 1984 Cadillac Eldorado

Can or does the fuel pump need to be primed. the previous owner had major issues after running out of fuel. he changed the fuel pump. he had the tank dropped twice before he had fuel at the filter inlet.I had to drop the tank to correct sending unit issues and after reassembling I have a working fuel guage,an energized fuel pump and no fuel pressure at the fuel filter inlet. The vehicle ran before i dropped the tank.

After replacing a fuel pump or working on a sending unit you will have to prime the fuel pump on efi cars by turning the key on and off about 6 times and letting the pressure build. that is if the fuel pump is working ... 1995 Chevrolet Astro

How do you change the fuel pump on a 1993 Dodge Shadow? Already changed the fuel filter, relay, and checked fuse panel. Did not see any gas going into injectors when trying to start. 2.2l I4 Engine. Do you have to drop the tank or can it be done from the back?

... 1993 Dodge Shadow

The car stalls and I believe its a plugged filter or a fuel pump going bad where did they put the filter and do you have to drop the gas tank to change the fuel pump on an 88 firenza

The fuel filter is a metal one and it is located under the backside of the car by the fuel tank (right hand side). ... 1986 Oldsmobile Firenza

I have a 1988 ford 150 4x4 with a 351 windsor, I had a gas link in a back tank after dropping the tank to fix it and putting in a new fuel pump im not getting any power to the pump, I have power to the gas float in the tank, have tested with wire tester and found that I have no power at inertia switch and according to mine repair book the switch is connected to the fuel pump relay but Im having trouble finding the fuel pump relay to test weither I have power there. what could be causing this p

... 1988 Ford F 150

I have a 1992 Chevy suburban that I need to change the fuel pump, I already removed the 2 strains from the gas tank but, the only thing that was lowered with the strains was the fuel tank protector, and the fuel tank remain intact on its place without lowered or move, now my question is how can I lowered the fuel tank to remove and change the fuel pump?

There may be a little rust build up form the winter driving and rainy days. i would use a non abrasive wand or rubber coated bar to pry it off. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

My 1997 Buick La sabre starts fine and drives a little while, but then dies. The Fuel Pressure drops and normally restarts immediately after, sometimes it takes a couple tries, sometimes it doesn't. Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Gas Tank, have all been changed.

Maybe check for a bad relay controlling the fuel pump ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

Shop manual for 2005 Santa Fe 3.5L shows a fuel pump filter in the tank & a standard cylindrical fuel filter outside the tank. Manual states change the "fuel filter" at 45000 mi. Can't find outside filter & tank must be drained & dropped for "fuel pump filter". Which one to change?

You don't have filter outside. The filter is in the tank. Yes the filter can be service after you remove the furl pump, disassemble the pump and replace the filter and the strainer. Is important to replace the filter just like any other filter. ... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

Gas gauge at 3/4 tank to empty gauge drops or goes up/down and then goes to low fuel warning, changed fuel pump twice along with dash cluster twice. cluster was absolutely defect immediately,lighting up like pin-ball machine and shutting down allgauges,incldg.speedometer/odometer 2nd one light up abs/emergency brake when driving

... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

Where is gas tank on a1997 lincoln town car and do you have to drop the tank to change fuel pump

It is behind the rear axle. And no. You don't have to drop the tank to change the pump. Remove the fuel pump from the side of the tank. ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

I need to replace the fuel pump in my 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and have to drop the gas tank in order to replace the fuel pump. I need instructions and a diagram to drop the gas tank. Can you please give me instructions and a diagram to use? Thank you

Fuel Pump/ Fuel Tank\015\012Removal & InstallationTo Remove: CAUTION Fuel injection systems remain under pressure, even after the engine has been turned OFF. The fuel system ... Mercury Mountaineer

It cranks but wont start. Checked for spark with the lead plug wire from the coil to the distributor cap. No spark. I changed the coil still no spark. I've been told its my fuel pump. But I've tested it by squirting gas myself through the fuel injection chamber. Still wont start. So I don't think its fuel pump. Maybe something to cause it to spark may be the cause? Also I filled the gas tank with more gas and it seems the ain't workin, I had a quarter tank and added but it didn't rise at all. I

If you are sure there is no spark and you have replaced the coil,then the only other thing it could be is your spark control moduel.it works off your computer to tell your plugs when to fire..somettimes they go out only when they heat up and will st ... 1988 Honda Prelude

I have a 1980 chevy cheyenne c30 454 dually. It has duel tanks. Carb is not getting fuel... Changed the fuel pump, still nada. Both tanks have gas, and engine starts when I pour gas in carb. Are there also pumps in the tanks? The selecter switch shows levels in tanks when flipped. Maybe filter? or another valve between tanks?

... Cars & Trucks

1995/96 chevy cavalier was running. engine running slower and slower to the point of not running at all. I think its fuel filter. Changed inline filter and no change. Inline was still under pressure. Possibility of fuel pump bad. Friend suggested that fuel pump working if fuel filter still having pressure. Need help diagnosing before I actually drop tank to change fuel pump. Help?

First check your relay, under hood . But you also have another filter in your tank. You can still build up pressure on eather . Good luck to you. ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Water in gas tank and fuel lines on a Chevy 1998 S-10......wont throttle up at all, will run at idle.....when throttle up it chikes itself out like it flooded...but will idle as low as 400rpm..have changed fuel filter and air filters, ran beerymans B12 cleaner thry almost 3/4 tank......someone mentioned a rest button on fuel pump..but I find that it is only IN the tank.....is this true? is there any other way to access th reset for the fuel pump? Does the fuel pump have a switch that shuts off i


Integra was sputtering like it was running out of gas. Just now wont idle. If not held above RPM's it dies. When it died, it will turn over but doesnt seem to get gas going. Thinking its the fuel pump. Cant find it. We took off the back seat but only see the floater and nothing else. Is the fuel pump inside the gas tank? Do we need to drop the gas tank?

As the fuel train which supplies the injectors w/ the needed gas...Im quite sure that if you purge the fuel train of air your problem will cease.hope this helps ."Reno" ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

My 2001 Ford Focus ran out of gas last while heating up in my driveway. I put around 2 gallons of gas in the tank this morning and it turns over but the car will not crank. I changed the fuel filter and also checked to make sure the fuel pump is cutting on. After changing the filter the car still won't crank and I check the cutoff . I believe there isn't any gas getting to the engine block or coming thru the lines. I was thinking the sediment in the bottom of the tank is blocking the gas flow so

Get a 5 Gallon gas can fill it up and Pour it ALL in Tank (splash effect)\015\012 then turn key ON NOT START just ON till all Dash lights show then turn it off do this 5 times at Liest, and then try Starting Engine.If no start ... 2001 Ford Focus

2001 chevy silverado 4.8 liter. My son ran it out of gas letting it warm up before school. We added gas, and the truck would start and run smoothly for about 15 seconds. Then it would start loaping and slowly die. I figured the fuel filter was clogged, so we replaced it. No change. I poured a little gas into the throttle body and it would run strong until the gas was exhaused, so I changed out the fuel pump, including completely draining the tank. No change. Then replaced the fuel pressure regul

... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 1991 isuzu trooper with a 2.6 will start and try to run for about a minute if you give it gas. I checked the fuel pressure. It was less than 20lbs so I changed the fuel pump, screen and filter. It will run much longer than before but won't stay running. It has new spark plugs that were gapped correctly. I drained the tank before installing the pump and the fuel was dirty. I cleaned the tank and put fresh gas in it. Also it cuts out and sputters before it dies. Please help?

... 1991 Isuzu Trooper

My 1987 new yorker 2.2 turbo ran out of gas and now will not start. Came to the conclussion that it was something to do with the fuel, I couldnt hear my fuel pump coming on so I dropped the gas tank and took it out, and connected it to a battey and it didn't work. I also tested my wires at the connecter that hooks to the fuel pump and they are only reading 1.6 is this right? I connected the new fuel pump to the connecter and turned the key on and the new pump did not come on. So now I'm wonderi

You need fuel system wiring diagrams & the ability to testbasic electrical circuitsYou can't guess or expect some to guess for you ... Cars & Trucks

My 1996 sunfire as no spark the car didn't start i hit the gas tant and the car started I change the fuel pump and still no go. I change the ignition module and coil packs as one I also change obd , ckp sensor , cmp sensor the fuel pump and the relay for fuel pump I can find no mass air flow sensor in my haynes repair manual.

The first thing that I would check would be to hook a scan tool up to the engine's computer and see if it put out any trouble codes. If it has then you can go ahead and start repairing from there. If there are no trouble codes in the computer then ... Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 2001 Ford Expedition, 4 x 2, with a 4.6L V-8. Whenever the gas in fuel tank drops well below 1/4 tank, it starts to run really rough. The lower the fuel level drops the worse the engine runs, until it gets to the point of hesitating and dying at intersections. I had this problem about 20 years ago on a Ford F-150 pick up. I dropped and flushed the tank, blew out the fuel lines, changed the filter and solved the problem. I took this Ford Expedition to the dealer and asked th

When the dealer performed the work you suggested, did they also check for DTC (trouble codes) in the engine computer's memory? Since the vehicle and poor running condition is noticed more when the fuel is at a low level, did ... 2001 Ford Expedition
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