Having problems with your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire ?

The digital odometer isn't lighting up. All other lights inside the car are working.

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The digital odometer isn't lighting up. All other lights inside the car are working.

... 2002 Pontiac Sunfire


If the cluster isn't working well, it does not affect the shifting of the car.The signal light working all the time indicates there are issues with the turn signal flasher which is located in the convenience \015\012center under the hood ... Dodge Intrepid

My car wont start. It makes no noise when trying to start it and the radio does not come on either as it usually does even when the car isnt all the way on. the head lights work when i turn them on the lights inside my car work. i tried jumping the car but that did nothing to it. what could be wrong?

If it is not turning over then it is more than likly going to be your starter motor your stereo may not be coming on because the faulty starter may be drawing too much powerif this helps let me knowcheersmike ... 2003 Dodge Stratus

My car is going crazy.. i have a 2005 crown vic..i just washed my car,got in turn the key it didnt start up...now my cd player isnt working,my lights arent bright,my car is just making a clicking sound,my inside light arent working either....wtf..im trying to get a schematic please....

How is the battery? ... 2005 Ford Crown Victoria

Help me i have a wire shorting out to my headlight switch my headlights work when i turn them on but none of my lights in the car work like my stereo,speed odometer,dashlights,exc. now when i push my unlock button all of my lights inside the car come on and my driving lights on the outside. I have checked for loose grounds and cant find the problem what do i do?

Your grounding. have you replaced the radio lately? go back to the last work done on it and look for the wire that is grounding. ... 1994 Ford Mustang

My radio in my 2001 pontiac sunfire isnt working and niether are the lights inside my car as well are working. what do i do to fix this? if itd a fuse what one could it be?

... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

My 97 firebird digital odometer stopped displaying mileage. It lights up, but nothing is available. Also a few days prior I was trying to install an aftermarket stereo, and some wires touched and shorted out the stereo, possibly the speakers and other things. Basically I'm wondering, did my stereo flub damage the odometer, and is there a way to tell if I damaged the wiring in the car when it shorted? I tried putting the factory stereo back in and it wouldn't work either. And the fuses are perfec

... Cars & Trucks

My speedometer on my 99 lincoln town car isnt working and i also my o/d light is flashing and my odometer aint working also i already replaced my speed sensor that goes on the trany and its still the same

... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

Im not sure whats going on but i just got this car a week ago.It runs great and only has 90 miles on it..but whats weird is when i get up to take my husband to work the lights and the inside lights works but when it gets kinda light out my headlights are off and the lights inside my car are off..I checked today when i turn on my brights you see my headlights but when i dont have my brights on the headlights aren't on ethier are the lights inside.Like i said when i lieave in the AM when its dark

It sounds like the switch is stuck in "auto" and it is controlling the lights. ... 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

No dash lights or odometer reading when you open the door and car cranks but will not start. Alarm is in vallet position. Few weeks ago paaenger window would not work then started working then driver side window did the same. As car was being loaded on tow truck we opened the door and all the dash lights came on as they should. Mechanic had car for two days and said everything was working fine then he said while the car was running lights started flashing and sliding door opened by itself. They

I would start by removing the pesky alarm. My encounter with alarms is they create more problems than they actually help a badly wired alarms systeme can be a true nightmare. My advice the best lock for your vehicle is the lock that locks the gas and ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

1999 passat v6 battery wont hold charge. battery light came on and gradually car died several symbols came up on dashboard before car died, abs, battery, circle with triangle inside-car was driving fine and then the battery light came on and 20 miles later the car started slowing down and it eventually stalled...lights inside car continued to work but car would not start when key turned.

Sounds like the alternator gave out. You may want to remove and have it checked. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

2004 Pontiac Sunfire, 2 Door, Automatic, Manual Windows, w/ Remote Car Starter 1) When I'm driving my interior dome light will come on for a few seconds and then turn off again. This will happen a few times in 20 minutes. 2) My dashboard lights aren't working right. They will be completely out(except for odometer & clock) or they will be working fine. I will go to work and they working, but coming home they will be out, it is very speratic. 3)When I start my car with the remote car starter none

Check all grounds!!! period! also chek dimmer switch with a ohm metter to insure that is don;t have a arch spot in the windings ... 2004 Pontiac Sunfire

Put the battery in backwards. Now the car will not start. I know I blew the starter relay because the lights and radio didn't work inside. I replaced the relay. The inside lights work now. But the car still will not start... What else can I do?

Check all of the fuses & relays in BOTH fuse boxes. There's one fuse box under the hood, just 'north' of the battery. There's a second fuse box under the dash. ... 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

Inside lights the lights inside the car do not work. Neither do the electric locks. I was thinking it was the fuze box. But I can not find the fuze's that work. I was looking for a manual for the car and can not find one. Any idea's?

If the fuses are not marked look for a 20-25 amp fuse and test them with a 12V test light . Should have power on BOTH sides of the fuse with the engine OFF. If not replace the fuse. ... 1992 Buick Regal

95 Honda Accord V6 I heard a popping noise when I was driving my car then the gauges on my car (speed and rpm) started moving up and down them stopped working. My lights inside the car and headlights went dim. I pulled to the side turned the car off turned it back on I put my foot on the gas and it felt like my car wanted to stall. The gauges didnt work at this time, lights still dim. Then everything kicked back in and the car took off.

Clean the battery terminals! The best bet is baking soda, then hose off. ... 2007 Honda Accord Sedan

Hi i have a problem with the dome light, all lights in the roof and the main panel has stopped working. I have checked all the fuses inside the car and in the engine compartment. all fuses works as expected. and now I'm stuck, the lights still does not work, what should I do now? how do I wrong search the car from here I can not find the error?

... 1996 GMC Savana

2000 Mistsubishi Galant ES, While the head lights ON i turned off the engine and head lights were auto off and i went and again when i entered IN and started the engine (head light switch being at ON position), from here onwards i see follwoing problems: 1. Remote and Auto lock/unlock is not working, needs manually operation. 2.Seat belt indicator still works fine but buzzing is not heard if seat belt is not put which was used to. 3. Inside reading lamp(Inside car) is not working, bulbs are fin

Yes, seems that you might have a few fuses that are blown out. There are two places for the fuses, one is under the bonnet, and one is inside the car, under the steering wheel. Both have a diagram either close to them, or in the dashboard fuses, usua ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2002 Dodge Neon. Drove my car to work and when I got off work my car had to jump started. The brake light,odometer and seat belt light was blinking for the 20 minute ride home and the battery light was on. When I got home I turned the car off and when I went to start it again there was nothing. Could this be the battery. Thanks Debbie

Since the battery light was 'on', it seems the vehicle's charging system has failed.\015\012Get the charging rate, and probabley the alternator will need overhauling. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Periodically the clock resets itself when the car is restarted. This morning on the way to work the ABS and brake lights came on and braking was difficult. Then when I stopped for a light the ABS light and brake light came on again and the ABS kicked in. Then it was fine. Tonight when I got home, I tried to lock it with my remote. It wouldn't work, so I tried to lock using the lock button inside. No luck! Not only that the car won't start at all, no lights,no radio, can't shift. However, while I

This is a pinched wireloom problem the harness has a short in it possibly damaging a relay or, two.\015\012the best thing to do is: take your car to a certified auto electric shop: before it causes a fire; the cost will be well worth it and, s ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Gauge lights are dim inside car, turn signals not working inside but working fine outside car, BRAKE & ABS stays on & a/c won't come on, buttons not working at all !!!! It just stopped working all out a sudden, went into store & came out !!!! 2005 Nissan maxima

I am having this same problem. Did you get a solution on it? PLEASE email me at [email protected] if you can shed any light on this problem... ... 2005 Nissan Maxima

I purchased a new battery for my 1997 hyundi sonta but everything is dead. when time to come home from work hopped in my car everthing was dead jump lead no problems went straight away drove home about 17 ks turned key of turned it on dead. on the way home the light lit up check engine. Brought new battery put in still dead. The only thing working is the break lights hazzard lights but these were not blinking and the inside light in car.

Sounds like the ground wire for the battery is not making clean contact. Trace that wire and clean both ends and the area it connects to the engine block. Good luck! ... 1997 Hyundai Sonata

I put an after market head unit into my 99 malibu. After doing that my tail lights and lights inside the car quit working. I checked all the fuses and their good. I need to know which wire is for the tail light and lights inside the car is. Please write back

... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

To whom it may Concern: My 2002 Toyota Corolla real brake lights and front high beam head lights have stopped working while all the light bulbs are still good. In fact they have not power going to these spots when the high beams are turned on and the breaks are pressed. The low beam lights still work fine and the break lights stopped working a good while after the high beam lights stopped working. I have checked every single fuse and they are all good, both inside the car and under the h

I don't believe the defroster issue is related. As far as relays are concerned, yes, you have a blinker relay under the dash normally in the fuse panel. Turn the emergency flashers on and listen for the clicking sound, that is the relay. Now, the ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

I am driving my car. On the way to my destination, everything in my car seemed to be running fine. I turn the car off. Five minutes later I return to my car and turn the key, I hear a click and it will not start. With the ignition turned the dash lights are on dimly. The overhead lights inside the car also work dimly. When I try to turn the headlights on, the overhead lights shut off, and the headlights do not turn on. The lights in the dash also flicker when I try to turn on the headlights. Wit

The battery is dead - recharge the battery and or replace it. Best of it. Check to see if you have roadside service many insurance companies include this service with their premium services. ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

2006 ford mustang wont start after driving the car for a few hours cut car off and parked for about a hour or so when returned to get back in car to leave the car would not start the lights inside the car will come on but whe you turn the headlights on nothing will work. the dashboard wont light up and car makes a clicking noise when key is turned in the on position. the lights also flicker but car is not starting.

Sounds like an electrical mess up. Im not too familiar with ford and newer vehicles. It could be the starter getting jambed. The make a grinding/clicking noise..Something like a selenoid? Just ideas.. ... 2006 Ford Mustang
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