Having problems with your 2002 Pontiac Grand Am ?

Electronics will not come on when car starts.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

More likely than not it is the ign switch the electrical part of it local auto prts should have in stock
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

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The car is still experincing a electronic problem. Every gauge is flucuating at idle and stopping. Someone did come up with one code that showed on diagnostic B2159 memory #1 output short to ground. When the problem starts a wire shorting sound comes throught the right passenger side the abs and emergency brake lights flash on and off then the temp,speedometer and gas gauge flucuate all at once. Then car acts like it wants to stall. The make of the car is Ford,model Focus, year 2000. With 167,00

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When this happens and the key is in the Ignition position, do the dash lights, etc come on? Could be the ignition switch is bad, and this is and easy way to tell. If the ignition is on and when we go to START, nothing happens, I would replace the s ... 1998 Cadillac Seville

No start car would not start this morning sputtered once and just cranks, fuel pressure and flow within specs and attempted to start using starter fluid but no luck info on this vehicle is limited even on all data. noticed the rpm gauge is not coming off the seat when cranking dont know if it did before while there was nothing wrong though plan on using a test light to check for injector pulse later this afternoon it also has electronic ignition so i figure it it has injector pulse its got to ha

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2008 Dodge Avenger electronic throttle warning flashed. Car's performance was poor after, no accelleration , jerky performance. Pulled over and had the dealer come get the car. The dealer started the car and it runs ok now, of course.

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Car is shaking when driving. feels like it could stall at any minute. Starting to get a very nasy smell coming from engine and underneath. Took it to a mechanic who did a diagnotic check. Mentioned a fuel lelvel sensor cicuit and also transmission slippage. documented that he wasn't sure if slippage was internal or electronic. Won't drive the car over 40 due to the skaing. Any help would be appreciated.

The problem is in the transmission. The smell you have is the transmission fluid burning and you need to get this serviced and repaired as soon as possible. At this point your problem is either in teh clutch assembly or the torque converter. The ba ... 2006 Saturn Vue

There was a sound like a fan running after the engine was turned off or when I bring the vehicle to a stop. It was very loud. The emmisions warning came on and the vehicle was still drivable. Now the car won't start at all and the EPC warning light comes on. I only have a French owners manual because the previous owner was french speaking. I believe this may mean the electronic start but not sure. Just wondering if any of this could have anything to do with the recall re the heat sheild issue.

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Hi JT,Ok, one thing at a time.First. Put oil in it.If by jump you mean get it moving and pop the clutch, this would point to the starter or battery.Yes, running it should have charged the battery. This ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred Limited AWD. I have a problem starting the car. It may crank for 5 seconds before half-starting...it will idle rough at ~500 RPMs for a couple of seconds and may stall, or it may idle normally. It depends on it's mood. I had it in for service, and they said the Electronic Throttle Body was malfunctioning. The throttle body was replaced with the new part, and the PCM was flashed. $500 later, it's no better. The check engine light has never come on. I'm stum

Burn the lowest octane that you can, based on the specs. Ford has found when people run premium fuel, starting was delayed.\012\012It is actually the lowest octane that has the most explosive power. Higher octane burns SLOWER. ... Ford Five Hundred

My 1987 acura integra wont start unless the PGM FI light comes on at start up. if the light comes on when the key is at the on position then i can start the car but sometimes the light doesnt come on and the car wont start. what the hell is the problem?? another thing, when the car is actually on and running the light will turn on and stay on shortly after the car was started.

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I have this problem on a regular basis with my 91.it happens in hot weather, and sometimes after having to start and stop the car several times quickly(like going ot different stores over and over) again, in warmer weather, like 25 C+. ... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

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Hello, The first thing you need to have someone look at is the Brake pedal lever under the dash. This part of the starter Interlock system is the one which requires you to have your foot on the Brake before trying to start the car. With a St ... Ford Fusion

Hello All, I have a '02 C240 and when recently a problem has started. The electronic key unlocks the car and when i get in and insert in the iginition, half of the times the alarm start going. Then i have to turn the car off and press lock and unlock again on the electronic key and then i can put the key back in and start the car. Also many times, the car is parked and it starts the alarm sometimes in the middle of the night in the garage. I took the car to Sams club to get the battery checked a

It sounds like a alarm module malfunction,unfortunately you need to find a merc specialist to plug into the system to diagnose correctly with dedicted merc software to find the problem ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Changed out ecm with a rebuilt one. car ran fine for a month.Now pt cruiser will die while driving down the street, I could not get it started had it towed. tried to start it again,security light was the only thing to come light up and stay on,but still would not start. next day went to start car and it started,continued starting without security coming on for at least five times.Now it wont start again, and security light comes back on

Bad/leaky capacitors on the ECU board.\015\012\015\012The salvage yard should warranty it.\015\012 ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2002 Ford Taurus has no power. No head lights no dome light no horn blah blah. Ok first of all my cars alarm kept going off by itself off and on for 2 weeks. I come out to start the car and it goes click click click but no start. Later on I come out to the car and I can hear this tick tick tick tick noise coming from the dash. A few days later and I get someone to come to the house and jump the car and nothing happens. No click click click this time. No dome light. No power what so ever. But the

One possibility is that the battery terminals are either corroded or not tight to the battery posts. Second, the battery itself may have seen its days. Try another battery of simply replace it. If the problem still exists, the have a mechanic inspect ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have an 84 olds omega. The problem i am having is that when i start my car all the lights on my instrument cluster are not coming on, but they are supposed too. I have one light that is not coming on all the time when i start my car that is the charge light. It is supposed to come on evertime with all the other lights when i start the car to show that the lights are working. What would be the problem and how do i find it and fix it?

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2003 kia sedona--ck engine with P0135 when starting car-replaced bank 1 sensor 1 O2 and car runs fine ck engine comes on every time you start car with same code--i replaced ECU and it still comes on--if i clear codes the car runs fine with no ck engine until i turn off and start again etc,,,,

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