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Were is the fuel pump relay on a 2001 oldsmoblile alero

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Hello Hope you all doing well... My car is Alero 2000 stopped suddenly at the road, I took it pushing to my home :(( I thought the problem with fuel pump, coz there is no fuel coming to the engine, but when i gave the fuel pump 12V directly from the battery I found it working! I checked the fuse board, I found fuse # 48 fired, i changed but still not working Also i changed relay # 18 with the relay of the horn but still the same, no change, fuel pump does not work when I connect it in his place

You will need to trace the wiring to the pump and look for an open or short. I had one where the connector from the pump to the wiring harness (near the RR wheel) had a loose ground connection. The only way I found it was to move the cable and when ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Were is the fuel pump relay on a 2001 oldsmoblile alero

... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

Where is the computer located in a 2003 alero? We've changed the fuel pump, fuel filter and the car still won't start. When the relay for the fuel pump is activated the doors lock and unlock - so we're thinking it might be the computer. The car sat idle for several weeks waiting to get $$ for a fuel pump. The battery was dead and was re-charged today when we changed the fuel pump. Help...

The computer is a very reliable device, and even if you opened it you would not have a clue if it is bad or not. I am very good in electronics, and unlike other mechanics, I have a background in elctronic engineering. If you could tell me a few more ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

I have audi A8L 2004 4.2L. The car starts and after 30 sec. main fuel pump relay shuts off and pressure drops to 0 and engine shuts off. I'm auto technician, I checked circuits to main fuel pump relay and signal from ECM to relay is disapering after 30 sec. Car starts fine every time after shut off and every time it shuts off after 30 sec. Tell me what problem could it be or what I should check? Thank you. Sincerely Jerry

Could be an oveheated fuel pump! Extract the pump out from fuel reservoir and test it! ... Audi A8

I have a 99 dodge ram 1500 5.9 we put a fuel pump with regulator in and a relay .still would not start it will start with the fuel relay out the psi will drop down to 0 and still will run just at idle but still run as soon we put relay back in it stall like it getting to much fuel

... Dodge Ram 1500

1996 gmc yukon. replaced fuel pump 3 times in 2 months, finally running then it wouldnt start one day. cranked it over for awhile and nothing. sat 15 min it started right up, drove home shut off, then started back up. next day no start. just replaced fuel relay still no start, checked fuel pressure its at 0, is it possible the pump is bad again or could it be the clip for the power to the pump being loose or faulty?

This is a very common problem. GM has issued a service bulletin to replace the wiring connector at the fuel pump assembly on top of the tank. check the end of the plug for burnt terminals. the service bulletin states that these corroded connectors ca ... 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 2003 oldmobile alero had new fuel pump put in after running car for a while car shut down when turning key forward i can t here fuel pump pump up let it sit for a while will start and run until get warm again i thought pump was going bad again had change it again still doing it put new pump relay fuse in and ingnition control mod. on and still doing it

If the fuel pump,is already primed,it will not always start pumping when key is turned to ignition.If the fuel pump relay is shutting down,this could be the problem.I would check,at the fuel rail,the fuel service port.Depress the valve core,like on a ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero V6 3.6L sedan and I have changed the fuel pump and filter, changed the fp relay and the fp injector mini and I still cant get my car to start.

... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

02 Kia Sportage in starting mode has 60 psi fuel pressure. When letting off the starter fuel pressure drops to 0 right away have checked fuel fuses relays cant hear the fuel pump run when you turn switch on

The pressure is supposed to drop off unless the engine is one, cranking with the starter, or two, running. ... Cars & Trucks

2003 Alero fuel pump relay buzzing

... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

Severe voltage drop to orange wire on fuel pump relay when ignition is in run. Fuel pump won't engage. Can jump positive battery lead to tan/white wire on fuel pump relay, fuel pump will com on. Battery voltage good. 20amp fuse by battery good. Voltage drop still occurs with both fuel pump relay, MAF relay and MAF power relay unplugged.

Replace the ignition switch (shorting out so to speak) this is the electic part down on the steering colum ... 1987 Chevrolet Camaro

I just had a new fuel pump and a new fuel filter and a new fuel relay put on my 2002 oldsmobile alero but the car still won"t start i was wondering if there was a reset switch on the car please help

Do you notice if the security on the dash is lit up when u turn the key. I had the same issues. I was told to turn the key to ignition on and back to off three times about couple sec. between on and off. It was something to do with the key security t ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

2003 olds alero DTC code po230 and po463 primary fuel circuit and fuel level sensor high input. have checked circuitry and relays all seem to be fine, but still no power to the fuel pump. something has the circuit shut off. any ideas would be great, aside of a stick of TNT!

... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

My 98 windstar gl is not getting the ground comand through the pcm to open injecters and the fuel pump relay is not exciting the pump for initial start pressure and i have replaced most every sensor pcm and relays checked grounds replaced fuel pump eec dioad and clutch dioad pcm relay fuel relay ignition switch and more fuel pump is fine if iremove pump relay and jumper it run i have also tested the inertia switch the other pain in the but is i bought an obd meater yet it is unable to establish

If you don't think your getting the ground command through your PCM, you can make your own ground just by bypassing the PCM all together. First you need to find a PCM connector end view showing which pins are which wires and locate the ground you nee ... Ford Windstar

Car will not start. car will run for a moment or two if I pour gas in the fuel injection manifold. The fuel gauge is pegged to overfull. all other gauges seem to work fine. Fuel gauge remains pegged even with the fuel pump electric wires disconnected. I believe it is a bad fuel pump relay or the the low oil pressure sensor switch is disabling the fuel pump relay. However I cannot locate the fuel pump relay?

The oil pressure sending unit will be the problem for that primes the pum when you turn the key to the on position. You will hear the fuel pump running for 5 seconds when doing that. If the pump is running when you have the key turned to the ON posit ... 1992 Buick Roadmaster

My 2003 Galant isn't getting fuel to the engine. I replaced the pump yet I'm still getting no fuel. The fuel gauge is still reading a quarter tank of fuel. I check all my fuzes and all are working. So, now I suspect the fuel pump relay that my manual talks about but doesn't show me where the relay is located. First, I would like to know which relay controls the fuel pump. If that doesn't work what else would cause the vehicle not to pump fuel to the engine?

The fuel pump relay is under the hood on the driver side. There is a black box that will have a wing nut that takes the cover off. The cover will have a diagram of which one the fuel pump relay is. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

Van quit while driving down driveway. Found not getting fuel, zero fuel pressure at the fuel pressure tap under the hood and no fuel pump "hum"...not even for 2 seconds. Replaced fuel pump assy, relay, and fuel filter and van will still not start. The relay does not click and I do not get 12v to the pump between the gray and black, which go to the fuel pump motor. I have ck'd all connectors for burning or melting and all look like new still. Both old and new relays the coil cks good on meter

I have a 2003 chevy venture and 2 years ago my van just quit, replaced relay, fuse and fuel pump. finally had to take in to chevy garage and they found a short in the wires to the fuel pump up under the dash. cost me about 150 bucks at the garage, th ... 2002 Chevrolet Venture Passanger

On my 97 grand prix3.8 I have used a jumper wire in place of the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump comes on . But when I plug the relay back in and turn the igntion on the fuel pump does nothing the relay is new and it clicks when we turn the igntion key . So I pulled the fuel pump fuse and use a multimeter to see if there was power where the fuse plugs in and there's is no power getting to it . But when I use the jumper wire I have power to the fuse and the fuel pump runs am I missing somethi

There is a break in the wire that supplies power to the fuse box.You need to trace this power wire from the fuse box to find the break in this wire and fix this wire,.Ii would help you is you have a wiring diagram of your vehicle as the wires ... Cars & Trucks

1996 Toyota T-100 starting problem--- when I first turn the key, I hear nothing. After engine cranks over once or twice, I hear a clicking noise around the passenger engine compartment. I'm assuming that it's either the fuel pressurizing or the fuel pump relay. I read online that both the fuel pump relay and the oil pressure switch enable the fuel pump to turn on. What I understood is that if the fuel pump relay goes out, oil pressure switch turn the pump on. This explaining why it has to c

The fuel pump relay should be located in the under hood fuse box just replace the relay with a new one ... Toyota T100

I have an 1986 camry im to the point where i tested the fuel pump and i know its bad cause i accidently burnt it out. before I wasnt getting any power to the fuel pump. After some searching I fount the circuit open relay (fuel pump relay). I pulled it ou and jumped Fp term. to B+ term with a paper clip then turned key to on to check for power and I did have power. So I bought a new relay online along with the fuel pump.. In my haste I went to the junk yard and pull a relay that was close to simi

Do not panic until you try it again with the correct relay. My hope is that the modified relay cause a miss communication to your computer. Once the correct on is in place it may correct itself. If not you may have burned out a computer component. ... 1986 Toyota Camry

1993 Buick Roadmaster keeps on blowing fuel pump/ecm in-line 20 amp fuse. Car stalled out in a parking lot, would not start, no fuel. Changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay. Found fuel pump/ecm in-line 20A fuse keeps on blowing when I turn key on. Looked all over for shorts, disconnected oil pressure/ fuel pump cutoff switch, changed fuel pump relay, fuel pump is disconnected at tank at present, still blows fuse. Please help as I cannot afford to take car to shop and presently working

You said the fuel pump is disconnected at present and the fuse still blows so I am thinking you have a dead ground in the fuel circuit maybe a wire is pinched after the fuse and before the pump. Check along the frame for this and make sure all of you ... Cars & Trucks

2003 Oldsmobile Alero will not start. Already replaced fuel pump and screen, spark plugs and wires, fuel filter and relay. What else could it be?

I have a 2003 alero that would not start. It was actually a security problem it locks itself up, there is a quick fix for it though you turn the car to the on position wait 10 min. turn it off for 5 sec. and then turn it over and it should start. Sou ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

Fuel pump in 1998 susuki esteem functioning properly. Car will not start so I jumped fuel pump relay and it started. Switched out horn relay...same voltage, to fuel pump relay position and no go. Verified horn relay was good. Did not verify hot switched side of relay (from key Iam assuming) was hot. Check engie light on, so could this be a bad ground in the 02 sensor? As I understand, emission components and fuel componets are grounded to ECU. Anyone have experience with this phenomenon?

Hi,\012the fuel pump relay performs a slightly different function than the horn relay. If there is a wiring circuit printed on the outside of the relay's you will be able to see the difference.\012\012AS you have "jumped" the fuel p ... 1998 Suzuki Esteem

I have a 96 geo tracker and it blows the 15 amp fuel injection fuse. I unpluged all the wires in the engine comp. and the relay under the dash for the fuel pump. After that the only on that made it blow was the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump is new. I ohm out the wires going to the fuel pump to ground and they checked out fine. What esle can i check? I even put a differant relay in. There is a direct short some where.

Most car have 2 kind of ground...the relay and the fuel pump...make sure u check them both...if not...than disconnect the - side of the batt than put a test light on the - side of the batt and the other one on - side of the cable...make everything is ... 1996 Geo Tracker 2 Door

I have a 1992 hyundai scoupe it is not getting fuel throught the injectors i replaced the electric fuel pump in the tank and it is not getting any fire to the pump i can run a hot wire to the pump and it works but car will not start fuel gets to the fuel rail just fine but seems to not get through the injector. i replaced the fuel pump ,fuel regulator ,ignition control module,and have since purchased a fuel injection relay but i have no idea were it goes i have a new fuel pump relay also but i

Hello\015\012First i would like to say you may be chasing your tail on the fuel pump, the opump doesn't run for more than 1 second if the ignition is turned on unless 1. the engine is cranking to start or 2. the engine ... Hyundai Motor 1992 Scoupe
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