Having problems with your 2002 Oldsmobile Alero ?

My car sputtered and then died and now it will turn over but will not start

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Car wont turn over and when it does is stays on for 2 seconds and dies...for the past 2 months my car has also been having problems with (i thought was the fuel filter) It would start and then stall in the begining however as time went on it would not start util about 20 try's and the it woudld finally turn over...well now it wont barely start and sputters and dies. You can hear the fuel pump, the spark plugs were changed like a month ago...the fuel filter was changed and i just tried changing t

Check the fuel pump also its relay ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

I started my 92 honda accord in the morning and about was driving to school and my car had very little power no faster then 30 mph i turned around and started back home and 2 blocks later it seemed to sputter real hard and died. i pulled over and tried to start it again but all it did was sputter real bad and died and that is the most i can get out of it is a sputter and dies .

Take off one of the plug wires and hold it next to a metal surface, get someone to turn the engine over for you and see if the spark is bright blue, if it is the coils are ok, then check for oil leaking around your distributor, if you have an oil aro ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have a 94 Mustang GT that will die as if someone turned off the ignition after only running for 5 min or so. The car runs great and starts good but after 5 min or so the car just shuts off... Does not sputter. Also i have noticed that the fuel pump is still making noise constantly after the car had died. Then if you cycle the ignition key many times the fule pump will then sound like it should and prime then stop and the car will start. But then dies after it has ran for a min or two. And

You need a new pump for sure your screen on your pump came off ... 1994 Ford Mustang

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE, and i was driving down the road and the engine died! nothing else did so I had to coast the car to an available spot to park....i made it, now i try to re-start the car and it just turns over and over....i let it sit for 15 min. and tried to start again. it fired but with violent chugs and sputters, than it died. the fuel pump comes on when i turn the ign. on. what could it be? timing? crank sensor?

Depends on how many miles on the car,,but sounds like timing chain,,but be careful,,if u have a ( 0 ) tolerance motor something could of happen internally,,2.3L are known for timing chains,,unfortunately u wont know this, until the head is removed or ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2001 ford focus. Problem started when i tried to drive off and my car started sputtering, died and wouldnt turn on. we replaced the fuel pump and i was able to drive an hour home with no problems. The engine light was on when i picked up my car that day. the next day my car started with the same problem although it would start this time but wont go over 30. friends say transmission but i dont understand how 2 things simultaneously break.

I would give it a tune up spark plugs etc before spending alot of money. most transmission shops do free diagnostics checks. ... 2000 Ford Mustang

I was sitting at a red light and my car dies. It won't start back up at all. All the lights come on, no clicking or knocking, tried flooring the pedal while starting, nothing. It just sputters enough to turn the dash lights off and dim all the lights, then sputters more then dies.

There are quite a number of reasons for the engine to die off and we need to check them one by one.\015\012If there was no recent scheduled checkup done for the clocked mileage there are sections in the electrical, fuel and engine ... Nissan Sentra

Cold or warm, ideling or driving, car sputters and dies. wornt start again unless ignition is simotainesly turned to on then off three times

... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Fuel pump wont work 1990 mercury sable station wagon car turns over but wont start it stalled and wouldnt start again but a few hours later it started briefly and i made it about 500 yards and it died and wont start back up when it started back up it was sputtering and i had to keep my foot on the gas to keep it running so i could drive it, after it stalled i couldnt start it until the next day and it was running great for about 30 seconds and it completely stalled and hasnt started since, i rep

Fuel pump bad or fuel pump relay bad. Likely fuel pump.\015\012\015\012Spray some starting fluid in air intake and see if it starts. If yes, replace fuel pump in fuel tank. drop tank for access. About a $250 repair at shop. call around. ... 1990 Mercury Sable

I have a 87 conquest, i just rebuilt the engine and it runs great. but, i can start it when its cold but i cant rev past 4000 rpms. it starts to backfire in the intake and it sputters through the exhaust. when it does that and i turn the car off and i cannot restart it.. it wants to crank but when it does it sputters and shakes real bad and it dies. i have new plugs and wires and i installed a new fuel put about 6 months ago. if yall could help i could sure use the help.

... 1987 Chrysler Conquest

Our 2000 LW engine died on the freeway, fortunatly we were able to coast off the road to a safe spot. After trying to start the car several times to no avail I just sat there a while and the car cooled off. Then it started and I took it to a mechanic. It did have the check engine soon light on at this point. Any suggestions? It acted like an the key had been turned off, not fuel as it shut off with sputtering.


I have a 92 Camaro and the problem I'm having is sorta weird.. My car ran fine about 2 months ago, but i haven't driven it for about 2-3 months. When i went to fire it up the battery was dead, so I replaced it. The car was very very slow to turn over, but finally started.. after running about 30 seconds it sputtered and died.. Well after that it completely drained all power from the battery, atleast says my charger and the fact it wouldn't even turn off the battery.. So after several full charge


The low fuel light came on today and I immediately put in a half a tank of fuel. I drove car for 50 miles and parked for 30 minutes. Car sputtered and died when I tried to start. I replaced fuel filter and still have same problem. Motor turns over fine acts like no fuel. Any idea on next check. This car has 40000 original miles that I have driven all miles.

There is the possibility that when it ran low on fuel that the naturally occurring debris in the tank got sucked up to the pump screen. ... 2000 Ford Mustang

My 1984 Buick Century started,then sputtered for a few seconds and died. I tried to start it again and it wouldn't start;it seems to not have enough power. All the lights on the dash work as well as the headlights and turn signals. The battery does not click,but there is a constant clicking noise,maybe the aternator or starter is making the noise. I know very little about a car. Thanks!

... 1984 Buick Century

Wants to start spits and sputters but wont start! the car was running when it died and wont start back up! is getting gas has spark it turns over! any suggestions on what to check or what it could be?

You don't say what year so I have no way of knowing if you have a distributor? If you do, pull the cap and look at the rotor and inside cap contacts that go to plugs. Make sure the rotor is not all burned up looking and the cap is good too./ Push all ... Buick Park Avenue

Wants to start spits and sputters but wont start! the car was running when it died and wont start back up! is getting gas has spark it turns over! any suggestions on what to check or what it could be?

1. Fuel pump (located in the fuel tank beneath the back seat).2. Fuel filter (located in the hood).This is a fuel related problem. ... Buick Park Avenue

Car stalls my 94 olds ciera runs well. it starts up just fine and runs great in the morning and at night when its cool. the problem is when i drive it in the middle of the day it stalls on me. i dont believe its overheating because the temp gauge is only in the middle and i havent seen any smoke from the engine. it wont start immediatly after it stalls. i have to turn it over at least 5 - 10 times and sometimes when it will try to start but when i give it some gas it just sputters and dies again

I finally took the car to the mechanic. They had to replace the sending unit and the fuel pump to begin with. After this the car would run but then had a problem charging and the alternator had to be replaced.In hind sight - this could ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

1995 LeSabre - Starts and runs fine, but engine cuts off without warning. First time, 5mph in a crowded school commute traffic. Put in park, and started right away. Second time, after turning onto drop-off circle at school, car died again. Put in park, did not start for almost 5 minutes. Third time, waited at red light to turn, and as soon as I started turning right, car died, mid-intersection. Put in park, started after 2 minutes. Scary stuff! Being stuck in an intersection half-way into

If the motor gets hot and cuts off and will not start for a period of time the problem would be the crank sensor. The sudden cut off and starting right back up can be due to dirty battery cable connections. Remove them from battery and c ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2000 Nissan Quest and I drove it 356 miles in one no issue car when I got to my son's house when to the store and I die no noise no aparent problem it started right up went for 5 min and die again and would not start. the car had a full tank of gas. had it towed to a shop and the replaced the crank sensor, distributor cap and rotor button. called me to pick the car up drove 8 miles and it die and turn on and drove 1 mile die and will not turn over. have any ideas? stuck in NC.

Not sure about your issue, I thought it was something similar to my own which I just found it to be the crank sensor, rotor and cap. I just changed my fuel filter, not a expert but that could be a issue and very easy to change. By the way how much di ... 2000 Nissan Quest

I have a 1996 Chevy Cavalier w/ a 2.4 cylinder engine. I can get my car started but then it will die out of nowhere. What happened was I was driving along and then my mileage needle jumped up and down then my dashboard lights turned on and then only my theft light stayed on. I was able to go about 3 more blocks and then it just died. It will turn over but it won't start. All my lights will turn on and everything. I went to start my car today and it started just fine. So if it sits for a day it w

Check the ground by the battery ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Car stopped running on freeway. sputtered first before dying. had sat for 6 months before driving; drove for 1 to 2 weeks before it died. seattle area - has been chilly and very wet. fuel supply checked okay at filter. turns over but does not start.

You need to check it for spark at plugs first,and you need to know what fuel pressure is, ... 1996 Honda Civic

Hi, i drive a 1985 ford Bronco. It has a carburated motor. I noticed lately that it wont keep an idle. When im not driving or revving the engine, it slows down to a sputter and dies on me. I bought carb cleaner for it and sprayed some down the valve by the air filter. Once i turned the car on shortly after doing that, it seemed to have CHOKED the car out or something. It wont start AT ALL now!!!!! :( Did i break it? What's the deal???

Naw,you did not break it,it may have flooded it out.The carburetor most likely is flooding already,and the carb.cleaner just helped it stall the rest of the way.Hold the accelerator to the floor,and turn it over until it starts,continue to hold the p ... Ford Bronco

I jusr came back for a 300 mile trip car ran great i pulled up to my drive way put the car in reverse it died and would not retsart. All it would do is sputter tried starting it the next day and all it does is turn over

Hello. Most likely you need to change the fuel filter. J. ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

For a while my Mustang has been idling rough when I first start it in the morning. Yesterday it idled on down and died and now it won't crank at all. It threw a camshaft sensor fault, and a lean fault, I replaced the sensor,but it still won't start and isn't throwing any more codes.It turns but it never cranks, just sputters and shudders and makes wheezing noises. (It makes noises like a car drowning in gas, but doesn't smell rich)

First I need to know for sure what you mean by "it won't crank at all" and "it never cranks". these terms are associated with a batery/starter/charging system concern. However if the engine is turning over but not starting just sputters and wheezes t ... 1995 Ford Mustang

Car stopped running on freeway. sputtered first before dying. had sat for 6 months before driving; drove for 1 to 2 weeks before it died. seattle area - has been chilly and very wet. fuel supply checked okay at filter. turns over but does not start.

Does it has sparks? if no . bad distributor. ... 1996 Honda Accord

Car statred to sputter and then died. Car will turn over but will not start. Could it be the fuel filter

Its possible that its fuel filter, But you should get a fuel pressure tester or have someone test the fuel pressure first, The easiest thing to replace is the filter, But its possible that its wont fix it I would also check the fuse for the fuel pum ... 1998 Ford Taurus
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