Having problems with your 2002 Nissan Xterra ?

Starts then runs a few seconds then shutts off

\015 If you try to restart takes several crankes before it does some times starts and have to feather gas to kepp a rough idle. have changed the fuel filter but did not seem to help thx\015
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Answers :

Is the ck engine lite on? one thing i remember about these early xterra's was that they had a problem with the fuel sending unit on top of tank. they were cracking and causing contact problems with fuel pump. the connector was exposed to the elements and corroding, turning wires green. hope this helps.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2002 Nissan Xterra

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My 96 Sedan DeVille will start instantly the first start of the day. After it is warmed up and engine running for about 10 minutes or so it has to be cranked over for several seconds 15-30 seconds before it will start. Occasionally, it will backfire up through the intake, even on the first start of the day before starting. After it is warmed up and you crank it over for several seconds it will start but seems to barely run for a few seconds unless you immediately engage the accelerator. It r

Since there is no code registered, I presume this must be a routine general service that needs to be attended to for the mileage clocked on the car.\015\012It seems that the fuel is flooding up, the idling section flow is limited or throtte con ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

1995/4Runner/3.0L/4x4/ cranks, runs(idles)fine and drives, then when engine worms up(driving about 7 mile more or less, it sputters all of a sudden start to sputter and then stop running. I'll start it back, runs fine for about 5 to 8 second and then starts to sputter off. I can immediately turn key off and re-start it, it runs fine again for 5-8 seconds. But when it completely cools down it runs for another several miles and sputter out. this now happens all the time

Catalitic converter is clogged up its not lettig the car breath ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

Starts then runs a few seconds then shutts off

Is the ck engine lite on? one thing i remember about these early xterra's was that they had a problem with the fuel sending unit on top of tank. they were cracking and causing contact problems with fuel pump. the connector was exposed to the eleme ... 2002 Nissan Xterra

Have a 1987 nissan d21 pickup with 2.4l engine. truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds then quits. If i shut the key off and wait till the fuel pump relay kicks out maybe 30 seconds then turn the key on and let the fuel pump build thill it cuts out,truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds. If I just try to start it right away again it will not even fire although I can hear the fuel pump run. It comes up with codes 21 and 43

The signal from the distributor to the coil and injectors are off and on,not constant.Replace the distributor to fix the problem. ... Nissan Pickup

1987 Merc Grand Marquis, saving as "collector" car, last ran 6 months ago. Will start, run for 3-10 seconds, then runs out of gas and stalls. Will not start again unless sits for 15 miutes or so. It is apparently a fuel problem. Had a few gallons of gas in tank with Stabil when stored, I just added 5 gallons fresh gas, can of gasoline moisture remover and can of carburetor/fuel injector cleaner. If I turn key past "on" almost to "start" I can hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds then it

... 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 1999 pontiac sunfire has a problem starting in the morning when the temperature is below 55'. When I go to start it, it runs for a split second a then stalls (almost like it is running out of gas). Or if I drive it a while a stop somewhere, when I come out to start it, it does the same thing. I already tried turning the key to the on position and off again 3 times to pump gas up into the fuel injectors, but it just runs for a little more than a split second, and then stalls. Then I wait about

Did you have the computor scanned to find any codes it sounds like it might be air temp sensor. ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire


Ok a quick check. When the engine cuts out and you go for restart it dies within 5 seconds. Next time put the ignition at position 2 (on but not starting) and wait one minute, then start the car. If the engine again runs for 30 seconds before cutt ... Ford F-100

My stealth is a 92 i charged the battery because it went down and now when you start it it runs 4 seconds and dies and you can repeat this and it always starts runs 4 seconds and then dies but it runs good the 1 st 4 seconds.

This is a board level repair.\012\012There are 4 bad / leaky capacitors need to replace.\012\012The parts cost is just around $12 + soldering time \012\012====\012\012If you has the budget then just replace the ECU to save tim ... 1992 Dodge Stealth

I have a five cyl 2004 Chevy Colorado that will not stay running on a cold morning. (anything below freezing) The truck will start and then shut off within 10 seconds. The engine light comes on and after I wait 45 seconds the engine will start but shut off again after 10 or 15 seconds. If the temperature gets down near zero I may need to go through this process 20 times before the truck will stay running. When the truck does stay running the engine light will stay on for an hour or so and

Could have an air temp sensor going bad,it controls air fuel mixtures at different temp.I would start there. ... Cars & Trucks

My 1700 DI vauxhall combo van will start once, runs for 5 seconds and then dies, wont start again but once left for the day it will start again once and run for 5 seconds, tried to deliver fuel straight to pump but still wont run

... Vauxhall Cars & Trucks

My '91 ford E-350 Econoline Diesel 7.3 L is starting hard. When engine is cold (not- run-for-over-eight-hours) it starts up right away, BUT ONLY RUNS FOR 3 SECONDS AND STALLS. It can't be the glo-plugs, because it does start right up on the first try. But after it stalls, I have to crank for about 45 to 50 seconds before it will start. Lots of blue smoke after it starts, but being a diesel, can't tell if that is normal. _______ any guesses ? _____ Shade-Tree-Mech.

Swap out the crank and cam sensors ... Ford Econoline

For about a week now my fan kicks on automatically when I start my car. Then today when I went to start my car it cranked then shook for about 30 seconds. I was able to drive it but it seem to be running hard. Then about 20 minutes later I went to start my car it started and cut off. This happened three times. On the fourth attempt I held the gas for a few seconds and the car stayed running long enough to make the 10 mile drive home. No lights came on the dash board. However the gauge was h

This could be caused by several things first thing that comes to mind would be a sensor, such as the coolant temp sensor which controls per say the choke on your car giving it more gas to crank when it is cold as apposed to when it is at normal opera ... Chrysler Concorde

My LS 430 with 100,000 miles runs great, but grinds longer than it used to when I first start the engine. The starter grinds for about 2-5 seconds before starting, most every time. After the car is run and I shut it off, it even takes longer to start. at least 4-5 seconds. It used to start by just barely touching the starter switch.

I had the very same problem ,,it is the fuel tank there is a bush type thingy on the fuel tank which is between the fuel pipe from the fuel tank and the tank see if that bushing is out of its place and if there is and air leak there or it may need ch ... 2004 Lexus LS 430

Hi, Recently my peugeot 407 oil pressure light came on, so i changed the oil and drained, the light went off and the car again started to run correctly. after a week or so the car stopped working, what i mean by this is.. When i started the engine and drove away it worked fine, once i switched from first to second gear and actually started to accellerate, the car lost power, allot of smoke came out of the exhaust and stalled. Now once i start the car it remains running for around 10 second

... Peugeot 405

I drove my 1999 Silverado (4.3L V6) to Bristol and back to Knoxville. When I pulled into my road, I shut off the truck to let the family in the house. When I tried to restart the engine, it would only run for a few seconds, then die. If I started it again immediately, it would not start. If it set for a bit, it would crank and run for a few seconds and then die. After setting all night it started and I backed the truck into the driveway. Now it will not start at all. Any ideas?

Without the diagnostic trouble codes it's hard to say for sure. Without them the first things I would check are engine oil, spark and fuel pressure. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Car starts runs 1 2 second dies starts again runs 1 2 seconds die

It sounds like a bad fuel pump. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Porsche 944 late ?85 early ?86 Please help if you can. The car is my only one, at the moment, and I need to get it running fast. The car has never given me any trouble, though it has only done 3K miles in the last 4yrs, it being our second car when all is well. It is garaged when not in use. Problem: over the last few trips it has not liked starting second time if I do not let it run initially until warm. It tends to ''hunt'' after second start, almost stalling. Usually I just touch the throttle

Ok, your problem is your fuel. your carborator cannot sit that long with fuel in it. try getting a can of carb cleaner and spray it while its running, or have a mechanich clean it if you don't know how. ... 1986 Porsche 944

I have a 2009 cobalt lt. When I turn the ignition switch, it acts like the battery is dead and it barely turns over. So, I figured I'd step on the gas a bit to help it out and surprisingly it starts but when it starts the dash gauges stay down for a few seconds then they flicker for a few seconds then the go to normal after about a minute. The rpm gauge doesnt immediately go in sync with the engine either until its been running for a bit. Once it's started the at runs as it should. Any ideas on

... Cars & Trucks

Rough starts when you first start the truck it runs really rough for a few seconds almost every time i start it but after a few seconds it runs great.

... 1997 GMC Sierra K2500

I have a 2003 chevy caveiler manual..... it quit running on me.... I drove it in the morning and then left it running and went in for a second and came back out and it quit running. I tried to start it and crank and crank it and get it started for a second and it would quit again. I put it on the computer and it said it was the throttle position sensor. I have had the spark plugs changed... the oil filter changed and the battery checked to see if it was good..... please help! What can it be?

First check and see if you have spark at the sparkplug, if you do then check the fuel pressure if its not within specs replace fuel pump. ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

My buddy has a 89 pontiac sunfire. It sat for a while and he just started driving it, let the gas run out and put new in and then it stopped running. Today we sprayed starter fluid into the throttle and it started up. Let it ran for a bit, turned it off for a second and then cranked it up again. So I went ahead and replaced the fuel filter and poured some sea foam into the tank. I then primed the liine and then it cranked right up for about 5 seconds and died. Now its not starting. Fuel is going

You could have a bad pump motor in your fuel pump. You will hear the "hum" of the pump motor but it won't continuously feed enough pressue to the system.\015\012When you prime it the engine will draw enough to run for a bit then quit. They usua ... 1989 Pontiac Sunbird

1995 Buick Riviera Supercharged. Runs intermittantly. Replaced Fuel Pressure Regulator and fuel filter. Runs on Starting Fluid. Turn on ignition and wait 45 seconds - can her pump run for 5 seconds. Then, maybe, engine will start. Think pump is going out. How to install?

It is in the trunk pull back carpet there is an acsess plate to your fuel pump ... Buick Riviera

I have a 1991 motor home with a 454 engine, I have replaced the oil sending unit twice, the distributor cao and bug. The modual test good. It will start and run for about 20 seconds then dies. runs rough for a couple second then smooths out then idles fast for about 3 seconds then dies. It will restart and do the same thing over and over as long as I turn the key all the way off. When it dies if I do not turn the key all the way off it just cranks and will not start. thank you

It looks like you answered my clarification request by posting a new question. Don't do that... keep it here. I inadvertently answered that question, thinking that someone had started a new thread with no information but "My vehicle has a caburetor ... 1991 Chevrolet K1500

2003 saturn ion starts then runs for 2 seconds then stops running. turn key again and same thing starts runs for 2 seconds stops

Replace the ignition switch ... 2003 Saturn ION

Runs bad when i start my car it cuts off and takes some time to get it started. when it gets started it idials bad, i have to put one foot on the brakes and gas it up to shift and it some times still cuts off.but if it stays start it funs bad when i accellerate the runs good for 5 seconds then runs bsd again. when i changed the crank sensor it runs smooth for a week then goes again, and i have changed the crank sensor three times already. please help me fix this problem

Check fuel line ... 1992 Buick LeSabre
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