Having problems with your 2002 Nissan Altima ?

1999 Nissan Altima won't turn over. When key is in the run position there is a hum coming from the area where the engine and transaxle meet (seems to be more above the engine than below), and when the key is in the start position there is a buzz (I'm not sure where because I can't turn the key and be under the hood at the same time). The starter isn't turning at all, but the lights, radio, and everything are working. I tried to charge the battery with jumper cables from a running vehicle for

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Answers :

Put the shifter in neutral and start the car.
You probably have a bad neutral safety switch.
This happens allot with the Altimas
Check your starter. It could be that or the starter solenoid, or the ignition relay. Also check to see if the battery cable is connected tight to the starter.
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I have a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE, 3.3 ltr Engine, All Systems turn on when key is turned on, but engine won't turn over, Check all relays and are good, new that is proven good, Brown wire to staer coil is NOT getting electricity to it, I can hear the starter relay click when the key is turned to the start position, so it doesn't seem to be the Ignition switch, I know there is a ignition coil. Is that between the starter and the starter coil relay, and could that be the problem? Can and ho

You need a wiring diagram before you start and get out your meter. How did you check out the relays? Remove them,power up the coils and read OHM's across all contacts or use the buzzer on the meter? You missed one The fact the solenoid is good does ... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

1999 Nissan Altima won't turn over. When key is in the run position there is a hum coming from the area where the engine and transaxle meet (seems to be more above the engine than below), and when the key is in the start position there is a buzz (I'm not sure where because I can't turn the key and be under the hood at the same time). The starter isn't turning at all, but the lights, radio, and everything are working. I tried to charge the battery with jumper cables from a running vehicle for

Put the shifter in neutral and start the car.You probably have a bad neutral safety switch.This happens allot with the Altimas ... 2002 Nissan Altima

My 1992 Oldsmobile 98 will not turn over with the key but starter will spin engine when bypassed. Just stopped starting with the key turning to the start position and not engauging starter. Power from yellow wire on ignition switch when turned to start position. What now?

Check the neutral safety switch,it is the most likely problem. ... 1992 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

Ford F150 New Starter spins just with the key in the on position but the engine will not click to start. Once I turn the key like I am going to listen to the radio, it just sits there and spins. The motor will not even attempt to start when I turn to the start position although the starter is spinning.

There are 2 small wires on the solenoid at the starter. It sounds like they are reversed. Reverse those two wires and see if it works. If the old starter did the same thing but worked before that, then the problem is probably the ignition switch. ... 2006 Ford F-150

Kia Pregio 2.8l Diesel The "hand Brake" light turns ON, while the "Charge" light turns On as well, Engine wont kick to start. Causing the 1)engine starter 2) Alternator to short circuit. Initial trying to start up, engine continuously cranking even the key pulled out. Checked the main fuse 80A blown. replaced the fuse and things looks normal. But there's no charge' signal available on the meter board like usual, whenever the key turns to ON position. Normally in this condition, the 'Oil Pre

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94 Chrysler Town and Country won't start with key. Battery and cable connections are good. 12 volts directly to the starter solenoid starts the engine. All gages come on turning key to start position but only a click and no start. Replaced ignition switch and starter relay - no change. Traced 12V wire from starter solenoid to fuse box and the starter relay and wire is good. Applying 12 volts to the socket of the starter relay results in starting the engine. Is this a failure of the PCM?

Has it got an immobiliser / if so there is a fault there. If not an ignition switch itself. ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2005 nissan sentra 1.8 has occasional starter problems however lately its starting to occur more often, it happens when i turn the key to start the engine my whole engine jerks until i see that it gets nowhere, so i have try return the key to start position and turn it again. Usually it starts on the second time, but sometimes the engine **** happens up to two times in a row. What could the problem be?

My 2004 has the same problem! ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

I have a 95 firebird. I had to replace the ignition tumbler because I found the vats wires to tumbler broken. Had new key and code done at dealer.problem is nothing when key turned to start position. Checked power with testlight crank fuse at fuse panel. And relay box under hood. Power good can here clicking sound in engine compartment when key turned . Removed fuse at box insert testlight turn key o.n light on turn to start click sound and testlight goes out. Also hook up remote starter switch

It's when the security light starts flashing that the infamous "chip" in the key becomes a nightmare to many. Gradually the car begins not cranking anymore or if it cranks it would start and die in a second. Randomly it will do this more and more oft ... 1995 Pontiac Firebird

I have a 1993 isuzu pup pickup and I was having to keep turning the key to the start position several times before the starter would finally engage and crank the engine. Now that does not work anymore. I can short across the starter solenoid and crank the engine but I am not getting fire out of the coil. Do not know if the ignition switch is making connection or not. How do I determine if the key switch is good or not?

... Isuzu Cars & Trucks

I have an 04 grand am with the 3400 v6 i have all my dash lights,accesories, headlights everything except when i turn the key it will not turn over, no noise, no starter, nothing, i have checked the fuses and batt voltage (12.39v) sometimes i have a security light sometimes not, if i leave the key in the run position most of my dash lights go out except the service engine light oil light and battery light, i assume that is because the engine is not running

To beat security problems that turn off the starter, check out this link. http://vatspasslockpasskeysecurityhelp.yolasite.com/ ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Have a 2000 ford winstar 3.8. Alternator has gone but something else is also wrong. when you turn the key to run position all lights work. when placed into start position all the the dash lights go out and no turn over. Battery fully charged, a hour before starter checked ok. i do not know which relay is the starter relay. I am in the engine fuse box and have four relays. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

You have the wires mixed up some where ... 2000 Ford Windstar

91 Honda Accord SE starter makes a grinding sound as it turns the engine, does not turn engine every time the key is turned to the start position???????????

Sounds like the starter needs to be shimmed out just a little bit. either thast or you have teeth missing off of you flywheeel. ... 1991 Honda Accord

I replaced the starter on my 2001 toyota tacoma truck (3.4). The starter is now turning and it appears the engine is moving a bit when the key is turned, but it wont start. I have retraced the wiring, which is only the positive, ground and additional plug into starter and all are good. I did not have this issue prior to starter going bad. Please help!

Won't start or won't crank ? ?If it won't crank you might have an engine problem such as a broken timing belt. ... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

My Saab 9 3 turbo will appear to have a dead battery. No starter clicks or dash lights. But if i keep trying after awhile it will start to click and lights begin flickering on the dash. if key is turned to the "on" position, the starter clicks and all dash light flicker. after doing this for some time the engine will finally turn over and start the car. Could this be the starter or something else?

Hi,There might be many reasons. First, Do you see any Check Engine Light ON? If yes, this indicates a serious problem with car other than normal stuff like Battery or Starter. Take the car to the AutoZone and get it scanned for Error Code ... Saab 9 3

1998 monte carlo 3.1 engine turn key to start but nothing happens. dash lights come on , have new starter still occaisionally hesitates to start when I turn the key to start position. eventually it d

... 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Honda accord 95 model, just cut out while driving and the ignition lights went out and the dials all went to zero. When I got it home I realized the ignition lights won't come on untill you turn the key passed the point they usually come on and to the position just before the starter should engage, then all the lights come on as normal and I can hear the fuel pump aswell But the when you turn the last bit the engine will start but when you let go of the key it cuts out. I have no idea what the p

Run the scanner/computer for easy diagnostic and fix it.God bless youYou can have a faulty PCM+ignition coil+BCM+sensor, sparplug,etcsee the diagram attachements. ... Cars & Trucks

Won't start Worked fine last night, didn't start this morning. Battery level fine. Lights, radio, dashboard indicator lights, all work fine. Blower fan for heater doesn't work, and turning the ignition gets me silence. 12.3 volts to starter, multimeter registers 0 on other solenoid terminal when key is turned into start position. Seems like the restart relay is the common element between fan and starter, as I look closely at chassis wiring diagram. Probably have no A/C, but can't tell with engin

A friend here solved it. It was a bad connection of the ground wire, with the paddle-shaped connector loose. He cleaned it a bit, slid it back on, and crimped it a little (not easy to do in that tight space). Solved both problems. ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper


Just a wild shot in the dark are the battery cables on real tight also you should get @ 13 vdc on a good battery ... Ford Taurus

With no previous indication, when I turned the ignition key on my 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis, it just limply spun over to the "on" position. The engine test lights came on and would not go out when I spun the key back to the "off" position, but there was no characteristic spring resistance you normally get when you engage the starter. I thought that it was the ignition switch but when I replaced it, it made was no difference. As I disconnected the battery to prevent it from being drained, one o

Hello, I noticed this post is 6 hours old. If you remember turning the Ignition switch, there is a replaceable core for the key, and the switch housing is what the core goes into. If you did not replace the switch housing you probably have a broke ... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

1989 jeep wrangler. New engine and transmission. Starter engages while key is in the on position without turning it to start. Starter stays engaged in N and Park while engine is running but not in D R or the other 2 gears. What is this about?

What the dealer told you sounds strange but the only thing I can think of that might do that is if the flex plate (flywheel) was put in backwards, if it has an off-set (like a wheel and tire assembly) it may be too close to the starter gear. BUT that ... 1989 Jeep Wrangler

No voltage to the ignition coils on a 2.7L 2000 Chrysler Concorde engine. There is voltage when the starter is turning , but no voltage to coils when ignition key is just turned to on position. Car will not start..The automobile is a 2000 Chrysler Concorde with a 2.7 L engine.

Ignition switch or chip in key faulty ... 2000 Chrysler Concorde

Ingnition problem Replaced solenoid, positve/negative battery wires plus new solenoid to starter wire. Starter is new. When I turn ignition key to "ON" position, not "start", starter kicks on and will not shut off when engine is running. DO I need a new ignition switch? Before I replaced all of the above, when I tried to start the car nothing would happen.

Sounds like it could be the switch, you can bypass the ignition switch and touch the two positive wires together from the solenoid to see if it cranks over. Be very careful make sure it is in not in gear. ... 1966 Ford Mustang

Turn the key to start and the starter engages but it doesnt turn the flywheel. the engine isnt seized and the flywheel turns

Are you sure the starter is good, or is strong enough to turn the engine? First thing I would do is replace the starter. After that check the voltage when you are trying to start. Maybe the eletrical connection isn't good enough. In that case replace ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

Engine keeps running after key is turned to off position, I have to pull coil wire to stop motor. Key switch functions normally otherwise (accessories still switched normally with key as well as the starter)

... 1990 Chrysler LeBaron

1992 Jeep wrangler, 4.0L HO, manual transmission, replaced Key cylinder, starter switch(on steering column), starter relay, starter soleniod, rebuilt starter, and still have same problem of periodically when the key is turned to the start position the starter does not engage. The battery is new and very good. When I jump the starter soleniod and turn the key to the ON position, transmission in neutral, it starts very well and runs fine.

You have an ignition voltage problem or ignition box failure. ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler
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