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Temp control problem and fan noise

\015 I have a problem with the temp control. If I turn the temp to cold it will make a noise fluttering noise and then change. It will do the same thing for heat. If if turn the temp control to cold during the day. It will not change temp until the next moring when I turn the car on. I have to put it to full heat it will make the fluttering noise and then I will get heat. Also I have noticed now that my fan on high seems to be making an noise like something is blocked or somehting is in the fan. Or possible a damper is closed. There is something going in side the fan it seems to send the air to the right areas. Like defrost or on the floor.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Temp control problem and fan noise

... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

98 Dodge Intrepid, with automatic climate control. Two problems. 1) Fan motor stuck on high, other controls, temp and direction are functioning fine. 2) Fan motor is now making a squeeking noise.

... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

2001 Town and Country has only high speed fan both front and back fans. Connector to fan has 12v only on one of the 6 leads. Grounding the lead with the 12v on it turns fan on high speed. Where is controller for this? Also driver side temp control does not affect cabin temp on that side it only blows hot air. Passenger side cools and heats normally. Related Problems?

If the blower only blows on high then it is you blower motor resistor that is located behind the glove box it has two screws that hold it in place ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 98 Tahoe that has a groaning noise coming from under the dash. Sounds like it coming from the area above the heater core in the dash. I unplugged the fan motor and temp acuator and the noise is still there. Doesn't matter if the fan is running or not. Changing the temp control and vent to different postions has no affect on the noise. Sounds like it's haunted.

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I have an '03 Dodge Ram 1500. I can control the temp of the air coming from the vents and which vents the air is circulated through, but i cannot control the fan speed, you can only feel air circulating when traveling at higher speeds... Once in a blue moon, the fan motor with work properly for a few days and i will have fulll control of the fan speed and then it will stop working again. I have replaced the climate control panel and still have the same problem. Everything works except the fan s

These trucks have problems with the blower motors,these stock motors are known to fail intermittently when one or more motor windings fail. This is evidenced by the motor not running occasionally after the car/truck is turned on. At high ... Dodge Ram 1500

A/C Problems My 1994 Eldorado recently developed a problem with the A/C not working. You may one day start it up and the A?C works fine. It has the auto climate control where you just set a temp. The next day the compressor will not engage and it seems to be blowiing out hot air. Adjusting the temp up & down, or cycling the controls off & on do not seem to have much affect. When working the compressor makes no unusual noise and the A/C will freeze you. I changed the "cycling switch" near rge rec

Check your radiator fan and/or condenser fan are operating correctly. Some engines will cut the compressor if the coolant temp is too high. \015\012\015\012Low refrigerant suction temperature, low idle, overheating engine, etc. will stop ... 1994 Cadillac Eldorado

I have a 2000 pontiac grand prix gt and the fan speed control will only work on #5 setting and when I turn the speed to 4 or less it does not work and it turns off the automatic headlights and then I have to turn them on manually. I have replaced the fan blower and sensor and the control panel for all the switchs that have fan speed temp and where the heat or ac blows on feet front etc. No one seems to know what the problem is and also my rear speakers only work when its hot in the summer plus n

Check your wiring harness where it hugs the engine on the right front side, because of vibration this area is prone to broken and shorted wires ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

Climate control The slowness to respond (and fact that you have to forget about automatic and resign yourself to the fact that you will have to constantly set the temp and fan control manually) is probably caused by the fact that Maserati has used Bosch controls which look just like they were taken from the Mercedes S (and probably the last generation of it) like so many other things on the car. The other problem that I am having is that if I set the temp at anything higher than 62, I get so hot

There may be short circuit in the climate control board or wiring, or may factory defect Please check for any loose wire connect in the car wiring form the dealer. ... Maserati 430

Climate control The slowness to respond (and fact that you have to forget about automatic and resign yourself to the fact that you will have to constantly set the temp and fan control manually) is probably caused by the fact that Maserati has used Bosch controls which look just like they were taken from the Mercedes S (and probably the last generation of it) like so many other things on the car. The other problem that I am having is that if I set the temp at anything higher than 62, I get so hot

If you unclick the top button on the time set screen, you can manually set the clock for the instrument pod which will stay on time. Clicking it back on will allow the GPS to set the clock, but it has been explained to me that it will only reset itse ... 2007 Maserati 430


Disconnect the cooling fans and jumper the cooling fans if the fans run and the fuses/fusible links are good the it may be the fan control module which is in front behind the grill ... 1986 Cadillac Eldorado

Temp control problem

I just repaired my 02 Galant with same problem. I removed the heater control box and disassembled and applied 12 volts dc and verified motor was ok. Then attached the plug back on and checked in car still not moving. Removed the screw holding the tem ... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

BMW 320d e90 fan noise from AC/climate control unit. Very annoying. It comes and goes. Please note the AC/climate control still works and the noise seems to be the only problem. It only started a couple of weeks ago when the temperature was very low here, below 0 degrees C. I also had the light come on to add coolant. Can any1 help?

... BMW 3 Series

2001 Pathfinder LE - Fan made a chirping noise about three days ago on high, then worked fine low-high either setting it Manually or via the Auto mode, that is until today. Now neither the automatic setting or manual setting makes a difference in the fan speed. All the "visual" indications of fan speed seem to work on the panel but the the fan runs extremely slow if at all. This is the opposite of most problems like this where the fan speed is stuck on high. Could it still be the fan control a

Blower motor resistor to replace, on the blower motor where the wires connect ... Nissan Pathfinder

Pulled Fuse 30- to stop horrible continuous clicking noise even when heat/ac turned off. Fuse is for:daytime running lamps, remote solenoid, deatc climate controller, manual climate control, manual climate control temp blend acutautor. since the fuse has been pulled no problems...what is it and what will it take to fix

I had the same problem with mine only the noise was coming from the rear driver side where the rear ac motor is. the culprit was the motor that opens the baffle regulating the hot and cold air. the teeth on the the motor are plastic and a couple wor ... 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

I have problem with my fan not running on any of the 1-5speeds.I have changed the control for the fan temp and air locatio selector.I still have no fan or A.C. heat or defrost

Chk ALL fuses under the hood. Relays are usually protected in a box under the hood. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 92 Seville and the problem is with the Dash section of the car. The speedometer and Tach work along with all the high beem turn signals restraint lights, but the Milage does not display, nor does the Climiate control readout or the info center. The controls for the Climiate control work, I can ajust the temp and the fan speed turn it on auto, off. but no displays, any help would be appreciated.

The backlight bulbs are burnt out. Common on this model. Unfortunately, it is NOT an easy fix. You'll need to pull the dash cluster and replace the bulbs. It involves de-soldering the old bulbs and replacing with new. I have done this but it is very ... 1992 Cadillac Seville

Overheating we have a 00 rav4 while sitting idling the motors temp got real hot real fast i limped it to the house and notice while moving temp was at normal operating level. after testing the fans i found that they were not engaging when they should i replace the sensor that controls them...fixed the problem for about a week after overheating the second time i replace the thermostat what could be make this car overheat?

Eu quero comprar este carro quero saber o q faço pra comprar eu não falo ingles meu e-mail:[email protected] ... 2000 Toyota RAV4

Yesterday, after replacing the 6 year old worn battery in a friend's 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer (4.2L, 130,000 miles) a wierd problem developed. It starts and runs fine, the alt/bat charging gauge shows 14v (like normal), but when any control on the heat/AC (fan, temp, whatever) is adjusted, the engine idle is super low, the charging gauge shows under 12v, and the engine usually dies, and unless you hit the heat/AC control power OFF switch, the engine idles normal again. I disengaged the blower mo

Have you preformed a load test on your charging system.\015\012youll need a volt meter to preform the test\015\0121.Sart the engine.\015\0122. Hook your volt meter to your batt Take your reading should be about 13.5v ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2005 Kia carnival 2.5 V6 auto, it overheating an make noise in the engine, but after cooling off, then is fine for few minutes then again overheating start. I check water in the tank, and radiator, but with everything still full still overheating. the fan operates normally, and when you start the engine that is hot the fan does not work to cool off the engine according to the temp gauge. What could be the problem?

Hello, machokh and thank you for asking your question on Fixya!\012Here is a simple process that will walk you through a few steps that will pinpoint the overheating problem on your ... 2005 Kia Sedona

2004 yukon denali driver climate control sensor. i disconnected a small fan located above my head on the driver side that was making a noise. now i only get heat when you turn the temp all the way up. is this the temp sensor and is this a oem only part?

... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

My 99 bravada changes air from hot to cold and then back i hear some strange noise from under the dash all the controls seen to work except for the temp control that dont seem to make any changes. what could be the problem

Check the anti-freeze level? Mine was doing this a few days back and all i had to do was add some antifreeze and hot air shot out right away ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

Air Conditioning I have a 2000 VW Beetle. It has a 2 litre engine. I am currently having problems with the air conditioning. I had it checked out and the service person tells me that all components are working properly. He states that the problem could be with the relay switch. Can you tell me where the relay switch for the air conditioning is located? Checked all 5 fuses. changed fan control module. changed ambient temp sensor. clutch is good system is full.

Check this link http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/04/b6/71/0900823d8004b671/repairInfoPages.htm ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

2001 Ford Expedition heater inop. Will not get hot, will blow warm if fan is on low. I have changed the thermostate, cleaned out both heater cores, twice. Checked Blender Door, it works, moves back and forth with Temp Cont. Knob. I do have the 'Auto Defrost' problem. Sometimes, when you accelerate the vent system will AUTO to Defrost, irregardless of position of Selector knob and temp knob. It's a vacum leak somewhere, I just cant find the vacum line...and who controls vent doors with engi

The problem is more than likly a vacuum leak. look under the hood on the emissions lable and find the vac line that goes to the HVAC system. if you se the leak there great otherwise unless you work in an auto shop like me what i have done is smoked a ... 2001 Ford Expedition

1999 Ford Ranger. Heater is struggling to produce heat. Core is solid, and blower is moving air without problem. Heat does eventully arrive, but only after a bit of adjusting temperature control and fan speed. By keeping fan on low, and slowly bringing temp up from cool to warm, the heat will find its way. My best guess is that the difuser is either sticking, or only functioning after the system has been running for a while. There is no a/c system on the truck. How do I trouble-shoot this? Id l

... Cars & Trucks

The air control knob (defrost, floor, face) doesn't work at all. It feels like it may be an electronic knob rather than the old lever type knobs found in older vehicles. Any idea as to where to look to troubleshoot? The other 2 knobs (temp & fan) work just fine, the problem is only directing the air. Thanks in advance for help.

... Mitsubishi Endeavor
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