Having problems with your 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse ?

02 eclipse engine runs rough at idle and acceleration also has fuel smell coming from engine compartment

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02 eclipse engine runs rough at idle and acceleration also has fuel smell coming from engine compartment

... 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Have a 2002 ford taurus 3.0L 24 v dohc engine.. hear a hissing sound when the engine is running, sounds like a vacuum hose is either cracked or has come loose. the engine light has also come on. I am trying to locate the vacuum hose that works with the fuel system, since I smell fuel when we shut the engine off,

... 2002 Ford Taurus

The engine suddenly started running rough, added fuel injector cleaner, ran that through for ~10 miles and then refilled tank with high octane fuel, still rough, exhaust smells strong like rotten egg, and the exhaust seems much hotter than normal. Also the check engine light is flashing, my code reader does not work on this vehicle so don't know what code it's indicating. Do you think it's an O2 sensor, MAP sensor or spark plugs? Car has over 200,000 miles ran fine until now.

CHECK YOU'RE catilactic converter ... Lexus RX 300

97 GMC Safari w/ 4.3(W) V6 vortec. 195k miles. Engine is running very rich. 10mpg. Smell of gas sometimes coming from exhaust when running. It has rough idle, and dies, especially when cold. Lacks power, but sometimes briefly works fine. Not throwing any codes. I have replaced and/or checked for proper operation; plugs, wires, coil, distributor assy. (incl CMP), O2 sensors, CAT pipe, fuel filter, Fuel pump assy., EGR, MAF, MAP, TPS, IAC, PVC, fuel pressure regulator and air filter. The timing ch

Your injector spider it look like a spider under the planium its the injector pipe that are broken if you check everything else that it you need to remove the planium you will see that injector module be carefull loosy plastic clip holding those inje ... GMC Safari

I recently bought a 1993 Lexus SC 400 a month ago. The car ran fine. Then it started running rough. At start up it still runs fine. Once it reaches operating temperature the engine idle fluctuates and when put into park or neutral the rpm jumps up. At the same time black exhaust come out and smells like raw fuel. When you step on the gas pedal the engine bogs down and wants to stall. At this point, if you put it in gear the car stalls. After the car sits for a while, it starts up and runs fine u

Well as to what you'r describing above, if there is indeed black smoke and raw fuel smell then you vehicle is running rich. That means that insead of having the perfect 14.7 mixture of fuel and air, your engine is burning more fuel then air. The prob ... 1992 Lexus Sc 400

Intermitant engine light, when the light does come on the engine runs cold and stutters.I had it coded, and I was told it was a mass air flow? Also seems to smell of raw fuel. The engine has 70k. It reminds me of bad spark or fuel filter. Any guidance would help? Just cant afford dealer/shop mechanic rates. its the 4 banger

The mass air flow sensor is one of the sensors used by the engine to determine th air to fuel ratio. so if you smell fuel and your engine is running rough this could be the problem. ... 2006 GMC Canyon

Ok. got a '99 clio rxe with the 1.6ltr 8V engine which has developed misfire. coils fine, spark getting to plug fine, and after changing plugs around I know plugs work fine also. Ran fuel cleaner through system but No. 4 still misfiring while other 3 run rich , due to the extra oxygen getting into system through misfire. Also no smell of petrol coming from cylinder when plug removed after turning over. No oil in cylinder 4 so rule out burnt out valve. Am i right in thinking it can only be fuel

... 2000 Renault 181

2000 Ford Taurus SEL 4 door sedan 3.0 12 valve Looking for some help best place to start with following problems First problem engine runs real rough when engine cold at an idle and the exhaust smells like raw fuel when I bring rpms up it sputters and kicks than smooths out high rpms Second my heater blowing cold air even when engine warm also my radiator cooling fans do not turn on(fuse OK) and in traffic or with AC on engine starts to over heat

The first part of problem could be sensors or bad ECM (computer) second part of question sounds like you are low on antifreeze. ... Ford Taurus

Hey guys .i have a 1990 chevy c2500. a while back it started running kinda rough when at low rpms... then it began blowing the ecm fuse after running for about 10 minutes, and the check engine light would come on. i know this was probably not the right thing to do but i put a just put a higher amp fuse in and let it be. ran good for about 6 months. about two weeks ago i gave a tune up, fuel filter air filter plugs wires, and also replace an o2 sensor that was bad. last week started running real

First check and see if you have spark at the sparkplug if you do then you need to check your fuel pressure.It sounds like to me that your fuel pump has went out to lunch.When you turn your ignition on try and listen for the fuel you should here it fo ... 1990 Chevrolet C2500

Fuel problems My 1992 F150 4.9 Straight 6 has 2 fuel tanks and I have replaced both pumps also replaced fuel regulator and the engine light still comes on and at the same time the enigine starts running rough. This does not happen all the time but enough to be very aggervatting.

Yeah, now on the line you put half of the cone on one side, and put them to gether on the line , as it was made, now squeeze together the tool and slide the tool in to the cup on the line, now hold the line on both sides slideing the tool in to and u ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

I have a 1983 toyota pickup truck.the truck has the 22R engine with a carb and manual choke.The problem I am having is black soot coming from exhaust and also when the engine is idling it runs rough.I have put new gas,air filter and pvc valve and rebuilt the carb and adjusted the float correctly and adjusted the idle mixture but the engine still runs rough and black smoke coming from exhaust.Could the vaccum advance unit cause the engine to get too much gas and run rough.

Possible check vacume hoses if its hookup properlly ... 1983 Toyota Pickup

Engine runs rough at idle and bucks at highway speed. Check engine light was on after fuel injector cleaner was added to gas, the chek engine light ent off.Scan tool indicated no. 1 cylinder misfire prior to adding fuel injector cleaner. still runs rough . p.s. coil pack shows spark as well as n.o.. 1 wire and also show power @ n.o. 1 fuel injector on fuel rail.

I had a similar problem in a 1994 Taurus, and after spending nearly 300$ on ignition parts, it turns out the problem was a bad spark plug wire that cost me 8.88$ to replace. ... 2001 Ford Taurus

My 94' s10 blazer is idoling rough and has sluggish acceleration. It also has a rich fuel smell coming from the exhaust. I just changed out the spider intake unit hoping that would fix the problem but although it runs smoother now it's still really rough in the low gears. Is the MAF possibly the cause?

MAFor MAP sensor. EGR, you need to check for codes. ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Have 1994 GMC Sonoma -- have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition, relay, master injector and MAP sensor. Still running rich on both sides; exhaust smells like gas. No leak. Check engine light comes on with freeway driving only. Idles very rough. Is the O2 sensor or master tuning valve next?

... 1998 GMC Sonoma

I have a 1995 Mercury Sable that runs good in town but when I take it out on the interstate and as we come off it acts like the breaks are on. The motor smokes and smells hot but the temp. gauge is normal operating temp. I pull off the road and set for a few minutes and start it up and it will go again. I thought it was the fuel filter and changed it but it worked for a while and did it again. Like it is starving from gas, loosing power and check engine light comes on. Also the air bag ligh

I don't know if this would be the problem or not, when I worked at Ford, I had a car about the same year doing the same thing, coming off the freeway the brakes would apply themselves. But there was no check engine light, but the Anti-Lo ... 1995 Mercury Sable

My 2000 durango 4.7 keeps throwing cod p0149. when i drive it down the highway it is fine but around town the check engine light comes on and it starts idling way rough and blowns heavy bleck smoke out the tail pipe it also has a kind of sulferic smell. but once it cools off and i reset the light it goes away. the shop just replaced the o2 sensors plugs and air filter. what else could be causing my problem. every once and awhile it also shows a code refering to vacume leak or fuel problem

... Dodge Durango

I bought a 2000 jeep cherokee. It was not running. Many wires had been cut on the engine, so I bought a used harness and put it on. I got it started but it is running rough and has a huge amount of smoke from the exhaust pipe. It smells very strong of gasoline and I think some pure gas is coming out also. What do I need to do next?

It might your fuel injector is leaking or a fuel pressure\015\012regulator is bad, causing the fuel pressure to be too high.Another cause might be your Catalytic Converter will get clogged from a rich running engine, like you have. ... Jeep Cherokee

89 xj6 random hesitation problem under load I sometimes smel a hot elctrical smell during symptom but only in engine compartment and I have replaced fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, coil, wires, sparkplugs, cap, and rotor. I have checked the MAF sensor all seems to be in order, I have also checked the Throtle Position Sensor all is good there. no teeth are missing from crankshaft ring and sensor has been cleaned. Symptom comes and goes sometimes it takes months between symptoms. I am out of i

Hi as you know this could be numerous things, i have had a look in my auto data information and what i have come up with is a couple of things you might need to try, air leaks,on air intake system and vacuum system what you can do is purchase a can ... 1989 Jaguar XJ6

1990 f-150 xlt lariat, 5.8l truck runs, check engine light comes on it runs rough and dies, i can hear the fuel pump in the back running erratic. If i turn the key a few times the pump will charge and stop, then the truck starts fine. it will run and the check engine light comes back on, and it dies again. when i turn the key forward the pump will continue to run and erratic, truck will not start. when i turn it forward and it runs and stops quickly it will start. I replaced the fuel pump relay

This seems more issue with the ignition switch than the fuel pump. Do you face any issue with the dashboard light while moving the key forward? \015\012check if the key worn out, \015\012get the it checked i think replacing the ignition s ... 1990 Ford F150

I have 1998 sierra 1500 vortec 5.0 liters,when engine is cold (below 35 degre f )engine turn but don t start,i have fire,fuel pump run and i have pressure on my main fuel line juste before injector pack but dont inject fuel,if i plug block heater engine can start when is warm,and last time i start engine is missing and smell gasoline at exhaust pipe and very low power and i run the truck for 1 mile and the catalaser come overheat(red),i have two code when engine running(p1345 and other is missfi

Camshaft To Crankshaft Position Correlation Fault is what p1345 means. if the problem isnt electrical I would imagine the timing chain could be stretched and the engine is out of time somehow ... 1998 GMC Sierra

AUDI A4 2002 1.8 T B6 AVJ engine. EPC lights comes on, runs idle on 1100 rpm. When turning off engine and turning it on again, it gows away, but returns after a while. It also stalls now and then. Used to run occasionally on 3 cylinders. All the coils and sparkplugs have been changed. Fuel injectors have been cleaned also. Still no results. Now it runs normal on 4 cylinders after fuel injectors have been cleaned, but still stalls and runs idle on 1100 rpm.

Have you checked your TPS, and knock sensors? hook up a diagnostic tool and see what codes you can pull, are your o2 sensors O.K.? Need a little more information ... Audi A4

2002 Chevy Trailblazer running rough when idling, especially when its cold. The engine sounds like it is missing. Thought it was because I got some bad gas but still having the problem.I have replaced the fuel filter and ignition coil #2,4,and 6. When i replace the fuel filter i notice the gas that came out of it was very dirty. I have also used the fuel injector cleaner a few times when I filled up with gas.What else could be making my engine run rough?

Clogged injectors I bet with the dirty fuel you claimed you had in the tank. Cleaners will not remove all contaminates in injectors for they tend to get seized inside of them ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

91 honda civic dx 1.5L quit running properly. Starts, runs for a few seconds just fine then stumbles and starts running rough, check engine light comes on then it stalls. Started as an intermittent problem. I have ruled out the fuel pump. I changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor cap. I checked the ignition control module and ruled out the catalytic converter. Has spark at all four plugs and is getting fuel. I can keep it running by revving the engine but it runs really roug

Bro, check ur main relay. its under the dash. replace it, check also ur distributor(replace it). and also your ECU ... 1991 Honda Civic

My s10 is hard starting and running it smells like fuel its dumping in the top of intake by the spider injectors i changed the fuel regulater it stil ideld rough but ran ok after 1200rpm then started bogging after an hour of running then the cat was glowing red so i cut it out then ranit again then it startd to bog again then it ran out of fuel so i put 5 gallonsin the truck then it died again 10mins after running then i was starting to smell fuel again its in the oil and coming out of the tail

Sounds as though the poppets or spider injectors need\015\012replacing\015\012The Converter is shot also, with the red glowing as well\015\012as all the O2 Sensors ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

2005 chevrolet cavalier Gas smell coming from the engine. looks like there is a leak coming from a small cylinder where a fuel line is attached by a large fuel line nut.The cylinder sits on top of the fuel rail.a small tube comes out the back of the cylinder that runs to the air intake to the engine. Is there a fuel filter in side that cylinder?

... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier
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